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With his foot firmly on the gas peddle and his jaw set in stone, he drove like a maniac back to his apartment, trying in vain to ignore the feel of Lisa's hand on his thigh, trying to ignore the pulsing in his groin and the tension that filled the air.

Lisa sat, almost squirming in her seat, wanting to take him right there in the car, but knowing that it would be both very stupid and counter-productive because of the rather small space. Her mind was fast forwarding to his apartment and what he was going to do to her, and she could hardly wait. She was so turned on already, her nipples hard and tender, her sex damp as her whole body zinged with anticipation. The feel of his thigh beneath her fingers was adding to the feeling, and by the bulge in his jeans she knew that he too was rather… excited.

When they turned into his street, they both practically jumped out of the car, with House walking rather awkwardly due to his cane and his massive boner, while Lisa ran on ahead, opening the door to save them from one less barrier. When House turned towards his door, he wasted no time: shoving Lisa against the wall, kissing her hungrily. A clash a teeth and lips, while hands touched, grabbed and caressed possessively. A grab to her ass made Lisa moan into his mouth, telling him that she was ready and more than willing for this to continue with a little less clothes on.

They stumbled into his living room, their kissing becoming more hungry, as if they had been separated for a great length of time and not the 10 minutes it took them to get here. All of a sudden House stopped kissing her and she protested with a moan, before he began to slowly trace his lips down the side of her neck, nipping slightly on the softest part and hearing her groan of approval, feeling it vibrate through her neck. He continued to tease her with his lips, slowly moving down from her neck, following the v-neck cut of her dress to reach her breasts. When he kissed her left breast gently she gasped, thrusting her chest into his face, begging him to kiss harder. He ignored her silent plea and moved on to the other breast, all the while his hands remained firmly on her ass, squeezing possessively every so often, to compliment his caresses and hear her moan a little louder.

"Greg…" She implored, looking down at his head, her fingers meandering in his hair.

"Yes Lisa." He murmured against her chest and she felt the vibrations of his deep voice resonate through her body.

"Please." Was all she said, pleading with him, not quite begging, but Lisa Cuddy was never one to beg.

In reply he removed his face from her heavenly cleavage and traced his nose back up her neck, kissing her lightly before capturing her lips in his and caressing her tongue with his. Their tongues battled it out for superiority and it was a very close match.

'How can one person have so many tricks up their sleeve' Lisa wondered before the pleasure took her back under and made all thought impossible.

After a minute or so, he took a step back from her. He saw the surprise etched on her face, especially when she went to come towards him and he kept her at arms' length. She cocked her eyebrow, asking the question silently. In reply he slowly walked around her, gazing longingly at her when she couldn't see his face. She realized the game and so remained still, knowing without him saying it that it would be well worth it, it always was.

"Lisa…you do realise that this dress is going to be murder to get off." He teased, and she gave a barely perceptible nod in reply. "What if I end up ripping it?" She let out a gasp at the thought of him ripping it off of her body, and he continued, spurred on by her reaction to his words. "It's such a pretty dress… but you look better without it on. In my opinion that is, and probably even man in the hospital's too." He gave a throaty chuckle and she felt her knees go weak at the sound. "They were all looking at you tonight, all wishing that they were the ones going home with you tonight. Wanting to undress you for real, and not just with their eyes. Wanting to take you into your office and have their way with you." He paused for a second, composing himself as his mind battled to overcome his natural urge to throw her down on the couch and make her scream his name.

"You were too." She said in a raspy voice, her mouth dry.

"Hm. I was, wasn't I. Well, mine wasn't a fantasy, I could have had you anywhere there: the bathroom, the closet, another room, the function room. Anywhere. Couldn't I?" He teased.

"No." She said, forcing one last bit of defiance out of her.

"Oh, I bet I could have. Want to go back and see?" He teased.

"Greg…" She said again, pleading with him. Almost begging, but not quite.

"I said I could take this off with no hands. Do you remember?" She nodded, and felt him lean towards her, feeling his stubble gently graze her back as he took the zip in his teeth and pulled it down. Her skin came out in goose-bumps as the cool air of the room hit her skin as the dress fell to the floor after his teeth undid the knot at her neck. She watched his face as he took in her naked body in front of him, and her knees weakened further, in between her thighs becoming drenched in her own juices. His face was a picture of wanting, his eyes gleamed with desire and she knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

"Told you I could do it." He teased, eyebrow cocked when his eyes connected with hers.

"I never expected anything else." She teased back, surprised with the strength in her voice when her body was shaking, quivering on the edge of orgasm.

He gave a soft laugh and then moved towards her, kissing her feverently. "I want you." He said into her mouth and she loved they way his words fell into her mouth and his tongue moved in even more pleasurable ways in her mouth.

"Greg. Now." Was all she managed to say in between kisses, and he pushed her towards the bedroom, kissing her all the way. Her hands ripped open his shirt, shoving it down his arms, while his caressed her breasts, his fingers scissoring around her nipples and she cried out at the pleasure laced with a little pain. He loved that feral sound she made in the back of her throat when she was in the throes of passion. So very near orgasm himself, he pushed her down onto the bed, while her hands went to his waist-band, clumsily trying to unzip his trousers which were strained around his cock. When she managed to free him he took her mouth in his and rocked forward slowly, only the head of his cock touching her pussy. She groaned in pleasure, wrapping her legs around his hips, urging him to move closer, take her deeper. He trailed the tip of his cock along her wet folds, teasing her entrance.

"Greg, please, please, take me as hard as you can, as deep as you can, please." She begged. This was a first for her, she never had to beg before, her previous encounters had all been more than willing, all they had really wanted was sex. No teasing, no fore-play. Nothing. Greg was different, and she found herself passion drunk on him.

He obeyed her plea, pushing himself into her, right up to the hilt. She moaned a long strangled moan as he did so and she was almost over the edge.

"Not yet baby." He said into her ear, grinding his hips against hers slowly. She gasped into his mouth as he covered her mouth with his once more, his torso lay on top of hers. His coarse chest hair teased her nipples, making them harder than flint and she loved the sensation.

He increased his pace when he felt her contract around him, pushing her further up the bed with his forceful thrusts. She heard his guttural moan in her ear as he bent his head to ravish her neck and she was turned on even more (if that was even possible) by the fact that she was doing that to him. He gave a twist inside her, reaching that place that only great lovers do, sending her flying over the edge on a chorus of "Oh. My. God. Greg." 's as he erupted inside her. A breathy "I love you." Fell from her lips as her orgasm shook through her.

"Jesus. Lisa." He moaned, remaining inside of her and lying on top of her. Their chests both heaving, trying to catch a breath. ('Did I actually say that? She thought with disgust. 'he's going to run a million miles away now.' She inwardly cursed herself.)

('did she say what I think she said?' he wondered. 'of course she did, you could see it in her eyes, even if you didn't believe it yourself.' A small voice inside of him said.)

They lay in silence for a minute, enjoying the feel of their warm bodies pressed together, until he reluctantly pulled himself out of her, rolling over to lie next to her, his hand going to his thigh.

"Shit, Greg." She said worriedly, seeing his hand reach for his thigh.

"It's ok, it's a small price to pay for great sex." He said, dry swallowing a vicodin.

"Great?" she said with a grin, watching his smirk widen.

"Hey mrs, you enjoyed that as much as I did. Maybe even more."

"How do you know, maybe I was faking."

He didn't even warrant her remark with a comment, instead he gave her a dark glance and then a cheeky smile. He knew very well that she had enjoyed that, and she knew that saying differently would not change the fact that moments ago she had been screaming his name in ecstasy as they flew over the edge together.

"I think I love you." He said into her hair as she lay across his chest. ('Did he just say what I think he said?' she wondered, her eyes flying open at the words.) Trying hard not to make a big deal out of them, she replied:

"Think?" in a rather unattractive squawk she thought.

He sighed. "I know I do." And she felt a massive smile pull at her lips.

"What?" He asked, unsure what her smile meant. In reply she placed a hungry kiss on his lips before placing her head on his chest once more.

"I'm glad." She said against his chest, her breath tickling him. " 'Cos you aren't getting rid of me for a long, long, long, long time." He grinned at her words and pulled her closer to him, loving the feel of her skin on his. He pulled a blanket over them, keeping her close and warm, while her words wrapped themselves around his heart and his did the same to her's.

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