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Sam walked Ruby into the motel room while Dean threw the covers off the bed and rummaged through their stuff for a first aid kit. Sam helped Ruby sit down on the bed and took off her shirt. After she laid the rest of the way down Sam pulled her pants down far enough so that the gashes in her stomach were exposed.

Sam expected Dean to make some snarky comment about have a partially nude woman in their motel, but Dean didn't. Instead, he stood there with the first aid kit in his hand and stared at Ruby's wounds.

"See something you like," Ruby tried to joke, but it fell flat with the pain in her voice.

Dean was staring at her wounds. They were Alistair's trademark and he used Ruby's own knife to do it. Dean had been on the receiving end wounds that Alistair caused. He had also seen Alistair make wounds like that on others. Then at last, he was the one causing the wounds. You're not causing the wounds this time, Dean, you're trying to help he attempted to reason with himself.


The sound of his name broke him out of his reverie. Sam and Ruby were staring at him. He could tell by the looks on there faces they had called him more than once. He looked down at the first aid kit in his hands. Dean finally managed to get his white knuckles to release and handed the case over. Without another word, or explanation, he left for the bathroom.

Dean gripped the sink at the sound of Ruby's cries while Sam applied antiseptic. He knew his brother was going to have to stitch her up without any numbing agents or anesthesia. When Ruby began a new round of suppressed cries Dean knew Sam started. The older Winchester boy gripped the sink tighter and listened. He had tried to suppress his pain when he first came to hell. He would not give Alistair the satisfaction of knowing how much pain he was actually causing. That only lasted a week. Afterwards, he screamed until his lungs burned. It was his only release. Ruby's screams got more urgent and Dean held arms began to shake.

"Dean!" his little brother called him, "I need you in here."

Dean looked up at his reflection. This isn't hell; you can do this he told himself.

The eldest Winchester came into the bedroom. Ruby was half stitched up, but she was beginning to get agitated and resisting Sam's help.

"Calm her down, or hold her down, I need to finish," Sam directed his brother.

Sam had part of his body on Ruby's legs, so that her lower body was immobilized.

Dean sat beside Ruby and held her shoulders still.

"Please tell him to stop, it's not like I'm going to die," Ruby pleaded with Dean.

"Ruby, I know it hurts worse right now than if he'd just leave it alone. But believe me, in the long run you'll heal faster and feel better sooner," Dean assured her.

Dean's own words coupled with Anna's assurance that he had support sparked something in him. He needed to tell his brother what was hurting him, even if voicing his feelings made the pain fresh and raw again, it was what he needed to begin some semblance of healing.

"Would you just talk to me?" Ruby asked in a voice smaller than Dean was used to.

The older Winchester brother put his epiphany aside and talked to Ruby.

Dean rubbed the shoulders he had been restraining. "Did Sammy ever tell you how he got his head stuck in a Barbie dream house?"

Ruby laughed weakly and Dean smiled.

Sam merely scowled as he finished fixing one of the wounds he would help heal that day.

A/N: I've only been watching Supernatuaral from Season 3. If there are any errors about demons and how they heal, it is my fault. There is a possible sequel with Sam's POV…I'll see how it goes.