A/N: Yes, I know I've been inactive for like… aaages; but I'm back! (for now) I've been kinda dogged with homework and tests/exams lately. Plus I'm trying to find work experience places. Yup, pretty hectic :P.

So anyways! I come back to fanfic writing and I realize there's a competition on or something! :D I've never entered one before or anything so this is a first time… but I like trying new things! Yup, couldn't help myself!

This fanfic you could say is dedicated to my friend. She's a composer and her music is like 'WOW'. The title of this fanfic is also one of the lines in a song of hers. Also biiig thank you to MANDA for helping me out with the summary! :)


Because You Are My Destiny

A rose, stained pink; outstanding in a field of plain, green grass. It symbolizes the girl.

The sky, filled with white clouds; they watch over the beautiful rose. It symbolizes the boy.

Combined, they create their own tale of destiny.

A/N: HAHA! You should've guessed this would be short! Only a prologue, couldn't help myself from writing it! I know there's a deadline for this, so I kinda HAVE to update soon. So yeah! Keep your eyes out for it! ;)

&. strawberrii