Ok, so I was watching Con Man in the Meth lab and just after Booth finishes shooting the bad guy (My Hero!) he turns to look at Bones. So anyway he starts walking towards her and I'm thinking "KISS HER! JUST KISS HER ALREADY" and then it fades out! I MEAN COME ON! WHAT A PERFECT TIME TO KISS HER!

So I thought I would fix up that scene to the way I saw it in my head.

This ones for Acegrace


His eyes caught hers as he turned to look at her. Her right shoulder bloody. The Stegmans walked off into their house behind Bones as Booth walked towards her.

"Are you aright?" he asked again, never breaking eye contact. He needed to hear her voice. Needed to have her reassure him again. When she hadn't answered before as the sheriff drove off his heart had nearly stopped. He had hesitated, torn between duty and his partner. It replayed his mind, his short words to her and then her small exclamation of surprise and pain as the bullet hit her. The argument they had held earlier had fled his mind as she had fallen to the ground.

The anthropologist nodded as an answer to his question but remained quiet. Her free hand released his gun, the weapon slipping from her fingers before she moved to support her shoulder, eyes closing, whole body tensing in the pain. She hadn't said it though, he thought as he walked towards her. He needed to hear her say it out loud.

"Are you alright?" he repeated, getting closer to her with every step. The anthropologist watched her partner walk towards her. The intensity in his gaze began an unusual burning sensation in the pit of stomach. She had winced as her arm moved, other hand moving to support it as her whole body tensed as a wave of pain caused her to gasp suddenly. She closed her eyes and it was in that moment of pain that he spoke again. Booth realised she hadn't heard through the pain and a wave of panic ran through him and he froze on the spot.

"Bones! Hey, look at me." His voice caused her eyes to snap open and they once again caught his own. Once he was sure she was focused on him, his feet began to move, faster this time. "Are you alright?" He had almost reached her, people from the surrounding houses opening doors, someone talking to an ambulance.

"Yes Booth, I told you I'm fine." The words seem to hit his heart, and at the moment he reached her he dropped the gun that was still hot in his hands and moved to cup his partner's face, a sudden look of surprise flashing across her features. He didn't hesitate, didn't even stop to think about what he was doing. He just did it.

"Thank God." He murmured, before his lips were against hers warmly, holding her face to his own. He moved a hand to her lower back, pulling her hips against his as her uninjured arm linked around his neck, her lips moving with fervor against his own. His hand on her face moved to cup the back of her head, angling her face to deepen the kiss. He heard her moan as he bumped her shoulder and he released her instantly. They stood watching each other, the anthropologist's eyes warm and somewhat dazed. It was a second later that he realised that she hadn't moaned in pain, but in pleasure. His heart did an odd leap and he grinned at her, before moving his hands to her face once more and pressing her lips to his again. "Thank God." He murmured against her warm lips again. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Not long, I know, and it totally doesn't fit in with the rest of the ep but I don't particularly care. I also know the title is horible and the ending rather dissapointing. I hope you liked it however. Please review! I have a few more ideas for this episode too.

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