Chapter 3

As Bella disappeared behind the bar, this seemed like the perfect time for everyone to wish me a happy birthday and i don't blame them, the music was blaring and the lights out before they even got the chance before. And i doubted that you could identify anyone in the darkness of the room, so they took the opportunity while the music wasn't playing and the lights on to congratulate me on another year of existence and just chatting amongst themselves as we waited for Bella's return.

Suddenly the lights went out and a flickering glow was coming from behind the counter, slowly approaching. I could just see the outline of Bella's face as she carried a cake. When she was only a few steps away she began singing, "Happy birthday to you.....happy birthday to you" and by the third happy birthday everyone one was singing along and the cake was placed in front of me. I felt like a child again listening to everyone sing me happy birthday while a cake sat before me waiting for the candles to be blown out.

"...for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny..."

"HIP HIP..." Bella cheered and everyone cried, "HOORAY!!" they did two more of these before Bella who stood right beside me placed a hand on my shoulder and said, "Okay now make a wish, Edward!"

I'm sure i had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face but i just closed my eyes and blew thinking, I wish Bella'd be forever mine. I could feel in my very soul that she was the one. Every time she looked at me, everytime she smiled or laughed my heart skipped a beat. The feelings i felt when i'm with her just feel so surreal.

I opened my eyes and the lights were on and everyone was cheering and i just smiled.

Emmett approached with a knife, "Hey bro time to cake the cake" he handed me the knife. "Oh don't touch the bottom or else you have to kiss the closest girl that also applies if it comes out dirty." He winked with that mischevious smile on his face and his eyes quickly shifted to Bella then back me as he stepped back.

I chuckled shaking my head and drove the knife into the cake and Emmett boomed, "oh oh...DON'T TOUCH THE BOTTOM!" he's such a child sometimes, his enthusiasm was hilarious and i couldn't help but laugh and stop just before i touched the bottom. "PHEW!! YOU WERE CLOSE THERE EDDIE!....OH now it's the moment of truth...will the knife come out clean?..." Everyone was laughing and i pulled out the knife. Will you look at that it was covered in chocolate, absolutely filthy.."IT'S DIRTY! HAHA EDWARD YOUR GONNA HAVE TO KISS THE CLOSEST GIRL!" He looked around and boomed "BELLA!!!!!!..." causing her to blush a scarlet red, absolutely gorgeous.

And out of no where everyone started chanting, "KISS... KISS... KISS... KISS... KISS..." So i dropped the knife, got up, wrapped my arm around the back of a blushing Bella and leaned her back, crashing my lips to hers. Getting a huge cheer from everyone!

When i broke the kiss i was smiling ear to ear as i looked down into Bella's eyes and whispered, "absolutely amazing..." she blushed and i pulled her back up and thanked everyone, "Thank you guys for being here tonight to celebrate my birthday, it's been absolutely FANTASTIC!"

Bella began cutting the cake up into pieces for everyone and i cried, "Now who wants some cake?! C'mon come and get it!"

"ME!" Boomed good 'ol Emmett running to get the first piece but Jasper seemed to stop him in time.

"Whoa there man! Ladies first. Ladies..." Jasper said bowing his head to Alice and Rosalie causing them to giggle at the attention.

Alice giggled, "Why, thank you prince charming."

Jasper smiled replying, "Your my than welcome m'lady." Alice blushed and went and retrieved two slices of cake while Rosalie turned to a restrained Emmett eyeing off the cake like it'll disappear if he even blinked once, and reached up it his ear and purred, "Don't worry big boy i'll get you a piece and you know what, i just might not feel like eating mine as well." while she stroked her finger from his other ear down his jaw, neck and chest stopping just above his belly button and pushing him slightly and strutting off and collecting two slices of cake leaving him gobsmacked, jaw hanging wide open.

Bella and i continued handing out cake to everyone and thanking them for coming while my two sisters seemed to be chatting up my two best mates.

Alice returned to Jasper handing him a slice of cake, "Every prince deserves cake." she stated taking a bite of hers.

"Definitely." Jasper smiled eating his slice in only 3 bites. "If only we deserved the most gorgeous pixie we've ever layed eyes on." he wondered smiling down at her.

Alice giggled, "I've known you most of my life Jazz and suddenly now your interested?"

"Ah...but now i'm a older and wiser. And more confident plus it's Prince Jazz to you Princess." Jasper replied seductively backing Alice up against the wall, placing her cake on the closest table. His hands on each side of he head as he smiled down at her.

Alice played along, "Oh really now?" Jasper nodded. "Then what are you waiting for, kiss me Romeo." She said as she pulled him down for a kiss. Jasper responded instantly deepening the kiss, placing one hand on the side of her face and the other on her waist as he pushed his body against hers causing a moan to escape her mouth and into his as their tongues intertwined.

Meanwhile Rosalie was seated on Emmett's lap chatting and giggling as Emmett told her stories and tickled her playfully. They soon got onto talking about cars and Emmett was suddenly even more amazed by Rosalie's knowledge, he never knew she was so into cars. She had a body like a model and acted like such a girl yet she was such a tom-boy... Gawd she was sexy he thought. The lights began to dim and music began to play once more. Rosalie took this as a perfect opportunity and reached up and kissed Emmett. He recovered almost instantly from the surprise attack and kissed her back, passionately, releasing a deep growl that rumbled in his chest. Rosalie felt this and couldn't help but softly moan into his mouth and straddle his lap deepening the kiss and exploring his mouth with her tongue. His hands rested of her waist as their making out continued.

Everyone else seemed to be back on the dance floor having the time of their life. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett soon returned to the dance floor after a good healthy dose of making out. Everyone was singing along to the songs and danced for hours like no one was watching. Then suddenly the music slowed and so did the hype, everyone seemed to quickly quiet down and grab a partner as the DJ announced "Hey guys, i'm ending the night with a nice slow song so guys, grab your gals". Edward grabbed hold of Bella's waist and her arms went around his neck as she let her head rest on his shoulder. They were exhausted and sweaty from all the dancing and were glad that they made it to the last song of the night, it was already 3 am. They slowly swayed back and forth to the music and it felt nice, a perfect way to end a perfect night.

Soon after the song ended everyone said Happy Birthday one last time along with good-nights and thank yous and headed out and i couldn't help notice Alice leaving with Jasper and Emmett carrying a giggling Rosalie out. The DJ had packed and left, and Bella and i helped the bar man clean up, it wasn't that bad so we were fairly quick. We collected my gifts and said bye to the bar man and left the bar and out to Bella's truck. We put the gifts in the back and Bella helped me get my bike in the back as well her. Once we had that accomplished we hopped in and i drove us back to our apartment block.

Sorry guys i had to stop her because i'm super tired and i've had quite a few assignments and homework to do lately and i thought i should try and update and i guess i did but it's very short i know and i'm sorry...