Chapter 1: Confusion

A/n: This is soooooo AU. Touya was meant to be OOC. He is standing as a caring young brother. A younger brother who knows too much for his own good… Whoops? And I still wanted to keep his over protective side intact. Also… I just didn't know how Sakura could fit into this! Sorry! XD

Kurogane's P.O.V.


Oh god, it's him again. Get ready for the glomp!

"Hey stupid idiot! What do you think you're doing?! Just jumping on my back like that!" I couldn't help but shout at him.

I moved here a good three years ago when I was twelve. Apparently on the day I moved this guy on my back was my first friend. Wait! A friend? Hell no! He's just the first person who talked to me. Yeah, that's right...

"Kuro-pii! Earth to Kuro- pii!"

"Ow! What did you do that for?!" He had the nerve to shout near my ear!

"It was your fault. You were spacing out. Anyway... Kuro-tan~~... Where are we going to have lunch today?"

"Get off my back first!"

"Okay! Hmm.. Today is my turn to decide!"

Third Person's P.O.V.

Fai took hold of Kurogane's hand, entangling his fingers with the taller boy's. Fai began to walk, like he was dragging Kurogane. Kurogane was angered, of course. But it seemed he didn't mind actually. The truth was he always enjoyed eating Fai's home-made lunches. Then again, telling Fai That would leave the mischievous blonde smiling. As if he'd ever let that happen.

"Where are you taking me?"

"I'm taking you to a secret place. This would be our hiding place, so don't tell anyone okay?"

"Yeah... Whatever. If we get there, that is." Kurogane said, making sure he sounded sarcastic enough.

"Just wait a while longer. We're almost there." Fai smiled.

There was something about that smile. Before he knew it, he and Fai were already on the pathway leading to the far south of their school.

"We're here!" Fai said gleefully, he noticed something was a little odd. "Hey Kuro-wanko..."


"You're blushing..." He smiled, and then poked Kurogane's cheek.

"What?! No way! I am not blushing!" Fai couldn't help but giggle at Kurogane.

"Anyway, close your eyes..."

"Do I have to? Tch."

"Of course! I'm to surprise you, after all..."

"Damn it. This is very idiotic." But he did as he was told.

Fai's P.O.V.

Wow. He always complains but then listens me anyway. I wonder why...

"Com'mon Kuro-puppy! Hold on to Fai-kitty!" I said leading the way through the forest.

This place is so beautiful. I just discovered it while I was aimlessly walking last night. Hm... The scenery is very different in daytime. At night, I could see the moon's light shining down on earth. As the stars danced along with it. It was kind of romantic. But at daytime, there seems to be this feeling of excitement. It's like anything could happen...

"I thought it wouldn't take so long."

"Oh! My, my, are you impatient."

"Shut up! Where are we?!"

"Don't shout Kuro-daddy, we're already here. You can open your eyes now." I said, still holding his hand.

"God dammit!! My eyes-" He wasn't able to continue what he was going to say. I think it was because he was shocked to see such a picturesque scene.

He then squeezes my hand. I've never felt him in a way like this. I've always liked Kuro-pon since the day we met, but I never had the courage to tell him.

He then looks at me. I was trying my best to ignore his gaze, I know he'll let go of my hand if I looked at him. But... I wanted to stare into those intense yet caring eyes. I looked at him and gave a small smile.

I was right. He just suddenly lets go of my hand.

"Kuro-sama, let's sit over there!" I just wanted to break that awkward tension.

We sat under an apple tree and started to eat.

"How did you find this place?"

"I just stumbled across it last night. Anyway, don't tell anyone about his, okay? This is our secret." I then picked a flower in full from the ground, to fiddle with.

Kurogane's P.O.V.

"Why should I?" I wondered. What's so special about this place? There's a garden like this in the east of the school anyway.

"Please?" His cheeks suddenly turned pink. It was too obvious because of his pale skin. "I just wanna share one secret with Kuro-tan..."

We had been looking at each other eye to eye the whole while. But the minute he told me he wanted to share a secret with me, his blue eyes almost looked like he was trying to avert from my eyes but, for some reason, couldn't.

"Whatever," was all I could say.

The next seven days, we spent our lunch break in that garden. We actually grew accustomed to eating breakfast as well. We spent those times only between the two of us.

I never really built any relationship like this with anyone. I would never admit it, but maybe with him I could actually find... What am I thinking?! Dammit! Spending too much time with that moron made me think this way.


What do I even really think about him? I mean I think I hate him... But maybe I'm lying to myself? Maybe I-


"God dammit! Who the-" It was him again. "What do you want, little brat?"

"It's Kinomoto Touya! Call me at least as Kinomoto!"

"Whatever, kid..." I gave him a smirk.

"Just coz you're Fai's lover..." I heard him say in a whisper... Wait, what was that? Lover?! Hell no! "Anyway, Kurogane-sempai, Fai asked me to give you this."

"Why?" I said receiving the bento from Kinomoto.

"Fai has very high fever. He had that since... I think the day before yesterday..."

"What?! He didn't tell me...!" And after that, I ran heading for that moron's home. Guess I'll skip school today.

Fai's P.O.V.

It's already break time in school. I wonder... will Kuro-puppy like his lunch today? I hope he doesn't feel lonely...

Damn... I really am infatuated... I hope... he still kept our secret.

Fujitaka-san came into my room after he knocked on my door. "Fai-kun, you have a guest." He gave me a small smile.

"Okay, Fujitaka-san. I'll be down in a while." Fujitaka-san is a kind and hard-working father. But I'm only his adopted son. His biological son is Touya-kun. He's 2 years younger but somehow acts like my older brother.

As I walked down, I wondered. Who would come to ask for me at a time like this?

When I had entered the living room, I saw the intense eyes I fell in love with. Glaring me. Why? What's he doing here? I hope he'd stop staring at me like that, if he doesn't, I…

"Hey idiot. You didn't say you were sick."

"Well… um… I…"

Oh god… he's still staring at me… I don't know if I can handle it any longer. If he won't stop, I think I might just…

"Well? What made you think you shouldn't tell me?"

"Hm… Why don't I get you something to drink?" Waah…! I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks! I can't let him see! I'm sure I was blushing the whole while as I was talking to him… I think my cheeks turned a shade darker…! I have to act natural…

"So what would you-"

Third Person's P.O.V.

Fai was swept off his feet. Literally. Before he could get into the kitchen and finish his sentence, Kurogane had carried him. Bridal style of course.

"What- what do you think you're doing?!" Fai's blush intensified. Fortunately, Kurogane thought it was because of his high fever.

"You should just stay in bed!"

"I'm fine! Just please let me down!" He kept struggling out of Kurogane's grip. But all Kurogane had to do was tighten his way of carrying the other. No questions asked.

"Dammit, if you were sick you should've said something. As if not telling me would make it any better." He said as he carried the other towards his room. As he entered, this wasn't the first time he was here. When they were younger, Fai would invite him to play games. (not those kinds of 'games')

"I'm sorry…" Fai wanted to hide his face, being this close to the person he loves.

Kurogane puts Fai down on his bed. He got the blanket at the foot of the bed and gave it to Fai. He didn't bother tucking in the other, for thinking this would show he got all soft. Fai obligingly took the blanket.

"Hey, how high's your fever?"

"W-well… ehehehe…"

"Well what?" Kurogane said, sounding angrier.

"It was… th… thirty nine degrees Celsius…" He sounded rather hesitant.

"What?! And you even went to school yesterday!"

"Sorry… I just…"

"Never mind that," Kurogane puts the back of his hand against Fai's forehead.

Fai swore his heart just stopped. He was sure his cheeks, once again, turned red. He didn't, no couldn't hide his face. He couldn't even think straight. He always wanted to feel Kurogane's warmth. Now that he thinks about it, Kurogane was always warm. And yet his hands were cold when he first held them in his own. What was that saying? That people with cold hands have big hearts?

As Kurogane's hand was on Fai's forehead, Kurogane was able to actually fee the soft skin. How could he have not noticed that? He had always thought Fai had a pale face, now that he was this close, it was actually rosy white. Being this close, face to face with the person he "detests".

Kurogane ran his fingers on Fai's cheek. Fai's face went redder with the tickling sensation, as if being burned by Kurogane. Kurogane caressing Fai's face, making the blond close his eyes like he was expecting pain to come. The taller boy noticed a stray lock of hair. Tracing it, leading to those luscious looking lips. Brushing his thumb over it, slowly moving in for the kiss.

"Sorry to disturb you boys!" Kurogane and Fai looked at the door, seeing Fujitaka-san his face with a smile. "Sorry, I knew I should've knocked."

"W-wait! It's not what you think!" Kurogane wanted to stand up and run after Fujitaka-san. But he didn't want to leave the blonde as well.

Fai's P.O.V.

What just happened? Was Kurogane actually… No. Maybe it was just the spur of a moment thing. I'm sure of that. After all… the truth is… he hates me…

Kurogane's P.O.V.

Why did I do that? What took over me? But then going back, it was me who wanted to kiss him. This time, I can't blame the blonde. I took upon the act on my own accordance. So maybe… I do love him?

Third Person's P.O.V.

After losing his composure, he sat on Fai's bed dumb-founded. He had already put shields to protect himself from having 'emotions'. The blond had already made him feel 'hatred'. No… maybe it was always love. Kurogane swore that he even felt jealous when Fai was with someone other than him.

"Kuro-tan…" Fai called out.

"What?!" Kurogane looked at Fai with angry eyes.

"S-sorry…" Fai looked away from Kurogane.

Kurogane, still stunned, finally realized that he had offended Fai. "I didn't mean that."

Fai was surprised that he actually… apologized? "It's okay…" He said, his voice sounding tired. His eyes, slowly wanting to close but not wanting to fall into slumber.

"Go to sleep, why don't you?" Kurogane puts his hands in Fai's shoulders, pushing him down on the bed softly.

"But…" yawn "… after you go, I have to lock the door. Fujitaka-san's already off to work." And another yawn came from the blond.

Kurogane made his decision. He was going to stay with Fai and just really miss the rest of the day for school. "I'd just stay here. School's almost over anyway." He said that more to himself than Fai.

"But I don't want to be a bother." He gave a little blush, which wasn't missed by the taller boy.

Kurogane was becoming irritated, Fai was too considerate of others! "Tch, I just live across the street. So you're not a bother."

"Yeah, but-"

"Just shut up and sleep." Kurogane said with a stern voice. "I'll be downstairs if you need me," was said with a softer tone. Leaving, he closed the door.


Touya came home past 5:00 pm, with a certain boy as his company. They were holding hands when they went inside.

"Is it really okay if I stay overnight?" Yukito asked, facing Touya with an uncertain look on his face.

"It's fine, I wouldn't want you to be walking home in the rain." He flicked Yukito's forehead. "Besides…" They walked into the living room, Touya not noticing the pair of blood-red eyes staring at them, "You'll finally get to meet my father." Touya pecked Yukito's cheek, making the shorter boy blush.

"I see you brought someone." Touya turned around at the voice. He and Yukito were heading upstairs, if not for the voice that called out. Touya blinked, then scowled.

"Touya, what's wrong?" Yukito looked at the other worriedly.

Touya's P.O.V.

Why does he always have to taunt me?! What the hell did I ever do to him? "What do you want?" I said after scowling.

"Heh, nothing… What would I ever want with you?"

What the… He even seems to be amused to annoy me! "Why are you here anyway?"

"Nothing. Now that you're home, I have no more reason to stay here." As his hand was on the door, he seemed to hesitate, and threw his gaze at me over his shoulder. "Fai's asleep so…" He smirked. "Don't make too much noise."

I felt Yuki's hold on my arm tighten. I looked down to be met with a faint blush on Yuki's face. I blushed as well, understanding what sempai had implied.

"Shut up!"

I thought about the whole situation, he waited for me to get home… why? I'm sure he won't possibly be waiting for me. Heh… I think I know why.

I had a smirk plastered on my face. "You should go and tell Fai you're leaving. He'd be sad if his lover left without saying anything."

He's not even gonna deny that? Hm… interesting… His face turned red, I could tell… Even though his back is turned to me. "What do you mean by that?" He said.

"Wouldn't Fai be displeased if you suddenly left? You're not even going to say 'good bye' even though he had cooked your lunch? How ungrateful." I shrugged my shoulders for added effect.

He suddenly turned, now facing me, though there was still a good distance before his rampage towards me, phew. He had this looks in his eyes, I think he wants to murder me… gulp. He steps forward, I stepped backward. I tried to protect Yuki, with said boy behind me. If I die now… My life wouldn't be fulfilled! I still have a lot of things I want to do!

I still haven't kissed Yuki's lips! Touch his soft skin… His chest… thighs… bum… To lick the warm cavern which is his mouth… I haven't even claimed his virgi- uhh… never mind…

Before I even noticed, sempai passed by me heading for up the stairs. I stare at his back as he climbed the stair. Suddenly, something was tugging on my sleeve. I looked down to see Yuki holding up a box of tissues.

There was blood on his cheek!

"Why are you bleeding?!"

"Touya you-"

"Did sempai hit you when I wasn't looking?!"

"No, actually-"

"I'm gonna-" and before I could even continue, I felt his soft lips against mine. He was kissing me. I wrap my arms around his waist. His hands pressed against my chest, I lick his lips asking for entrance.

He whimpers as I explore his mouth, not even an ounce of will to pull back. But oh the damned need for air. We pulled back, before staring at each other in the eyes with both our faces tinted with the colour pink.

He took the box of tissues that had fallen on the floor; he wiped my nose after getting a piece. Then he smiles.


"You're nose was bleeding, Touya."

"Huh?" I touch my nostril to find it had been so. Hmm… must've been from the mental image a while ago…

"What's wrong?" His body pressed closer against mine. Is he doing this to me on purpose?!

"N-nothing." Why did I have to stutter?! "Com'mon, let's just study already," at least my nose has stopped bleeding and I have finally… 'calmed' down.

"Okay," he said and grabbed my hand, heading for my room. It's like he practically lives here.

Third Person's P.O.V.

When Kurogane entered Fai's room, he found the blond sleeping deeply. The sleeping boy was on his back. He moved closer, the blond stirred. The blanket was now at the floor, revealing that he change his clothes from pyjamas to a loose t-shirt and a pair of shorts that reach up to his mid-thigh with small slits on either of the sides.

The blond stirred once again, his shirt scrunched up revealing his flat stomach. Fai moved to lie on his side. Kurogane's cheeks darkened as he saw Fai's thigh. He twitched as he saw the parted lips.

Kurogane touched Fai's cheek, he hesitated a little. He thought Fai would break if not handled with care. ( No dirty pun needed T.T) Kurogane slid his hand from the other's face, over the smooth neck, settling on the shoulder. He tried waking up Fai with a shoulder shake.

"Wake up." Kurogane said softly.

"Mm… Kuro-chan…"

"Hey…" He started shaking Fai a little more.

"Five more minutes…"

"Fai, wake up."

"Ku-Kuro?" Fai propped up on his elbow and rubbed his eyes with his fee hand. "Do you need something?" He asked groggily.

"I'll be leaving now." Kurogane stood up straight. "Touya's already here so-"

Kurogane had his arm grabbed by Fai as he was to leave. He ignored the the fact that he felt something weird as his skin was touched.

"What is it?"

"P-please stay… Kurogane…" Fai had a blush on his face as he said Kurogane's real name.

"Why?" Kurogane asked.

"Because," Fai paused. "I felt safer knowing you were just downstairs and I could run down to you when I have a nightmare."

Kurogane's eyes softened at the sight before him. Angelic is one of the words to describe it. The blond had been blushing, avoiding eye contact. The drapes from the window allowing the light of the setting sun to play shadows upon the blonde's face.

Kurogane gave a long sigh and sat on the edge of Fai's bed. He started caressing Fai's cheek, his fingers only slightly brushing. It made its way to the other's stray locks, tucking them behind his ear. And… neither he nor Fai had expected it, Kurogane kissed him on the forehead.

"K-Kuro…?" Fai's blush had intensified ten-folds.

Kurogane's P.O.V.

I kissed him. Only his forehead, but I still kissed him. It's not as bad as I thought. Okay, so maybe I wasn't even thinking at all. I did it, out of instinct. I thought it would make him feel better.

I mean, he looked scared a while ago… Because he didn't want me to leave? Though I don't know why. But still, I was hoping it wasn't because of me.

"Don't worry, I promise I won't leave." I made him lie down on the bed again. And as if to reassure him, I held his hand in my own.

Fai's P.O.V.

Did he just… Oh god… I feel my cheeks becoming more heated… What brought about this sudden kindness to arise? Maybe there was something he ate? This is starting to confuse me. Does he hate me? Or not?

But then, I can contemplate on that later. I'm starting to feel sleepy again. I start o slowly close my eyes, Kurogane's face being the last thing I saw before slipping into la-la-land.



Touya and Yukito had started on their studying. Thought Yukito still hasn't forgotten the incident not so long ago.

Same would go for Touya, his thoughts a little more… complicated. He had to fight down his blush and a… well, let's just skip that part.

Now if only… Yukito would stop being so cute! The way he was biting his lower lip as he was thinking. Touya is a teenager after all… And they sometimes get these… urges at the age of puberty once in a while. (There goes the mystery of having tissues under his bed, if you know what I mean. He's a growing boy after all.)

"Hey Touya," Yukito said, "about a while ago… umm…" He started fidgeting.

"Wh-what?" Touya stuttered, feeling the heat in his cheeks once again.

"Umm… When you kissed me… it kinda felt nice and… well… uh… if…" Yukito took in a deep breath. "If you could kiss me again, though I won't mind if you don't want to but…" He exhaled. "It felt nice to have you lips against mine."

It took a while for things to process in Touya's mind. He just gaped at the other.

"I knew it… Just forget I eve n asked you." Tears had started to well up in Yukito's eyes. It was embarrassing!

Touya's eyes widened, he had finally grasped the situation. He blinked. Blinked again. And blinked one more time before a warm smile had taken over his features. "Of course." He stated in a tone of finality.

Touya's shadow loomed over Yukito, their lips met in a chaste, but soft and loving, kiss.

~ end extra ~

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