Hey everyone!

Here's my new fic, It'll be updated weekly at least, as I have many other fics (as you know).


The whole fic is inspired by the song 'Chained To You' by Savage Garden.



I feel the magic all around you
It's bringing me too my knees
Like a wannabe
I wanna be Chained to you

Kate Todd is not normally one to go to a club.

That was until she joined NCIS two months ago and Tony DiNozzo said she wasn't fun enough and had dragged her to a club one Friday night after work.

"See isn't this great?" Tony said over the music. Kate gave him a look.

"Yeah DiNozzo, this is loads of fun" She said sarcastically. A woman caught Tony's eyes.

"Kate…Go dance…bye" He ran off in the direction of the woman, leaving Kate standing in the middle of the dance floor looking awkward.

As a new song pumped out of the speakers she felt a set of hands on her waist. She turned her head slightly and was met with a set of beautiful eyes and a cocky smirk. She smirked at the man and started moving to the music.

His hands went from her hips to run down her thighs and onto the bare skin where her dress ended. His head bent down to right next to her ear.

"You are quite beautiful" He said to her. She turned around; making his hands trail across her skin and making her shiver slightly and put her arms around his neck.

"Not too bad yourself" She smiled looking him up and down, he wore black denim jeans and a black t-shirt. He smirked and ran one of his hands further up her thigh, lifting her dress slightly.

Kate let out a small laugh. She'd have to thank Tony later for convincing her to come here, she was indeed having fun.

She moved her body closer to his and looked up at him with a grin on her face, which was met by his smirk.

"You want to get a drink?" She asked loudly so she could be heard over the music. He gave a short nod and let go of her. They walked through the crowed that was on the dance floor and walked towards the bar. Kate looked around to see if she could see Tony, she finally saw him dancing with a woman. She smirked and shook her head, turning back to the man.

A few drinks, not many words and a lot of dancing later Kate went up to Tony who was still dancing with the same woman.

"Tony! I'm going home" Kate said over the music. Tony stopped dancing.

"See you're not fun!"

Kate smirked "I'm not going alone"

Tony grinned at her. Kate rolled her eyes and walked away from him and through the crowd towards the man with the smirk and the kind eyes.

Kate fumbled with her keys as the man pressed himself against her, kissing her neck in front of her apartment door. She finally opened the door and they both stumbled in. She lifted his black t-shirt over his head, noticing the scars that were over his stomach and chest. They made their way to Kate's bedroom and slammed the door shut.


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