Summary: Bianca is the Queen of Extreme- with a bad history. When she returns to the WWE ring, old friends, relationships and new enemies face her on her road to rekindling a great Women's Division. JEFF/OC/CHRISTIAN. Review Peeps and Peepets.

Rating: M for adult situations, mature themes, and later chapters.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy.

Pairing: JeffHardy/OC/Christian.

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Author's Note: Please make sure to remember that many of the dates in this are not completely true to WWF-WWE storylines and as such this is not always based on fact and much of the storylines for this fic - save for the stuff we see on television now and the past storylines - I own.

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The year was 1997 when she debuted, she had only been twenty-two at the time. The manager of Edge and Christian, Bianca Belle. She defined the term tough among the female roster - next to the likes of Chyna - when she and the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy were tossed off a ladder in an intergender match. She was the Women's Champ for 6 months having become the first Champ since its deactivation in December 1995. Bianca lost the title to Jacqueline in November 1997, but while she was a very successful Diva, it was Bianca's personal life that forced her to leave the World Wrestling Federation - as it was then known as - and caused a controversy that would not be forgotten for many years to come.
Questions were raised as to why she left and much of the blame fell upon the head of the youngest member of The Hardy Boys, Jeff Hardy, who at the time had been involved with her outside of the ring.

World Wrestling Federation created a false reason as to why she left. Because of this sources later discovered that Belle did not give a full explanation as to why she left but backstage sources say, 'it may have been due to the pressure and tension that had grown between the youngest Hardy Boy and Belle's close friend and team member Jay Reso - best known by his stage name Christian.'

Speculations then rose that Belle was pregnant and had left because of this, however this rumour was immediately crushed by her ex Jeff Hardy who stated in an interview with a magazine that while they had been happy, they did not want children anytime in the near future.

Her close friend Amy Dumas - stage name Lita - also gave comments when asked why she left and she explained that Belle needed to leave for her own personal reasons which did not need to be known by millions of people.

So, while many people questioned the WWF (later to be called WWE, due to copyright reasons) on the whereabouts of Belle and tried to find out the true story, the twenty-four year old moved to Australia and hid away in a small town to the west of Sydney, where to many people she was just Bianca Belle, a high-school teacher and part-time professional wrestler. And this is where the story of Bianca Belle begins.