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POVs: Bella, Edward


Bella's POV

I don't know what happened. First my mom and dad were happy, and we were going to the annual carnival. Then everything went blank.

It was so scary, and I wanted my mom. She always knew what to say when I'm scared. But I couldn't find her. My head was in pain-it was throbbing so badly. I started to cry.

"Shh, it's alright, you're safe," someone said.

Who was that? I've never head that voice before. It sounded…Like velvet. Instantly, I calmed. I tried to open my eyes and saw a pair of golden eyes, looking at me with concern and…Alarm?

"Mommy?" I whispered. I don't think my voice was loud enough. My throat was too sore. I swallowed painfully and opened my mouth to try again.

Before I could, though, the same voice said, "She's not here right now. It's alright. I'll be right here. You're safe."

I nodded my head, then stopped because it hurt too much. I studied him now. He was older than me. He had the strangest hair-brown and red mixed together. Copper, I realized. His skin was white, and his features were sharp. His eyes were golden.

"Golden," I whispered, and he froze. I didn't know why. I liked golden.

"Carlisle," this angel said. "She's awake."

I felt something cold touch my forehead and tore my gaze away from the angel. "Hello, Bella," someone-Carlisle-said, smiling at me. I couldn't help but smile back. He had the same eyes as the angel. He looked the same somehow, though he was blond, and older looking than the angel.

"Are you an angel, too?" I asked him curiously.

Carlisle broke into laughter. "No, not quite. I'm a doctor, Isabella-"

I shook my head. "Bella," I corrected him firmly.

"Bella," he repeated with a smile. "I'm going to make sure you feel better, alright?"

I nodded my head. I turned back to look at my angel. He looked so sad. Why? I reached out to touch his nose, and giggled when it was as cold as Carlisle's hand. My angel looked shocked.

Then I remembered my mommy and daddy. "Where's my mommy and my daddy?" I asked him. My angel wouldn't look at me anymore. Is he mad at me? I continued to gaze at him, my bottom lip quivering, my eyes filling up with tears.

When he saw this, he panicked. With gentle hands, he wiped away the tears that had fallen down my cheeks. "Shh, Bella, don't cry," he whispered urgently. "Are you in pain?"

I shook my head, but a sob broke free. "You're mad at me," I said, cringing into the pillow propped up behind me.

He looked shocked again. "Why would you say that?" he asked, confused.

"You won't look at me. Daddy does that when he's mad at me," I explained.

My angel smiled sadly, and shook his head. "It's not that, Bella," he whispered, leaning in closer to rest his chin on my pillow. "Will you promise me you won't be angry if I tell you?"

I nodded my head, eager to know.

"Do you know what heaven is?"

I scrunched up my nose in concentration. I got it! A few months ago, grandma went to heaven. Mommy was crying and I thought she was upset, and she said she was, but she was happy, too, because grandma's in heaven, and she's happy there. "My grandma went to heaven," I told him proudly. "Mommy was very sad because she couldn't see grandma anymore, but she told me not to cry. She said grandma was happy in heaven because she would get everything she wants there. So we should be happy, too."

My angel nodded slightly, "Bella…"

He shot a helpless look at Carlisle, who sat tentatively on the edge of my bed. "Your mom and your dad-they went to heaven, too," he told me quietly.

I considered this. So they were happy? But…That would mean that I wouldn't get to see them anymore! Just like I couldn't see grandma! "But they didn't even tell me goodbye," I protested, tears falling down my cheeks. "And I'm little!"

My angel enveloped me in a hug and I fell into him, sobbing. I wanted my parents. I didn't want them to go to heaven. If they stayed with me, they would be happy, too.

"Shh, it's alright, Bella, I'll protect you."

I continued to cry into his shoulder. I knew I should be happy that my parents were in heaven. They were happy now, and would get everything they want. They were probably with grandma. I was just sad that I was never going to see them again, or get to tell them goodbye or anything. I missed them.

"Edward," Carlisle said quietly, as soon as I was done sobbing. Edward? Was someone else in the room?

"Yes, you should check with Child Services. That's a good idea," my angel replied. I realized that Edward was probably his name. Child Services? I frowned. What was that?

I didn't notice when Carlisle left, I was too comfortable in Edward's arms. Then it occurred to me. I'm little! Both my parents went away to heaven already. Where am I going to live?

"Edward?" I called out tentatively, pulling back to look into his golden eyes again. His eyes were the same shade, the same color as Carlisle's, but the depth was different. His was…More intense. More beautiful. I felt very safe with him.

"Hmm?" he raised an eyebrow at me. He looked so serious that I started to giggle. He looked at me, amused. "What's so funny, Bella?"

I shook my head, and buried my head against his shoulder, the giggled growing stronger.

"Well I like her already," I heard a booming voice. I jumped, startled, and looked around in panic.

"Oh, Emmett, you scared her," came a gentle chiding. My stomach clenched-that voice reminded me of my mother. I looked for its source and found a beautiful woman, her brown hair cascading down her back, her amber eyes glowing as she came closer to me. I settled back in my bed, watching as she entered the room. Four others followed her.

I scrutinized them. There was a large man, with heavy muscles and dark hair. His face was happy, though, like a little child. He reminded me of Pluto, in those Popeye cartoons my dad loved to watch.

Next to him was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I smiled at her shyly, and received a tentative smile back. She was blonde, and tall, and looked like the women on my mom's magazines.

A tall, blonde man stood next to her, his arm wrapped around another girl. He was looking at me apprehensively, but I thought I caught the hint of a smile playing around his lips.

Then there was a smaller, shorter girl, with spiky hair. She was bouncing on her feet, and her excitement was so obvious I started to giggle again. She smiled widely at me and leaned over the bed to kiss me on the cheek. I blushed and squirmed, but waved slightly at them all.

"She's adorable!" the spiky haired girl burst out, dancing over to Edward.

"Alice," he warned. She pouted and I grinned. She looked like I did whenever my mom told me I couldn't have ice-cream before dinner.

I wondered what they were all here for, and why they looked so excited.

"Child Services won't be able to send someone until Monday," Carlisle announced, stepping into the room. He smiled at the sight of everyone. "I see you've met Bella."

"Is that her name?" the big man asked. His laughter was infectious. "I like it."

"Now, now, Emmett," said the woman who reminded me of my mother.

Carlisle turned to Edward, eyebrows raised. "Does she know who everyone is?" he asked. Edward shook his head, realizing this, and started to explain.

"This is Carlisle and Esme," he gestured to the motherly figure. "They're my parents." I waved at them shyly. If it was possible, Esme's smile widened even further. "These are my sister and brother, Alice and Emmett, and these are Rosalie and Jasper," he told me, pointing to the spiky haired girl, Pluto, the blonde girl and the blonde guy.

"We're all a family," Carlisle added.

I nodded my head, then my gaze dropped. I still didn't know what'll happen to me. I hadn't gotten the chance to ask Edward yet.

"What's wrong, Bella?" Jasper asked, and I looked up, startled.

My eyes had already filled with tears so I couldn't see them clearly. I blinked a few times to clear my vision, but the tears fell to my cheeks instead. "Where am I gonna go?" I whispered, grabbing the thin sheet on the bed and holding it tighter around me.

"Oh," Alice said, and her eyes closed. When she opened them again, I think I detected sadness and a little bit of happiness.

"No, Alice," Edward growled. I blinked at him. Alice hadn't said anything…

"Please?" Alice whined. "She would like it with us."

I felt myself blush and my eyes lighting up at this. "You want me to stay with you?" I asked Alice.

She nodded her head excitedly and climbed on the bed. I giggled at her enthusiasm, but fell into her gentle hug nonetheless. "We could be like sisters," Alice said, ignoring Edward's angry glares. "Oh, I can't wait to start preparing your room…Let's see…Does blue suit you? Yes, I think it does…"

I don't even think I was present in her one-sided conversation, so I turned towards Edward, who was scowling at Alice. My heart dropped when I realized what he was so upset about. "You don't want me to stay with you," I accused him, my bottom lip trembling.

Edward blinked, and stopped scowling. He looked a little panicked that I might start crying again, and that just made me sadder. I felt the first tears started to escape from behind my eyelids. Edward uncrossed his arms and leaned forward. "That's not it, Bella," he whispered urgently, shaking his head.

But I turned away from him. He looked so sad. He really didn't want me there.

"See what you did, Edward?" Rosalie snapped. I started to sob. This was all very embarrassing. I didn't want to be the little girl who started to cry about everything, but I couldn't help it.

Before I knew it, I was out of my bed. I blinked in shock to see Esme cradling me in her arms, shushing me soothingly, and glaring at Edward at the same time. He hung his head, and I felt bad for him. I was being silly, and his family was blaming him for it.

"Sorry," I whispered. It was too soft for him to hear-Esme and I weren't even anywhere near him. But he raised his head and gave me a little crooked smile anyway. I felt myself grin back, my tears disappearing.

Esme's hand was rubbing my back soothingly. "Well, she really has nowhere else to go. I think it would be a good idea if she came to live with us until Monday," she said softly. I wrapped my arms around Esme's neck and rested my head on her shoulder, my eyelids drooping.

"What about-"

I didn't hear the rest. I was already in deep slumber, dreaming of my last hours with my parents.


Edward's POV

I was going to kill Alice. How could she even suggest this in the first place? I knew what she saw in her vision-Bella being in our house, playing on the floor with Emmett happily, while the rest of us watched. Yes, it looked like a good time, but seriously? We were a family of vampires. She was a child. A human child. One temptation too many…One of us could kill her.

Carlisle and I shouldn't even have been there. We'd ventured into the woods for hunting, and we'd had a satisfying meal. I was just taking a rest when I heard the screeching. Carlisle and I had run off towards the road not far from the woods and saw the wreckage. It was so bad that I didn't think anyone could survive.

Bella survived, and she was a true miracle. I admit, she has a certain draw to her. Her blood…It smelled refreshing, like freesia. It wasn't strong, since she was so small, still a child. But what would happen if she got hurt and cut herself or something?

Not only Jasper, but any one of us could lose control. We couldn't take that risk.

Of course, Carlisle would be able to refrain himself, but he was one vampire against six if it ever happened.

Calm down, Edward, it's only for a few days, Rosalie had thought, exasperated with my moody behavior. She was still unforgiving towards me for making Bella cry in her hospital room. The truth was, she was excited. Bella was a little girl, so human, so soft, so warm…She was the daughter Esme and Rosalie never had, the sister Jasper and Emmett always wanted. Carlisle was intrigued, and taken by her. I had to admit she had charm-a button nose, brown hair, big brown eyes…She was perfect.

The only flaw I could think of was flabbergasting-I couldn't read her mind. She was blank. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't read a single one of her thoughts. When I voiced this worry to Carlisle when Bella was asleep, he'd given me a few theories. One being she had been through a traumatic incident. But I had been around people who had gone through terrible things. Their minds were unfocused, but I could still hear every fleeting thought. Carlisle suggested that it was because she was a child-but I could read the minds of infants, never mind six year old girls. They might not make much sense, but it was still there.

She was perfectly human, though, and nothing seemed to be wrong with her mind or body, nor with my talent when unleashed on others. Carlisle told me not to worry about it excessively.

"We'll figure it out in time," he'd told me jovially.

That meant he planned on having Bella around for some time.

But we couldn't. We could harm her. And I'd seen the vision in Alice's head before she blocked me with an Avril Lavigne song. I rolled my eyes at that. Of all the music she could have chosen!

The point was, Bella had been older during that vision. She was probably nine or ten. Her hair was longer, her legs were longer. Subtle differences, but I could tell.

That meant that she would be in our lives for longer than just this weekend. I sighed. Alice had picked one lousy song after another to recite in her head. I wondered what she wasn't telling me.

Carlisle and Esme were just finishing up on the paperwork to take Bella home with us until Monday. We were all waiting in Carlisle's office. Bella was in Rosalie's lap, playing with her blonde hair and poking at Rosalie's arms and face as much as she could reach. Rosalie didn't mind-in fact, every thought she had was of how adorable and beautiful this precious human child was.

I rolled my eyes again, but kept my tongue. Not having a child of her own because of what she was had taken its toll on Rosalie. This was a once in a lifetime thing for her. Of course, it was only going to get worse when we would have to give Bella to social services. I don't care what the vision said. I wasn't going to allow Bella to be harmed in any way.

"Your protective nature's already kicking in," Jasper said suddenly, startling me. Almost everyone looked at me then. Only Bella continued playing with Rosalie's hair idly. She was still grumpy after being woken by her hunger after a few minutes of sleeping in Esme's arms. She had yet to receive her food since Esme wasn't back.

"What?" I asked warily.

"You're already wanting to protect her, Edward," Jasper told me, smirking. "You won't be able to let her go that easily."

I shook my head, defiant. "I still know that we can't," I whispered the last part. "We are what we are. Am I the only one who remembers that?"

"No, you're not," Rosalie snapped, causing Bella to jump. I shut my mouth quickly, silently berating myself for upsetting Rosalie.

Carlisle cleared his throat behind us and I turned, guiltily. "We're all set to go home," he said gently, smiling at Bella. She waved at him tiredly.

"I have food, Bella," Esme announced, stepping into the room. She brightened up and struggling to a sitting position. Rosalie helped her. I watched as Esme handed her a tiny bag of fries. Bella's small hand dug into the bag eagerly and pulled out a few fries. She munched on them happily.

I smiled a little at the sight of that. She was very easily pleased. I suppose that's because she was just a child. The others were watching her eat as well, and she blushed when she realized this.

"Aren't you going to eat?" she asked, looking around confusedly.

That brought me back to reality, and I frowned, grimacing.

Jasper cleared his throat and shook his head, smiling. "No," he said. I heard a little of his Southern accent coming out. "We've already eaten. You go ahead, Bella, it's okay," he urged her reassuringly.

Bella took his word and begun to eat again.

I just stared at her, this girl, whose mind I can't penetrate, whose existence drew me forward, whose smile charmed my entire family into wanting to adopt her…I sighed again.

This was going to be interesting.


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