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Killingperfectionbeauty- "Well here I am. And here is my second Harry Potter related fanfic. Yey me!"

Draco- "What the fucking hell is this?! No way! I can not, and will not, approve of this story!"

Killingperfectionbeauty- "Hehe. Please ignore Draco and the nonsense coming out of his mouth."

Draco- "Nonsense?! The only nonsense around here is this damn story of yours!"

Harry- "Malfoy, would you please stop yelling so much! You're scaring all the readers away!"

Draco- "Good! I'm glad! Because I do not want anyone reading this horrifying story!"

Harry- "…What could be so bad about it?"

Draco- "What do you mean 'what could be so bad about it'?! Have you not read it yet, Potter?"

Harry- "No. Why? What happens?"

Killingperfectionbeauty- "Well, Harry, in order to find out you will just have to read on. Same goes for all the wonderful readers out there. Enjoy! :) "

Draco- "I hate you so much right now…"


Boring… thought Harry Potter as he gazed blankly through one of the windows of the school library. Such a very boring day… So bored… Never been more bored in my whole entire life…

Earlier that day, he had graciously agreed to join his two best friends, Ron and Hermione, in the library so that they could finish up their homework and do a little studying together. Now, many hours later, Harry realized that he had made a huge mistake. He let out a deep sigh and wondered why the hell he had agreed to this. Yes, Ron and Hermione were his best friends and he loved spending time with them, but at the current moment that did not seem to be a good enough reason. His homework had already been finished and he was not the kind of person who studied all day long… or much at all for that matter. Not to mention the fact that it was a Saturday, of all days! He could have been out and about in the warm sunshine hanging out with people and chatting about nothing in particular, flying mindlessly through the clouds on his broomstick, or practicing his Quidditch moves, but no, he was stuck in the library, with absolutely nothing of interest to do.

After letting out another exasperated sigh, Harry turned his gaze away from the window and focused it on Ron. The red head was struggling over his Potions homework, same as usual. It seemed as if Snape always tried his best to assign the most difficult assignments he could come up with. Normally, Harry would offer to help his friend, but right now, as unlikely as it seemed, Harry really did not give a damn. He just wanted to get out of the library as soon as possible, but he knew that would not happen until Hermione had enough of her studying. Knowing Hermione that would most likely not happen until late into the night.

Five minutes later, or five hours from Harry's point of view, he had had enough. He did not care whether Hermione and Ron were ready to leave or not. He wanted out. Harry stood as quietly as possible so as not to be noticed and made his way towards the library's exit.

"Harry? Where are you going?" asked Hermione, reluctantly turning away from her studies.

Darn it…she saw me. "Um…" Harry turned back towards Hermione, "…bathroom," he quickly lied. "I'll be back in a few," and once again started towards the library's exit.

"Oh. Alright. Hurry back."

"Mkay," he shrugged and left the library, " 'Hurry back.' The hell I'm hurrying back there." He picked up his pace as he walked further and further away from the library. "Hermione, Ron," he said to himself, "You two are no doubt my two best friends in the whole world and I love ya'll to death…but…damn…ya'll are so not fun to hang around with sometimes…"

"Who the bloody hell are you talking to, Potter?" asked a cold, familiar voice.

Harry turned sharply to his left, startled to see none other than Draco Malfoy half-sitting, half-laying, on the staircase.

"Um…no one…myself."

Draco lifted an eyebrow and stared questionably at his rival for a moment. "…Freak," he muttered, before returning to a certain snack he had been eating.

"Shut up, Malfoy!" Harry said, becoming angry. He wanted to reply to Draco's insult with a harsher insult of his own, but stopped as he realized what Draco had been eating; a red, spicy looking snack. Hot Cheetos? Harry thought. But that's… a muggle food. Where could someone such as muggle-hating Draco Malfoy get that from? "Where did you get that from?" Harry asked curiously.

"I know a guy," was the only explanation Draco cared to give; if that could even count as an explanation.

"And you do know that that is a muggle snack, right?"

"Yep," the slytherin replied, as he continued eating his spicy snack.

So there is more to Malfoy than meets the eye. I wonder if there are any other muggle things he likes. Hmm… Maybe he likes muggle music. If he does, I bet he listens to rock and metal and stuff like that. He looks like the kind of guy who would like that kind of music. I wonder if he has ever watched TV before. He's quite a violent person. He would love watching "Jerry Springer" I'm sure of it. Let's see. What else…

"HellloOoOoo! Earth to Potter!" Draco shouted, shaking his bag of Hot Cheetos in an attempt to get Harry's attention.

"Huh?… Wha?" Harry shook his head and snapped out of his random train of thought.

"What's the matter with you, Potter?"

"Nothing," Harry replied, "Haven't you ever seen a person zone out before?"

"Actually, yes, mostly in Professor McGonagall's class. That hag is so fuckin boring. I can't remember how many times I have fallen asleep in that woman's class."

Harry nodded in agreement even though Professor McGonagall was his favorite teacher.

Soon a silence fell between the two. Draco continued munching on his Hot Cheetos and Harry just stood there realizing that for the first time in his experience at Hogwarts that he had a semi-normal conversation with Draco Malfoy. No vast amounts of arguing or insults. No screaming at the top of their lungs between at each other. No fighting. Until this moment, Harry did not know that that was at all possible.

Just last week they were dishing out boat loads of painful curses at each other with their wands. And only a few days ago they had gotten into a fist fight. What caused those fights, or who caused them, Harry could not remember. They had been fighting with each other for so long that it just seemed like a part of their daily routine. Today, however, was a different story. Harry did not mind. Actually, he quite well liked it. He could not deny the fact that he wanted to have more times like this with Draco. As if that's possible. Harry said to himself. Like Malfoy would ever really be able to get along with me. Still, one can always hope…

"Yo, Scarhead, is there any particular reason why you are still standing here like a fuckin statue? Do you want something? Money possibly?"

"You always have to bring up the fact that you're rich, don't you, Malfoy? And as if I would ever borrow money from someone like you!"

"It was just a question, Potter!"

Another silence fell between Harry and Draco as they began to glare angrily at each other.

I knew the peace between us couldn't last too long. Harry thought with disappointment. He sighed, crossed his arms, and turned away, ready to leave.

Suddenly, Draco did something very unexpected.

"Want some?" Draco asked, extending the bag of cheetos to Harry.

Harry turned back and looked at Draco in surprise. He had never known Draco to share anything with anyone before. He always assumed that Draco was the spoiled, greedy, 'mine!', type of person. That is how most only child, rich kids were from Harry's point of view. Now, he was beginning to see a different side of Draco.

"Um… sure." Harry sat down next to Draco on the stairs and grabbed a handful of the hot cheetos. The two ate without a word. All that was heard was the scrunching of the bag as Harry and Draco pulled the cheetos out.

I am sitting with Draco Malfoy, one of the people I hate most in this world, and eating Hot Cheetos… Harry tried to make sense of the situation, but could not. And to top things off I am actually enjoying this…although it is giving me a strange feeling.

Suddenly, he noticed that Draco was staring at him. Harry recognized that stare from Draco, but had only experienced it a few times before. It was not one of Draco's normal stares. It was much softer and warmer and each time Harry saw this stare, it gave him an awkward feeling. It made Harry feel uneasy, yet strangely happy and warm inside at the same time. Why he felt this way every time Draco stared at him like that Harry did not know, but he liked it. Just as he liked being able to be in Draco's company without getting into a massive fight for once.

"W-What is it?" Harry asked. For whatever reason, Draco would not stop staring at him.

"Um…you have some red stuff around your mouth, Potter."

"Oh," Harry brought his hand up to his mouth to get the red specks from the hot cheetos off, but Draco stopped him.

He grabbed Harry's hand and pulled it away from Harry's face. "Here," he said slowly moving himself closer to Harry, "allow me get it for you." A devious smirk crossed Draco's face.

Before Harry realized it, Draco's face was only a few inches away from his own and slowly coming even closer.

"Wh-What are you doing?…Malfoy?" Harry quickly moved away, but Draco just came closer; a seductive look crossing his face. "..M-Malfoy?!" Harry tried moving away again, but it did him little help. He pressed his back against the railing on the staircase. Draco grabbed him by the shoulders and held him in place. Now there was nowhere for Harry to escape. His heart began to pound heavily. What's going on? What is Malfoy doing?…This can't be happening. There was no more than an inch of space left between the two.

In an instant that space was gone and Harry felt as if his heart had shot out of his chest as Draco's lips touched his own. Those tender, angel like lips sent a burning sensation throughout Harry's entire body. A burning sensation a million times stronger than that of the hot cheetos moments ago…

Harry- "…Oh …my…fuckin…"

Draco- "Now do you understand why I do not approve of this story, you idiot?!"

Harry- " ….. "

Killingperfectionbeauty- "Aw, come on. I know that deep... deep down inside ya'll love this story."

Draco and Harry- (glare at writer angrily)

Killingperfectionbeauty- "Oh, come on! Don't be like that. You know it's true!"

Draco- (takes out wand and points it at writer)

Killingperfectionbeauty- "Eep! Erm…ok..well that's all for now. Hehe. But fear not! I shall return in about a week (maybe sooner depending on what reviews say) with the next chapter of this fic! And that next chapter will get really hot and sexy really fast! Don't miss out on the wonderful draco/harry slashyness! ;) "