Kate's POV

I woke up this morning and I could feel that something was wrong, like I was being watched… I remember when I was stupid enough to be caught by Ari; I literally walked into it! I can't believe I was that stupid!

I whipped my head round suddenly at the sound of something falling on the floor.

"Hello Caitlin" His voice sent a shiver down my spine but I tried not to show it, but the smile on his face told me I did.

I saw my cell phone; it was just behind him… I knew I could reach it; I just needed an opportunity…

"What do you want?" I asked him sending him a death glare at the same time.

"What do you think?" HE replied

"Oh I don't know… Gibbs? 'Coz see, you got the wrong apartment, obviously geography was not your strong suit" I mocked him

"Hmm, I played nice last time Caitlin, this time my patience is thinner," He threatened.

I just glared at him, I didn't have much time, I needed my phone. I could make it if I was quick.

I had to try.

I ran for my bedroom door, I almost made it to the phone, but he spun round pushed me to the floor pinned my wrists to the ground and pulled out a gun.

I hit my head against the floor in frustration.

Looking into his eyes I saw the anger, he pushed to gun into my temple and I winced at the pain.

"Don't mess with me darling, it won't turn out well for you." He whispered "Get up" He continued and I complied. "Now, do I need to tie you up or will you be a good girl?" He was so patronising. I just smiled evilly at him.

"Thought so," He said. "Where's your phone?" He asked. When I didn't respond he grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me to him "Where is your phone?" He said again this time emphasising each word.

I looked at the table and he followed my gaze. "That wasn't so hard was it?" He picked up my phone with his free hand and dragged me towards the door of my apartment.

What was I doing? I am an ex- secret service agent and I'm letting me take me from my home. This was going to stop…

I broke his grip on my hand and punched him in the face. I hit him repeatedly until he blocked one of my shots and through me across the room, I hit my head on the wall and I could feel that unconsciousness was inevitable, but I fought.

I tried to attack him again but he was too fast, he blocked me and hit me across the face sending me to the floor. I tried to get up but my arms failed me and I fell back down.

Ari crouched down beside me; "see, if you had behaved this wouldn't have happened." He smiled at my feeble attempt to stand up again. I scowled at him and recoiled from his touch.

My vision was darkening, I tried once more to stand up, I got to my feet, shaking, I started to back away form him but I wasn't quick enough, he once again reached for my arm and pulled me close to hit body. I tried to pull away but I couldn't, my vision went black…

I was at his mercy…

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