Gibbs watched Ari fall to the floor as he holstered his 'back up gun'. He hit the terrorist in the shoulder, the other one this time.

Kate was still on the floor, he moved over to her but froze when he saw her coughing up blood. He moved her hand that was covering her ribs, without any objection from the woman herself, and felt for anything unusual… he came to the conclusion that the bastard terrorist had broken one of her ribs that in turn had punctured her lung!

Just as he was about to call DiNozzo he realised that Ari as gone, he must have slunk off when he was busy with Kate who's breathing had become laboured by now. Inwardly cursing himself and realising that he would pay the price later he dialled 911 and told them the situation he then continued to call Tony and tell him to be on the look out for a terrorist as well as that he had Kate.

Kate was drifting in and out of consciousness, Gibbs was getting worried, he kept trying to talk to her but all her would get in response were a few mumbled words that he could not make out. Finally, the ambulance got here. They wasted no time in getting Kate to hospital, Gibbs rode with them, clutching tightly to Kate's limp hand.

Meanwhile back at NCIS….

Abby was pacing in her lab when McGee walked in.

"Where are they Timmy?" Abby asked voice breaking slightly

"I don't know Abs, I'm sure they're ok" He tried to comfort her but the honest truth as that he was just as scared as she was.

Suddenly her phone rang.

"Gibbs? Is it you? Where are you? Is Kate ok? Are you ok? Why aren't you back yet?" Abby asked all of these questions in one breath.

"Yes, Bethesda, …she could be better, its not life threatening but they're keeping her over night, im fine, were staying overnight here to keep an eye on Kate… does that answer your questions Abs?" Gibbs asked

"What? Why are you at Bethesda?" She continued.

"I'll explain later, tell McGee to get here as soon as possible, until then I need you to run a trace on Ari Haswari though everything we have not tried. I have to get him Abs." Gibbs hung up.

He walked back into Kate's room to see her asleep. He was relieved for a moment until he saw her face contort in pain as she thrashed about in the bed, he ran to her side and called her name, when she didn't wake up he gripped her shoulders and called again: "Kate!"

Her eyes flashed open, she saw Gibbs and tears cascaded down her bruised cheeks as she began to cry. He leant over her and wrapped his arms around her.

"He wont ever touch you again Katie, I'll never let him near you again, I promise." He soothed.

She gripped hold of the back of his shirt: "Don't leave me Gibbs," she begged

"Im not going anywhere" He whispered into her hair.

It took a few weeks for Kate to get back to normal, she wasn't arguing as much with DiNozzo and was not as patient with McGee at first but as the weeks went on she gradually became herself again.

Gibbs kept a close eye on her though, almost to close an eye for Tony's liking. They had been out in the field all day and Gibbs had not let her leave his side once. It was strange Tony thought, but quickly dismissed the idea as Gibbs had told him if he wanted his job he better start doing it and not staring at them.

It was almost the end of the day, Kate and Gibbs were packing up and getting ready to leave whilst Tony and McGee finished off the last of the days paperwork.

The boss headed out of the bullpen quickly followed by Kate whose hand subconsciously found its way into his, both agents looked down for a minute before realising where they were and subtly pulling away. As they entered the elevator they felt sure that they had not been discovered. They did not see the exchange of money between Tony and McGee that the two agents had wagered on weeks earlier…

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