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The hallway echoed with the slap slap slap of sandaled feet hitting the obsidian floor. The corridor was empty, save for the two owners of the sandals. They walked side by side, and while one walked at an easy gait, the smaller of the two taking two steps for every one of her older companion.

The taller of the two glanced down at the smaller one, a young girl who couldn't have been more then four or five years in age. Her hair was cropped short, the silver strands of hair falling just past the child's earlobes. Violet eyes were set in a determined bronze face, the child's lips drawn together in a thin line. A single, triangular sigil rested in the center of her forehead, two matching ones under her uncharacteristically serious eyes. No doubt, her mind was filled with thoughts of the events that awaited her, and the woman took pride in the fact that she could sense no fear from the child.

The child was dressed in a rather extravagant outfit, consisting of a highly decorated shirt and vest that seemed to be made of something softer then velvet, yet seemed to flow like silk over the girl's small frame. It was accompanied by matching pants, the loose, baggy legs covered in chaotic swirls of purple and black. A pair of black sandals made of an unknown wood decked her feet, and the whole outfit was topped off with a black cape held together by an ornate clasp. Due to its size, it seemed to dwarf the child's already small form.

The woman at her side wore a matching cloak-one that seemed to be made of the feathers of some unknown beast. The creature the feathers had originally belonged to, however, would more then likely horrify the various deities that resided in heaven. Not that the gods would be able to tell their true origin. The feathers of the cloak had been dyed a blue-black that held a sheen in the artificial lighting of the hallway that made them unrecognizable from what they once were.

Beneath the cloak, if one was quick, a person might catch a brief glimpse of the revealing gown the woman wore; one comprised of various dark blues and blacks, highlighted by a golden etching that assaulted the outfit like lightning. Like the child she walked beside, her feet were covered in dark sandals of a foreign material.

The two were of obvious relation to each other. Even the casual observer could guess that the duo were more than likely Mother and Daughter. The Mother shared her child's platinum hair, though where her daughter's was cropped short, hers fell behind her in various long strands, all of which were kept out of her face by an ornate head dress. Matching violet eyes held a level of power that had yet to be obtained by the child at her side, and her flesh was several shades darker then her daughter's own. The markings that adorned her features were different from her child's as well: a six pointed starburst on her forehead accompanied by two similar five pointed starbursts under her eyes.

If not for these small differences and other, more subtle distinctive traits, the child could have easily passed as a small clone of her mother.

The woman spoke, her eyes gazing down at the child with a sparkle of amusement. "Well, Dearheart? Are you ready?"

The little girl looked up at the woman, who seemed to tower of her like a giant. She nodded solemnly, her hands curling into small fists at her side.

The woman chuckled quietly. "Little Urd, there's no reason to take this so seriously. You need to learn to enjoy life more. Relax."

The child, Urd, frowned, though the woman was pleased to note an easing in the child's shoulders as she fought to take the adult's advice. "But…you said this thing is important. I don't wanna mess it up for you."

Hild graced her daughter with a toothy smile, registering the small ounce of concern that lay buried within the child's eyes. It was almost touching to think that her daughter thought she held such an impact on the conference the duo was attending. She rested a bejeweled hand on one slim shoulder. "Now, now. There's nothing to worry about. Simply remember what I told you and everything will be fine."

The child's brows drew together as she recalled her mother's words from earlier that morning. "'Show no fear', right?" She asked, the frown lightening into a small smile at her mother's nod of confirmation.

"And why is that?"

"Um…because it would look weak if the daughter of the Daimakaicho looked scared in front of a bunch of Valkyries and Angel Slayers, right?" Another nod from her mother.

They came to a halt in front of a pair of overly large doors, various runes and patterns running across the two surfaces. Behind the door, the magical taint of various magical beings both divine and damned wafted to Urd's senses. "Why do we have to do this again?" She asked, puzzled once more at the intentions behind such an odd meeting, despite the fact that Hild had explained it to her several times before.

It was an endearing trait, one Hild compared to Urd's father whenever it reared its head. The kid sure as hell didn't get it from her. "You don't have to do anything Urd. You're only with me for appearances sake. I, on the other hand, have to meet with a bunch of pissy old Valkyries and Slayers in the hopes of creating something of a…treaty, if you will. It's more for soothing ruffled feathers and bruised prides then anything else, but the people within that room still find it important."

It had been the Almighty's idea, really. Bring together two retired sides that had once been trying to slaughter one another on the battlefield and try to make amends in the hopes of ending any further hostility between the two factions. Looking back, it was probably one of His lesser well thought out decisions.

Not that He cares. Hild thought to herself, torn between the gloom of a no doubt boring event and the thrill of having two groups-one of which she lead-locked in a room together with the possibility of mayhem resting on the shoulders of any who entered. After all, He's not attending the damned thing. Leave it to the Almighty to come up with a brilliant plan and then fail to follow through with it. Hild thought He was simply trying to avoid her.

"Oh." Urd's voice returned the Daimakaicho to the present, and the woman blinked sharp violet eyes before bringing her attention back around to her daughter.

"Does that help explain things to you, Little One?"

This time Urd's nod was more enthusiastic, and Hild was glad to see a small, excited flicker in her daughter's eyes. That was more like the child she'd been rearing. Seriousness didn't suit her. "Alright then. Are you ready to greet the others?"

Urd straightened from where she stood next to Hild, jutting her chin outwards with pride as she looked back at the two large doors. "Yeah."

"Then by all means, let's not keep our guests waiting any longer."

As though waiting for those exact words, the double doors slowly began to part, cracking open with a low groan and exposing the interior to mother and daughter. The room was large, a grand ballroom whose ceiling seemed to stretch upwards for all eternity. Crystalline lights seemed to be scattered at various locations in a fashion so random it bordered on chaotic.

The room was filled with people, and the air was heavy with an almost nervous tension, one that only seemed to grow as Hild and Urd entered the room. As the twin set doors closed behind them, the duo looked around. Urd's eyes were wide, open and curious for all the world to see. Hild's gaze seemed to be the exact opposite, the Daimakaicho seeming to expand all her senses, searching the room with more then just her guarded eyes as she sought out the familiar auras of her men.

While nothing but unfamiliar faces seemed to stare menacingly at Urd, Hild found herself easily recognizing her Slayers from the Valkyries, and as the two passed through the large crowd, Hild caught more then one demon bow his head in respectful greetings to her and her offspring.

She sensed more then saw Urd's stiff posture at her side, and casually pressed a hand to the small of the child's back. Her touch was like magic, and she felt the tension drain away from her daughter's body, the child taking strength in her mother's presence. Not that I can blame her. Hild thought. It isn't as though she knows anyone in this room. There are nothing but unfriendly faces scrutinizing her every move here, and she knows it. The very fact that she hasn't broken down yet is a true testament of her willpower. A surge of pride raced up Hild's spine, and her smile was one of content. That's my girl.

The woman removed her hand from her daughter's back, sending the child an approving look when Urd didn't falter in her step. Ahead of them, the crowd of demons and goddesses parted, revealing a somewhat raised table at the head of the room. The table was filled with various people, both goddess and demon, and would have been full save for the two empty seats that gave the sitter a full and complete view of the chamber. The two made their way to the seats, Hild's hand placing itself once more on Urd's back and guiding the young child to the left-most one, positioning the child between her mother on her right and an unfamiliar demon on her left.

As Urd moved to sit, Hild remained standing behind her chair, and the dull roar that had permeated the room since the two had entered slowly died down to silence, everyone turning their attention to the Daimakaicho as she prepared to speak. Urd quickly tuned her mother out. Whatever she had to say was for the goddesses and demons in the room, not for her.

"…All know why we are here…" Yep, boring already. The child sighed quietly to herself, her violet eyes moving to the various men and woman who sat with her at the table. It was easy, she found, to tell who was demon from who was god. Mostly due to the fact that both Angel Slayers and Valkyries were comprised completely of one gender.

She stared at the people surrounding her, curiously glancing at the various insignia that aligned the faces of both demon and goddess. Their attention no doubt drawn to Hild, Urd openly stared at the markings, making a game of comparing the red to the blue and seeing who shared the markings most similar in design.

She was in the middle of comparing the marking of the demon on her left to that with the goddess across from her when the man shifted his gaze towards her own, looking away from Hild and regarding her with sharp red eyes, the pupils slit like those of a cat, or perhaps a snake.

The eyes narrowed ever so slightly at her, as though demanding to know what she found so interesting about him before turning away, his attention drawn once more to her mother. Urd looked down at the table, fighting to contain the blush of embarrassment that was surely trying to align her cheeks at that moment. She hadn't meant to be caught.

"…at we might bring such hostilities to an end…" Her mother's voice trailed on, and as Urd regained control of her emotions, she lifted her gaze from the table. Not wanting to be caught staring by the demon next to her again, she shifted her gaze from the people around her to those in the crowd. Tables or various lengths were positioned throughout the room, and while many had preferred to stand, others had chosen to sit, and various deities occupied the chairs around the tables.

Once more, Urd quickly found herself at boredom's edge, and she quickly went back to her little game. That demon over there by the exit had rectangular marking that differed only a little from that goddess leaning against a wall. The goddess who looked like she was trying to hide in the corner had a circular insignia on her cheeks that was almost exactly like the cheeky markings on one of the demons standing near the center of the room. And that demon-

She paused in her game. Someone was staring at her. Eyes narrowing ever so slightly, she slowly scanned the faces she'd gone over, her face becoming a mask of concentration as she sought out the eyes that she had swept over. Where were they? She knew she'd seen them, so…

A pair of crimson eyes met her violet eyes.

Urd's eyes widened in surprise. The owner of the eyes was young-too young to be either a Valkyrie or an Angel Slayer, though the two red triangular markings under each of the girl's eyes did at least clarify what she might one day become. Urd blinked. The girl was sitting at one of the tables to the back, no doubt in an effort to keep the young demon out of anything that could cause problems between negotiations. She didn't appear to be any older then Urd.

Perhaps seeing the surprise in Urd's face, perhaps simply growing tired of Urd's scrutiny, the little girl's face tightened into a frown, and her stare shifted into a glare. Urd, having found someone closer to her own age and no where near as intimidating as the other demon with the red eyes, glared back, scowling at the blonde demon.

The two held their respectable glares for several long minutes, neither appearing to notice Hild's speech coming to an end, the Daimakaicho finally sitting down beside her daughter and falling into a conversation with the Valkyrie at her right.

Her speech done, the room's various occupants returned to their own activities, and it was around this time that the demon sitting next to the unknown child took notice of the glaring contest. With a grunt of dissatisfaction, he lightly cuffed the child on the back of the head. The girl winced in pain, her hands moving to cover the assaulted spot on her head as she dropped her gaze, turning instead to glare at the older demon at her side.

The glare broken, Urd leaned back in her chair, a victorious smile coming over her features. She didn't know who the girl was, but for the moment, it didn't matter. She won, if nothing else then by default. Maybe later Urd could find out who the kid was.

While Urd had gone about her glaring contest with the other child, Hild had been having her own 'fun'. The Valkyrie she was sitting next to, a woman with raven black hair and angry red eyes, was currently fuming at her.

"You dare wear that in my presence!" Badb Catha hissed, her voice rough and harsh. Her slender hands were curled into tight fists, and her face was curled into an angry snarl. The woman had been in a state of seething rage upon first glancing at Hild when the Daimakaicho had first entered, and it had only grown throughout Hild's speech.

The Daimakaicho arched a slender, platinum eyebrow. Elbows resting on the table, the woman folded her hands together before resting her chin on the interlocked digits. "Do I dare wear what in your presence, Lady Catha?" She asked, for all the world an innocent woman. Yet despite her light tone, the Daimakaicho's eyes were as hard as the gem that shared its color, and they glinted cruelly in the artificial lighting of the room.

If the Valkyrie Commander was in any way intimidated by Hild's gaze, she hid it well. Badb Catha's face darkened with rage. "You know very well what I mean, Daimakaicho." She growled out, pointing an accusing finger at the dark woman. "That cloak…"

Around the table, everyone excluding Urd paused in what they were doing to observe the conversation between the two woman. The table fell silent, the atmosphere growing tense as the two generals spoke. Hild smiled. It looked more like a tiger's snarl then an actual smile. "Oh? Do you like it? If you want, I can have one made special for you, Lady Catha." For all her words were polite, it was not hard to detect the ice behind them. The woman ran her fingers through the dyed feathers of her cloak in an almost affectionate manner.

The action seemed to only further enrage to Valkyrie, as the black-haired woman slammed her hands down on the table, moving to stand. Around her, the Valkyries who had accompanied their commanding officer to the table moved instinctively for weapons they didn't have. Likewise, the demons of Hild's legion mirrored the action, their faces flashing with various emotions, ranging from disappointment to anger to excitement when they rose to stand, grasping for non-existent weapons.

Urd, having just one her staring contest, was startled out of her feelings of victory by the sudden actions of everyone around her, and the child quickly straightened in her seat, looking from Slayer to Valkyrie to her mother in a mixture of confusion and trepidation. Hild was the only one who remained unmoving, her head still cradled on her hands as she stared up at the now-standing Valkyrie.

She continued to smile, unconcerned with the actions around her, completely at ease in her environment. A moment of silence that seemed to stretch on forever came, and then Badb Catha sneered before whirling around and leaving the table. Half of the Valkyries at the table moved to follow behind the woman, moving around and surrounding their leader as they disappeared into the crowd.

Of the remaining Valkyries, the goddess who had been sitting next to Badb Catha slowly moved to stand, her eyes leaving the retreating presence of Badb Catha and her small unit and turning to regard Hild. The woman sighed, running a hand through her braided auburn hair. "You'll have to excuse my sister." She said, her blue eyes remaining firmly on Hild. "She hasn't been the same since Morrigan's…death." Her eyes narrowed ever-so-slightly at the Daimakaicho. "But I'm sure you already know that, Daimakaicho." The woman looked back to the remaining Valkyries at the table. "If you'll excuse me, I believe it is in our best interest to depart." Her gaze drifted to the various Slayers at the table, all of whom which were eying the small group of Valkyries with malice. "Before things grow too out of hand."

Hild chuckled lightly, her eyes sparkling cruelly. "Do what you will. After all, it isn't our goal to create a second war with you and your ilk. This is supposed to help end hostilities, not create them." The woman flinched under Hild's gaze before turning and following after her sister, the remaining Valkyries at the table following behind her in a mixture of regret and relief.

As the demons around them settled into a more comfortable position once more, Urd glanced up at her mother, silver brows drawn together in confusion. What had that been all about? "Mom?" She asked, her voice drawing the Daimakaicho's gaze to her.

Hild's smile became affectionate, and she gently placed a hand on her daughter's head, running her fingers through the short, silver locks of hair. "It's nothing, Urd. Some people simply can't forget the past."

The child frowned but nodded. "Can I leave? It's boring just sitting here." If anything else, maybe she could find that other girl. Maybe between the two of them, they could come up with something to entertain each other with.

Hild nodded and pat the girl's shoulder. Taking the tap for a dismissal, Urd slipped out of the chair with a quick 'thanks' before bounding off into the crowd, quickly disappearing behind the larger bodies of the adults. Hild watched her retreating figure fondly for a moment before turning her attention to the remaining Slayers at her table.

"Well, just because I'm still here doesn't mean you all need to stay. Feel free to get up and harass a Valkyrie or two. I'm sure it's more entertaining then sitting here and watching me converse with my daughter."

A murmur swept through the remaining demons, and dismissed from her presence, the Slayers stood and vanished into the crowd. "Anything to stir up trouble, eh M'Lady?"

Hild turned sharp violet eyes to the owner of the voice, her lips parting in an aggressive smile. "I prefer the phrase 'keeping them on their toes', myself. You, of all people, know that I do not simply 'stir up trouble', Mara."

The demon in question, Mara, smiled wanly from where he sat a short distance away from Hild, briefly revealing elongated canines. The only demon aside from Hild left at the table, he was stationed in the seat to the left of the one Urd had recently vacated.

Deciding to grow more comfortable, Hild adjusted her chair's position, before carelessly propping her feet up on Urd's chair. The child wouldn't need it for a good long while, and Hild saw no reason for either herself or the old demon next to her to simply switch seats. It wasn't as though they couldn't hear each other through the low roar of the surrounding crowd.

Crossing one slender leg over the other on the chair, Hild took a second to observe her sole companion at the table. The man stared back calmly, crimson eyes inquisitive as he stared at her through overly long bangs. His hair was long and black, and it flowed down his back in loose curls. Beads and bands of various sizes and colors lay interwoven in both his hair and in the thick braid of his beard, giving the demon a somewhat wild look that was only intensified by his slit pupils and fangs.

His facial insignia consisted of three diamond slits on his forehead, accompanied by three thin triangular insignia under each eye. Over all, the demon, Mara, appeared to be in his late thirties. Dressed in a loose fitting, long-sleeved shirt of a deep burgundy and matching light brown pants, the demon sat hunched over, clutching an old cane that the demon rested his chin on. The cane was made of a twisted and gnarled wood, the hands that held it dark and weathered and covered in various silver scars.

Hild raised an amused eyebrow. "You're still carrying that old thing around?" She asked, a hint of laughter in her voice as the Daimakaicho eyed the old cane. She'd known Old Mara for a long time. The old demon had been her second-in-command during the Great War, and had since retired as a sometimes bodyguard for Hild. Not that the Daimakaicho actually needed someone to guard her back during negotiations that might turn hostile, but she found him to be an amusing source of entertainment when things grew dull.

Now, it would seem, was one such time, as the demon snorted in disdain, adjusting his grip on the cane. "I've found it to be a good disciplinary instrument." He grumbled, his voice holding a rough quality one gained from continuously shouting orders at lackeys.

Hild didn't bother trying to hide the smile on her face. "Oh? And who would you be using that on, Mara? I wasn't aware that you'd taken on an apprentice. Unless one of your daughters suddenly decided she wants to be a Slayer."

The demon shook his head, sending his hair on a wild journey across his face. "No apprentice. Not one I'd want anyways. And those two girls of mine have yet to bare me a useful son."

Hild leaned forwards in her chair, a spark of curiosity in her violet eyes. "Then who?"

"My granddaughter."

Hild's silver brows rose in surprise and a wide grin appeared on her face. "Ah, that's right, you have a granddaughter now, don't you? I believe her name was Marller, am I right?"

At the demon's nod of confirmation, Hild continued, her smile seeming to grow ever larger on her face. "She should be around Urd's age by now. Did you bring her here with you?"

The man grunted, nodding once more. "Her mother threw the brat on me. Thought it might appease me for her affair with that Jotunn." The demon snorted. "She'd have done better sacrificing the girl than giving her to me. Scrawny. Weak. Would be the runt of the litter if there was a litter. Whines too much too. Don't know what I'm supposed to do with her."

Hild sent the demon a disapproving look. "Watch your tongue Slayer." She warned. "I'll have no child sacrifices with Urd around. Such things have been abolished. You know that."

The man grunted in acknowledgment, and Hild's frown lightened. "Where is the girl now?"

Another grunt. "Brought her with me. Kid's like a damned shadow. Won't leave me alone no matter what I do."

At that Hild laughed, clapping her hands together in delight. "How wonderful!" She cried. "Someone for Urd to play with! Where is the child? The two should be introduced to each other."

Mara snorted. "The Brat's in back with one of the rookies, what's his name, Murmur? The new Goetia candidate. Last thing I need is to worry about the brat causing trouble when I'm not looking."

Hild nodded in an all-knowing fashion. "I see. I'm sure the two of them will meet up on their own then." Her smile turned sly. "So then, moving on. How are things between you and that banshee you call your spouse? Have you managed to kill her yet?"

The subject jumping from children to catching up on old times, the two demons, one an old Angel Slayer, the other the leader of Hell itself, never noticed the meeting of the two little girls they had originally been discussing.

Marller was bored. Scratch that. Marller was bored out of her skull. Bored to tears. So bored, that she would have been happy if someone thrust a broom into her hand and ordered her to start sweeping. On a beach. With the tide coming in. Anything to alleviate her boredom.

Her Gramps had brought her here in the hopes that she might learn something from the various Angel Slayers and Valkyries in the room. Too bad they were doing nothing but standing around talking to each other. The Angel Slayer who had been assigned to keep an eye on her, Murmur, had been her only source of entertainment, and he'd abandoned her as soon as the Daimakaicho had finished her speech. Jerk.

There had been that other girl who she'd gotten into a staring contest with at the start of Daimakaicho's speech, but that had come to an end quickly when Murmur had taken notice and swatted her. 'Show some respect.' He'd said. 'That's your future boss you're glaring at.'

She had silently vowed to throw a wurm into his drink the next time she was stuck with him. As it was, with no one paying the child any mind, Marller had taken to carving her name into the wood of the table she'd been placed at, having promptly been ordered to 'not go anywhere' by Murmur, even as the demon himself had left to flirt with some stupid Valkyrie.

Although it had been rather amusing to see the goddess turn him down with a quick jab in the gut.

And so with no one else around, Marller had taken to carving her name in the old wood. The utensil in question was a knife; one of her Gramps' old blades from the war with the Valkyries. Gramps had given it to her before they had entered the ballroom under very firm orders that 'it was not to be used unless needed.'

Weapons had been banned from the negotiation room. After all, the Queen of Hell was attending the meeting, as was her young daughter. The last thing anybody needed was a vengeful Valkyrie or Angel Slayer loosing it and pulling a blade on anybody. No doubt it would lead to another war between the two factions.

However, her Gramps had snuck in a weapon anyways, something about 'old habits that die hard' or something like that, and had given her his old blade. When Marller had asked why, his exact words had been, 'you're a brat with no notion of power. Without a weapon, you have no protection from any Valkyrie who decides it might be a good idea to have one less demon in the world.'

And while her Gramps hadn't been very specific when it came to when it was supposed to be used, she'd decided that using it to provide some meager form of entertainment fell under the category of 'if needed'.

She couldn't help but feel a swell of pride in her chest though. After all, she was still very young. She didn't even have a good grasp on her abilities yet! But despite that, her Gramps trusted her with one of his favorite blades. How many kids-demon, god, or mortal-had claims to that?

Lost in her own thoughts and uncaring of the activities happening around her, the little blonde demon was ignorant of the violet-eyed child that was slowly sneaking up behind her.

Urd had spied her several minutes ago, still in the same place the silver-haired girl had originally seen her. Which was something of a relief. The room was big, and there were a lot of people roaming around. If the girl had moved, chances were Urd would have never seen her again. What made the whole thing even better was the fact that the girl hadn't noticed her yet, which gave Urd the opportunity for a small bit of fun. At the other girl's expense, of course.

Using all the stealth her tiny body possessed, Urd slowly made her way past the bored Marller, quickly changing her path to move up behind the red-eyed child. Marller, meanwhile, sat her blade down, blowing away the wood carvings and taking a second to admire her handiwork. It would one day become the inspiration for all juvenile delinquents stuck in class with a desk and something strong enough to scratch wood. She had to admit, it was quite nice, given the tool she'd been forced to use.

What else could she do? Marller 'hmed' in thought, grabbing her knife once and idly tapping the flat of the blade against the wood in thought. And it was around this time that a small pair of dark hands reached out from behind her, one slapping against the girl's mouth, the other sliding around the girl's waist and pulling the child from the bench she was sitting at.

The fanged demon let out a startled yelp, muffled by the hand over her mouth, before quickly struggling against her assailant. She was being attacked! The Valkyries were trying to kidnap her! Her struggles increased, and Marller brought her blade down on her attacker's arm, the flat end meeting the small arm hard and earning a yelp from behind Marller's ear.

The grip loosened, and Marller surged free, wheeling around to face the rather small 'Valkyrie' who'd attempted to kidnap her. The silver-haired child rubbed the spot where Marller had struck her, an angry scowl on her youthful face as she glared at the girl. "What was that for!" The tan child demanded, planting her hands on her hips and appearing to all the world a diminutive, angry Hild.

The blonde-haired girl gaped for a second. This had been her assailant? Her surprise was short lived, however, and anger quickly replaced it. "What do you mean? You're the one that attacked me first! I thought I was gonna get kidnapped or something!"

The scowl on Urd's face darkened. "I wasn't attacking you! Besides, who'd want to kidnap some kid like you anyways, huh?" She folded her arms across her chest.

Marller responded with a scowl of her own, her face turning red with anger and her hands curling into small fists at her side. "I'm not some kid! Beside, I'm plenty important! My Gramps is second-in-command of the Angel Slayers, after all!"

"So! My Mama is first-in-command!"

Feeling her own face redden in anger, Urd's hands dropped to her side, and the young girl reached over and shoved her opponent. The girl, whose name she didn't even know, stumbled back, her hands flying out as she sought to keep her balance, the knife falling from her left hand and to the ground with a clatter.

Marller took no notice, instead blinking wide, surprised red eyes at the silver-haired girl, before narrowing said eyes and rushing to shove Urd back.

Urd, who looked to be caught somewhere between in the middle of gloating versus trying hard to look intimidating, was caught off guard by Marller's shove and quickly found herself on her butt. Grimacing in pain, she glanced up, Marller towering over her, an angry, fanged snarl on her face.

Urd responded with a cry of outrage, leaping to her feet and tackling Marller to the ground.

Hair was pulled.

Flesh was bitten and scratched.

There was an exchange of punches, slaps, and kicks.

And through it all, no one paid the children any heed. In reality, so long as the children didn't kill one another, or, worse yet, cause a scene that would end negotiations between Slayers and Valkyrie, the two could do whatever they wanted to one another.

And so it was that the original purpose behind Urd's actions was forgotten by the girl in question, something that would follow the child well up into adulthood. The duo continued their fight, landing wild blows that did little to no damage to the other, the small amount of magic they were able to scourge up against each other nothing more then cinders and static-a far cry from the power they would one day wield.

Eventually though, the fight dwindled in its ferocity, the blows growing weaker as the two grew tired of striking the other, until finally, the small combatants stood across from one another, breathing heavily as one waited for the other to make the next move. Both children's outfits were ruined. Various rips and tears in the fabric of outfits not initially made for battle. The two girls' hair, once neatly combed, undoubted had various tangles, giving the children a somewhat wild look to them. Small burn marks littered their forms, where a lucky spark or cinder had taken to flesh or fabric.

Despite all this, however, both Urd and Marller were uninjured. It was around this time that Urd smiled, taking her opponent off guard. "I like you." She said, plopping down to the floor and folding her legs underneath her.

Marller's brows furrowed together in confusion, and she eyed the girl wearily. "What?" She asked, a small part of her wondering if this was some sort of trick or joke to catch her off guard.

The silver haired child giggled, placing her hands behind her and leaning back on to them. She appeared completely relaxed, as though she'd simply grown tired of a game and had decided to move on to something else, as though she'd forgotten why they'd been fighting in the first place. "You're fun. None of the other kids I get stuck with will actually get into a fight with me. Momma says it's 'cause their parents are 'suck ups'." She leaned forward a bit, rocking on her legs slightly. "So, what's your name?"

The girl across from her blinked, as though unsure of what to make of Urd's sudden change in behavior, before relaxing from the somewhat guarded stance she was in, sending Urd another curious look before slowly sitting down, her legs spread out in front of her. "Uh…I'm Marller." She said, tilting her head to the side as she stared at Urd.

Urd's smile grew bigger. "Cool. So what's with the knife? What were you doing with it?"

"Um…I was…but weren't we just-"

"Yeah, but that got boring. Hey! Want to see something cool?"

"I…I guess, but-"

Urd leaped to her feet, an excited smile on her face as the little girl bounced over to Marller, grabbing the girl's hand and almost dragging her new…friend after her. Marller yelped, stumbling after the odd child that was the Daimakaicho's daughter, pausing only briefly to retrieve her grandfather's knife before being yanked after Urd.

And so began a rather odd friendship.

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