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Imprinting On A Werewolf

Chapter 1

Laurent, James and Victoria walked into the meadow. They had been travelling for weeks, and had finally found a place to hunt. This little town, Forks, full of its visiting hikers, was an easy match. They would be able to eat quite decently, and nobody would even realize that the hikers never had left their forests. The wind blew towards them, and they caught a whiff of smell in the air. It was the scent of a human. The smiled coldly to each other. Time to hunt.

The Cullens were out hunting antelopes, when Alice suddenly froze. The others gathered round, waiting for her to come out of her trance, and tell them what she had seen.

When she finally came back to herself, she seemed troubled. "Something has changed. The werewolves feel that the treaty has been broken. I couldn't see them, but I could see us getting ready to fight them."

The group looked at each other. This was not good.

Carlisle, always in control, came to the decision first. "We have to head back" he spoke calmly, packing the tents and hikers equipment that they brought for their cover, and swiftly heading back to the Cullen residence.

It was a Monday, and Edward was on his way to school. When the Cullens had got back to their house, they realized that they had no way of contacting the Werewolves without walking on their property, and since the situation was already critical, they didn't want to risk that approach. Fortunately, Alice had suddenly discovered that she couldn't see Edward when he got to school, so they had guessed that this was the way that the Werewolves would take contact. Since only Edward had been in her vision before it went blank, they had decided that Edward would drive to school alone. And here he was.

As Alice had described, he parked his car, and no sooner had he parked it, his car door was opened and the Black kid slipped into the seat beside him, seemingly very tense. He didn't look at Edward, just seemed content with staring out the window. Edward resisted raising an eyebrow at the mantra going on in Black's head. 'Don't look at him, and don't breathe through your nose' was going in Black's head, like a broken record.

Edward assumed that Black was avoiding breathing through his nose, to avoid Edward's scent. He probably worried that he didn't have enough self-control yet not to attack him were he to smell exactly what he was sitting next to. He sat there, waiting for the Werewolf to speak.

Black, on the other hand, seemed to be in no hurry. In fact, it was only after the bell rang, that he gave any inclination as to knowing that Edward was even there.

After the last students had gone into the school, he gave a slight twitch, as if he nearly turned to look at Edward, but thought better of it. "Start the car." Was all he said, keeping his gaze straight ahead.

Edward started up the car, backing out of his parking space. He drove to the parking lot exit, waiting for the Wolf to give him further instructions.

"Let's take this somewhere open. We'll go to Joe's" Black said, still not looking at him.

Edward took the road to the left, to the little café called Joe's. He parked the car, and they both stepped out. Edward got the door first, holding it open for Jacob, who walked through the doorway, still pretending he wasn't there. They went to the cubicle in the very far corner, furthest away from the other tables. One of the lights had bust right over it, throwing their seats slightly in the dark. Black picked up his menu, as if getting something to order, but after a minute put it back down and looked up at the Vampire sitting across from him.

"Aren't you going to order something?' Edward asked, both curious and wanting to break the silence. Black certainly wasn't going to.

"I'm not hungry." Black growled, looking annoyed, and a little… embarrassed? 'There's no way I'm telling the Bloodsucker that I don't have money.' Edward heard him think. Edward wondered if Black really thought he was stupid, or if he hadn't heard his stomach rumbling in the car. He definitely wasn't stupid enough to think that Black was going to accept him paying for his food, but he also knew that Werewolves had a very high metabolism, and therefore needed to eat a lot. If Black's stomach was grumbling, it would most likely mean that he hadn't eaten in a while, and though Edward didn't really like Werewolves, his was not so unmannered as to let Black starve.

As silence fell over the table again, and Edward was trying to find a way to persuade Black to eat and let him pay for it, one of the waitresses came over to take their order. It was Jane, the blonde and very busty waitress who was known for being easy, and even more so for favouring the younger boys around the age of fourteen and up to around seventeen. Thankfully, she didn't go any lower, fourteen was bad enough as it is for a girl who was twentyfour. She was wearing a white button-up shirt today, which was to tight, the buttons looked as if they were going to pop off any second, revealing the bright pink lacy bra she had underneath. Her tiny skirt barely covered her lower parts, and as she bent forward, revealing a large amount of bust to the two guys, it slipped dangerously far up. Edward heard Black mentally vomit in his head 'Not a chance in hell, slut. I wouldn't touch your STD ridden body with a five foot pole, even if I liked girls, AND hadn't found HIM yet.' Edward was shocked beyond belief. So the Black kid was gay. Well that was certainly… interesting. He wondered who this guy that the Werewolf had found was, and what significance it had to him not wanting someone else. Was it a crush, or had the werewolf already found his mate? Black couldn't be more than sixteen at the very most, though Edward suspected it was more likely to be fourteen or fifteen.

'Will you order already!' Came the edgy sounding thoughts of the Werewolf, surprising Edward out of his musings. He looked at the Wolf, only to discover that he was staring at his hands, looking very uncomfortable. Edward looked around, wondering what had made him so uncomfortable, when he realized that Jane was still there, giving the boy a quite predatory look. This angered the Vampire, who for some reason got very upset at the thought of Jane anywhere near the Wolf. 'Or anybody else for that matter' his traitorous mind whispered. He coughed, catching her attention, and did not miss her checking him out, resting for a long time on his groin. He did not like the glint in her eyes at all as she gave him what he assumed she thought was a seductive grin, subtly pressing her bust up, and bending slightly more forward.

Suddenly he got an idea, and before Black could react, he grabbed his hand and gave him a look 'just play along'. Turning back to the waitress who was looking at their ajoined hands, he finally spoke. "My boyfriend" he put a slight emphasis on boyfriend, though he doubted Jane noticed, though Black did, judging by his cheeks, "and I would like to order two of your biggest cheeseburgers, along with a double portion of fries, two large cokes, and one coffee. Thank you."

Black was looking down at their intertwined hands. 'If the others knew…'

Jane noted this down, giving a wink and bounced off, making her skirt flop up behind her. Edward saw none of this, however, for the second she had turned away, Black had ripped his hand back, and given him the most heated glare he could muster. Edward might actually have been ever so slightly upset, had he not been so amused.

"What the hell do you think you're doing! First off, I told you that I wasn't hungry, and what the hell was up with you grabbing my hand and calling me your boyfriend?!" Black hissed. He was so angry that he was almost shaking.

Edward looked at him, bending forward as if to whisper sweet nothings to him. "Listen, I saw that she was making you uncomfortable. Just play along. As for the food, well, if I'm gonna be a loving boyfriend, I can't let you starve. Anyway, if we don't eat something, we can't sit here."

Black opened his mouth, as if to say something, thought better of it, and closed his mouth again. It didn't really help, as Edward heard him think it instead. 'Don't kiss me', and a little more subdued 'I've never been kissed before, and I don't want my first time to be for show...'. Edward noticed the small blush that graced Black's cheeks, before he looked down at his hands. He hesitantly put his one hand on the table, reaching across for Edwards' again. Edward caught the russet coloured hand deftly in his own, stroking the back gently with his thumb. Jacob looked down at their intertwined hands.

Jane soon bounced back, placing two cokes in front of them. She glanced at Black, and the next thing Edward knew, the Werewolf had leant forward and placed a kiss on his cheek. Edward smirked at Black, giving him a wink, and licked his lips seductively. The effect was astounding; Black went bright red, and ducked his head, not looking up before Jane had left, looking as if she'd just chewed a lemon. Edward chuckled as he heard her thoughts.

Black, on the other hand, seemed rather awkward. He was refusing to meet the Vampire's eyes, and chose to play with a bit of loose string on his shirt hem. Edward found this quite endearing, and lent forward to once again catch the wandering hand. Black's receding blush came back full force as the Vampire's hand brushed his thigh accidentally whilst reaching for his hand.

Edward decided that he'd stop playing with the Wolf, and rather let him know that he knew why the Wolf was reacting so strongly. "Black, why were you so bothered by Jane?"

Black looked up at him. 'Shit! Has he guessed? He can't have!' "I just don't like sluts eying me like I'm a slab of meat."

Edward cocked his head to the side. Dared he? "Sluts? Or just girls in general?"

Black glared. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" 'shitshitshitshitshitshit!'

"I notice you didn't answer the question." Edward pointed out calmly.

"That's because it's none of your business, Leech." Black growled.

Edward didn't know what possessed him to do it, but the next thing he knew, he'd grabbed hold of Black and lifted him across the table. He pressed him up against the corner, and pressed himself against the Wolf. Before Black could so much as think of fighting him off, he'd grabbed both off the russet coloured wrists and pinned them above his head, before slipping his legs between the Werewolf's, and attacking his neck. Black struggled beneath him, but he kept nipping, licking and kissing the tasty neck, leaving a red hickey just below the shirt collar. He drew in the scent that Black was giving off, wondering why it had changed ever so slightly. Edward felt the younger teen struggle harder when he brought out his fangs and gently brushed them against the heated flesh. "Relax," he whispered into the Wolf's ear, "I'm not going to bite you." Black kept on struggling, panting hard, and a thought drifted into Edward's head; 'So GOOD! No, he has to stop now, or he'll feel how I'm reacting... but it feels so good...'

Edward brought his knee forward to rest between Black's, but when Black realized what he was about to do, he went wild, doing everything in his power to try to throw of the Vampire. Unfortunately, his squirms ended up making him slide on the seat, and straight on to pressing against Edward, who felt the arousal dig into his stomach. That's when Edward realized why his scent had changed; it became slightly more masculine when the Wolf was turned on! When Black felt his erection press against Edward, he slumped against the wall behind him, shutting his eyes so as not to see the Vampire's reaction.

Edward just looked down at the Wolf, who's eyes were still firmly closed. "Listen, Black, I you ever want to talk, I won't tell anybody-" He started, but Black's eyes snapped open, glowering up at the Vampire. "They already know, and have no problem with it. They will, however, not be so pleased with a mental image of a Bloodsucker molesting me!"He hissed, 'And that I enjoyed it.' his mind added. Edward would have said something, had he not heard that last part. Black pushed Edward off him and settling back in his original seat.

"Mental image?" Edward questioned, wondering if the Werewolves had powers similar to theirs.

Black looked up at him. 'We see each other's every thought when we change.' "None of your business, Leech!"

Well, that was interesting. Just then, Jane came with their burgers and Edward's coffee. She placed it down in front of them, winking at Edward. "If you want anything else, just call me." She said, running her eyes over Black's tense body, "and I do mean anything." She said in what was supposed to be a seductive voice, but judging by the fact that Black's scent was turning back to normal, he obviously didn't find it so.

As she bounced off, her thoughts floated back to Edward, making him feel slightly sick: 'Maybe they'll be up for a threesome…'

He looked over at the Werewolf, who's eyebrows were knitted together as he stared at his plate. 'How did the Bloodsucker figure it out? How come it's like he can read my mind?'

Edward debated for a second, before deciding to be honest. "Because I actually can."

"You can hear my thoughts?" Black didn't sound pleased. 'Shit, does he know?'

"Do I know what?"

"Nothing you need too, Bloodsucker!" Black growled, though Edward's lips twitched at the 'lalalalalalala' currently going through the Werewolf's head at an attempt to stop him from hearing.

"Well, if you're not going to tell me, at least eat the food. Take mine as well, as I'm not really hungry for it." Edward reasoned, indicating to the food.

"Bet you don't." The Werewolf shot at him, but dug into the food none the less.

"Well, my appetite is rather towards… other areas at the moment." Edward purred out, giving Black a seductive look. He mentally smirked at the reaction he received. Black turned tomato red in the face, and dropped his food. It landed neatly on his plate, but he was too busy staring at Edward to notice.

Suddenly, his mouth snapped shut and he glared at Edward. "So that's why you've broken the treaty! Found something else you wish to feed on?"

Edward, caught totally off by this, sat there shocked and at a loss for words. "What do you mean 'broken the treaty'? We've done no such thing, nor do we have a reason to!"

"Give it up, Bloodsucker, we smelled a vampire on one of our paroles, and you are the only ones around!"

"Well, at the time we found out that something was wrong, and that you wanted us dead, we were nowhere near Forks or La Push!"

Black sat back, looking flabbergasted, but that didn't stay for long. "Don't lie to me, Bloodsucker. We smelled a vampire, and you're the only one in the area. As far as we're concerned, the treaty is broken."

"Why, after all this time, would we suddenly decide to break the treaty?" Edward answered calmly.

"Because… Well, because you probably got sick of you "vegetarian" lifestyle!" Jacob growled, getting up and ever so slightly leaning over the table.

"I assure you, none of us have decided to change our ways. We have no interest in breaking the treaty."

Black sat down again, leaning back and studying the vampire. He picked up his burger. "Well, we smelled a vampire, and if it wasn't you, we have a problem on our hands. Tell you what; meet me back here tomorrow with something with each of your different scents. Can't we recognize them to the one earlier, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt."

"So be it. Tomorrow, same time, same place?" Edward said.

"You're paying." Black stated, looking up to find Jane watching them and, bending forward, gave Edward a kiss on his cheek. "See you tomorrow, Love." He said over his shoulder as he passed the waitress and walked out the door, burger in hand.

"Looking forward to tomorrow night, Love." Edward shot back, smirking knowingly as Black stumbled ever so slightly at his words.

He got out his wallet, threw some cash onto the table, and left.


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