Chemistry, my new favourite subject but that was only due to who I sat next to. Emmett and Jasper. I mean the one subject Edward wasn't with me I had his two older brothers to look after me. It was going to be so much fun.

We walked in to the lab together like three best friends would, chatting. We found a table for four at the back and settled down. Mr McKenna, the newest chemistry teacher walked in and looked around. "Today girls and boys we are going to start polymers, open your books to page 214 and copy down the date, title and objective please" he yelled over the chatter around him. We all did as he asked and then the class fell silent. The next thing I knew, a farting noise came from my table and I blushed. Everyone laughed. Vampires can't fart, therefore Emmett and Jasper would think it was me! "Emmett, Jazz that wasn't me, I swear" I whispered at them, but the two of them just giggled like girls. I gave them a confused look as the lesson continued, and then, again, the fart noise suddenly materialised. But this time I caught the two of them in the act, it was the two of them trying to embarrass me! I just looked away.

It carried on like that the entire lesson and the next lesson but on the third day I started moaning at them to stop it or I would tell Edward how horrible they were being, but they just continued on with tormenting me. By the end of that lesson I was no longer talking to them and giving the two of them evils at any opportunity. By the forth day it was just getting old. I decided to threaten them again but that didn't work so I just gave them puppy dog eyes and by the end they were weakening. "No more of your childish behaviour you two or I will tell on you!"

They actually listened to me! They stopped their idiotic jokes on me! At last! But now its time for revenge. The two most annoying vampires, and the best practical jokers in the world, how on earth was I going to pay them back?

I can't enlist the help Alice because she will tell Jasper who will tell Emmett. If I tell Edward, Alice will find out and tell Jasper who will tell Emmett. So I can't get any help from vampires, I'm gonna have to go it alone with this one!