WARNING: This story will contain sexual content and child abuse. Specifically Harry will be punished by Snape. Harry will also be raped by Sirius. Plus it will be done in a slightly humorous and even mocking way along with some affection and comfort, which might be, strange to you. Another thing you must know is that this is meant to be a crack fic without a lot of plot. Furthermore the characters of Harry, Sirius, Snape, Lupin, etc. are largely not in character. However the characters mannerisms and styles of expression in dialogue are still evident throughout and this does take place factually in an alternate universe where Sirius doesn't die. If this is not your thing then don't read. It's not like I haven't warned you enough. So I'd thank you not to leave a review complaining about it all especially as I've given you ample heads up here!

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Chapter Three: A Comforting Lesson

After seventeen lashings, Harry's heated buttock cheeks were throbbing awfully, and hot tears were falling down his facial cheeks, endlessly. He wiped them away with his bare forearm, hoping his godfather wouldn't see.

There was a breaking silence, the whip no longer cracking down. Harry waited like a scared animal for what was next. Unseen by Harry in the dark, Sirius set the punishment whip down, and transfigured it back into a handsome leather belt, with gleaming silver studs. Then Sirius set it down next to the night table.

Placatingly, Sirius offered, "I'm going to give you another lesson, Harry…. Raise yourself up on your hands and knees…"

"What are you going to d-do, Sirius?" Harry asked nervously, unable to see inside the dark bedroom.

"Just some sex. Anal sex, Harry. Ever heard of it before? You'll love it."

Harry hesitated, and he heard the tinkle of the belt, as Sirius moved for it as a warning. Not wanting another whipping, Harry instinctively complied. His tortured bottom now raised like a hyena's, all four limbs supporting his weight.

"That's a good boy…" Sirius whispered kindly into his ear.

His robes still exposed, Sirius climbed onto the high four-poster bed, and brushed himself against his godchild's backside. Harry felt the cool whoosh of robes, but then a second later, he felt a much more powerful whoosh, as something huge came into contact with the opening between his buttocks that were stretched wide.

"Ouch!" he pierced, and then bravely Harry restrained himself from screaming further, despite the enormous pain, Harry conjured his incredible endurance.

Sirius chuckled lightly in response. Not only was there this pain, but Harry could feel the marks on his bottom stretching, and smarting until there trickled little dots of blood, dropping like rain onto the thin gray blankets.

Sirius moaned something incoherent as he was about to orgasm. Harry felt his buttocks fill up with Sirius's ejaculation, being unloaded into his asshole. Then it poured out of his anus, onto the smarting marks on his bottom.

If possible, he felt Sirius's cold member, push even further into Harry. To gain balance, before Harry would topple over, Sirius grabbed a fistful of the boy's raven-black hair. His head held down, crammed into the blankets, Harry sniffled loudly, still crying, smelling the mustiness of his crappy blankets. Sirius continued to bang his anus, rhythmically, whilst rubbing his scalp, comfortingly, until Harry felt his spectacles slide off, and Sirius moaning, "Ahh…feels good…" as he had reached orgasm.

And then he felt the erection building between his spread thighs. Harry's hands went for his own penis, and he clung to it desperately, moaning. It was all too much for him. He collapsed, with heaving sobs, spread-eagled on the bed.

Sirius had already pulled himself out of the penetration. Hearing Harry's sobs, he picked Harry up, and actually gathered the boy in his arms, as Sirius sat himself on the bed.

Harry was now curled in a ball; sitting perched on Sirius lap, crying into Sirius's chest hair and robes. Sirius held him, comforting him and rocking him. It was as if Harry was a small child, who had just been corrected, and in a way he was a child who was not sitting well with the punishments he had received before.

For a moment, of peace, Sirius held Harry against him. Stroking everywhere, from Harry's hair, to his back, to his bottom. Finally, once Sirius had started stroking the boy's bottom, he felt the jagged marks across it.

Sirius, without warning, turned Harry over, laying him on his lap. Harry's arms and legs were splayed across the bed. Harry hiccuped and moaned miserably, as he was now in the position Snape had placed him in before when he had received a spanking. Yet now, he was placed over Sirius's knee and he feared it would be just for that.

"I'm not going to spank you, Harry…" Sirius said with true pity and heartbreak inflected in every word.

Sirius rummaged in his robes, and took out small crock, and Harry heard him opening something.

Suddenly he felt a cool tingle wash over his skin where he had been whipped with the transfigured belt before.

Sirius continued to smooth, a yellow, creamy liquid, all over Harry's rump, patiently. As if he was frosting a cake, he continued applying the cream, massaging it in gently.

Harry moaned pleasurably, as the murtlap was really taking out the stinging, glowing, burning soreness of his whipping.

Once it was over, Harry said with renewed energy, no longer crying, "Thanks, Sirius! That stuff feels good!"

"Doesn't it?…Essence of Murtlap…I know something that will feel even better though…"

Sirius raised his wand and on the night table, next to his belt, the lamp was lit.

Harry rubbed his green eyes, which he knew must appear red and puffy. Sirius noticed it anyway, and handed Harry his glasses left on the bed.

The boy, put them on his nose, awkwardly, feeling quite abashed. He had not been able to see his godfather's face in the dark, but now he saw it in the lamplight looking positively merry and perfectly happy.

Harry leaned back on his elbows, against the pillows and said lightly, "Now what?"

"This…" Sirius answered, and he grinned widely, as his fingers poked towards Harry's cock, tweaking and tugging it teasingly.

"Yeah, I know…It has an erection…" Harry mumbled.

"I've noticed…How about I suck it?"

Harry nodded fervently, unconsciously licking his lips at the appetizing thought.

Sirius was suddenly lying down in front of Harry, and closing his mouth around his blood-red cock.

After a minute of slurping as his godfather looked up to watch Harry's innocent smiles, he was done.

Sirius released his mouth, now drooling with delight, from feasting on Harry's warm member.

"Time for bed, Harry…"

Sirius retrieved Harry's clothing from across the room, still hanging over the dresser where Harry had placed them before, when he was waiting for Sirius to come in before.

Like Harry was only a toddler or a baby, Sirius put Harry's pants pajamas on him, and then buttoned the shirt on him as well. Harry complacently allowed his godfather to dress him.

"Get under the covers, and I'll give you one more bedtime lesson."

Harry complied and Sirius knelt on top of him, smoothing the cover down, lovingly tucking the boy in.

Sirius pushed his robes further, his cock right in front of Harry's face, temptingly.

"Suck…Return the favor back to me, Harry. Now."

Harry did so, listening to his godfather's instructions and encouragement all the way.

Finally Sirius retreated off the bed, and stood there. He picked up the belt from the night table, and wrapped it around his waist tightly, putting the clasp through the hole.

Harry eyed the gleaming silver, handsome leather belt nervously. It would now be a symbol of punishment and also sex for him.

Sirius caught Harry's nervous glance at it, and commented with the reminder, "If you do something…naughty again. I'll have to whip you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sirius," Harry said gravely, but also with deep reverence.

Sirius, turned off the light, and was turning to leave, when he felt small hands enclosing his waist, over the belt of his robes, hugging him.

Sirius laughed like a bark and knelt down, and felt Harry plant a kiss on his cheek. Sirius returned, kissing Harry on the forehead.

"I love you, Sirius!" Harry cried joyfully.

Sirius's footsteps sounded over the floorboards, as he left, answering in a choking voice, "I love you, Harry…You're still a little boy, only fifteen…My little boy now."

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