"Edward…I miss you."

"Bella, love I miss you too but please try to make it up the aisle without fainting. You need to get to sleep. I'm pretty sure that you actually need to say I do, coherently for the marriage to be legal," Edward tried to sound stern but as I tried to see past the velvet drapes of his voice I could imagine his ochre eyes burning as he mentioned the marriage terms.

"Do you want to go now?" I asked in a small voice. I pulled the bedcovers up to my chin and tried to imagine Edward's silhouette against the moon through my bedroom window. It would be perfect because it meant he was home and he was here.

"Of course not love but I-"


"Edward?" I whispered panicky. "Edward?" Who cared if Charlie heard me when my fiancé was…? I gulped "Edward? Are you there?"

An evil, rather sardonic laugh echoed down the phone.

"Edward's not available at the minute but if you would like to leave a message I'm sure his will-" More laughter came rushing out of the end of the phone accompanied by an annoyed growl.

"Emmett, if you don't give the phone back to Edward, right now..." I trailed off threateningly. This voice normally worked on Alice but it was lost on Emmett.

"What Bella? You'll…what? What can you do? Tickle my elbow?" I bit my lip and tried to think of a comeback.

"If you annoy my wife any longer Emmett I swear Rosalie will find out about her BMW," Edward's voice came, harsher this time and I giggled softly. Rosalie was so protective of her cherry red car that I'm sure she wouldn't want to find out what Emmett had subjected her car to. Then I stopped laughing and blushed so deeply that I was sure that the pillow should have caught on fire.

Wife. He called me his wife. I didn't object; he was more my husband than fiancé now as the wedding was hours away but what surprised me was not my objection to the statement but rather the…lack of it. It was so right, it fitted exactly and I didn't feel the need to deny it. My breathing raced as I thought of tomorrow and for once I felt excitement not mindless annoyance.

There was a growl and a muted ripping sound from the other end of the phone and suddenly Jasper's voice came on the phone.

"I'm sorry, Bella but Edward and Emmett are-" A playful snarl travelled down the phone. "…fighting, to put it politely. What Emmett was trying to say before was that Edward needs to hunt before tomorrow. Especially before the, ahem, honeymoon."

I coloured slightly. "Okay, Jasper. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good night Bella. Oh and I think if Edward could believe he would say something along the lines of 'see you tomorrow too, I miss you, I love you.'"

I smiled broadly. "Thanks Jasper."

"No problem…sis."

I hung up and snuggled down underneath my warm quilt. Tomorrow would be my wedding day. Tomorrow would be the day I was permanently attached to my soul mate forever. Tomorrow would probably be embarrassing but I couldn't wait. Tomorrow was associated with something else as well but I could not remember what it was…

I tried to get to sleep as I stifled a yawn. Rubbing my eyes blearily I hunted around on my bedside table until I found my portable CD player. I stuffed the earphones in and pressed play. There. Now it was perfect.

I finally drifted off to the opening chords of my lullaby.


"Bella! Bella! Bella!" The voice cut through the music still flowing though my earphones -Edward's compositions- and I shot upright, the earphones tearing out and the player clattering to the floor.

Alice pouted at me. Ah. That was what I couldn't remember last night. Today was Torture-Bella-By-Alice-Day. Whoopee.

"Beellla," whimpered Alice. "You've got bags underneath your eyes. I knew you would talk to Edward but really, think of me! I have to have something good to work with other wise the picture won't work. And..." She fingered a lock of my tangled hair. "Your hair! It's…tangled." Shock suffused her voice.

"Alice you're going to wash it anyway." I sighed as I swung my legs out of bed.

She sulked theatrically. I sighed.

"All right, all right, I'm coming…."

"Love you Bella!" she threw her arms around me.

"Humph," I grumbled as she steered me downstairs.

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