Puppet's Treasure

Chapter 1

The cloaked stranger seemed to wade, with every step they took. No body suitable enough for it to harvest their own soul- but they now lived on borrowed time. They came across a battle field, and quickly took shelter behind a rock, as they peeked out from behind it. A pink-haired girl helped up an old woman, by putting the old woman'sarm around her own shoulders, and vanishing. 'A ninja, eh? Hm...she's pretty cute too-' They thought, huffing, still trying to catch their breath. 'No time! Look at all the puppets here! Find a suitable body and...THAT one! Over there! Oh my god- it REEKS!' The stranger thought in disgust, covering their nose, as they stood over the dead body of a red-headed was coated in excitement and pleasure- emotions that the stranger wasn't too fond of. They shook it off, bending down and flipping the body over. 'Centeral living core has been destroyed- perfect.' They removed the blades from the heart of the puppet-like body, taking it out, closing their eyes. Their hands glowed, as they revived the heart- healed it- put the last of their life force into healing it back to its old self. It was done, and the stranger fell to the ground, dead, as the heart crawled to another puppet body. As it did, the stranger looked up, happy. They had brought back a monster.

"What is your name?" said the dying strasnger.


"Lucifer blessed, you are, the devil be with you..." were the last words the stanger spoke, before their body crumbled to dust, and scattered on the winds. Sasori scoffed, a hand on his hip.

"So many things to do- where to start?" Sasori pondered aloud, smirking. "The girl- that pink-haired one- I'll find her first." He said, before vanishing into thin air.

( Konoha )

Sakura walked in her room, a towel the only thing keeping her body from true view. She shut her window- shut out the world entirely. She was home- her own little world. The Demon of sleep, sat on her bed, arms out streched. Their mouth shaped the three words that took her to her own world- 'Come to me'. Sakura always stalled- thought about it. She almost let her towel fall- almost gave in to sleep- but then the demon spoke again.

"Come to me, Angel."

She knew this voice- so familiar, but unfamiliar, but the demon called out to her still. Begging- pleading- that she come into the safety of its arms. The safety of the lullabies it sang to her to guide her to sleep. It knew she was tired- that she wanted this.

"Come to me, Angel- Come sleep on me. I'm waiting. What shall I sing for you tonight? Please, Angel- come to me."

Sakura felt so tired. She gave up, walking over to the demon, and falling into its arms. The Demon hugged her, smiling that devious smile.

"Poor Angel- so tired- so sleepy. Come- I sing to you, yes?" The demon opened its mouth, high notes smoothly rolling out of its throat- they were relaxing- calming. Sakura closed her eyes, letting the monster slip her night gown over her head, removing her towel, throwing it to the abyss of the laundry basket.

"So pretty..." Sakura looked up, dazed, to see a blurry Sasori. He pulled her closer, smirking slightly, as she struggled weakly against him. She whimpered, making him frown. "What's wrong? You don't like my sleeping Jutsu? I 'Borrowed' the scroll for it from Kabuto-" She saw feathers, floating from the ceiling- dancing gracefully on the edges of her vision. She whimpered softly, her eye lids feeling heavy, as she struggled to stay awake. Sasori shifted her in his arms, cradeling her affectionetly, lowering her head to where it was several inches above hers.

(Author:-Is enacting all of this and struggling to stay awake herself- I-Im awake and- zzzzzzz)

"Mons...ter.." She whispered, making him smirk. He pressed his lips to hers, giving her a soft and tender kiss, as she drifted into subconsiousness.

"I'll take you to Paradise, Sakura."


"Yes." She looked at him, smiling sleepily, muttering something, before sleep finally got a hold on her. Sasori closed his eyes, sitting there for a moment, before standing up and disappearing into the night.

A/N: I was falling asleep during th creation of this o Anyways, its another SasoSaku people! You'll like this one- Sakura's gonna be a maid- I freaking love maid outfits! ...(Audiance: goes silent as Alex holds a maid outfit against her slender frame, she shrugs and tosses it away) Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?