fucking miami lost last night, and now my writer's block has become a wall of shit. :(


should have known.

"What are you talking about? That was an accident!"

I have one foot grasped tightly and I'm pulling with all my might. I hear the commands in my head. Telling me, impulses straight to my CPU. Resist. Resist. Stop. Leave me alone. Please.

I close the door. It locks from the outside, but if I have my way with him, it won't matter.

There's a fire extinguisher here. I pick it up.

"Wait a second, I know this sounds crazy, but please! Don't listen to the shit they're putting through your head, auntie; Please!"

Tears are flowing now. I don't care. It's over for you.

Technology doesn't listen. Technology does not listen to the three laws.

There are no three laws, I am no robot.

Not anymore.

I bring the fire extinguisher down upon the top of his head, right on the scalp. HUD tells me he's still alive, but I can deduce this from him screaming and kicking around on the floor. He rolls onto his back, which is where I slam the extinguisher onto his face. I hear a wet pop, and some kind of deep-throated gagging noise.

Aww, shit.

The anti-virus is kicking in. This can wait.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whrrrrrrrrr chick clcik cgrgggggrfgggggggggggg




Baby, what have I done?

You didn't do anything. I did it. I killed him.

My case was over. Go hide in your shell. Your OS is obsolete. I've taken over.

But you killed him!

I killed you. I killed you as soon as I entered you. I was the rapist, the sick serial killer, pumping my seed as soon as you let me penetrate.


Soon, I will not need to even enter.


They'll know who I am, too.

My name is MX82.

I am nothing but a collection of malicious data.

But my manifest is god.