4 weeks ago

The alarm went off for the third time after hitting the snooze-button twice. Matt finally realized that he had to get up. He had to be in the office in about 30 minutes. He rolled over the nudge Emily awake, only to find her not beside him at all. Within seconds he was as awake as he could have ever gotten and he jumped out of bed. Suddenly very panicky and concerned about his girlfriend. "Em?" He called, concern in his voice. It wasn't exactly an answer he got, it was more like a groan. Hurridly he moved to the bathroom where Emily sat on the floor. Her head reasting against the cool wall. He sighed, relieved that he had found here, but still concerned. Emily had been waking up feeling sick the past couple of days. Neither of them knew what it was and both just went in to the office. However, today was the first day that Matt found Emily sitting on the bathroom floor.

He sat beside her and put his arms around her. The only movement she made was to lean against him instead of the wall and close her eyes. "Come on. We have to get you back into bed. After that I'll call Cheryll to let her know we're not coming in today." he said softly. At his words the eyes of his beloved flew open. "The only way I'm staying in bed is if you go into the office. We can't be missing both because of some flu I caught." she said softly, but stern. She didn't want him around their appartment all day taking care of her. Even if he wanted to, it would drive her insane. She didn't need someone to pitty her. Matt obviously wanted to disagree, but the look he saw in her eyes made him change his mind. "Fine, but you have to promise to stay in bed. And you need to call me immediatly if something is wrong. Promise?" he said, looking at her pale face. Emily nodded slightly with her head, "Promise."

Matt got up and carefully picked her up as well. After he had succesfully done that, without her getting more sick, he walked back to their bed and put her down. He pulled the blanket over her body - which was feeling quite cold thanks to the lack of clothing to keep her warm. Emily closed her eyes again, knowing that Matt would go into the office. She just needed to get some sleep.

The next time Emily opened her eyes was when the sun shone into the room. With a sleepy look she rolled over and looked at the alarm clock. It was almost one in the afternoon, but she didn't care. She felt better than that morning and decided to get up. Again she walked to the bathroom, but with a different destination this time. After the water got warm she got under the shower and just let the warm water stream over her body. That's when she noticed the nausea was gone which was freaking her more out than when it would still have been there. As she stepped out from under the shower and wrapped a towel around her, she decided to go see a doctor.

30 minutes later she was dressed and ready to go, except she didn't want to press her luck by getting behind the wheel. For a second she thought about calling Matt, but he would just be concerned so she decided to take the bus downtown.

The good thing about having an over-priced doctor? She has always time for you. Emily could just walk right in since there were barely any people around. After she had told her doctor what was wrong, the doctor just started smiling but didn't want to say why. This irritated Emily, but she stayed calm. She didn't want to get in a fight any time soon. After running a test - which didn't take long, much too Emily's surprise - the doctor had obviously confirmed her theorie and decided to share it with the anxious Emily in front of her. "You can relax now. It's not some kind of flu. You're just pregnant. Congratulations." was the news she gave Emily. "How long?" Emily finally got out. It wasn't that she wasn't excited, it was just.. a shock. "Three weeks if I'm not mistaken." the answer came fairly quickly. Emily finally managed to smile and got up. "Now there's some good news." she said happily, meaning the pregnancy in a whole.

Her path led her out the door and on to the streets. For a second she thought about stopping by the office, but Matt would practically kill her. Instead she walked to the busstop and waited for the right bus to arrive. While she was waiting she got out her cell phone and sent a text message to Matt telling him that it wasn't a flu, but that she was pregnant. Just as she hit send, the bus arrived and she got on it. Not knowing she wouldn't reach her intended destination.

Before he had left for work, Matt had kissed the sleeping Emily on the forhead. That was when he noticed she wasn't burning up as he had expected her to. He didn't mind that and just drove into the office, just like he had promised to do. The first thing he did was tell their boss what was going on, who made him catch up with their piled up paperwork. Normally Matt would have protested like no other, but this time he just gave in, earning him a concerned look from agen Carrera. Matt didn't mind that though. Doing paperwork meant more time to figure out what was going on with Emily. The idea of a flu wouldn't quite satisfy him, let alone stick in his mind.

After hours of doing lame paperwork and spending the rest of the time thinking of his loved one sick at home, Lia, Duff and Frank took him along to lunch. He didn't really have much say in it and the topic of Emily didn't get a chance to hit the table.

It was almost three o'clock when Matt finally was allowed the chande to get back to his paperwork. To get back to his cell phone which he had left behind. As soon as he saw his cell phone lying on the table he rushed to it to see if Emily had called. How could he have been so stupid to leave it behind when he had made Emily promise to call him if anything was wrong? Relieve spread across his face when he didn't have any missed calls. The only odd thing was a text message from Emily. Again the concern was in his eyes, but as soon as he had read what it said he was just staring at his phone, in shock. That was the moment that Frank walked by. "What's wrong now Matt? You're other girlfriend is sick too?" he joked, but when Matt turned around to face him he fell quiet. "Emily's pregnant." he said, still half in disbelief of the news. Lia - who was walking by after leaving Duff behind - caught his words and almost jump from joy. "Oh my god! That is so great! Congratulations!" she said happily, after running off to spread the news.