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Part Two

*Year Four*

"Gryffindor!" The hat shouted.

"Of course their false savior would be put in Gryffindor," Harry spat, his eyes turning red.

"Remember what I told you, master." Rashika said.

Harry closed his eyes. "I know, I need to control my emotions." They were back to their familiar green. "But it was because of my dear brother, that I was sent to Azkaban."

"Shadow master?" A shade whispered. "It was not him completely. The headmaster had put you there as well, he convinced their Minister to put you there."

Harry's eyes turned black. "I will kill you Dumbledore." Harry almost left the shadows to do so, if not for Rashika holding him back. "Let. Me. Go." Harry growled.

Rashika stared at him with black eyes. "You should wait," Harry opened his mouth to say something. "No, listen. Dumbledore is one of the strongest wizards of this time. He could easily throw you down. No, it is better to wait until the time is right, and bring down his forces from the inside out."

Harry black gaze landed on the headmaster. Oh, how he wanted to tear him limb from limb, but his shadow leader was right, he had to wait. However, it didn't mean he had to like it.

*Time Skip*

"I need some puppets," He said, he was back in his cell in Azkaban; the guards would be coming soon.

"Who do you have in mind?" She asked

"No one in particular." Harry said. "But someone who is close to Dumbledore."

"I will find someone." Rashika said.

"Two. I want a pair."

"Of course. I will find the perfect pair." She had shadow faded from the room.

The guard was coming loudly down the hall, Harry sat in a corner watching, it was unusual. They usually never made a sound; they liked to sneak up on you. The guard came up to Harry's cell.

Green met blue. "Harry?" The guard asked in almost a whisper. It wasn't a guard. It was Sirius Black.

"Sirius?" Harry asked in disbelief. "How? Why?"

"I don't have much time, cub. But I needed to see you, I needed to know you weren't... like the others."

"You need to leave!" Harry whispered. "If the guards find you-"

A red light shot past him. "Run!" Harry said.

Before he could even get four feet, a red light hit him, making him pass out. The guards came up and used Levicorpus on him. "It'll be the demen'or's kiss for 'im won' i'?" The right guard asked.

"Yeah, he wasn't supposed to visit the brat, Dumbledore's orders." Said the guard Harry was too familiar with. "If he did, he's supposed to be given the kiss."

Harry's face drained. "Please, not him." Harry begged, he didn't want to see his godfather suffer like that. "Not Sirius."

The guard grinned evilly. "Maybe now you'll scream." They proceeded to take his body away.

Harry ran up to the bars. "Please! Not him! Please!" Harry's eyes turned the brightest blue with flecks of white. "Please! Anyone else but him!" He had to do something; he could easily shadow fade, get him, and take him to his castle.

He almost did, but Rashika appeared and stopped him. "You can't."

"Let me go! I have to save him!" Harry hissed.

"It will ruin everything. They will find out and you will never be able to get your revenge on Dumbledore."

"I DON'T CARE!" Harry yelled. "He was the only one who didn't like Justin more than me!"

Rashika had smacked him with her paw. "Listen Harry, if you go after him, they will know, Dumbledore will know you are not who you seem to be. He will keep you in a prison of light. Everything will fall apart if you try to save him. You. Will. Lose. Everything."

Harry fell to his knees and sobbed. It was his fault, his fault that Sirius will suffer a fate worse than death. Harry made a decision. He turned his head to Rashika and spoke only two words. "Kill him."

She nodded in understanding and disappeared from view. Harry crawled back to his corner and cried silently.

With one quick swipe of a claw, Sirius Black had avoided a fate worse then death.

Harry had attended the funeral they had for his godfather. In the shadows of course, away from view. His family had came and cried, with the exception of his brother who looked bored. Remus looked the worse out of them all. He had been the first to arrive and the last to leave. When Harry made sure everyone was gone, he came out of the shadows and laid a single black rose in front of the tombstone.

"I'm so sorry Sirius." Harry spoke. "It was because of me you died."

A cocoon of shadows wrapped around Harry as he cried out in sadness.

"My little child, why do you weep so?" Someone in front of him asked.

He flinched. Fearing the worst, he looked up. It was a woman with long white hair and a white tattered dress. "Are, are you an angel?"

She smiled at him, even though her bleeding eyes looked sad. "Not exactly. Tell me, my child, why do you cry?"

"They killed my godfather, because of me he d-" Harry started to cry again.

"Don't cry," She pulled him close. "Please don't cry."

"But it hurts, it hurts so much. I just want the pain to end."

She looked down at him sadly. "I can grant your wish," Harry looked up. "But, it will come at a great price."

"What?" He asked.

"Your humanity," she responded.

"I won't be human?"

"In a sense. You will lose most of your emotions. Your sadness, your remorse, even your compassion will leave you. Do you still wish it?"

Harry looked into her saddened eyes, "Please, make the pain go away."

"It can never be returned, you will be stuck like this forever, even in death." Harry just said 'please,' over and over again.

"As you wish." She put her lips to his forehead and held them there. She lifted up her hand. The flesh dissolved, leaving nothing but the bone behind. She reached her hand into Harry; her tears of blood multiplied as she took his pain for her own, and took out his heart. Her lips finally left Harry's forehead. She took the heart in her hand and put it in herself. The lady in white disappeared, taking Harry's pain with her.

The cocoon went away when Rashika appeared. "I've found the perfect pair, but they have a son."

Harry's green eyes found hers. "I no longer care. Bring me to them."

The pair she had found was Frank and Alice Longbottom. They were perfect. Harry quickly stunned them with the wand he had taken from the first man he had killed. He then shadow faded with the bodies.

It had taken a while, especially with Alice, but he had done it, he had created his puppets. Though they were disconfigured beyond recognition, he thought it had turned out well. They couldn't talk, but could understand orders. They were messy, but good at what they were made for. The best part, Harry had thought, they had no memory of their past, or the son they had left behind.

He had given them their own rooms in the castle; it was located in the dungeons. Harry had given it to them because they would often bring home people they wanted to torture. Even though he did like the color, he had no desire to have his castle covered in blood.

*Time Skip*

Harry had gone to the apothecary to restock his potion supplies, at least the more common ones. Harry almost had the desire to laugh pathetically at their ingredients. If he had the patients, he would have found them himself. However, he had more important things to do. Hence, why he was at the apothecary.

"Do you have nothing in this store of yours?" Someone at the counter sneered.

"Finally, someone with taste," Harry smirked, but it was hidden beneath his hood. "The store is... lacking, in quality ingredients."

"Indeed." The man had agreed.

"Which ingredients are you looking for?" Harry asked.

The man narrowed his ebony eyes at him. "Why do you ask?"

If possible Harry's smirk grew larger, though it was unseen by the man. "I may have what you're looking for." He went to the counter and paid for the things he got. He then walked out the door, with his smirk still on his face, he got about five feet when the man came out.

"You may have what I'm looking for?" He asked.

Harry turned half back and slightly nodded. He slowed his pace down and let him catch up. "What's your name?"

"Severus Snape," the man replied.

"Shadow," Harry said, while slightly tilting his head in greeting. "The ingredients are at my... manor." He was already altering the wards to allow portkeys. He took out his wand and said "Portus," making a portkey out of a piece of parchment he had. Snape grabbed on. In three seconds, they disappeared.

They reappeared in the room before the ingredients; Harry didn't want this man to see parts of his castle. "Follow me." He opened the door in front of him and led him to a storeroom. "Which one are you looking for?"

If Snape wasn't a Slytherin, his mouth would have been open. He had never seen so many ingredients before; his own store didn't have as many as Shadow had. The possibilities! Dragon's tongue, the skin, the blood, even the eyes, Unicorn blood, willingly given, forcefully taken, basilisk skin... He carefully picked up a black phial.

"That," Harry, or rather Shadow, began, "is the blood of a shade, willingly given."

Snape jerked his head toward him. "Shade? That's impossible..." He looked at the phial again in new light. "You have to be a shadow master to get this."

Shadow changed the subject. "Was there a particular item you seek? Or are you here to stare at my collection?"

He contained a scowl. "I'm in need of griffin feathers, phoenix blood forcefully taken, and troll skin."

Shadow tilted his head slightly. "Rare items you seek, expensive too, and by the way you're looking at the others, you will take more." Shadow walked up to him. "I will let you take what you want, at a price of course, I expect for you to pay me back eventually."

He watched as Snape glanced at the jars around him. Shadow knew it was a chance too good for him to pass up. Finally, he nodded. He started to look around the room better.

*Year Five*

"Are you sure about this master?" Rashika asked. Her eyes were on the people Harry planned to kill.

"Would I be here if I wasn't?" Harry replied. "These people are one of Dumbledore's loyal supporters, you said it yourself, we have to bring him down. What better way than to take down the supporters? Besides Dumbledore himself." He smirked. "And, this is the coming out of Shadow. Who would fear me if I'm not even known?"

She nodded. "If your Shadow, then why are you also Shade?"

"Lords or whatever can't be seen doing servant's work, hence, Shade, and People would fear Shadow more if they think he has powerful supporters like Shade." His black eyes found Rashika's. "I assume you know what to do?" She nodded. "Good." He shadow faded into the house.

A New Dark Lord?

This morning, the bodies of family were found dead in their house when the father failed to show up for work. It was first thought to be the work of rogue Death Eaters, but then a message was found written in the victim's blood.

"Those in the light, will fall to those in the shadows" Along with a cat prancing around the deceased. When aurors tried to capture it, it had vanished. Is this a new Dark Lord trying to out do He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? This reporter hopes not, for the sake of us all.

Rita Skeeter

Harry, posing as Shadow, had shadow-faded to Snape's house. "Hello Severus."

He had stiffened, but quickly let his mask slip into place. "Shadow," he said with a slight tilt of his head. "I suspect you have been behind all these attacks?" He asked, slight venom present in his voice.

Shadow's eyes narrowed. "Since when was it your place to question me? Or have you forgotten whose debt you're in?"

"You're lucky I haven't-"

Shadow lashed out at him, cutting his arm open. Snape made nothing more than a hiss. "You're lucky I haven't disposed of you yet." The shadows around Snape began to engulf him, only stopping when they restricted his movement. "You mean nothing to me Severus. Did you think, for one second, that I wouldn't harm you? Just because of some brief meeting we had two years ago? Or did you truly think that you contained an ounce of power that I possess?" Shadow was right against his face. His eyes shining red in anger.

"My Lord?" Snape mange to gasp out, the shadows was tight against his neck.

He let out a mocking laugh. "No, I am not your 'Lord'. Do you think of me as that fool?"

"What do you want with me then?" Snape said, the darkness lessened.

"Nothing at the moment, just checking up on an acquaintance. You still have a few years left to repay your debt. Though, I may change what I want, I'm still deciding on it, when I know, I'll send Shade to you."

"Shade?" he asked.

"One of my servants." Shadow said simply, "He will be wearing a unique mask, one with a black cat on the left side." He stepped away from him and shadow-faded from the room.

*Year Six*

"That can't be all you have to teach me!" Harry complained to Akara.

"I'm afraid it is so, shadow master. You have learned everything I have known, it is up to you know to execute it in life. This is farewell, my student." She said.

"What?" Harry asked.

"I've taught you everything, I am no longer any use to you. This room will shut itself closed once more, until another like yourself comes along." Her eyes grew sympathetic, "Good bye Harry."

Harry was thrown out of the room by a strong gust of wind, when he looked back at the door, it had already vanished.

*Year Seven*

"He's figured it out, master." Rashika said. "He knows his mistake, as we speak, he's going to the Minister to free you from this prison."

"It's finally happened then, he's coming to free his 'true savior' what does he expect?" Harry asked.

"The guards reported that you're a broken boy, they refused to admit that they've never made you scream. Dumbledore is expecting a boy who will be eternally grateful for saving him, in other words, a puppet."

Harry laid back against the wall. "How long until he comes?"

"I will go watch him, I will come back with news." Rashika shadow-faded away.

"I will be leaving soon Rabastan. When I leave, I will have Rashika take you to my castle. Wait for me there. Understand?" Harry asked.

Rabastan had grown to see Harry as his master, though he would never admit it, he held fear for the child before him. "Of course," he answered.

Harry smiled, soon, he will be free.

And then, they will pay.

End of Part Two

Continued in Harry Potter and the Imprisonment