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            Somewhere on the world known as Earth, more specifically in the country known as Japan and even more specifically in the well house of the Higurashi Shrine, an interesting scene was being played out.

            A petite girl, with curly brown hair and a pink taffeta dress was hugging and smothering a cup of instant Ramen soup. "Jean Luc!" she squealed in her high pitched voice and snuggled Jean Luc closer, treasuring him for his prawn flavored goodness and long lasting storage capacity. This turned out to be a bad idea, since Jean Luc, unable to withstand the outpouring of love, and the iron grip around the outside of his container, burst forth with his own outpouring. Of noodles and various other spices to be precise.

            A wail was heard from the little girl, as the contents of Jean Luc liberally sprinkled the bottom of the well. "Jean Luuuucc! I'll save you Jean Luc!" She launched herself into the air, bypassing the stairs entirely, and accidentally bypassing the ground as well.

            Ten minutes later a cautious head poked into the well. "Azusa? Are you done in there? We really need to get to that competition…" Mikado saw that the shrine was empty and shook his head. She had probably seen something cute and run after it. He pitied the poor fools who had to deal with her, and went to go pick up girls at the rink.


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