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Chapter 1: Watch Out world, here I come

"I'm so sorry Ms. Swan, but it seems as if you have a form of deadly cancer. It's too late. And there doesn't seem to be a way to…to save you. You have approximately… 6 months to live. I'm sorry. I'll give you a minute alone." The doctor said before leaving.

My mom burst into tears. I just sat there, stunned. I was…I was…dying? Truly dying? At the young, fruitful age of 16? I couldn't cry. I wanted to. I wanted to cry for my loss. My loss of my life.

But all I could feel was anger. Not at the doctor. He was just doing his job. But at myself. I was always so restrained. 'I can't go. I'm sorry I have homework.' Or 'no thanks, I'll just sit here and watch you make a fool of yourself and have fun because I'm too scared.'

I was disappointed with my life. I needed to make it better. But could I? I had 6 months to live. 6. That was…180 days. Half a year.

I wanted to be crazy. I wanted to have fun. I wanted to go sky diving, ride a motorcycle, and do something else life threatening. Not like it mattered. I was dying. I was going to die.

My mom just stared at me, crying, with her gloved hand over her mouth. Yea, we were rich. So we could afford to move. We could afford to buy me a motorcycle. And we could afford to find something life threatening.

My mom continued to cry, her hand over her mouth, shaking her head and apologizing. Why was she apologizing? It wasn't like it was her fault.

"Mom. Mom. Renee. It's fine. I'll live." Hold that. No I won't. "Okay, fine. I won't. But I want to make these next 6 months the best of my life."

I wasn't even tearing up. How pathetic. Well, it was actually pathetic that I came here for a simple fall. I was captain of my soccer team and slipped on the wet grass. Oops. But my mom, being mom, rushed me to the hospital.

"Mom. When I'm seconds from death, when I see my life flash before my eyes, I want it to be something I'm proud of. Something….something I'm glad that I lived. Right now, I'm not. So, pack your bags! We're moving….moving to…ummm….a small town in….Washington!" I shouted. I was actually getting excited. I smiled brilliantly. A new life!

My family was very well-known, an old lineage with a reputation to hold. Unfortunately. I had standards. And now, we were moving, moving away from those standards.

I looked at my mom. She was still sobbing. I sighed. This might take awhile.

"Bella. I can't lose you! I've lost Charlie, I've lost my parents, I can't lose you!" she sobbed.

Charlie was my dad who died in a tragic car accident when I was 15. He had the chocolate eyes that always sparkled with humor, the laugh lines around his eyes, and the dimples that could always make me smile. He was reckless and kind of careless. But he was fun.

I smiled weakly. "I'll say hi to him in heaven." I whispered. Then I started to worry. I was going to heaven, right?

Church every Sunday- check. Praying before bed and dinner- check. Dressing modestly- check. Obeying my mom- check. Doing good in school- check.

Then I stopped myself. I was going to be a new me. Someone not so organized. Someone…. Someone free and fun. Someone like my dad.


"You ready mom?" we were getting ready to board our private plane. We weren't actually bringing anything with us- we were going to start fresh. And this was only for 6 months.

We were closing up the house, giving the servants a break for when we were gone, setting our phones' voice mails as 'on vacation for 6 month' type of message. And that was it.

So when we got into the airport though, my mom had to get all sentimental on me.

"You'll be back in 6 months mom. Don't worry. Anyway, you could do with a break from Barbara. She's one of your stuffy old friends that I really can't stand." I said.

She smiled a watery smile. "Come on mom. The plane's going to take off." I joked. I knew it wasn't because it was a private jet.

I had to be strong for my mom. I knew it. She would go to pieces and I knew I would seclude myself in my room and become depressed. And that was the last thing I wanted to do with the last 6 months of my already boring life.

When we boarded the plane, I was bouncing up and down. We were going somewhere called Forks, Washington. Small, secluded town in the middle of nowhere. Perfect.

"Hello Ms. Swan and Ms. Swan. Your private jet will be taking off shortly." The stewardess said, stiff and business-like. I frowned. She shouldn't be like that. She should enjoy her job.

"Hi what's your name?" I asked all bright and chipper. She should be happy because I was. And I was dying.

"Je-Jessica ma'am. I'm sorry if I did anything wrong." She stumbled. I smiled comfortingly.

"Jessica, how could you do anything wrong? You've said one sentence." I giggled. Such a worry wart.

"Ok…. Is there anything I can get you then?" she furrowed her eyebrows, obviously confused.

"Take a seat Jessica." I gestured to the seat next to me. My mom was in the bed behind me, sleeping.

"Okay ma'am." She said.

I nodded my head, teasing her. "Jessica, call me Bella." I smiled again. When would she thaw through?

"B-Bella." She stuttered. So on edge. Hopefully I'd be able to change that by the end of the flight.

"So, Jessica. Tell me about yourself? What's a smart, pretty girl like yourself doing as a stewardess? You strike me as a city girl." I said blandly.

Her eyes widened. "Well, you see, my husband James works here in Phoenix so…I had to get a job. And I chose a stewardess."

"You like to travel?"


"Where have you been?" I inquired. She was giving me boring answers!

"This is only my first flight…" she said shyly.

"Ooh! I'm your first customer. Well, people aren't always this nice. But they've always got a reason for it. Anyway, where do you want to go?"

"I really want to go to Paris. That's where I wanted to get married but I couldn't afford it." She said, sad.

"Don't worry. It's really not all it's been said to be. I mean, yeah there's the Eiffel Tower and the gondola rides. But the people are really rude. And the birds poop like crazy! And then the guys, Phew they need to wear deodorant!" I laughed at what I was saying. It was true.

Jessica actually cracked a smile! "Oh. Really?"

"Yes! After you eat, you have to wait 30 minutes for the bill! And if you did get married in France, then you'd have to invite people who probably wouldn't be able to come. Then the priest with his heavy accent. Then the rude waiters. Then the sky's going to open up and pour down on you. Ew. Maybe a place for a honeymoon where you can spend most you time indoors with your husband." I smirked at that. Wonder what they'd end up doing.

Jessica blushed. "Well, yea, but they're the fashion capital!"

"Who cares about fashion that much? As soon as you buy the new line, poof there's another new one! And, the things the runway models wear are actually kind of ugly. And they don't smile. They look like…vampires. So pale and unsmiling. Creepy." I pretended to shiver.

Jessica laughed. "Yeah I guess. I always found fashion interesting though."

"Well, some things are interesting, like the different dresses. But really, how many different ways can you make a pink dress that's actually decent? No one wants to wear those dresses that poof out and are too short to a formal function. They want the long elegant dresses. If it fits, get it! Who cares if it's from Dillards? If people do, then tell them to screw themselves."

Jessica blushed again.

"Yes! I agree!"

We continued talking; she slowly warmed up to me. She'd definitely be getting a large tip. She really was a nice girl.

The plane landed all too soon. I got up and hugged her. She'd make a great friend. If only I could stay longer.

"Bye Jess!" she smiled sadly.

"I hope all people that I fly with are as nice as you." She said.

"Me too. But a lot of people have a stick stuck up their you know what."

We laughed. I was surprised my mom didn't yell at me for my language, like she normally would. But I really didn't care.

I was no longer the 'shy, quiet, afraid-to-get-in-trouble' Isabella Swan. Now I was going to do what I wanted when I wanted.

Watch out world. Here I come I thought to myself. This was going to be the best 6 months of my life. I'd make sure of it.

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