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-:-ExB-:- means a flashback!

Edward usually muttered 'newborn' under his breath every time we did, but today he didn't. Something was up. And I was going to find out.

Chapter 58: I Love You


"Edward, what's wrong?" I asked while we were on our way back to the house.

He slowed and so did I. He seemed to be debating with himself. I waited.

"Bella, I talked to Carlisle earlier today. He was wondering if it'd be okay if he studied you because of your unique ability. I think it would be interesting, especially to see whether or not you can control it." he said, still uneasy. He was playing with the hem of his shirt though. He wasn't telling me everything.

I sighed. "Fine. I'll cooperate. Now tell me what's really on your mind. Something like that wouldn't make you so uncomfortable, or make you fidget like that. Spill it Cullen."

He chuckled a little but his eyes still retained their tightness. He ran a hand through his hair.

"You're good Bella." He mumbled.

I waited again for what seemed like an eternity to get him to talk. We were strolling hand in hand towards the house, and he slowed our pace once again.

"Bella, you have two… gifts. Or something like that. Remember what you did with Jasper? That's another thing Carlisle wants to… observe. We never really brought it up again because you'd always get… on edge." He took a deep breath before continuing.

"Remember the trip to the hospital before we left? And that girl, Grace? And she had retinoblastoma. And you ran your fingers across her forehead."

I nodded. I remembered.

"And then the next day… it was gone. Her eye was back to normal and when the doctor ran tests… the tumor was completely gone. The cancer was gone."

I was shocked. I had saved that girl's life. I had gotten rid of a tumor. Of a cancerous tumor.

"She remembers you Bella. She remembers your name." and he took a cutout from the paper and gave it to me.

It was titled MY GUARDIAN GHOST, because that was what Kelly thought I was. I breathed in an unneeded breath. I saved her life.

"Edward, why didn't you tell me this earlier?" I whispered softly.

"I didn't know how'd you react. I didn't help that Alice was blocking me."

I nodded, keeping my eyes locked on the words of the article, reading it again and again.


She took it very well. I didn't see why I was so worried. Alice probably only blocked me just to make me more worried. I'd get back at her later.

"We should go back. We should go to every hospital Edward. I can save these people. I can save them."

Not good. "Bella, love. No, you can't."

If she did, then that would alert the humans to supernatural forces and they'd be on the lookout for them.

"Why not Edward? I want to save these people. I need to save them!" Bella exclaimed, nearly hysterical.

Ahh, so this was why Alice blocked her mind. If I had known that Bella was going to react this, I wouldn't have showed her the article. Which would probably have been bad in the long run. But I needed to protect her.

"Bella, if you were a human and you noticed that everyone with cancer was suddenly being healed, what would you think?"

"I'd think that the doctors were finally doing something right."

"No, you'd think that there was some supernatural force out there. If you were to save cancer ward after cancer ward, people would start looking for you. And people would stop believing in doctors, they would start waiting for you. And you can't save everyone."

I could see my logic starting to work on her.

"Edward, you may be right. But it can't just let these people, these kids die! If I know I can save them, then I should!"

"Bella, no. You might save one or two, but don't make it nationwide. A few now and then, but that's my limit."

I looked her in the eye, testing her resistance. Eventually she looked down.

"Fine." She muttered in defeat.

I exhaled and smiled. "I know you want to do what's right Bella, but you can't always."

"Yeah, I know." And then she smirked. "You were worried that I was going to attack all those kids in the hospital ward and kill them. But I ended up saving one. Ha!"


I ran my hands through my hair again. I was nervous. Very nervous. I was going to ask Bella to marry me tonight.

I requested that she change into a human; I wanted it to be real. For her to be human when I asked her. Like it should be. We should all be human. But one person would have to do.

I played with the box in my pocket, wondering if she'd accept my marriage proposal. Alice said she would refuse a couple of times before she accepted. She still had yet to tell me why.

But the last week here in England had been… magical.

-:-ExB-:- (-:-ExB-:- means a flashback!)

It had all started with Emmett proclaiming that he was bored. And a bored Emmett was never a good thing.

"What do you want to do?" Bella asked, flipping casually through a magazine.

"I don't know. I'm bored. Oh! We can go… snowboarding again!" he shouted, looking as if he had just won the lottery. Not that he needed to in the first place.

"Oh, cause we all know that last time we did it ended oh so very well." Bella said bitterly.

"Oh Bella, don't be such as spoil sport!" Emmett whined. "You're a freaking vampire now! Super girl!" and then he flexed his muscles.

Bella just rolled her eyes.

"Bella, love, as much as I agree that you had a bad experience last time… I think we should. A bored Emmett never ends well." I said quickly. If we didn't go snowboarding, then Emmett would whine and complain non-stop for the next week. And then he'd find something else to do. And I didn't want to live with that.

I looked into her almost topaz eyes, pleading with her silently. Please?

She shook her head. I tried again, conveying the word again. Please?!

A more fervent shaking…

Pretty pretty please with an Edward on top? Never had I wished that I could read her mind more than know. Well, I probably had but… I wanted to know what she wanted so she could concur. A bored Emmett equals a big disaster.

A sigh. An eye roll. A huff.


I smiled. I loved Bella.

We took a plane to Colorado and headed off towards the slopes, buying all the equipment we would need. The sales guy seemed a little overly helpful to all of the women. I glared while Emmett growled. Carlisle seemed amused. And Jasper… he did nothing to help the situation.

And worse yet, the girls flirted with him just to pop our buttons. When Bella sidled up to me before we went onto the slopes, she smirked, purring into my ear, "You're so sexy when you're jealous." Before walking out first with the girls.

A shiver ran down my spine; it wasn't from the cold.

Bella managed to glide down the slopes effortlessly, except for one incident. It was really my fault. She just looked so… elegant and the epitome of beautiful riding down those slopes, the droplets of water glittering under the heatless sun.

So I let my primal urge take over and leaped, crashing into her. I had to kiss her. I needed her.

I pressed my lips to hers, surprising her. But she quickly responded, running her tongue across my bottom lip. But then she pulled away. I pouted. And then was met with a handful of snow.

She jumped up-after unbuckling her feet from the snowboard at vampire speed-and started to run away, shouting "I love you Edward!" as she ran.

I narrowed my eyes, unbuckling my feet from my snowboard, and once again tackled her to the ground.

"You can't run away from me Bella. I love you too much to let you go." I whispered in her ear. Now it was her turn to shiver. I smirked before pressing my lips to hers again. I knew I would never get tired of Bella.


If that snowboarding trip didn't convince her to marry me, maybe her shopping escapade would…


"Dammit Alice! You had to pick today to go shopping? I'm not even… special today!" Bella complained while she dragged her feet along the ground in her 4 inch heels. She was human today, which I could easily tell by her pounding heart and delicious smell from the 10 feet away I was.

"What are you talking about Bella? You're always special." I commented, smirking. She didn't know I was here today. I was 'hunting.'

She gasped and turned around. And then she dropped her bags and ran towards me.

"Edward! I missed you! I love you! Your sister's crazy! She made me think about being human by looking at those chocolate displays! I thought you were going hunting! How long have you been here?" she spilled out in a rush.

I chuckled, stroking her face. "I was hunting. I was hunting out a little cheating sister of mine." And I pulled my gaze up to glare at my sister.

"What? She needed to go shopping! And it always looks better when she's… less pale." She huffed.

I had told Alice that Bella needed to be human when I proposed to her. I didn't mean for her to make Bella think 'human' thoughts and then drag her around the mall. I guess knowing Alice…

Edward, you asked for her to be human when you proposed and how can I pick out the perfect dress for her if she's a vampire when she's trying it on?

I glared at her again. I spoke so quickly that Bella wouldn't be able to understand or hear.

"You can see the future. Use your brain instead of your credit card Alice! She's exhausted!" I snapped.

The hour's nearly up brother dear. Five minutes left. And then she had the nerve to roll her eyes.

I rolled mine in return, glaring again.

"Come on Bella, up you go." I said.

She raised her eyebrows.

"What, can't I give my exhausted girlfriend a piggyback ride around and out of the mall?" I asked.

She smiled, sighing in relief. "Thank you Edward! My feet hurt so bad!" and I lifted her up onto my back. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my chest. She tightened her grip when I started moving.

"Ah! A little warning might be nice Edward!" she mock-scolding, laughing the whole time.

"Sorry love, I'm just so anxious to get out of here."

A sigh again. "Me too."

"Good. Then we're in agreement." And I started running- at human pace of course- causing Bella to squeal in delight.

"Edward!" she laughed.


I took her arm and swung her down, pushing her gently against the wall.

I leaned over her, breathing heavily from the adrenaline rush. ("It was an adrenaline rush; you can Google it."- Edward Cullen, Twilight movie.)

"Bella." I said softy. She looked up at me from underneath her eyelashes.

"Edward." She gasped out, breathing heavily.

"I love you. Never forget that." I whispered out; talking normally would just ruin the atmosphere.

"I won't." she said before wrapping her arms around my neck again and pressing her forehead against mine.


She's ready Edward. Alice's 'voice' rang through my mind. I looked up from my hands.

"Thanks Alice." I whispered but I knew she could hear me.

And then I saw Bella. She was gorgeous. Her hair was slightly waved with a sparkling clip on the right side. Her makeup was subtle and alluring. The dress she wore was perfection. But anything Bella wore was. The deep blue that contrasted with her milky, smooth skin.

"You're beautiful." I breathed out.

She blushed- that beautiful pink blush that rarely appeared- and I could tell that she was nervous. I took her hand and led her outside toward the Volvo, opening her door for her.

"Thanks." She squeaked out, still nervous. She wasn't the only one. I just hoped that this went as planned and she accepted my proposal. I knew one thing though- I wouldn't stop trying to get my ring on her finger until she pushed me away and told me she didn't want me anymore.


We arrived at the restaurant and I gave my name since we already have reservations. Cullen. The name that I hoped that Bella would add to hers after tonight. Bella Cullen. I liked it already.

We were led to a small, private table with a single candle flickering in its candle holder, the wax slowly dripping off of it. Bella took a hesitant seat, biting her lip. I reached for her hand across the small table, taking it in my. I looked into her deep, rich eyes, trying to convey how much I loved her. There were no words to describe it.

The waitress cleared her throat, waiting for our order.

"I'll have a coke?" Bella's voice came out as a question.

"Two cokes." I said. A single nod from the waitress and she was off, but I heard what she was thinking first.

Such a sweet couple. I remember when my Henry and I were young and so in love… I should give them some privacy… wouldn't want to seem like an eavesdropping waitress!

She was such a sweet lady. In her mid-50s and happily married.

There was a fairly comfortable silence following that; it would have perfectly comfortable if we weren't both so nervous. So we just sat there, hands clasped, looking into each other's eyes.

A throat being cleared. I looked up, slightly irritated. My time gazing at my girlfriend's- soon to be fiancé, hopefully- eye's was interrupted by something so frivolous as giving us menus. I didn't even eat human food.

I looked at her nametag, which was embroidered into her uniform shirt, so I could give a name to her instead of referring to her as the waitress. Mary.

She handed us our menus and then scrambled, as if sensing my irritation. I didn't even bother looking at it.

"Edward! This place doesn't even show the prices! You know you don't have to take me anywhere expensive Edward." Bella started.

I sighed. "Bella, we have a joint bank account. Mi dinero es tu dinero. My money's your money."

She just huffed while I smirked; I knew I had won. We began talking about pointless things and I played with her third finger on her left hand. It held no ring. And I hoped to change that.


Edward kept playing with my ring finger. The one on my left hand. Was that some type of hint? Was he going to propose? God I hoped he didn't. I was ready. I was 16! I couldn't. I was an out of control newborn vampire. He wouldn't want to marry me.

I probably wouldn't be able to keep my cool in this environment of a busy restaurant if I was a vampire right now.

But then again, I guess I really wanted to marry Edward. The last name of Cullen… Bella Cullen. I liked it already.

Mary came back, interrupting me from my thoughts to take our orders. I got the mushroom ravioli.


The visions kept flickering. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. YES! My little brother was growing up! Well, he was actually my big brother, but I saw him as my little brother.

And he was going to get married. I'd have to talk to Esme. Wedding plans!

Pink? No… Edward always liked blue on Bella. Should she be human or vampire? Of course she'd have a white dress though. And she could always be a vampire at her next wedding. A tiara? Or a veil? A long train? Sleeveless? Puffy skirt? Hair up or down?

The vision flickered again. No. Crap. Well I could always plan out her wedding until she did say yes. Yes. No. Yes.

My poor brother was going to go through hell tonight, wasn't he? Anticipation, nerves, hope, and then crushing disappointment.

Unless she did say yes…

BPOV (This is a little 'battle' between the two parts of her brain)

What was I thinking? I could never say yes. I was too young. 16. Only 16.

But you love Edward. Do you want to be with anyone else?


So just say yes.

Huh. That sounds like a good idea. Just say yes.

Mrs. Edward Cullen.

Then again, since you don't want anyone else, what's the rush?

Why bother waiting though? If it's going to happen anyway?

But if it's going to happen anyway, then why let it happen so soon? Take things slow.

But do you really want to take things slow? Don't you want to be Mrs. Edward Cullen? Officially become part of the Cullen family?

How much more official can it get? You live with them. You love them all. Mom, dad, brother, sister. Each and every Cullen member means something to you.

How happy would they be when they found out that it'd be official? And official Cullen?

How happy would you be? Would you be happy?

Ecstatic. Jumping for joy. Never happier. Elated. Pure bliss. I would be in 7th heaven. No, past 7th heaven; I'd be in 8th heaven.

And I just answered my own question. Yes.


Bella was quiet and seemed to be battling with herself. Did she know what I was going ask? Did Alice tell her? No, she wouldn't. Would she?

But why would Bella be battling with herself? Did she not want to marry e? Was she doubtful of the depth of my feelings? Hadn't I made it clear that I loved her? Did she not love me?

My phone vibrated and I glanced down.

1 new text.


Suck it up. She loves you. You love her. End of story. She'll yes. Now, go get her tiger!

I smiled when I saw who it was from.


At least she approved. I was a little scared of what Rosalie's reaction would be, especially considering the fact that she still felt like Bella's mother.

When I had told the rest of my family that I was going to ask Bella to marry me, Rosalie had stomped off towards her room. Alice cheered. Esme and Carlisle beamed. Jasper smiled. And Emmett… he told me that I was finally going to 'get some.' Where he gets these things…

Of course Bella didn't miss my smile.

"What did it say?" she asked.


"The text."

"What text?"

"The text you just got on your phone because if someone called you, you would have lifted it to your ear instead of looking down at it. Unless technology has changed in the last 20 minutes."

I chuckled. "No love, it hasn't. It was nothing."

She narrowed her eyes at me, unsure whether to believe me or not.

"Trust me."

"I do." She said, finally dropping it. It was kind of embarrassing that I was so insecure…

Mary came back to drop off the ravioli.

"Here you are! And do you lovebirds plan on ordering any desert?"

I looked at Bella, who had a slight flush across her cheeks.

"No thank you."

Mary nodded, leaving our check on the table, and left. I looked at Bella again, who had started on her meal. I wondered when I should ask her…

My phone buzzed again.

1 new text message


Ask her after the meal, at exactly 6:53 in the park.


I smiled again. My family was very… involved in my personal life tonight.


We, as in Bella, had just finished and were walking hand in hand towards the Volvo.

"You know Edward, I think one think of being human that I missed would definitely be human food."

"Really? So you actually something about being human? Wow. Can I get that down in writing?"

She scowled. I laughed.

Then I looked at the clock. 6:47. I had been checking the clock every few minutes.

I ran my hand through my hair, fingering the box in my pocket. Again. The last time I had ever been this nervous was… probably when I was picking up Bella in France. The emotions she made me feel…

I opened the door for her and she stepped into the car. I got into the driver's seat and began driving.

"Edward? Home's that way." She said, pointing in the opposite direction.

"Who said we were going home?"

She pressed her lips together, obviously trying to keep her curiosity in check.

"Don't worry Bella, we'll get there soon." I reassured her.

She was probably calculating what was close to the restaurant.

And then I stopped. Few cars were in the parking lot, which I expected. Only in New York would people be at the park at 6:50 PM. And we were in England.

I sighed. I'd have to do it anyway, even though I didn't want an audience if Bella rejected me. I dearly hoped that she wouldn't.

I got out and walked over to the passenger's seat to open Bella's door for her. I took her hand in mine and led her to a swinging bench that hung from a branch of a large tree. It was like the one in The Lion King, strong and sturdy.

It overlooked a small pond, which was surrounded in lights that lit up the surface.

"It's beautiful Edward." She breathed out into the air. I could see her breath. I hoped she wouldn't get cold.

"You're beautiful Bella." I said and led her to the bench for her to take a seat. I quickly glanced at my phone. 6:53.

You can do this Edward.

I faced her and then knelt down on one knee, taking her hand again.

"Bella. Ever since that first day you came into Forks and I saw you at that furniture store and ended up buying your couch, I knew I that you were special. You were quirky, smart, humble, kind. It was like I could finally breathe after seeing you. And then when you left for that school in France, I was crushed. I knew I had lost the best thing that happened to me and I knew I couldn't just let you walk away. The first time you said 'I love you,' I felt like my heart had started beating again. It started beating for you." I reached into my pocket and pulled out the box, opening it. "I love you Isabella Marie Swan. And I will never stop loving you; I'll love you forever, every single day of forever. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

Bella's eyes were glassy from my speech and her mouth was gaping open a little. Then her lips pulled into a smile.

"Why not?" she said, smirking.

I stood up and gathered her in my arms and she put her arms on my shoulders as I spun her around.

"I would love to become your wife."

"So is that a yes?" I knew it was. I just wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes." She said before leaning in for a kiss.

I put her down and then sat next to her, taking the ring out of the box and putting it on her ring finger.

She held her hand up, examining it.

"I love it Edward. I love the look of a ring on my finger."

"I love the look of my ring on your finger too Bella. Do you like the ring?"

"Yes Edward. I do. I love it. But not more than I love you."

I pulled her in for another kiss, ignoring the sound of applause in the background.


The ring was gorgeous. A large, oval diamond that was surrounded by smaller diamonds on a gold band. Simple yet elegant. Gorgeous.

But now wasn't the time to dwell on it. Now was the time to think about breathing. Deep breaths, in and out. Because today was my wedding day. The day I was going to marry the love of my life, the love of my existence.

I decided that allow blood to be flowing through my veins for my wedding; it would definitely make the cake eating ceremony a lot less uncomfortable.

That night when we had come back home…

A screech. A really high pitched screech. A crash. A sigh. Cracking wood. And then a burst of energy flying right into my arms. If I my hour of being a human hadn't been up the I was sure that Alice would have torn my arms out of my sockets.

"Hello Alice. How are you tonight? Excited about something?"

"Show me! Show me the ring!" she took my left hand and then squealed. "It's beautiful Bella! You're going to be a married woman! Now we have to start talking dresses, shoes, wedding bands, colors, food, location, time, guests, service, honeymoon, bridesmaids, music—"

"Whoa Alice! Slow down! I just got engaged… 16 minutes ago. Deep breath." She sucked in a breath loudly. "Exhale slowly." She let it out in a huff. "Now again."

"Bella! We don't have time for this! I'm thinking you should get married in Fuji then go on a honeymoon to Australia! Or maybe Europe… but that's so cliché. Can I be your maid of honor? Yes? Yay! I love you Bella!" she took my arm and was starting to drag me back to the house, blabbering about something that I probably wouldn't care about. I wanted a small wedding.

Edward cleared his throat, stopping her. "Alice? Before you drag my fiancé somewhere, you should probably fix the door you ran through."

And then I actually looked at the house. And he was right. There was a very Alice shaped hole in the door with large splinters on the ground by it. And a very unhappy Carlisle looking at it. But when he caught my eye, he smiled, proud.

"The doorknob wouldn't turn fast enough!" she pouted before trudging back to the house to probably buy a new one.

I sighed, lacing my fingers through Edward's. These coming months up until my actual wedding were going to be very long.

And they were. Somehow Alice made 4 months seem like 14. Dresses, color, cut, style, brand, design, embroidery, color of embroidery. And then she'd move on to shoes. And the veil. And the flowers. And the food. And the decorations. Location. Honeymoon.

The list never ended. And I didn't really plan on inviting anyone except the Cullens, so I didn't see why she was so insistent about the food. I'd be the only one eating it. And I'd only have an hour to do so.

The honeymoon was going to be on Isle Bella, the island that I had gotten from my mom when I was in the hospital with her. It was the perfect location. I did a little research to find that it was located in the Mediterranean on a remote island with a small cottage built on it.

We were going to get married here in England much to Alice's disappointment. You'd think she was the one getting married. I could really care less. I just wanted to become joined to Edward for the rest of my life, to really claim his as mine.

I took another deep breath and then took Carlisle's arm. I pushed through the temporary doors that Alice had ordered and began down the aisle. Which was really pointless. Edward and I were just going to get married by the priest- Jasper (it was either him or Emmett)- with the rest of the Cullens as our witnesses.

But that quickly fled my mind when I saw Edward. He took my breath away in his dark tux and sparkling topaz eyes.

When we finally arrived in front of the priest, Jasper began the usual priestly speech.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of…"

Blah blah blah. I only had eyes for Edward.

The reception finished relatively quickly- it only took 10 minutes- and Jasper finally said 'you can kiss the bride.' Finally.

I barely remembered saying 'I do.' But the second my lips made contact with Edward's, I knew it was a kiss to remember. It seemed to convey our life. Our happy, blissful life that we would lead. And I believed it. My life would always be better with Edward in it.

When we got to the cake ceremony, Edward swallowed his like a man, not even grimacing. It really did taste good though.

The maid of honor's and the best man's speech- which had me furiously blushing by the end- were completed just as the sun's rays peeked out from behind the sun and my hour was up.

We all sparkled as the rays hit our skin and Edward ran a finger down my face.

"You'll always be the beautiful gem that sparkles and lights up my life."

I placed my hand on his cheek. "I love you Edward."

"I love you Mrs. Cullen." He said before leaning down to kiss me. And I knew that our love was going to last forever. Whoever said that everything good must come to an end was obviously wrong.

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