About a week ago Joey was jumped by a guy. The guy took his cards and threatened to rip the up. Joey pleaded with him and said that he would do ANYTHING to get them back.
So the guy demanded Joey to be a prostitute for him. Joey had no choice so he did. With each passing day the price became more.

Joey was standing on the side walk with some black tight pants and a long-sleeved fishnet shirt and black leather vest on.
Seto Kaiba was driving by the very side walk and saw Joey. "Wheeler!" he yelled out the window.
Joey looked up and walked over. "Yeah?" he asked leaning down. "Get in the car," Kaiba ordered. "Alright," Joey said and did as instructed.
When they got to Kaiba's Joey followed Kaiba to his room. Joey quickly undressed as Kaiba turned around and saw Joey full naked. "Like what you see?" Joey asked smirking as Kaiba's gaze went down Joey's entire body including his 9in cock.
Then Kaiba kissed Joey roughly and struggled to get his clothes off as he straddled Joey on the bed. "Finally," Joey smirked. As Kaiba kissed down his chest he made sure to leave a few bite marks. Then he straddled joey's face and Joey eagerly swallowed Kaiba's 11in cock.
Joey sucked him hard till he came. Kaiba was about to shove himself into Joey but Joey grabbed his cock rather painfully. Kaiba glared at the blond. Joey merely smirked and then flipped them over so he was on top. Kaiba stared up at him. Slowly Joey moved his hand up and down Kaiba's cock, coaxing it hard again. Joey didn't have to stroke it for long but he continued anyway as he sucked Kaiba's hardening nipples. "Oh Joey," Kaiba groaned. "Yes Kaiba?" Joey asked pausing a second. "Either fuck me or let me fuck you," He growled. "Ahh impatient as ever, but you will have to wait," Joey said smirking before lightly kissing Kaiba's lips then sucking on his neck. Kaiba groaned.
Then Joey positioned himself so Kaiba's tip was near his ass. Kaiba's hips bucked and his cock went into Joeys tight ass. Joey focused on moving up and down on Kaiba's cock as Kaiba moaned. Joey grabbed his cock and furiously pumped as they moved. They both came.
Kaiba flipped them over and rammed into Joey hard. Joey groaned loving the feel of Kaiba ripping into him. Kaiba thrust into him hard a few more times before grabbing Joey's cock and jerking him off till they came at the same time.

In the morning Joey said,"Since you kept me over night that's 2000 domino." "What are you talking about?" Kaiba asked. "You picked me up off the street, and we did it, twice," Joey said. "Who's making you do this?" Kaiba asked. JOey told him and Kaiba told him to wait there for him. No body messed with Seto Kaiba's puppy, no body.
A fe hours later Kaiba returned with Joey's deck. Joey ran over to him and hugged him. "Let's get back to bed," Kaiba said and took Joey's hand.