Author's Note: I've loved the Mother series for years. After finishing Mother 3, I discovered how awesome the pairing of Ness and Lucas was, I decided to give it a go at my own fanfiction. I realize that most fics on this pairing take place in the Brawl universe, but I wanted it to retain its roots. It more or less takes place in the world of Mother 3 some years post-game, and I wanted to create my own situation that they would meet.

This fanfiction contains boy/boy themes, if that disturbs you, then don't read my story.

All characters and places in this work are owned by Nintendo.



Saving You, Saving Myself
Chapter One: Fateful Meeting



He didn't know when it happened, or how recent events took the turn they had. All Lucas knew was that he had a revelation.. that he'd fallen for someone he could never have. So many things about it seemed wrong.. but in his heart, those things were of no consequence. It didn't matter to him that he was in love with the most amazing person he'd ever met.. even if it was another boy. It didn't even matter to him that he was not from the same place, and quite possibly not even from the same time.

"Ness..." he whispered the name that seemed to haunt his dreams these recent nights, unheard by its owner, who was asleep in a small cot in the corner of the room.

The harsh reality of it, however, was that such idealistic proclamations within his heart would be hard-pressed to see the light of day. The blonde boy had recently turned seventeen, yet had not entirely grown out of his shy demeanor. Something that saving the world had not changed about him was his humble inconfidence, not to mention his logical side sharply silenced his enamored daydreaming whenever opportunities may have arisen to speak of it.

Blue eyes gazed at the sleeping form across the room, and he bit his lower lip. It almost hurt to look at the face of the dark-haired boy sometimes. That face saw a deep, untroubled sleep, which Lucas may have envied him for, if it wasn't so breathtakingly beautiful in his eyes. While Ness was not awake to wonder at his staring, he admired everything about him that he could see... the way the disheveled, black hair brushed against his forehead, the long, dark lashes peacefully closed. The soft curve of his lips, slightly parted as he breathed deeply.

Lucas then shut his eyes. He couldn't take anymore just now... already he found himself fantasizing about running his fingertips through that mess of thick hair, only fully visible at night, when Ness took off his cap before bed. What would his hair feel like to touch...? Or his lips? They looked soft, and full. What would they taste like?

"You idiot," he hissed at his thoughts.

It had been several weeks since Ness had arrived in Tazmily. Not that Lucas had kept count or anything. Each day had felt like some kind of strange dream, from the moment that he Fuel had discovered his body washed up on the shore.


"What the hell?! Lucas, there's a body here!"

The blonde's head snapped up, eyes following where his friend had dashed off to the water's edge. A strangled sound of dismay burst from his throat as his gaze fell on the form of a strange young man, unmoving on the ground. Hesitantly approaching, he watched Fuel put two fingers to the neck of the boy, feeling for a pulse, placing his ear on his chest. It was not someone Lucas recognized. He looked to be about his own age, damp tendrils of dark hair lay limp about his face, his clothing, consisting of a blue and yellow striped shirt and denim shorts, were still saturated with sea water, giving the impression that he had not washed up very long ago. Nearby lay an abandoned baseball bat and a red cap with a blue bill.

"He's not breathing!" he said frantically, interrupting Lucas from his observations. "..He might still be alive! You stay with him, I'm going to find help!"

Fuel then sprinted off in the direction of the village square, before Lucas could protest, leaving the blonde alone with the incapacitated youth. Kneeling down beside the strange boy, he took one of his hands between his own. It was ice cold. Eyes clouded with worry, he was only dimly aware of a sensation that washed over him when he touched the other boy. Something both strange and yet familiar. He could not, however, put his finger on what it was. Azure eyes fell to a close and tried to let his mind fall into a state of calm. Once he was able to reach it, even in the boy's gravely serious position, Lucas was confident he was going to be alright.

It had been years since he needed to employ his psionic powers, but...

"Live," Lucas whispered.

A shimmer of faint light in shades of cerulean began to glow from his fingertips, Lucas' hands cupped the boy's face, his icy skin gradually warming beneath his hands, color slowly returning to his cheeks. The boy's fingers began to twitch, his face twisting into a small frown as he groaned. Blue eyes fluttered open, staring dazedly at the sky. Blinking rapidly, it took him a few moments to become aware of his surroundings. He was lying on a beach, he didn't have to sit up to identify the sound of waves lapping at the sand.

Digging his elbows into the ground, the black-haired boy struggled to prop himself up to look around, only to flop back down.

"Ungh." Squinting his eyes shut again, he clapped a hand to his forehead, as though in pain.

"Are you okay?" Lucas' voice made the youth's eyes snap open again and dart in the direction of the sound.

The two regarded each other for a moment. Lucas looking concerned, the other looking confused. The stranger's hand, still resting on his forehead, took notice of something absent. Something important.

"Hat," was all he said, as he again tried to move.

A bit more successful than before, he got himself into a sitting position, just in time to find the object in question being offered to him by the blonde. He took the cap and placed it on his head in a particular fashion, when he noticed the hand that retrieved his hat was still being held out to him.

"Thanks..." he mumbled, glancing up at Lucas.

He grasped his hand firmly as he allowed the blonde to help him to his feet. Brushing the sand off his shorts, he looked slightly irritated, with a hint of embarrassment. Whatever it was he was expecting, it wasn't to find himself half-dead on a beach, but he definitely owed this other kid for helping him out. Said other kid was now offering him the other item that was washed up with his carcass, the slightly worn, yet sturdy, wooden bat. He accepted it, with a nod, and looked the blonde over. He was wearing an outfit that was remarkably similar to his own, he noted with a raised brow, with red and yellow stripes across his body, and denim shorts... and really, really awesome hair. He held out his hand to Lucas, his face now cracking a smile.

"I'm Ness. To whom do I owe my life?"

The blonde's face tinged with a hint of pink at this, yet he shyly returned the smile and grasped his hand.


"Good to meetcha, Lucas! ...Uh... where is this place?" Ness asked, glancing around, finally beginning to take in his surroundings.

"Tazmily Village," the blonde answered, "..but I've never seen you around here before. Where did you come from?"

Ness opened his mouth to speak... but found that words would not come. A moment later he folded his arms, furrowing his brow thoughtfully.

"You know... that's a really good question."


The stranger called Ness had come from a place that Lucas knew must have been very far away, and knowing what he knew about the Nowhere Islands, as time passed on he began to realize that the dark-haired boy was an anomaly in his world. He didn't belong here, that was for sure. Yet, he couldn't be sure of much more than that. Ness could remember nothing about who he was, or where he came from. Just his name.

Lucas had pleaded with his father to let the unexpected newcomer stay in their house, as he clearly didn't have anywhere else to go. The easygoing Flint had no objections to it, he was ever the good samaritan around town. Thus, an extra bed had been set up for Ness in the corner of Lucas' room.

They had hoped that, with time, Ness might recall a few things about himself, or his background. However, in the weeks spent in Tazmily, there had been no sign of recovering any of his memories. Even with that grim realization, Lucas could never worry about it for long. Ness himself seemed so happy there, unconcerned about the amount of time it might take for any memories to return, if any, that the blonde boy could only return his enthusiasm.

The pair of them had become fast friends, in spite of having personalities that likened to night and day. Where Lucas was shy, introverted, and quiet, Ness was confident, outgoing, and friendly. Though they had only known one another for a few weeks, neither one of them could argue how close they had become in that time. As different as they were, they complimented one another perfectly. There was also some unique connection between them that vibrated whenever they would come into contact with each other, but neither one of them spoke of it. Lucas was not even entirely sure Ness was aware of it, but he could feel it. A small wave of energy whenever they touched.

As time passed, Lucas realized that he felt more than that strange energy whenever Ness touched him. Even something so simple as their hands accidentally brushing together, and the blonde felt a warm feeling swelling in his chest. Eventually Lucas began to look at Ness differently than he had when they first met. He found himself admiring Ness, inside and out in ways that stepped out of the boundaries of friendship. He adored his confidence, his personality, his smile. Everything about him.

He loved Ness, and the arrival at that knowledge was the most wonderful and most painful thing, all at once. Now the blonde restlessly watched Ness sleep, unable to think about anything but his best friend resting across the room.