Time Again

Author's Notes: A hundred drabbles(over time) to kick my muse into gear. Most will be prompts from DW100, and will center around the latter Doctors - especially Doctor/Rose. They are my guilty pleasure.


001. Accident

The words had not been smooth or eloquent or any other of a thousand and one adjectives he had hoped to attribute to the moment. They hadn't even been romantic.

They had been an accident.

Yet her eyes had lit up in a way that told him that she was more touched then amused, and her fingers had traced over the proffered stone with something akin to reverence. The moment after the words spilled out of his mouth, he had felt such a heady mixture of hope and a hundred other things until he finally realized that this was one spoof long in the making.

There were tears in her eyes when she found her voice to answer. "Yes, you dolt. I'll marry you."