Hogwarts, London:

The Rescue Parties:

Hermione was waiting by the portal for the wizard to come through the portal with another holographic video chip. The wizard was supposed to be bringing it back so that they could see how bad it was in the camp. Kijala was supposed to be sending one every few days. But what they didn't know was that their friend was just about to get put into deeper trouble. They didn't know that the Masters were taking her to their house to be their personal slave, and that can only mean one thing. She wasn't going to be able to walk for a while.

Hermione saw the wizard come through the portal but the look on his face said that something was wrong, something was very wrong. She looked at the wizard who gave her two video chips and then closed the portal. He wasn't going back through the portal and that told her that something was really wrong. If Kijala had sent two video chips, that probably meant that she was trying to show them what was going on in that precise moment. Too bad the rescue party's were still getting their weapons and magic under control.

Hermione took the video chips and ran back to the castle. She ran past Draco and his gang of misfits, who by the look on her face, could tell that something was definitely wrong on Tehran. If something was wrong on Tehran, they knew that something might have happened to Kijala. Draco and the rest of the Slytherin's might not have liked Kijala, but they didn't want to see her hurt because of something someone was doing to her people.

As Hermione ran through the doors of the castle, more and more students who had been outside ran with her to see what was wrong. More and more people left their training to figure out what had happened on Tehran. And more and more people figured out by the look on the Slytherin's faces that something was definitely wrong since they had been the closest to Hermione as she had run past.

The Great Hall:

Hermione ran into the Great Hall not ten minutes after receiving the video chips. Not many people were in the Great Hall but those that were noticed the urgency in her run. She stopped near the podium and handed the video chips to Dumbledore who took them and waited for the rest of the school and the rescue teams to get into the Great Hall before grabbing the first chip and throwing it into the air.

Video Chip #1:

Kijala was talking and explaining everything that had happened from the last time a video chip went out to now. she was telling them that the camp was horrible and that it felt like what had happened in the muggle world during WWII (everyone, it didn't matter if you were magic or not, had learned about WWII since even the magics were involved in that war). She let the chip follow her through camp as she checked on the women and made sure the food was edible.

Next she checked on the kids, even the orphans who seemed to be always around her. She was always talking in her tongue, the one the students at Hogwarts had gotten used to. It was always translated through the video chip into English anyways. They watched as she comforted not only the kids, but also the adults who seemed to be at a daze when it came to being hopeful. They could tell that Kijala was always hopeful and even when nobody was in the camps; she seemed to be the only one that stayed behind. She seemed to keep an eye on everyone's belongings so that nothing was taken by the Overseers'.

They could tell that the only reason the Overseers' had there job was to stay alive. None of the Overseers' had actually taken anything because they knew that they would be punished for it, severely. As the video chip zoomed away from Kijala and off to her home, they saw the two Masters sitting under some umbrellas with water and food surrounding them. They watched as one of the Overseers' took her arm and led her to sit in front of the Masters, who asked that she stand up, which she took to believe to leave them be and walked away from them, exposing the scar on her leg that they had all seen before. She had never said what the scar was from; just that it had been there since she was a young girl.

Video Chip #2:

Kijala made sure that they knew where she was being taken and in her tongue told the chip to go directly to Hogwarts and to not stop. She needed them to know that she was now the personal slave of the two Masters, who were known to blind their slaves so that they did not look them in the eyes. They were also known force their slaves into doing things that they would rather not do, like have sex with them.

As soon as the video chip zoomed away from the tent and they saw the Masters waiting for her, they knew that they needed to act fast and soon. There was no telling what the Masters would do to Kijala in the time it took them to get there training and weapons under control as well as get to Tehran and finally to the Resettlement Camp. They knew that in the time it did take them, Kijala could be either blind, hurt or in serious trouble.

The Wizard Patrols:

The Wizard Patrols were always training, always on the lookout for something knew to learn and always moving between Hogwarts and Tehran, figuring out how they could make it to the Resettlement camp without getting caught with everything they had with them. They were mapping out underground passageways that had been used by some of the people to hide in during the forced evacuation of the city. Those people had come through with the Patrols after they were found the first time through.

With the help of the people that had been able to hide, they learned that there were tunnels that encased the whole city and almost all the way to the Resettlement Camp. Once they learned this, they devised plans and made sure that once everyone was at the ends of those tunnels closest to the Camp, they would need some kind of diversion to get up and out of the ground without any of the guards or overseers' seeing them. They learned that one of the people that had been able to hide had the ability to make storms and had even showed them how.

Using Ellana, the girl that could make storms, they tried to rescue and escape routes many times with only a few failures. The rest were complete successes and with Ellana making storms every time they tried the routes, and every time coming up successfully, they knew that they were about ready to head to Tehran and help get Kijala and her people back, destroying the Slave Masters in the process.

Getting Ready:

The Wizard Patrols and those Rescue Parties from other dimensions began to assemble. The wizards and witches made sure that they had there wands and brooms with them. The Rescue Parties from different dimensions included weredragons, wereachnids, werewolves, vampires, dragons, mammoths, Sabertooth tigers, a few raptors, and several thousand humans. Nobody was taking very lightly the fact that a sister dimension, one that had helped open the worlds up to dimension traveling was in need of some assistance with getting there lives back from people that wanted them dead.

Everyone was getting ready to leave by that weekend and even the Centaurs, trolls, giants, dragons, and wizards from around the magical world on Earth had shown up to help one of there own. Everyone was pissed that someone thought they could take and destroy lives just because they had grown up that way. And everyone wanted Kijala back because they knew the prophecy in which she held to her name. Kijala Monroe was to be the leader of her people, galaxy and dimension and in the process she was going to save the lives of millions of people.

They all knew the prophecy because it had been read one day during a festival inaugurating her as the one to save her people from Slavery. Now the questions became:

Would they be able to make it to the Abika Resettlement Camp before Kijala was harmed? And if they couldn't, would Kijala take matters into her own hands, showing the Masters what she was really made of and taking back not only her people in the process, but millions of other enslaved people as well?

More to come in the next chapter…