Allo peoples! This is my first fanfic on here, and i think it looks pretty good!

I've watched the Naruto series since it first started airing in the U.S. and have always thought one thing, what if, even though Naruto tried to save sasuke and sakura and protect the village, he was still rejected? Well this is what i think would/should happen.

This is placed AFTER the first Sasuke retreival mission, when Naruto is in the hospital, and where Naruto would originally go with sakura and meet sasame. this is a semi-dark Naruto fic, and you will see why later, but for now, i'll keep it secret, considering this is only Ch. 1.

and so, without furthur ado, i give the very first chapter of Kyuuto's Revenge!!

And the crowd goes wild!


oh wait, the disclaimer...

Dislaimer: i do not own naruto, if i did, Naruto would be able to freely access Kyuubi's chakra, and would make shinobi crap themselves when they see him.

It was the same things every day, no matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried, the village could only reject him. He tried to make friends, and he succeeded, in a way. They didn't hate him, at least not in the same way the villagers hated him, and he was able to smile a genuine smile every time he was with them. He could laugh, and it was from his heart, unlike when he would pull pranks and used a fake smile. He told them he would protect them, and when he tried to save Sasuke from Orochimaru, he failed, he couldn't fulfill his promise, he couldn't save his brother. And the girl he loved only yelled at him, she only cried and hit him, even though he was in a hospital bed. Tsunade had to pull Sakura out of the room and leave Naruto by himself.

As Naruto looked out the window, only tears could be seen on his face, and he wouldn't stop crying until the next morning. But Jiraiya had watched him all night, or at least, half the night. And he noticed that not even after he fell asleep did he stop crying. It seemed ridiculous for someone like Naruto to cry, and even in daylight, the village had become accustomed to Naruto always smiling. If the village saw this, they would be taken by surprise. But that was nothing compared to what Naruto was planning to do.

The next morning Tsunade had returned to Naruto's room to check on him. She knew he'd still be there, probably asleep, because she used some of the highest quality steel to chain him to the bed. She knocked on his door and then entered.

"Naruto, I know you feel bad about not retrieving Sasuke, but don't worry, you'll get him…"

Her voice trailed off as she saw the bed. Actually, the empty bed to be exact. The only thing that showed that someone was here was a letter on the bed.

It read, "Dear Oba-chan, I know you're going to lecture me on how it wasn't my fault for not getting Sasuke, but it WAS my fault, and I'm going to fix this mistake, no matter what. You won't find me for the next few months, so don't bother trying to look, I'm not going to stop training until I can get Sasuke back." ~Naruto~

Tears slid down the side of her face as she read the letter, and then she looked back at the bed. She knew that nothing would stop him from rescuing Sasuke, and he would do it with or without her permission.

A small smile passed her face as she looked out the open window. He was never one to make an unnoticeable trail to follow, and she would drag him back to the hospital even if it took all afternoon. And even IF she found him, she would make sure it took aaallll afternoon. Even the Hokage needed a break from all the paperwork once in awhile.

And so she left to find the blonde idiot that she thought of as a son.

Meanwhile, Naruto was in his favorite hiding place, in the forest above the Hokage monument.

Even though he hadn't gotten as much ramen as he wanted, he had to use a henge to get some ramen from Ichiraku's, AND he had to say it was for a party he was throwing. Of course none of this was true, and he didn't like lying to the old man, but he didn't have a choice. He was going to train nonstop, and no one was going to interfere.

And so he started to double his usual routine, doing 4000 push-ups, and 6000 sit-ups. Afterwards he practiced his chakra control, which consisted of him taking 10 kunai, and holding them at the tips of his fingers. He would then go to a large waterfall he found, jump off, and had to hit a few trees that he had marked with the Rasengan as targets.

(A/N: When Jiraiya was teaching Naruto the 3rd step to the Rasengan, he used the first two steps together and made that mark on the tree, this is the mark Naruto made on 10 trees, the start of the swirl (the very center) was the bulls-eye that he is aiming for.)

He would then land on the water and immediately use a Kage Bunshin (Shadow clone) and spar with him for about 10 minutes. Afterwards he would work on speed training, taking weights he had gotten and strapped them to his legs, and then his chest, and arms.

Each weight weighed over 70 pounds, and he would run a great distance with them on. (think of the never ending staircase, that's the distance he's running)

He continued this kind of training for 2 months, doubling everything every 2 weeks. And after so much training, he could feel himself growing stronger, and he knew it was time for him to start learning some new jutsu. So, he decided that even though they would probably glare at him to death, (which didn't really bother him anymore) he would go into the village and learn some jutsu, ones that would actually make sense to use in battle.

The Village's #1 knuckleheaded ninja, had changed, and he would never be the same again.