Kenta Raikiri: I'm Sorry guys, but this just won't go any further...

The more I try to add to this story, the more it seems to pull towards The Legend of Zelda. and since I still want to do this story, I'm going to do a re-do.

For those who are pretty much going, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?" the reasons are simple:

1.) The pairing came in LATE, and that's not something I wanted.

2.) Naruto is currently 15, while Ayame is like, what....21 or so? Age limit blows them off the original course I was going for. Not only that, I think It's illegal for them to be lovers.

3.) The more I experiment with the 'Gaurdians' idea, the more it needs something from The Legend of Zelda.

4.) The amount of Writers Block that I've been getting refuses to decrease and worse yet, instead INCREASES....Which, if you don't know, Is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

*Sigh* and I wanted to progress this story so much farther.... *sob* |_(

I don't want to drop ALL of the story. I'm just going to be making a comeback in a different way, and I've already got an idea for the NarutoXAyame age problem thingy. Here's a preview of what I'm going to be doing.

Preview of 'Gaurdians of the Gods' A NaruXAyam fic:

Naruto woke up in a strange forest and shook his head back and forth. "What happened....WHAT THE....!?" The memories of the Valley of the End flashed back into his mind as he looked at the hole in his shirt. He frowned as he realized that was his only shirt. "Great....It was hard enough to get this outfit, what's the chances of me getting a new one?" Naruto sighed as he remembered his current status in the village. "The DEMON of Konohagakure...." Naruto said gloomily. He started hugging his legs as he realized that he couldn't keep his promise to Sakura by bringing the teme back. He had stopped going after her, but would still do anything to make her smile. That's why he never questioned her when she asked Sasuke out. He didn't like him, but if she did, he couldn't be all that bad. Too bad he was dead-wrong. Naruto was so wrapped up in his sorrow that he didn't notice the small girl around his age that was slowly walking towards him. She had finally reached him and bent down to try and come into eye-contact with him. It just would not do that some boy was out in the forest by himself with the possibility of him being robbed by bandits. She turned to see her friend standing behind a tree motioning her to try coughing to get his attention. The girl tried coughing, but Naruto didn't hear her, still drowning in his sorrow. She coughed a little louder. No gain. She turned towards her friend motioning, 'What now?' when her friend motioned for her to tap him.

The girl turned back to Naruto and lightly tapped on his shoulder. The reaction was instantaneous as Naruto, faster than the Sharingan could track, pulled out a Kunai and pinned her against a tree, his eyes flashing a blood red as he growled at the girl he had just pinned. The girl was currently shaking in fear at the amoung of Killing Intent that was pouring out of the boy. Her friend's knee's were currently buckling from the amount of K.I. coming from the boy, and not a moment later she slumped to the ground and passed out. Naruto stopped the killing intent as he realized he was terrifying some random girl, and the K.I. vanished as if it were never there. He pulled his Kunai away and his eyes turned back to their original blue color. He backed away from the girl as she slumped to the ground.

"S-sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that..." Naruto apologized to the girl. The girl looked up into the two blue pools of sorrow before slowly standing up and wrapping her arms around him. She didn't know why, but she felt it was the right thing to do. Naruto gasped as the girl started hugging him, but eventually melted into the hug, enjoying the feeling of it.

'So this is what a hugs like....' Naruto thought. He had only one other hug, that was with his sensei, Iruka, after he had graduated from the Ninja Acadamy. But even that wasn't a real hug, as not moments later they started hurting each other in their little, 'strength game' as they dubbed it.

He mentally groaned as she released him, but looked at her with a smile. "Thanks." He said smiling a bright smile. The girl was currently blushing while wondering why he seemed so happy from a hug. Maybe it was because he needed one right then. She would have to listen to her feelings more often she decided as the boy suddenly got close to her face. "You okay? You look sick..." Naruto said as he put a hand on the girls head. The girl's blush deepened before her knees finally gave way and she fell to the ground. Naruto, being the excellent ninja that he was, jumped back when she hit the ground. (thought he caught her didn't you?) "HEY! Y-you okay!?" Naruto panicked as he looked at the girl on the ground in blissfull unconsciousness. Naruto bent down and picked her up and shook her, trying to wake her up from her, 'Little Nap', as he dubbed it. It was then that he got a good look at the girl.

She looked to be his age, had brown hair, and was currently wearing a strange shirt. It looked like something from one of those History books the Third Hokage had shown him. She was wearing a white T-shirt that had a red trimming around it, and was currently wearing a matching skirt. There was a little ribbon around her waist that was tied into a bow on the back, and her hair was flowing freely down her back and stopped just at the small of her back. There was suddenly a small breeze as her hair started moving. Naruto looked on in awe as the girl looked amazing. She may have been asleep, but she still looked beautiful in his eyes. Naruto did a double-take as he saw the face of someone from his village. 'OH MY GOD! She.....She looks just like Ayame-nee-chan...'

The Nine Gaurdians WILL make a comeback as the girl behind the tree was Mina. Kenta and some others will come into the story later, but that won't be for awhile. (at least a chapter or two)

What do you think? I'll start the story up later, but for now this is just the preview. Remember, this will be a NarutoXTLoZ X-over, so Naruto MIGHT meet Link. I'm sorry for those who were hoping for Kyuuto's Revenge to keep going, but as I put in another of my fics, 'Life just doesn't go the way you planned it....' *sigh* sorry guys.

Kenta Raikiri