By Shounen-Ai

Warning(s): SasuNaru, Implied NaruSasu

"Sasuke! Sasuke!" Naruto shouted with joy as he rushed into the room and bounced happily on the large bed for two. Sasuke groaned, placing the fluffy pillow over his head to try and suffocate himself. This was the fourth time in one hour that Naruto had disturbed his sleep. He had just come back from a rough mission the night before and wanting to do nothing more than sleep, eat, and have sex with his adorable boyfriend for the next three weeks of his vacation. His ears heard the continuous chanting of his name and knew that he wouldn't be going back to sleep anytime soon if he didn't answer.

"Ugh...what idiot?" He hoped the question would be quick to answer.

"You were made a uke for life!"


Sasuke rose from the sheets and glared hard at his grinning boyfriend. "And what is that suppose to mean moron?" Naruto placed his arms behind his head. "Well. Your name. Sasuke. Even though its sexy. It's actually quite uke-ish." Naruto stated, looking to his boyfriend with a thrilled expression. ".....What?" Sasuke really didn't want to deal with Naruto's stupidity so early in the morning. He wondered why he was still there in the first place. Maybe he should just get dress, go home, and sleep there instead. Naruto sighed, noticing he wasn't getting the idea anywhere in the prodigy's head.

"Your name is Sasuke, right?"


"And in the name 'Sasuke', you find the word...?"


Naruto groaned, feeling the urge to smack himself. He never noticed that Sasuke could be as slow as him when it came to mornings. He actually felt bad for those who had to deal with his dense moments.

"Sas. UKE."


Naruto gulped as he felt a hand tightly around his throat and his back against the slightly dented wall. This had happened in .2 seconds. Sasuke glared darkly towards the male as his sharingan began to activate. "I dare you to say that again. Uzumaki." Naruto winced. Last names. That meant he would seriously get hurt if he didn't calm the Uchiha down soon. And he didn't mean by 'fighting' hurt. He meant 'rough sex and limping for three weeks' hurt. "Sorry...I love you?" Sasuke held his glare for a few seocnds, before calmly moving away and heading for the bed again.

"Don't wake me up again for any stupid reason."

"O-okay...but before you fall asleep..."


You know...when you scrabble your name up...."


"It comes out as.....uke ass..."

With in .3 seconds, Naruto's apartment had exploded into nothing more than smoke and ashes.


Shounen-Ai's Note: Lol. Naruto should have just kept quiet. This story was inspired by a small animated logo for Sasuke's name. It actually scrabbled Sasuke's name which formed: Uke Ass. I couldn't help but write this once I remembered that animation. Once again, this was made from pure boredom and once again (lol) this is not my best work. I might as well make this a series of random one-shots.

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