I woke up early Friday morning to the sound of Claire de lunes, Debussy. It was a good song I have to admit. It always put me in a calm mood. But I was suddenly brought out of my haze by remembering where I was.

My name is Isabella Swan (but I prefer Bella) Im 17 years old and I live in a foster home. My parents died when I was 10 to a nasty oil fire. It all started when my mom started making dinner in the kitchen. She put a pan of chicken into the oven for it to cook. What she didn't no was that there was a hole in the pan. The oil ended up leaking out into the oven and it caused a HUGE fire. Both of my parents ended up dying in it. I tried to help them but they both just told me to run. So I did as I was told. I was too scared to think other anyway.

I have been going too many family's since that incident and hoping I could finally call some place home. I was constantly rejected.

Over and over again.

Each time I got rejected it was like I someone tattooed a big 'L' onto my forehead. And every time someone says they don't want me I feel like it gets bigger and bigger. They all say the same thing. Either I was too creepy for there liking or I was to scary looking.


I no im not that pretty but I didn't think I was that ugly. I mean I do look like normal person. To normal to my liking. I wish I at least had some stand out features, like green eyes and black hair. But nope, Im just plain old Bella. I have waist-length mahogany hair, chocolate brown eyes that turn blood red when I get angry, (but that doesn't happen often) and a slim figure, but I do have some curves here and there.

Oh and did I mention that im a witch. Yep you read it right, I a full blown witch, ones with magic wands, spells and potions. Except im not green. Well by the way my 'foster families' spoke about me I feel like I look purple.

Melinda who runs the foster home im staying at told me that I had a new family that was interested in adopting me. Whenever I hear this I would giggle like a school girl. I always get exited thinking I could finally get out of this jail I've been stuck at for the past 7 years.

I had already packed my things the night before out of pure boredom. So all I really had to do today was shower and do my hair. I put on a nice fitting silk blue shirt and tight jeans that really outlined my curves. I let my hair air dry, so it had a wave to it. I put on concealer under my eyes and put mascara on to plump up my thick lashes. I was ready to go!

"I'll see you next week when your new family kicks you to the curb again" Melanie said. I rolled my eyes. She has nothing better to do then torment me.

I got into my car alone drove myself there because Melanie didn't feel like coming with me. Go figure.

The Cullen's

Forks, Washington.

Parents: Esme and Carlisle Cullen

Children: Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale

Hmmmm…. By the looks of it they have already adopted two themselves. I got my hopes up. It lived only an hour away from where they lived.

It was a long drive!

Finally with my stomach turning I arrived at there house. There house was huge. Okay so maybe it was ginormous. I could tell these people had bucks. I pulled into the driveway next to a nice shiny Volvo. I got out of the car holding my breath. I will admit it I was scared. I went to my trunk to get my luggage and my purse.

I pulled on the handles to get them out of the trunk and they wouldn't budge. I pulled on them again and still no response. I have amazing strength and speed due to my witchyness, so this was weird.

"Matul pasinzky" I said. It was a spell to get things to do what you want.

Next thing I new the bags were in my hands. I sighed in relief. Hopefully they didn't see that. I took a step towards the house and took another shaky breath.

With that breath, that's when everything fell into place. I smelled there scents everywhere. I realized why my bags didn't want to come out of the car, and why I was so, so, so, nervous.

The Cullens were vampires.