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Chapter 6

Trying to block out the stares from everyone, I walked up with my family to the front counter and was greeted by a red headed woman.

"Hello can I help you?' she asked in a high squeaky voice

"Yes, this is our new sister Isabella Swan, she will be starting school today." Edward said, not even giving me a chance to speak.

"Oh well of course, it's a pleasure to meet you Isabella."

"Bella please." I said, with putting a lot of effort in my tone to be nice.

"Very well I-Bella" she said while looking down, obviously uncomfortable.

"Well, here you go Bella. This is your schedule and a map of the school, incase you get lost." She said, not meeting my eyes.

"That won't be necessary, I will be walking her to her classes" Edward said while smirking at me. Apparently he new how happy those few words made me feel.

I quickly walked out of the office. If not, they would of seen my face as red as a tomato. I finally took this time to look at my schedule.

Spanish 2





"Ohhh nooo, gym" I hated gym. In the orphanage they made us workout at least once a week, and I absolutely hated it. I was so clumsy and I always got made fun because of it.

"Hmm… that will be interesting, to see how well you can cope in gym." Edward said, while giving me that crooked smile that made my heart go crazy.

Before I knew it, he snatched my paper out of my hand, and was looking at my classes. "Well it seems like we have biology together Miss. Swan."

"Really, that's awesome" I said while glaring at him. I don't like when people take things from me without asking. Yeah it might sound childish, but that's the way I am. What's mine is mine.

I found out the past few days, that Alice was psychic and Jasper could feel and give off emotions. I thought it was pretty cool, but I feel like my privacy is being invaded. They are MY emotions. I don't want anyone else knowing how I feel. Isn't that like illegal?

Jasper probably sensing my uncomforted smirked. I saw his lips moving but I didn't hear any sound coming out. Tired of them having there own conversations, I did a spell on myself giving me the ability to hear what they were saying.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! So wittle Bella doesn't like it when people take her things huh?" Emmett said while snatching my schedule out of Edwards's hand.

"Emmett give it back." I said while putting as much venom in my voice as possible.

"Not a chance, you're going to have to reach it." He said while extending his hand up and dangling the paper. His knuckles brushed the ceiling.

Was he crazy? He wanted me to jump that high? Yeah right. I have a better idea…..

"Fazo blany palo zook" I muttered. That was a spell I made up just for Emmett. Whenever he didn't do something I wanted him to do, with just these four words, he was putty in my hands.

I glanced at him and I watched the spell kick in. His eyes widened while his hand lowered down. He walked over to me in a zombie like state.

"Here is your paper Bella, Im sorry for taking it" he said in a zombie like tone, matching with his walk.

"Thank you Emmett." I reached for my paper and as soon as I touched it, he snapped out of his zombie state and backed up quickly.

"Don't ever underestimate me Emmett, I may be tiny but Im more powerful than you think." I said while smirking at him. I winked at him because I enjoyed having this power over him and he quickly regained his posture. He looked around at all the amused faces and grimaced. Apparently he has never done anything he was told to do. Well that was going to change with me around.

"That's my girl." Edward murmured as low as jasper spoke before. Apparently they didn't realize I could hear them, and I blushed looking down. He called me his girl, HIS girl.

Not Emmett's, or Jaspers, but his girl! My heart sped up and the realization of this and I couldn't keep the stupid smirk off of my face.

"What are you smiling at lo-Bella" he said while uncomfortably scratching his neck.

Was he going to call me love?

No, that can't be right. Maybe he was going to say something else. Why would he want to call me love? Im not someone he could fall in love with. He needed someone he could love that could stand by his side and fit in with the rest of the Cullen's. I don't deserve him.

My smile faded and I frowned at the thought. Whenever Im around him I get these feelings I can't even explain. Whenever he's not by me I automatically get upset. I feel like part of me is missing. I feel like I want him to be there next to me and I want him to hold me.

I heard Edward quietly sigh and I looked at him, confusion coloring my face

"What's wrong?" I asked, he looked upset and I didn't like it.

"How I wish I could just be in there for two seconds." He said while pointing to my forehead.

"Huh?" I asked, confused. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"I wish I could read your mind. I still haven't figured you out completely and it's killing me." He said with a pained look on his face.

I froze when his words sunk in. How could I be so stupid? How could I forget about him being able to read minds?

Oh no… Does that mean he heard everything I said about him loving me and my not being good enough for him…

"Wait a minute. Did you just say that you wish you could read my mind?" I asked

"Yes I did Bella. I can't hear anything from your mind. Carlisle and I are still trying to figure out why. The only theories we have are that Im getting the AM stations and your brain is working on the FM"

"Really?" I asked exited. Even though he basically said my mind didn't work right I was happy that I could keep my thoughts to myself. It was bad enough my emotions were being played with.

"Yes unfortunately" he said while grimacing at my exited expression. "lets get you to class. You don't want to be late on your first day do you?"

"No I do no." I was so exited. This was my first day in a real school.

We stopped in front of my Spanish room and Edward looked at me with that same pained expression.

"What's wrong?" I asked while cupping his cheek in my hand.

"Nothing, I just hate being in this place. And away from you" he murmured that last part in that same low tone as before. I blushed when I heard this because maybe there was hope for us.

He took my hand off his face and gave it a gentle squeeze before letting go. "Get to class. The bell is about to ring." He said while walking away.

I bit my lip and turned to go into my class. When I walked in, I felt everyone's eyes on me. I quickly went up to the teacher and handed him my schedule, so he didn't think I was lost.

This happened in my second class as well. Luckily, my teachers weren't into the whole introduction thing, so I got off easily. I managed to stay out of everyone's way, but I did get a few glares from some girl Jessica. I don't know what I did to her but she honestly had an attitude problem.

The bell cut off my thoughts and sent me flying out of my seat and walking to lunch. I met up at the cafeterias doors with Emmett, Alice and Edward.

"Ready to go?" Edward asked, while grabbing my hand and squeezing it again.

"Yeah lets go." When we walked into the cafeteria everyone stopped in their tracks to stare at us. It reminded me of something you would see in movies. I looked down and blushed.

"Don't be shy Bella. You have every single male in this school gloating over you. Work with it." Alice said while grinning.

"Yeah and how am I supposed to 'work with it?" I asked while mocking her pout and grin.

"Well what you have to do is, put a little more bounce and in your step, sway your hips more and push out your chest to make your boobs look bigge-"

"Alice please." Edward said while snarling at her. "Their thoughts are bad enough we don't need to add to it." He said while grimacing.

"Yum, Yum, Yum. Look at all of this delicious food. It's just so tempting; unfortunately I can't taste any of it." Emmett randomly said while smirking.

Most of the students giggled while returning to their previous conversations. Little did they know that Emmett wasn't talking about the actual food…

He was talking about the humans.

Edward playfully punched him in the arm while Alice and I giggled. Edward led us to our table where jasper and Rosalie were already seated.

"Hey guys" I said. Rosalie just glared at me and Jasper nodded to me. I really needed to find out what her problem was.

"What's wrong Jasper?" I asked, confused when he shifted uncomfortably.

"As you know Bella, Jasper is our newest vegetarian and it's still hard for him to be around humans." Alice answered me while rubbing jaspers back.

"Don't worry Jasper, Im sure it will get better." I told him while smiling at him.

"Thanks Bella" he said while grinning.

The rest of lunch carried on like this. Edward left to go get me fries and lemonade and Alice asked me how my classes were going. I told her about the looks I was receiving from Jessica and she told me not to worry about it that she was always like that.

When the bell rang we got up and left to go to our classes. Edward came with me since we had the same class.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked amused by the fact that I was hiding behind a trash can.

"Im trying to help Jasper cope better." I whispered. I waited until they were out of hearing distance and let my magic do the work.

"Patazauh fletush" I murmured. This was a spell that would help jasper handle being around humans better. I never used it before but I hoped it worked.

"That was very kind of you" Edward said while brushing my cheekbone and sending my heart into overdrive. This made me remember when he called me his girl. My heart sped up even more when I thought of this, and by the look on his face I knew he could hear it.

When we walked into biology everyone stared again and it didn't bother me because I got it a lot today. I walked up to my teacher Mr. Banner and handed him my schedule.

"Well Bella, lucky for you, you're not the only new student today" he said while looking pleased.

I didn't hear about any other new student starting school today.

"Ty, please raise your hand so Bella can sit by you. I think it would be better if you did, so you can learn more about the school together." Mr. Banner said. I looked around the classroom and saw a long and muscular arm rise in the air.

When I walked toward him I looked at Edward who had a cold expression on his face. What was his problem?

When I reached my desk I put my books down and looked over at Ty to introduce myself. When I did, I froze.

Ty was absolutely gorgeous.

He had the same facial structure as Edward did. He wasn't exactly as beautiful or perfect as Edward was, but he was close to it.

When I looked into his eyes, all the thoughts about Edward and me being his girl, and all the little comments he said that made me go crazy, flew out the window.

I soon realized why.

I was crushing on Ty.


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