Immediately after the wedding, Azula was knocked out (she wouldn't have gone to the reception anyway). She was loaded unto Appa and taken in circles for half an hour before being transferred into a carriage. She was awake by the time she was loaded in, but blindfolded. The carriage was made entirely of earth and Haru was driving. Azula had the blindfold taken off once she was inside. It didn't matter much as the carriage was windowless. Due to it moving on and with the earth, it didn't cause vibrations that she could follow. She was furious, to put it lightly. Even with the missed movements, all she needed was a landmark to be back on top and figure out both where she was and how to escape. Unfortunately for her, Aang had been warned of this.

"Hey Azula!" Her concentration was broken. She glared at him, and continued listening. "Azula!" He shouted again…not that there was any reason to shout, there were about a yard from one another. "Azula?" He tried again. She was now trying to figure out how to kill both him and the earth-bender so that she could make her escape and figured she could run until she saw something familiar. Aang moved over to her side of the carriage and began poking her as he continuously said her name. To Azula's credit, she managed to ignore him and focus on trying to find sound outside for about ten minutes. She really wished her bending wasn't gone, she's have just thrown lightning in his face.

"What Avatar?" She growled out.

"What's your favorite color?" Her eyes widened and she turned to him. She had completely forgotten about everything but him at this moment. Her brain was consumed with one question

"What?" The full question was actually 'What would prompt you to ask that and why is it important enough to bother me over and how stupid and inane can one person be?'. 'What' had been all that escaped from her mouth. Aang, never one to be phased simply smiled all the wider.

"You're favorite color…you have to have one, everyone does!" Azula blinked at him. She was trying to think of how his question could be used as an advantage later, it was the only possible reason for asking something like that. As she was trying to think of one, he resumed his insistent poking in her side.

"What is it?" Azula snapped. Aang seemed mildly amused. She cursed his name no less than a thousand times.

"You haven't told me yet"

"Told you what!"

"Your favorite color!" Azula's eyes widened in fury as the monk seemed to become almost smug. Her eyes narrowed then. This was his plan, to make her lose control. He was trying to keep her off balance. She was instantly furious at herself for not seeing through his ruse to begin with. If he thought he was going to trick her he had quite another thing coming. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She did not see Aang narrow his own eyes

"If I tell you my favorite color will you shut up?" She asked. He pretended to think on it a moment.

"Probably not"

"Then will you at least answer a question of my own for each one you ask me?"

"Sure, but I have two free questions now" He smiled widely

"One free question, as all patriotic members of the fire nation, I wear various shades of red at all times." Azula crossed her arms and looked straight out ahead, trying in vain to listen through the rock carriage. Aang pouted

"It doesn't count if you avoid the question." He said. Azula turned to him, actually surprised.

"I did answer the question Avatar, I said that-

"You said" Aang but in, interrupting her "That all patriotic members of the fire nation wear shades of red, not if you actually even liked the color. The question was asking your favorite color. A favorite color isn't the one you wear the most, it's just a color you like" He smiled at her then, soft and trusting. Azula racked her brain. She didn't really have a color she 'liked'. What she wore was dictated by what she needed to do when wearing it. Satisfied that this was an answer, she told Aang as much. He looked almost sad at the explanation. "Alright, what's your favorite food?" He tried

"I eat whatever's put in front of me, taste matters not. Food is for the nourishment of your body" He sighed and shook his head.

"You're never going to be able to ask me anything if none of my questions have any answers." He informed her.

"Then ask more concrete questions!" She snapped at him. As she turned away, she did not notice Aang's eyes soften and his face light up.

"Alright, who do you like better, Mai or Ty-Lee?"

"What?" She turned to him, to see him patiently waiting for his answer. "They betrayed me…they both betrayed me. I hate them equally." He rolled his eyes

"Before the betrayal then, who was your favorite?" She blinks at him.

"Does that mean my…never-mind" She stopped with the knowledge that she would owe him another question just for asking if her previous one was accepted. She thought for a moment. "Mai was infinitely more useful to me. She had a natural talent for knife throwing, Ty-Lee had to learn her craft, turn bending around into something useful. Mai was also much quieter, Ty-Lee was horrid to bring on undercover missions and her sucking up was transparent at best. I think I liked her better though. Not that I had much of a choice, it was either a happy ball of sunshine or someone that wished the sun wouldn't exist anymore. She brought a bit of…something wherever we went. And she tried to be helpful" Aang looked entirely too happy with her answer.

"Alright so second question" He thought for a minute. "Why do you insist on calling me 'Avatar'? I have a name-I'm more than a title"

"You should be honored to have such a title. You could be branded as 'failure' or 'crazy' or even 'monster'. Names mean nothing; it is who we are that the world needs to know. You are the Avatar. I am well aware of your name Aang." She crossed her arms and sat, back straight against the carriage. Aang bit his lip as he processed that. He was starting to see exactly how much work was needed.

"Alright-your turn" As Azula opened her mouth to ask the 'door' of the carriage opened up. Haru and Aang insisted on helping her out and into the new home. She scowled the moment she saw it. Water bending locks on the front door. Aang had to open them to open the door. He blocked her from trying to go in.

"I have to carry you over the threshold" He said. Azula stared at him. As he tried to put his arm under her legs, she kicked out and backfliped away. "Azula! It's tradition…and Zuko said I should." She scoffed at that.

"Now I really would rather not." After a few rounds of cat and mouse, Haru managed to catch her for Aang. The young man grabbed her and marched her into the house. Azula, even struggling, noted that the front door locked automatically behind them. Though the doors they were passing through were open, they all had earth bending locks and even a few air bending locks. She scowled. As he moved, Aang used his bending to close the doors behind them. They all locked automatically.

"Oh, Zuko thought you'd really like this!" Aang smiled down at the scowling woman in his arms. He entered the last open door, the bedroom. Even Azula couldn't have hid the glimmer as her eyes lit up.

"It's a replica of my room at the palace" She said softly.

"Only half of it's a replica" Aang said smugly. "You were in a better replica when you were getting ready this morning." She blinked in surprise, and then tried to see if his words were true. Sure enough, from here she could see the snag on her Fire nation tapestry. The only real difference than her room was a second bureau (with an air bending lock) and two screens. Aang went over to the one with the locks and opened it, retrieving a pajama set before locking it back up. "I wouldn't suggest killing me" He said as he disappeared behind the screen. "I'm the only one that can get you out of here…not to mention they'll be checking up on us in about three days." He re-emerged. His sleepwear consisted of a water-tribe styled shirt and baggy pants. Azula went to examine the damage done with whoever picked out her clothing. She decided once she looked, that Mai must have had some say in it. She grabbed a long blood red sleeveless nightgown and went behind her screen to change. When she came back, the Avatar seemed to be asleep. She woke him up rudely.

"I didn't get a chance to ask my question yet." Aang sat up and gestured that she should go on. She looked him dead in the eyes. He wondered in the back of his head how a girl even younger than him and completely powerless at the moment, could manage to strike so much fear into someone's heart. "Why, Avatar, are you so invested in what happens to me? What is your reasoning to care?