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"Where… am I?" a voice pondered.

Standing in a pitch-black area, stood a figure. He was around 16, 7' 9" with blue hair and yellow highlights in it, a cobalt tattered coat and jeans, a black skintight shirt was under his coat with a yellow circle with two red blocks in it on the front, and emerald eyes.

"This looks like the Cyber World, but…" the boy said as he looked around, "…It looks as if the place has been off-line for over 100 years."

He suddenly grunted as he held his head. He saw images. A being made of icy flames and the shape of a Pegasus… a girl in a black and pink jumpsuit and pink helmet being hit with a red light before he was hit with a green one… a bit of his and the girl's energy being fused together… and then a wave of blue energy… that's all he could remember. He walked on until he saw a broken mirror. He took a look at it for a while and made a few faces before paling. He looked at himself and thought only one thing.

'Why do I look like this?'

"I don't know. Maybe you've snapped and you're just thinking you look like this," a voice replied.

The boy flinched and looked around.

"Who said that?" he asked.

"No one, really… just a certain wolf you could fuse with," the voice chuckled.

"Gregar?!" the boy gasped.

"Bingo, kid!" the voice replied, "Though, wrong at the same time."

"How so?" the boy questioned.

"One, I'm not all growling and wanting to destroy everything," Gregar explained, "And two, that stupid AM-ian fused me with you and turned you into this half-human form."

"Half-Human Form?" the boy asked.

"Look under your pants, Megaman," Gregar replied.

Megaman looked and blushed.

"Lucky," Gregar said.

"Perverted wolf," the boy said, "Hey. How did you know my name?"

"I'm a part of you now, duh," Gregar replied, "So, should I call you Megaman or your old name, Hub?"

"Megaman is who I am now, Gregar," the boy replied, "Now where are we?"

"The Cyber World," Gregar replied.

"I know that, but when are we?" Megaman asked.


"One… ONE HUNDRED YEARS?!" Megaman yelled.

"Not so loud, you little brat," Gregar growled.

"I think I do, Gregar," Megaman argued, "Now you better tell me why I'm 100 years in the future and why the Cyber World's like this or I'll make things horrible for you!"

"How so?"

"I'll burn your books up."


"Pervert," Megaman muttered.

"Before I begin," Gregar said, "Who's the kid with the flaming mutt for a hand?"

"WHO CALLED ME A MUTT?!" a voice roared.

Megaman looked over in the yell's direction. He saw a person who bore a strange resemblance to his old self ahead. His whole body was covered by a dark-blue suit, which changed into white slightly beginning at his chest and finally changing into light blue (about the same color as his armor) all the way up to his neck. Both of his legs had blue metal boots on with some whites on some of the parts that reached up to his knees. He was wearing a helmet that had a red tint visor covering his eyes, but yet, you can see his eyes, with ear guards that had spikes going to the back of his head and close to his chin. The top of his helmet had a star-shaped symbol on the top of it. But what was most peculiar, was his arms, both his arms were covered with the dark blue suit, until they reached about the wrists. His left hand had a blue canine's head attached to it with a green aura formed as spikes coming from the back of the wrists, almost as if it was hair. His right arm had a cobalt glove with a gold shooting star symbol on it.

"Who is that?" Megaman pondered, "Let's go talk to him."

"GO AWAY! I'm busy!" Gregar giggled happily as he read his books.

"Hey! Kid!" Megaman yelled.

The boy and the dog head turned to see Megaman run up.

"Ah! Is he an Fm-Ian, Omega-Xis?!" the boy yelped.

"No, he isn't an FM-Ian, but I do sense some strong EM Waves coming from him," the dog's head replied.

"Are you a ventriloquist Navi?" Megaman asked.

"A NetNavi?" the boy repeated, "No, there hasn't been a NetNavi in 100 years."

"WHAT?!" Megaman gasped, "What year is this, kid?"

"Uh… 2200X," the boy replied, "Why did you need to know the year?"

Megaman's eye twitched.

"Uh, sir?" the boy pondered.

"HOW AM I 150 YEARS INTO THE FUTURE?!" Megaman yelled.

"That explains why you're here," Omega-Xis said before shouting louder than Megaman, "BUT DON'T YELL OUT LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!"

"So you're just a human and an-what did you call Omega-Xis again?-FM-ian that are fused together through something called 'EM Wave Change,' Geo?" Megaman asked, "And this form is called 'Megaman?'"

The boy nodded.

"You know how close I am to putting you into a choke hold for stealing my name?" Megaman asked.

"Ooh! I know! About as close as how fast you'd get a boner from reading just one line from one of my books?" Gregar guessed.

"Perverted Wolf…" Megaman muttered, "Show yourself already!"

"Megaman, is Gregar the guy behind you?" Omega-Xis asked.

Megaman turned around to see a jungle-green flame in deep green, topaz, and ruby wolf-like armor with a green wolf head with six yellow spikes on the back of his head and no legs or tail floating behind him… reading an orange book with a red circle with a line going through it on the inside on the back and giggling perversely.

"Gregar?" Megaman pondered.

"Go away. I'm getting to the climax," the being perversely giggled as he turned a page, "AW SWEET!!! HOT BABES!!!"

Megaman hit Gregar's book with a cobalt blaster in place of his left hand, incinerating it.

"NO! ORIHIME! SHION! POR QUE???!!!" Gregar cried, "You're going to pay for that! Take…"

He then shoved another orange book into Megaman's face.

"…This…" Gregar giggled perversely.

Megaman went flying five feet away… with the front of his pants sticking out by a foot…

"Wow… didn't expect him to have a footer," Gregar said as he looked at a stopwatch, "And he got one in just two seconds."

"Perverted… wolf…" Megaman groaned as he got up.

"I like him," Omega-Xis stated with a chuckle, "Can we take them home with us, Geo?"

"No, Omega-Xis," Geo sighed, "What would mom say if she found out I found a still-living NetNavi from 150 years ago?"

"Um… Ice Cream?" Omega-Xis guessed.

His reply was a bonk to the head.

"OW! What did I do?!" Omega-Xis barked.

A girl in a somewhat similar outfit Geo wore, only with some changes, walked along the old paths of the Cyber World. The helmet she wore was pink, there was a light pink heart on the forehead area of the helmet. There were two white metal balls on the helmet where a devils horns should be. It could remind people of a bunny for some reason...She had a clear visor, showing her eyes. Her body suit plus the arm guards and the boots was really Geo's suit, except with all the blue getting replaced by pink. She had what looked like a short light pink and white cape that started from the back of the neck and ended about halfway down her back. The only distinguishable thing about her was her weapon. In short, it was a guitar. It had a color close to orphan blue. (A/N: The saddest of all blues...) But more light. There was five strings on the guitar and a same colored microphone close to the top of the guitar.

"Lyra… This place looks so sad…" the girl sighed.

"I know, Sonia," the girl's guitar sighed, "I'm sorry for asking you to show me this place."

The girl just nodded. She suddenly stopped.

"Uh, Lyra… what is this?" Sonia pondered.

The two looked at the giant block of ice in front of them. Inside it was a girl around 16 with long blond hair with red and orange highlights in it in pink long-sleeved fingerless gloves, a pink and red sleeveless shirt, a pink skirt over pink shorts, long pink socks that went up to an inch away from her shorts, a pink baseball hat with yellow tassels on the sides, and pink and red running shoes. On the front of her shirt was a symbol that looked like a red heart. The look on her face revealed that she seemed to be looking at something with fear in her jade eyes. Beside her was a jungle-red flame in red, silver, orange, and yellow armor that resembled a falcon.

"Is that a… NetNavi?" Sonia pondered, "And an FM-ian?"

She quickly took out a card.

"Battle Card Predation!" Sonia yelled as she slotted the card into a side on Lyra, "Fire Pillar!"

A pillar of flames covered the ice. It parted to reveal the girl was out and unconscious. Sonia caught her as she fell forward. She gently laid the girl on the ground.

"Hey, are you alright?" Sonia asked as she shook the girl.

The girl moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She slowly got up to a sitting position as she held her head with her left hand.

"What hit me?" the girl asked.

"You were in a block of ice," Sonia explained, "My name's Lyra Note. Are you alright?"

"Yes… I think," the girls replied as she looked at her hand… then her arm… the she looked down at her figure… and paled, "Why do I look like I'm 16?"

"Maybe someone messed with your programming," Sonia guessed.

"So who are you?" Lyra asked.

"Did your guitar just talk?!" the girl asked.

"My name is Lyra," Lyra stated.

"Nice to meet you, Lyra, Lyra Note," the girl said, "My name is Roll."

She took a look around.

"What year is this?" Roll asked, "Is it still 2050X?"

"No," Sonia replied, "It's the year 2200X… 150 years past that year."

Roll's eyes widened. She suddenly began to cry.

"Oh no… I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?" Sonia asked, "If I did, I'm sorry."

"Byte… She's gone…" Roll cried softly.

"Who?" Lyra pondered.

"My NetOp," Roll said, "She is… well, was… the granddaughter of my old and first NetOp, Maylu Hikari."

"You mean the wife of the man who first discovered Link Power was your original NetOp?!" Sonia gasped.

"Halt," a voice said.

Suddenly, a group of wireframe figures appeared around them.

"You two are in violation of the Wipeout and Shut Down Act of 2155X," one said, "All NetNavis are to be deleted and the Cyber World terminated."

Roll's eyes widened. Suddenly, they all heard a yawn.

"What's with all this noise?" a voice pondered, "I was having a nice nap, too…"

Lyra Note and Roll looked down to see the bird-like being was awake.

"What is that?" Roll asked.

"DELETE!" all the wireframes roared as they charged.

"Shock Note!" Sonia yelled as two stereos appeared beside Sonia.

She played a chord and two lasers shaped like notes shot out and deleted two wireframes.

"Roll Arrow!" Roll yelled as her left arm became a pink bow with a heart-shaped arrow in it appeared.

It fired and took out five of them. Roll's eyes widened as she saw the bird easily finish off four of them with just one wing.

"This is quite easy," the bird smiled (I think… she's got a beak), "But then again, I am Falzar."

"YOU'RE A CYBEAST?!" Roll gasped.

The wireframes took a few steps away.

"They have one of the actual CyBeasts with them?!" one pondered.

"But I thought they were deleted," one muttered.

"No matter, we can take them," another stated.

"It seems that we have a problem," Falzar said, "These wireframes keep reappearing even when we delete them."

"That's because they're all my power," a voice said.

A white blank Navi appeared as the wireframes vanish. It changed into Roll, minus her mark.

"My name is Copyman," Roll-Copy said, "I'm here to carry out the orders to delete all Navis."

"But aren't you a Navi?" Sonia asked.

"Now really," Copyman replied, "I'm a shape shifter, so I'm not really sure if I'm a Navi or not."

"Lyra Note… that's an FM-ian," Lyra said, "And I know who it is. It's Copy. She can change her appearance to look like anyone she wants."

"Oh, yeah," Copyman banged her hands, "I am Copy. I guess I've forgot… again."

The Roll-Copy changed into a white flame in white sleek cat-ninja armor and pink eyes.

"Nice to meet you," Copy smiled, "It's been a while, Lyra. So why is the human you're with still in control? Can't control her?"

"Actually, I let her be in control," Lyra replied.

"Um, excuse me, Copy?" Roll asked, "Could you tell me why the Cyber World was shut off?"

"…It was becoming irrelevant," Copy replied, "You see, around 2150X, the world had evolved to run on mainly EM Waves. So, after 5 years, all the nations agreed that the Net should be shut down. Sadly, we couldn't get two Navis… Bass of the Black Shadow, and Serenade, Queen of the UnderNet."

"But why did they agree?" Falzar asked.

"People were quickly adapting to using just EM Waves," Sonia explained, "I'm sorry about what's happened here, Roll."

"Likewise," Copy said.

"I… hate the future…" Megaman stated as the four walked/floated down a path, "The Cyber World's been shut down… there aren't any NetNavis anymore… I'm not even sure if Roll is alright…"

"Who?" Omega-Xis asked.

"This really cute chick Megaman was with when me and Falzar were stuck inside of Megaman," Gregar smirked, "I have to admit, she's got a cute ass."

The three looked at Gregar with either shocked or angry looks.

"Why do I smell that annoying bird?" Gregar growled.

"Annoying… bird?" Geo repeated.

"Are you referring to Falzar?" Megaman asked.

"You got that right," Gregar replied as he sniffed the air, "And it seems she's got company."

"Nothing we can't take on," Omega-Xis chuckled, "So who's with her?"

"I smell… pink… lots and lots of pink…" Gregar stated, "Also, I smell the cutie who I grabbed."

"Pervert," Geo said.

"And you know it," Gregar smirked as he and Omega-Xis went back to looking at an orange book, giggling a few times.

"I sense something…" Falzar said, "Feels a bit like that perverted wolf."

"Perverted wolf?" Lyra repeated.

Roll's eye twitched as a tick mark appeared on her head.

"It's Gregar, isn't it?" Roll asked through gritted teeth.

"You still made about that one time he took control of Megaman and groped you?" Falzar asked.

"GREGAR MUST DIE!" Roll shouted.

"She's still mad…" Copy giggled, "Which way is he? I want to see this."

"East of here and coming with three others," Falzar replied, "One feels a bit like Megaman… yet, a bit like Gregar… strange…"

"GREGAR MUST DIE TWICE!" Roll hollered before running off in the direction Falzar said.

"Gregar's in trouble…" Sonia stated.

Lyra, Copy, and Falzar nodded in agreement.

"I'm sensing someone coming at us," Gregar said, "Kinda smells like that chick and, yet, a tiny bit like Falzar. Strange…"

"ERO URUFU!!!" a voice roared.

The four saw a dust cloud charging right at them… well, more at Gregar.

"Oh no…" Gregar paled.

He tried to run away… but he was still having trouble with having no legs. He kept on going around in loops. The dust cloud had ran past the other three… though Megaman noticed someone in the cloud. Gregar was pulled into the cloud and then it changed into a fight cloud. Geo, Omega-Xis, and Megaman all saw glimpses of Gregar and a blond-haired enraged girl in the cloud.

"Hi, Megaman," a voice said.

The three turned to see Lyra Note and Copy run up.

"Hey, Lyra Note," Geo said.

Megaman coughed.

"Oh yeah," Geo remembered, "Lyra Note, this is Megaman. Megaman, this is my friend Lyra Note."

"Nice to meet you… say wait, aren't you Megaman?" Lyra Note asked.

"Blame Omega-Xis," Geo replied.

"Well, what am I suppose to call you now?" Lyra Note asked, "I can't call you Megaman since he's Megaman."

"How about 'Rockman?'" Megaman said.

The two looked at each other.

"I like it," Lyra Note's guitar said, "Sounds like a type of music genre."

"I enjoy that name," Falzar added.

"Omega-Xis?" Geo looked at his alien friend.

"…I like it," Omega-Xis stated, "Sounds fierce and perfect for fighting."

Geo sweatdropped before bonking Omega-Xis on his head.

"Did your guitar just talk?" Megaman asked.

Lyra Note nodded.

"This is Lyra, the FM-ian I'm fused with," Lyra Note said.

"Hello," Lyra bowed.

"It's been a while, hasn't it Megaman?" Copy asked.

"Uh… who are you?" Megaman asked.

Copy smiled. She then transformed into a big Navi with his lower body short legs with yellow boots, and his upper part a giant red armor, metal arms, giant yellow gauntlets, black gloves, and a square-shaped yellow and silver helmet.

"I'm Rank 3," Copy replied.

"C-Copyman?!" Megaman gasped.

"I'm just Copy now, Megaman," Copy replied as she changed back, "And I'm like Lyra."

"Aw shit, it's Copy," Omega-Xis groaned.

"You two know her?" Geo asked.

"Sadly, yes," Omega-Xi sighed, "She's Planet FM's famous Queen of Pranks."

"Queen of Pranks?" Lyra Note repeated.

"She's pulled more pranks on everyone than anyone else," Lyra replied, "She got me with a Joy Buzzer combined with a whoopie cushion, a bucket of water, and a rubber chicken."

"Weird…" Megaman sweatdropped, "Copy took on the form of an old friend of mine, Gutsman, and nearly creamed me."

"I still say that Zeta Cannon 4 was a cheap shot," Copy stated.

Gregar, beaten up beyond recovering by normal means, landed five feet near Falzar. Roll, panting and sweaty, glared at Gregar.

"That's for groping me, you pervert," Roll panted.

"R-Roll?" Megaman asked.

Roll's eyes widened. She looked up at Megaman.

"Mega…man?" Roll pondered.

Megaman nodded. The next thing he knew, he was tackled by a crying Roll.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Roll asked as she looked at an orange vortex.

"Reminds me of one of those Jack-Out points you always entered, kid," Gregar stated.

"Be quiet," Roll glared at Gregar.

Gregar hid behind Falzar.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it's safe," Lyra Note said, "Come on."

She grabbed Roll and jumped through the vortex. Falzar quickly held onto Roll before the four went through. The remaining five looked at each other and then at the vortex. They jumped or floated through.

Sonia, now a girl with short red hair, lime-green eyes, and a yellow two-piece bathing suit, had a shocked look on her face. Roll was in front of her, leaning on a tree, sitting down.

"I'm… in the Human World?" Roll pondered.

Geo, now a brunet and light auburn eyes in a red long-sleeved shirt with a deep blue device on his left arm, a necklace with a gold shooting star on his neck, a pair of deep green sunglasses, and very baggy blue jeans, had a worried look on his face. Megaman was beside him with an amazed look on his face.

"So this is what the Human World looks like now?" Megaman asked, "It's amazing…"

A car went by them.

"Whoa… a flying car…" Megaman gasped.

"Let's keep moving, Saito," Geo said as he pushed Megaman along.

"Saito?" Megaman repeated.

"Well, I can't call you your Navi Name," Geo whispered, "Now keep on moving. We need to get to my house before…"

"THERE YOU ARE!" a voice shouted.

Geo gulped.

"RUN!" Geo yelled as he ran off.

Megaman raised an eye before following. A girl with her long blond hair in two giant pony tails in a formal business-like blue dress ran up to where the two were a few seconds earlier.

"Grrrr… Geo, I swear that I will get you to come to school tomorrow!" the girl yelled, "So says Luna Platz!"

"Who was that?" Megaman asked.

"Luna Platz, my class's Class President," Geo explained, "She's trying to get me to come to school."

"And you're not going because?" Megaman asked.

"…I lost my dad a few months ago…" Geo replied, "I'm not ready to go back there yet."

Megaman's eyes widened.

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean for you to be reminded of your loss," Megaman apologized.

"It's alright, Saito," Geo replied as he stopped, "Here we are. My house."

Megaman looked at the house before them.

"It's really nice, Geo," Megaman smiled.

He then noticed a sign beside the house. It read 'Room for Rent. Contact Hope Stellar for more information.'

"I get it," Gregar's voice came from a jungle-green device on Megaman's arm as it opened and closed on its own, "You brought us here so we can stay with you. I like this kid."

"Mom! I'm home!" Geo yelled as the two walked in.

"Welcome home, Geo," a voice said.

A woman in her early thirties walked in. She had deep brown hair, green eyes, a pink shirt, and jeans.

"Hello there," the woman bowed, "My name is Hope Stellar. May I ask why you're here?"

"I'm here about the room," Megaman replied, "My name is Saito, Saito Hikari-Yami."

"That's good," Hope smiled, "The rent is five hundred Zenny and is due at the first Tuesday of every two months. I'll take you to your room now. Also, you are expected to help around the house, like doing various chores and coming along with me on grocery runs at times."

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