Kivat: Hoshienger Seminar!
Alcance: *adjusting the strings on a violin* So just what species are you four?
Kivat: I am a Kivat-Bat. I possess Demon Imperial Powers which I can instill into Alcance through my Active Fangs. My armor is ornated with Lucifer Gold.
Garuru: I am the last of the Wolfen Race, the fastest of the Demon Races, possessing heightened senses and able to rip out souls with my claws before eating them.
Basshaa: I'm a Merman. I can manipulate water and have keen senses, making me a great marksman! The way I eat souls is to suck them out of someone like it was taking a drink of water.
Dogma: *slams his fists together* Franken…I am…strong! Unbeatable strength! I eat…souls by…grabbing them and…draining the soul…out through an…electric charge.

Kivat: Kivat's Corner! Remember this well: A violin is made from trees, but it may be a different tree depending on which part. The front requires a soft tree. The side requires a hard tree! And people prefer the back to have a pretty grain pattern.

"You did all that?" Sonia gawked.
"Indeed I did," Rayne grinned, "I'm a hell of a lot stronger now! But I know there are people even stronger than me out there. Like the Bosses."
"You mean the me and Lan of the other Zone that was them being the Disciples of these two Gods called Reshiram and Zekrom, right?" Saito asked.
"Those are them," Rayne confirmed as she held up a pair of photos of two near-adult twins, one engulfed in white flames as he was changing into a white armor while the other was engulfed in black lightning as he changed into a black armor.
"Whoa…He's like a brown-haired Tou-san!" the red-haired teen awed.
"That's White Boss. Black Boss is Hub Hikari," Rayne corrected as she pointed at the one in the black lightning, "The only problem is that if the strongest Mind Energy user and the strongest Spiral Energy user in the same area as these two fight, they'll try and kill each other and anyone else nearby."
"What?" Meiru paled.
"I'm serious. The last time it happened, it took the combined might of Toriko-san, Sunny-san, Ccoco-san, and Zebra-Yaro to beat them and then it took Knocking Master Jiro to make sure they didn't die!" Rayne explained, "Trust me, it shows us just how vital balance is and why one energy will never be greater than another. Except for Ultima, since it made everything. ...And seither, too, because that stuff's got the power to kill gods if used in the right way against one."
"Ugh...This just makes my head hurt even more," Saito sighed as he rubbed the area between his eyes.
"I'll tell you what makes my head hurt. Not enough food," Rayne snorted, picking her teeth with the entire table covered in dishes as tall as Turbo.
"When did you eat all that?-!-?" everyone exclaimed in shock and awe.

Geo sighed as he looked out at the man-made river in the backyard of the mansion. He ran a hand along he bandaged stub, letting a tear fall. Shoutarou looked out beside Gentarou, the older man holding Geo's fedora.
"Seems me and him are alike in a way," Shoutarou noted, Gentarou turning to look up at him, "We both lost something close, but he can still get his back. Oi, Rookie."
"What now?" Gentarou pondered before he screamed as Shoutarou threw him out and hit Geo on the head, knocking them both into the river.
Shoutarou turned to Philip, "Any luck?"
"Not much," Philip replied, "He's not coming near Echo Ridge."
"...Try asking where we can meet him," Shoutarou ordered.
"On it," Philip replied as he entered the library, turning and ending up looking into the enraged face of WarRock.
"For the last time, I am not going back there," WarRock growled.
"Actually, I want to know where you would like to meet us," Philip replied.
"...The moon."
"The moon?"
"The moon."
"...The moon?"
"The moon."
"...Are you sure it's the moon?"
"The moon or no deal."
"Very well. Shoutarou's going to be mad, though."


The world we live in now runs on Denpa Technology. However, this has enabled a race of aliens to try and destroy it by fueling up their key of destruction: Andromeda. However, a group of warrior will protect this world. They are…Nagareboshi Sentai Hoshienger!

miageru hoshi sorezore no rekishi ga kagayaite (The stars I look up to, history is written on it)

*The scene changes to Geo looking up at the stars when different colored lights formed the multiple constellations in the sky. He slid his Visualizer over his eyes and the lights changed into the FM-Ians and AM-Ians he had met/fought. He narrowed his eyes at the XIII Members*

seiza no you sen de musubu shunkan hajimaru legend (Like a constellation, the instant the lines connect it starts a legend)

*WarRock appeared at his side in a burst of green flames as Sonia, Grey, Silva, Ace, Marcus, Pat, Solo, Genta, and Naruto ran up to his sides, each with their partners. They turned to each of them and gave a nod. It cut to a dark background that exploded with a supernova*

aurora yurameku jikuu wo koete (Aurora passing through the flickering time)

*The supernova split up and became the AM Sages. The sages then transformed into cards and shot towards Geo, Sonia, Solo, and Rayne*

tobikomu meisou suru Parallel world (Dive into the straying Parallel World)

*Everyone looked at each other and gave a nod. They rose their Transer Cells, Model A, and the SushiChanger into the air and multicolored lights erupted from them, transforming them into their alternate personas*

On the road dare mo tabi no tochuu honto no jibunjishin deau tame (On the road, everyone is on a journey in order to find their real selves)

*The team raced across the Wave Roads as the background changed into various scenes. It cut to various cuts of everyone fighting Jammers, FM-Ian Fangires, and Viruses*

arukitsuzukeru no sa ima wo We are all travelers (Still riding on now, we are all travelers)

*It cut to the XIII as each of them were lined up with all but XIII in the center revealed as their NetNavi selves before changing into their Denpa Forms. It zoomed in to XIII as he was pulling something out*

boku no me no mae ni hirogaru kokonotsu no michi wa itsuka kasanatte (Stretching out in front of my eyes, the nine roads will someday overlap)

*It changed to Alcance as he was standing before a stained-glass mirror. The mirror cracked before collapsing at Alcance's feet. The camera moved up to reveal Shooting Star Kiva in place of Alcance, the Monster Arms at his sides with Castle Doran roaring in the background*

atarashii yoake e to tsuzuku michi ni kawaru no darou (I will be changed on the road that heads on to a new dawn)

*The screen cut to the allies the team had with a series of cuts of the Origami and their combinations, and then Rockman holding up the Star Breaks and his Xtreme Noise Data, changing into each form before ending with Xtreme AM Sage Kaiser Rockman*

mokugekise yo Journey through the decade (Witness the Journey through the decade)

*It cut to a revolving shot of Rockman and Kiva standing before Cepheus as a massive shadow stood over the FM-Ian King. His eyes narrowed before the others appeared at his sides. They gave a charge and the title appeared*


"Hmm...Ah...So much negative energy," XIII smirked.
"Only three letters remain. Then...Then it will all end for Planet Earth. Yogostein!"
"Yes, nari?"
"Go back to the Sanzu River and pull up someone you know, anyone really. Also, while you're down on Earth, create a new man to destroy them."
"Very well, nari."

"How the hell are we gonna get to the moon?-!" Shoutarou demanded.
"...Oh!-!-!-!" Gentarou screamed as he stood up, "I know how to get up there! To the Rider Machines!"
With that, Gentarou bowed and thanked Saito, Meiru, and Hope for their hospitality before running out. Shoutarou and Philip nodded.
"We'll be back..." Shoutarou ran two fingers along his hat's brim, "...With WarRock. Ikuzo, aibou."
Philip nodded before bowing to the three, "We'll come back soon."
"I'll stay here then and give training to the others," Ryu noted as he stood up.
"I'm going to get more supplies from my fridge," Rayne noted as she walked out back, "If we're lucky, I can get Shining Gouram for lunch."
"You're gonna spoil us on alien food," Saito sighed.
"Alternate reality food. There's a difference!" Rayne argued from outside.

"You wish to withdraw a life from Sanzu?" a voice rumbled.
"I have emerged from it, nari. I was given new life which I wish to share, nari," Yogostein informed.
"...Very well. We will accept this," the voice informed, "But know this; once you have died this second time, you will not be revived again."
The sounds of chains shattering and heavy impacts upon steel bellowed. Yogostein smirked as a vertical red light began to shine upon him and slowly expanded.

"'Amanogawa High School...'" Shoutarou read before standing up from his bent over position, "It's named after the Milky Way?"

"Yosh. This is my school," Gentarou replied, "It's here we can get to the moon without a rocket."

"Eh?" Shoutarou blinked as Gentarou walked onto the campus, "Oi! Matte!"
Gentarou led the two Detectives into a building near the other side of the campus. They didn't have to worry much about anyone being there due to it being the break. They entered a room that had a few metal bookshelves and a locker. Shoutarou and Philip noted how it was bolted into the wall and that it was the cleanest thing in there aside from the floor towards it. Gentarou smiled as he grasped the handle and pulled the door open, flooding everything before it with a multicolored light.
"Impressive. An interdimensional doorway," Philip noted.
"Come on. Uchu Kita!" Gentarou grinned as he ran into the locker.
"Ikuzo, aibou."
"Of course," Philip nodded as the two entered.
The trio walked along the path until they approached a sliding white door. It slid open and they quickly entered. Philip awed as they entered a NASA-themed room. There were various items ranging from makeup to electronics scattered about. It seemed like a group of teenagers and two college students used the place to Shoutarou. He looked at a nearby wall to see Fourze's face with the words 'KRC KAMEN RIDER CLUB' below it.
"Shoutarou..." Philip pointed at a nearby window.
"Hm? Aaaaaaah!" Shoutarou screamed, "Th-th-that's the Earth! We...We're really on the moon, aren't we?"
"Yep!" Gentarou grinned.
"...Kouhai, this is impressive," Shoutarou nodded before pulling on a pair of sunglasses tinted purple, "Saa...Let's find WarRock!"
"Yosh!" Gentarou nodded as he quickly activated his FourzeDriver.
"Henshin!" Gentarou declared before pushing the handle and turned into Fourze, "Uchu...Kitaaaa~!"
Minutes later, Fourze jumped along ahead of Double. Philip's body was resting in a swivel chair there, his book held tightly onto.
"This isn't so bad," Shoutarou noted, doing a flip in the air.
"No sign of WarRock, though."
"We'll find him! That I just know!" Fourze declared before looking out to the left, "Hm? Oh! WarRock...Kitaaaaaaaa~~~!"
"Ugh...Discovery twenty-seven: 'The Moon is not made of cheese contrary to popular belief,'" WarRock stuck his tongue out.
"Oi! WarRock!"
"Hm? Wow, you actually did it," WarRock sweatdropped as the two Riders jumped over.
"WarRock, why did you leave Geo? Isn't he your friend?" Fourze demanded.
"We're just acquaintances, nothing more, nothing less," WarRock replied as he put a golf ball down on the moon and pulled out a golf club.
"You're just trying to convince yourself," Fourze noted as WarRock swung, missing the golf ball.
"Hm?" Double looked at Fourze.
"Yosha..." Fourze sat down on a rock nearby, "Geo's really torn up inside by you leaving. You're his first friend, ya know?"


"Before I came here, I talked with Geo. When he was a kid, he never made a friend. It wasn't until he met you that he had someone he could call a friend."
"I was merely using him."
"You were using him. But that ended a long time ago."
"..." WarRock missed again.
"He's good at this," Philip noted quietly.
"That's a Kouhai for you, showing something new," Shoutarou nodded.

"Such strong negative emotions, nari..." Yogostein noted as he and a cloaked figure with a few Jammers stood before an unmarked grave, "Let those negative emotions give path for revival, nari. Come forth, UrsaHiHiyo, nari!"
With that, the Jammers collapsed into Denpa and soaked into the ground. Yogostein pulled out a broken mirror and a vial of data and dropped them onto the ground before the grave. They glowed before sinking into the unmarked grave. A hand erupted from the ground, covered in stained glass. Ursa Helix roared as he erupted from the ground. His body was bulkier than before with the head reshaped into a demonic bear's head. The normal colors he had before had been turned into a solid black with stained glass designs covering him. Two extra arms emerged from his shoulders, the hands replaced with flamethrowers and ice blasters.

"Sonuva..." Saito muttered as the alert had made his card tower topple.
"The Warehouse district," Sonia read.
"Let's go!" Ryuu ordered.
"Denpa Henshin!"
"Ikkan Kenjou!"

"Strumm!-!-!" UraHiHyo roared as he dropped a body made of glass, shattering upon impact with the floor.
"Why does it want a guitar?" ShinkenGold pondered as the group ran over.
"Is it just me, or does he look familiar?" Lyra Phoenix pondered.
"You...I remember you..." UraHiHyo rasped out, pointing at Lyra Phoenix, "Strumm!-!-!"
"Oh no..." Lyra Phoenix and Lyra paled, "Not him..."
"I take it you know this guy?" Accel demanded as he parried a swipe with his EngineBlade as ShinkenGold whipped out his Sakanamaru and DaiGoyou to block the other paw.
"I though Bass kill him," Lyra gulped.
"They're using dead bodies as the bases for these things," Lyra Phoenix realized, "This one was my old manager before I went with Okaa-chan and then retired."
"My plans..." UrsaHiHyo snarled before batting the two away and blasted Axl in the chest with his flamethrower while freezing GekiForest with his ice ray, "...You were supposed to be my ticket to money! I'll kill you, Sonia Strumm!-!-!"
He charged at her only for Kiva to slam a fist into his face, knocking him back.
"Ugh. Just my luck," Kiva scowled beneath his mask, "You sick freaks are here."
"Alcance!" Lyra Phoenix gasped.
"Kiva. Ore wa Shooting Star Kiva," the night-based warrior snapped as he jumped over the swing UrsaHiHyo sent before he slammed a fist onto the back of his head, knocking the Kaijin over.

Geo looked out at the river, sitting on the grass. Vista Point was almost as good in the daytime as it was in the night. Stupid sun couldn't let him see the Wave Roads, though...
"You look down," a voice said before Geo looked up.
"W-WarRock?" Geo gasped.
"Yeah…" the AM-Ian sighed.
"WarRock… Why did you come back? I thought you were done with me. I mean, just look at me. I'm useless without my other arm."
"That's fine, Geo."
"There is no being who is perfect. 'Living by supporting each other is the game called life.' Those were the words of the late Narumi Sokichi," WarRock spoke as he gave Geo a piece of paper, "Shoutarou gave it to me. Here. Read this. It was written by him to a Bitou Isamu."
"'Nobody's Perfect,'" Geo read, "So nobody's perfect…"
"It would be heartbreaking if a crime was exposed for Bitou Isamu back then. That was Narumi Sokichi's strictness, as well as his kindness. It took those words for me to realize it."
"But… I'm weak…" Geo sighed.
"I told you, nobody's perfect. I had forgotten the most important thing I've learned since I came to this planet. Rockman, the being that came to be thanks to your father, is not just a mere weapon of war. Rockman is worthless if he's only strong. Geo, your kindness…your gentleness…your heart is needed," WarRock replied before holding his hand out to the teen, "Geo!"
"WarRock…" Geo whispered as he took the hand, pulling him up.
"If that turns out to be weakness… then I will accept it."
"WarRock…" Geo sniffled, "Thank you."
"Let's go… Geo Stellar, son of Kelvin and Hope Stellar."
Cue – Kamen Rider W Soundtrack: Nobody's Perfect
WarRock and Geo slowly walked over a hill to see Shoutarou and Philip nearby, a sidecar added to the HardBoiler. Gentarou was grinning was he leaned on a rocket ship-themed motorcycle. Philip tossed a helmet over to Geo, letting the teen catch it with his only arm and put it on. The teen got into the sidecar as WarRock entered something in Shoutarou's pocket. Shoutarou smirked before pulling out a Star-themed Transer Cell, bearing the emblem on WarRock. He handed it to Geo and nodded. Geo returned the nod and they drove off. At the warehouse, Lyra Phoenix was sent back by UrsaHiHyo's ice attack as Axl was hit by a fire attack. ShinkenGold swung his blade at him from behind, but it bounced off and ended up with him being slashed away by the FM-Ian Fangire. The cycles took a corner as they got closer to the power plant. Grey, Sonia, and Forrest collapsed as ShinkenGold was barely standing with AccelBoost. The FM-Ian Fangire turned to see the HardBoiler and the space-themed motorcycle stop near him. Geo, Philip, and Shoutarou got off it, Gentarou getting off the motorcycle used to power the vehicle. Gentarou put on the FourzeDriver while Shoutarou put the DoubleDriver on as Geo became Rockman. The four proceeded to walk towards the FM-Ian Fangire. Nearby, Kiva jumped onto a walkway.
"Noise Change: Double."
As the three fighters approached, Kiva noted that blue sparks were emerging from the center line on Rockman: Double Noise. The two stopped when they were a few meters away.
"Saa, omae wo tsumi o kazoero!" the two fighters declared.
"Uchu...Kita! Kamen Rider Fourze! Let's settle this man-to-man!" the space Rider declared.
End Song
"This is interesting. The connection is horrible because of a missing limb?" Kivat pondered.
"Maybe, Kivat-sensei," Kiva replied before jumping down and between the three, "I'm here to merely watch. When you're done, I'm ending it."
"Same," Philip added.
"Deal," WarRock smirked.
"Don't make me laugh!" UrsaHiHyo cackled before the two began to fight before it began to turn in favor of UrsaHiHyo.
"This is bad…It's because I'm missing my arm. Double Noise needs us to have equal body parts, I think," Rockman: Double Noise grunted.
"It's causing our bodies pain," WarRock grunted.
"Don't give up, WarRock," Rockman: Double Noise grunted, "Give it all your might!"
"I'll give it all I've got! I'll follow you! This pain is nothing compared to what I've felt before! I can endure it!" Rockman: Double Noise declared as he kicked UrsaHiHyo away, "Knowing that you came back… Knowing you don't care about me being without an arm… Knowing that you're still my very first friend in my whole life… will allow me to never crumble ever again!"
The sparks dissipated before a rainbow light began to seep out of the silver divider line that split the two halves. The two that made Rockman: Double Noise roared as the glow intensified.
"I know, Aibou," Double's Joker Half agreed, "Xtreme Memory!"
The bird-shaped GaiaMemory flew over and absorbed Philip's body in a green light after it made a second copy of itself. The copy flew above Rockman: Double Noise before the two Xtreme Memories attached to the DoubleDrivers.


Within Rockman: Double Noise, Geo and WarRock floated around.
"What is this overflowing power? I feel like I'm becoming one with the Earth!" Geo gasped.
"That's not all! That includes us! Both our bodies and our souls…" WarRock began.
"…Are becoming one!" Rockman: Double Noise declared as he began to transform.
Everyone closely looked at Rockman: Double Noise. The helmet's sides had changed to resemble four shooting stars making an 'X' while his shoulder guards gained the same look. The bottom of his feet had two bands that made an 'X' each. The dividing line had become wider, taking up the middle of the helmet, torso, and half the legs. On his back were six wings in the colors of the new form and based upon Ice Pegasus. His shoulders wore bulky armor resembling the back of Dragon Sky while his legs had bulky armor based upon Leo Kingdom with the 'Xs' over them. On his torso was the symbol of Rockman surrounded by a triangle of the symbols of the three AM Sages.
"He…He opened up!" Sonia gasped.
"That's not all! Look!" ShinkenGold gasped as he lost his transformation.
"His arm…His arm's back!" Sonia cried happily.
"Shooting Star Rockman...XtremeStarForce!" the warrior declared in a perfect unison of Geo and WarRock's voices.
"Wow…" Kivat gawked as the silver part sparked with data-colored lines.
"Geo, I've read up everything about this form and our opponent along with how to save the NetNavi and change it back from a Fangire," the green half stated, "We're now stuck with this form permanently, yet capable of making Xtreme Changes instead of Full Changes and Half Changes. Our original form is gone along with Noise Change while our three Star Break cards have fused with it as well."
"Hai, WarRock. Kiva, Fourze, Double, Accel, let's combine our Maximum Drives," the black half ordered.
"Yosh!" Fourze nodded as he pulled out a red Switch and put it into the circle slot, pulling the yellow ring on it.
A melody erupted from the Driver. His white turned red with fire-themed attachments forming on his shoulders and torso with small 'flames' on the side of his helmet, the 'bug eyes' turning red. In his right hand was a red and silver fire extinguisher-themed blaster.
"I think the boy has the right idea," Kivat grinned, "But first…We may need something with a little more…'Oomph.'"
Kiva nodded. With that, he pulled out a clear whistle. This one had a green, fish-like top to it. He inserted the whistle into Kivat's open jaws and closed them.

"Nobody move… Nobody make a sound…" Garuru whispered as he prepared to put two cards at the top of a house of cards.
It was then a melody played in the air. Garuru flinched and the house of cards collapsed. His left eye twitched as Basshaa cheered.
"Aw fuck it!"
"Yay! I get to play now!" Basshaa cheered before he skipped off, transforming into a statue.
Outside, Castle Doran's head poked out. He roared before firing a fireball in the direction of the power plant. Kiva caught the fireball to reveal it was a statue of Basshaa. The front flipped forward as three 'fins' spun around it. Chains erupted from the statue-turned-magnum and up Kiva's right arm. They shattered to reveal it had become green with a fin-like shoulder guard. Chains wrapped around his torso and shattered to reveal a green, fin-theme torso. Kivat's eyes and the visors on Kiva's face turned into a vivid shade of emerald green, Kiva's visors seemingly being filled with the green liquid like water.
"Kiva: Basshaa Form," Kiva stated playfully as he let the hammer of the gun be bitten by Kivat.
"Basshaa Aqua Tornado," Kiva stated as the room was filled with water as the sky changed to dark with a half moon in the sky.
"Prism Bicker."
"Bicker Finallusion!" Double declared.
"Your goal is despair."
Rockman: XtremeStarForce folded in the Xtreme Memory on his belt. He proceeded to hold up three cards and slashed them through the slit made before he opened it up.
"Rider Bakurestu Shot!" Fourze Fire States roared as he unleashed a barrage of fireballs from his Fire Module Hea-Hack Gun.
"AM Sage Xtreme!" Rockman: XtremeStarForce declared as he was engulfed in all the elements the AM Sages had along with the energy of the Xtreme Memory before shooting out at UrsaHiHyo in a flying double kick.
The five attacks charged at UrsaHiHyo. The FM-Ian Fangire screamed as the attacks collided with him, Rockman: XtremeStarForce being the only fighter in the attacks to hit him with a physical attack.

'Alcance managed to get away during the end of the finishers. However, we've managed to get our friendship back together and obtained a new power. Though we can't use our original abilities anymore, this new form, XtremeStarForce, will be helpful in fighting the FM-Ians,' Geo typed down on an old typewriter, 'Tomorrow, Oya-san goes back home with the others. Gentarou left since classes were going to start up again at his school, taking along the NetNavi kid and dubbing him 'Kisaragi Hoshikawa' so no one could question his origins except for his grandfather. Blues-san and Ace-san really have their work cut out for them in creating fake identities for the Denpa-Fangires that we change into lives. We wished him luck while Rayne gave him a bag of food from this Gourmet World she had trained in.' "It's good to have you back, Aibou."
"Nice to be back," WarRock nodded, "So when did Rayne come home?"
"A few days ago," Geo replied.
"Ah..." WarRock nodded before biting into a cabbage in the color of an almond, "This Almond Cabbage truly is delicious."
"Just don't eat Jeweled Meat before bed, got it?"
"Heh-heh. Deal," WarRock chuckled as he went into the new Transer Cell as Geo put his fedora on a hat rack, smiling at the Transer Cell =Night, Aibou=
"Night, WarRock."

Everyone: Hoshienger Seminar!
WarRock: Man...It feel so good being back here.
Geo: It's good to have you back here.
Gregar: Ga~ay...
Both: *punt him out*
WarRock: You know, I am curious about you, Rayne.
Rayne: How so?
WarRock: Geo told me about a time when the Saito and Lan Hikari that you traveled with went nuts and began to fight each other. Who were those four that beat them?
Rayne: *grins* Oh, them? I'll tell you...*points at you* ...Next chapter!