Title: Hole In One.
Author: oKayeBree.
Rating: NC17.
Spoilers: Season One.
Pairing(s): Bree/Rex. Bree/George.

Hole In One!

George Williams, a Pharmacist in the town of Fairview had been seeing Bree Van De Kamp, a doctor's wife for almost two months now and on this day, he had taken her to a mini golf course, not the usual place for a date, but Bree didn't think anything of it since she saw it as they were friends.

Bree liked George. She'd always got along with him, and he was always cheery whenever she was picking up Rex's medication form the pharmacy and he served her. He always gave service with a smile. Although on the other hand, Rex was always wary of George's niceness and his breeziness towards Bree, Rex often wondered if George had a thing for his wife.

So now, Bree had just taken her shot on the eighth hole at the mini golf course and the ball had went just narrow of the hole, she giggled and shrugged letting George step up to the spot to take a shot at his ball. the redhead stood just to the side of him and giggled a little, her perfume filled his head in the cool breeze and her laughter sang in his eardrums.

George stood still for a moment to regain his focus before she began to whisper and chant, "Miss it, miss it, miss it..." and he glanced at her when her breath on his neck sent shivers along his spine, making the short hairs on the nape of his neck stand on end. Once he had turned back to concentrate on the ball, he felt aroused suddenly when she let her fingers walk up his back.

"Okay George, time's up, take your best shot" she smiled to him.

He felt a certain tightness in his groin, "I...I'm not ready"

"There are people waiting, come on"

He swallowed, "I just need a minute" the family behind had waiting for some time, since Bree had insisted on George putting on sunscreen and he lending her his golfing glove, but now they didn't seem too bothered and moved onto the next hole, George mentally thanked them as he looked down.

Bree saw the family leave, one of the children looking back and sniggering at George, then she saw why, "George, do you have an erection?"

He held onto the gold club tighter, feeling himself growing harder as he looked at her creamy legs in those golfing shorts and the soft curves of her hips, her slender waist and perfect breasts. George nodded and gave a pathetic whimper in response when he laid eyes on her face.

She swallowed and bit her lip, an eyebrow raised, "You have to get rid of it" she scolded him.

"There's only one way" he told her.

"Oh?" she questioned.

George now stood holding his hand in front of the bulge in his trousers and quickly dragging her off into the shade under a large weeping willow tree, hidden from any view and he kissed her deeply, passionately. Bree let him, she had not had any contact of the sort from Rex in over four months and she craved to be touched in the way George was.

Swiftly, he got them both to the ground and lay on top of Bree, wriggling out of his trousers and boxers as he tugged down Bree's golfing shorts, finding she was wearing no panties, and he quickly thrust into her, ripping a ragged moan from her throat.

It didn't take long for George to climax since it had been a long while since he's had any sexual release and he rolled off Bree panting, leaving her completely puzzled and almost shamed and what had just happened, she looked to him and frowned in disarray, as George simply said, "Hole in one...!" and smirked, knowing he'd got one up on Doctor Van De Kamp.

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