Mike and Antoine: That God Damn CD Player

A story loosely based on the Award-Winning PC game, World in Conflict


First of all, I noticed that World in Conflict does not have a place in fanfiction. How can an award winning game not have a place at ? I mean it has all the qualities of a good game with a good gameplay and a good story. I also search at fanfiction and I am surprised to see no results at all.

So with that, I intend for World in Conflict to have a place in fanfiction. I hope the moderators or staff would see this and say hey let's listen to this guy and make an archive for World in Conflict. For those of you who have read this, please, I encourage you to make more World in Conflict fanfic or let the others know more.

Anyway, this story is based on the game but focuses more on the lower rank characters. This will probably be a short story as I thought I could make this a one-shot fic. I thought I could, but it looks like I'm going to extend it to two or possibly three chapters. Now, on with the story...

That God Damn Maniac

After Pine Valley, the Russians pulled back and tightened their perimeter around Seattle. Unable to mount an attack ourselves, we waited nursing our wounds trying to anticipate what would happen next

1800 hours

Several weeks after the invasion

The town square in Pine Valley

Good old buddies Antoine and Mike have gone through a lot in the past weeks. They have witnessed the invasion of Seattle and how they changed their National Guard uniforms for Army ones. They held with them their M16 rifle and sat on a park bench beside an M2 Bradley, taking a short rest before heading back to patrol. Mike had a great idea to finish their break time.

"Hey Antoine, you wanna head to the beach? I was thinking we can take a look at the sea while the sun sets. You know, just us guys." Mike asked.

"Yeah sure, why not?" Antoine replied.

They headed to the beach and watch the sun as it sets to the sea for a short while. Unfortunately, they were not alone. The other soldiers also gathered at the beach front as well on the concrete sea barriers occupying some of the park benches there. It would appear that the beach was the most prominent tourist spot of the town, if the commies have not invaded Seattle and this town had not been evacuated.

"So, what now?" Antoine asked.

"I… don't… know." Mike said.

"Hey, why don't we find some god damn batteries for your CD player?"

"Hey, that's a great idea. Come'on, let's go."

They headed toward the supermarket and the gas station. They were bound to find some batteries there. They had been staying in the town for weeks and only now did they just think about it. Unfortunately, the local leadership got all of the batteries to use for radio and power use at the radio station. It was an important perimeter area that must not be left to the enemy's hands. None was left for the simple joys of hearing something from that damn CD player.

"Looks like I'll never hear something from your CD player Mike. If you did, I could be dead by then."

"Don't say that dude. We're gonna find some god damn batteries in this god damn town."

"Let's look in the town square."

And so, they headed to the town square and searched for some batteries in the town shops. They were sure that there were some batteries around. There has got to be unless, Charlie Company got the remaining scraps of it. The sun was setting and their search was still fruitless until they reached a flower shop near the city hall. They reached the shop and looked around carefully. Batteries are sure to be here. Mike opened some of the cabinets and then… eureka.

"Antoine, look what I got."

"Holy shit, you've found some batteries."

"And now for the moment of truth…"

Mike reached for his backpack and looked for the CD player. Oddly, he could not feel it, so he took off his backpack and made a more detailed search.

"Is there something wrong Mike?"

"I could've sworn I placed… oh no."

Several Weeks Ago…

1800 hours

Invasion Day

Mike and Antoine looked at the bridge as it was bombed by a B-52. Mike went forward toward a car beside the river.

"Hey, what's that thing?" Antoine asked.

"This my friend is a portable CD player."





"What's it sound like?"

"I wish I could show you but the batteries are dead. I wish I could find some new ones."

Then an Abrams tank heads straight for them. "Hey watch out!" Mike said as he pushed his friend away from the incoming tank. The tank slams the car but stops. The man commanding the tank looked down at the two and notices a doll hanging from Antoine's left chest.

"Stow away that toy soldier!"

"But it's from my daughter sir."

The man shrugs it off. "Go." He tells the tank driver. As they go away, Antoine was pissed off.

"I should stow him away." Antoine said.

"God damn maniac." Mike then continues. "Let's see if we can get a ride back to the rallying point."


They left the riverside without knowing that they also left the CD player.

"You remember that time when Captain Bannon almost hit us with his tank and…"

Antoine suddenly remembered. "Oh my God! We forgot to get it."

Mike's face turned red. "That god damn maniac!"