Tricia: Okay, same disclaimers as before...oh Rachel!

Rachel: Yeah?

Tricia: They want us to write that scene.

Rachel: What...oh. OH!

Tricia: Hmm, that's for another day. (dodges bricks) Thanks for all the wonderful reviews. We'll be sure to write it, but in the meantime, read this!

Rachel: We'll begin that 'fic right after the sugar is out of our system. (eats 5 pixy sticks and dodges bricks)

Round 2

"I get to!! I won the toss-up!!!!"
"That coin was a two-headed coin!!!"
Currently, the two insane writers were fighting over who got to light Yuki's cigarette. (in Rachel's perspective, and an old joke, if you light someone's cigarette, they owe you seven years of good sex X-D).
"Um, aren't you gonna tell us the rules for round 2?" asked Hiro.
The two girls temporarily turned away from Yuki, who hid on the other side of the room. "Oh! Sorry!"
Tricia plopped herself on the desk. "Okay, the rules are simple. They're the same as from round 1, expect whoever went first can't go first again and whoever went last can't go last again."
"DAMMIT!!!!!!!" cried Shuuichi.
Tricia held the hat high. "Let's get started."
Rachel pulled out a name. "Hiro."
"Oh my God," moaned Hiro, and stood.
"And..." Rachel pulled out another. "Yuki."
Everyone fell over. Aizawa laughed at Shuuichi, who was bawling his eyes out.
"Off you go, you two!!" giggled Rachel. She dragged and shoved them into the room. Once she closed the door, she yelled, "Noriko! Start the timer!"

There was silence in the room. Yuki smoked and flicked ashes while Hiro glared at him. After about five minutes, Hiro spoke.
"You better be nice to Shuuichi."
Yuki rolled his eyes. "God, not this lecture again..."
"You're so cold to him. It's like you're playing with him, and not really caring for him."
"So I poke fun at the dumb ass. Big deal."
"You're an asshole."
Yuki looked at him, then burst out laughing.
"What's so funny about that?!?! I mean it!!!"

"Times up!!!" yelled Noriko.
The two guys came out. Yuki was still laughing, and Hiro was still glaring at him.
Rachel held the hat high. "Who's next?"
Tricia pulled out a name. "Aizawa."
Aizawa froze like a deer in headlights. "I have a bad omen about this..."
"And..." Tricia pulled out another. She read it and laughed. "Tohma."
Several started laughing. Aizawa stared at Tohma, who wore a scary smile.
"In you go!!!" said Rachel, kicking Aizawa into the room. Tohma followed and closed the door.
"You guys are doing this on purpose, aren't you?!" growled Ma-kun. "Deliberately putting Tachi in that room with people who hate him!!!!"
"Who should we put him with?" asked Tricia. "You?" Ma-kun stiffened. "I don't think anyone wants to read about you two doing it."
"Why not? I mean...what the hell are you talking about?!?!"

"Seguchi-san, please put down those scissors," said Aizawa.
"Oh, these?" asked Tohma. He held up very sharp scissors. "What, do you think I'm threatening you? No. But if you think about threatening Eiri-san again, I'll kill you."
"Um, that's a threat."
"Oh? Oops. Sorry."
"Why do you love that Yuki guy?! You're married, aren't you?"
Tohma's face twisted in anger. "All the time. I get that damn question ALL THE TIME!!!!!" (uh oh, Tohma's gone psycho on us).

"Time's up!!!" called Noriko.
"Help!!!" screamed Aizawa, running behind Ken-chan and Ma-kun.
Tohma came out, holding sharp scissors. "Just ask it again!!! I dare you to!!!"
Mika walked over and put herself between Tohma and ASK. "That's enough, Tohma."
Tohma went un-psycho and put on a nice grin. "Oh. Hello, Mika-san."
Tricia held the hat high. "Good. He's calmed down. Okay, who's next?"
Rachel pulled out a name. "Sakano."
Sakano, who had been slightly freaked out by Tohma's outburst, stood up.
Rachel pulled out another. "K-san."
K, who had also been freaked out, laughed his usual psychotic laugh.
"This is getting weird," said Tricia.

"So I was thinking for Bad Luck," said Sakano. "Maybe we could try to get on a music show?"
K sipped his tea. "No can do. Tomorrow, they'll be going on a talk show."
"Talk show? Like Montel?"
"Yeah, just not on Montel."
"What then?"
"Jerry Springer."
"They said some of those security guys became sick, so Bad Luck will fill in for them."
"This won't get us the right publicity! Do they even know?"
"I think they'll figure when they're handed Jerry Springer shirts."
"Oh my God."

"Time's up!!" yelled Noriko.
Sakano came running out. "Shindou-kun!! Nakano-kun!! Fujisaki-kun!! Run!!! K-kun is gonna-"
Suddenly, he felt cold steel against the back of his neck. He laughed nervously. "Ah, nothing! Carry on!"
K grinned, then removed his gun.
Rachel held the hat high. "Okay, who's next?"
Tricia pulled out a name. "Tricia."
"Oh, that's you!" squealed Rachel. "Whom're you going in with?"
Tricia reached in again. "Uh, Ma-kun?"
Ma-kun looked up. Tricia grabbed two cans of raspberry ice tea, and two boxes of pocky. Then she grabbed her white binder. "Let's go, Ma-kun."
Rachel laughed as they entered the room. "I hope Ma-kun sees the surprise I put in her binder!!"

Ma-kun flipped through the binder. "These are pretty good fanfics...hey, I remember reading this one! This is my favorite DBZ fanfic!"
"Shh," said Tricia. "Keep it a secret, 'kay?"
"What, that you-"
"Okay, okay." He chewed on a pocky stick as he flipped through the binder. Suddenly, he shrieked and flung the binder to the floor. The Remix Doujinshi volume 9 fell out and opened on the floor.
Tricia stared at the opened pages in shock. "Oh my...did that hurt? Wait, that's not you."
Ma-kun tried to reach for the Doujinshi, but Tricia scooped it off the floor and flipped through the pages. "Aw man! That's nasty!!"
"Just give it to me," pleaded Ma-kun.
Tricia held open a page for him to see. "See?"
Ma-kun shrieked again. Tricia looked at the page and grimaced. "God! What do you see in Aizawa, anyway?"
"Please just give it to me."
"Why? So you can look at this?" Tricia held open another page. Ma-kun past out, with blood squirting out of both nostrils.

"Time's up!!!" yelled Noriko.
Tricia came out, dragging Ma-kun by his foot. "Hi!!!!"
Aizawa and Ken-chan examined him. Aizawa glared at Tricia angrily. "Damn you!! What'd you do to him?!?!?!"
"Oh nothing," giggled Tricia. She walked back to the desk, handing Rachel the Doujinshi. Then she held the hat high. "Who's next?"
Rachel pulled out a name. "Shuuichi."
"But I don't wanna!!!" whined Shuuichi. "If it isn't Yuki, then I can't do it!!!"
"And..." Rachel pulled out another. "Ayaka."
"OH GOD NO!!!!!!!" screamed Shuuichi. Ayaka glared at him.

Shuuichi tried to pull the window open, but to no avail. "WAAAH!!!!! I want Yuki!!!!"
"I get the point!!!" snapped Ayaka. "Shut up!!"
"Damn," muttered Shuuichi. "Why do I have to be stuck with the fiancée from hell?!?!"
"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?!?!?!" shrieked Ayaka.
"Uh, nothing. How long has it been since we got in here?"
"Two minutes."
"TWO?!?! WAAH, I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF!!!!!" Shuuichi tried to get the window open, but it was nailed shut. (Heeheehee)
Ayaka rolled her eyes. If Shuuichi didn't shut up, SHE was gonna kill herself.
[Rachel: Yeah, kill yourself bitch!!! No one will miss you!!!
Tricia: Rachel, shut up.]
Shuuichi clawed at the walls. "YUUUUUUUUKI!!!!!!!"
"Shut up ahut up SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Ayaka.

"Okay, time's up!!!" yelled Noriko.
Shuuichi came out and jumped on Yuki. "YUUUUUUUUKI!!!!!!!"
Ayaka came out, rubbing her forehead. "God, someone get me aspirin!!!"
Tricia and Rachel were laughing. Yuki was trying to pry Shuuichi off him, and Hiro gave Ayaka TylenolTM.
Rachel held the hat high. "Next up is?"
Tricia pulled out a name. "Mika."
Mika stood up, yawning in boredom.
Tricia pulled out another. "Rachel."
"Oh God!!!!" wailed Suguru. "That leaves no girls left!!!"
Rachel grabbed her stuff and cheerfully followed Mika into the room. Yuki was STILL trying to pry Shuuichi off, and Ryuuichi and Hiro were trying to comfort Suguru.

Mika sipped her ice tea. "Hmm, this doesn't taste like raspberry..."
Rachel grinned. "Did ya notice? I slapped a label over the can! It's Long Island Ice Tea!!"
"Good. I need this after dealing with those freaks..."
"Say it, dammit!!!!"
"Okay!" Rachel cleared her throat and took a deep breath. "Are you happy?"
"Oh. Thrilled. I have a husband who lusts after my little brother. Just peachy...oops, did I say that out loud?"
"Oh, don't worry. Even I get annoyed with that...Quatre look-alike..."

Note: Though many have wondered about this, we have come to the conclusion that Seguchi Tohma is somehow related to Quatre Raberba Winner. For those of you who don't know who the hell Quatre is [Rachel: If you're an Otaku living in the US, where the hell have you been?!?! Underground?!?!], Quatre is a character from Gundam Wing [Rachel: I think he's gay. Tricia: SHUT UP!!!!!!] Let's compare Quatre and Tohma:

Same platinum blond hair...
Same sapphire blue eyes...
Same voice actor: Orikasa Ai (God, what are the odds of THAT)
Same homosexual tendencies (Tricia punches Rachel for that input)

[Tricia: Wait...if Quatre is gay, then Trowa--] [Rachel: NO!!!!!!! Trowa isn't gay!!!! He--] [Tricia: Who's he gonna end up with?! Catherine?! You DO know they are actual biological sibs!!!]

Note: We have gotten actual proof that they are related. Trowa's actual name is Triton Bloom. (a barrage of bricks and such are flung at the authors)

[Rachel: Uh...what were we doing?] [Tricia: Baka. We both got off track (to viewers) We're sooooo sorry!!!! Back to the fanfic!!!]

Mika gulped down her tea. "That stupid...I just want to jump him one of these days."
"Why don't you?" asked Rachel, grinning wickedly. "In a pro and con way!!!"
"Good idea!!!"

"How much time is left?" asked Tricia.
"Another three minutes," said Noriko.
"Funny," said Hiro. "It seems longer than that..."
Suddenly, the door kicked open. Mika stood tall and dignified. She stalked over to Tohma and flung him over her shoulder. "Tohma, you're coming with me."
"Wait, Mika-san!!!!"
Mika walked to the exit door and opened it. (funny how it's not locked) She was gone in a flash, closing the door behind her. Suguru grabbed the doorknob and twisted it, but it didn't budge. Locked, again.
Rachel walked out, all smiles. "Okay, that was short, so it's a two minutes intermission!!"
The two minutes weren't long. Noriko declared the time was up, and the cast stopped trying to escape.
"Okay, we're down to the final four!!!" squealed Rachel.
"Same rules for this!!" said Tricia. She held the hat high. "Okay, who's up?"
Rachel pulled out a name. Tatsuha."
Tatsuha got up, shaking excitedly. "Am I with Ryuuichi? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am I? Am-"
"SHUT UP!!!!" yelled Yuki.
Rachel pulled out another. She burst out laughing.
"WHAT?!" screamed Tatsuha.
Rachel held up the paper. "Ryu-chan!!!!!"
"THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Tatsuha. He grabbed Ryuuichi and swung him around while holding Ryuuichi's hands.
"'Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies!!!'" sang Ryuuichi. "'Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!!!!!!'" He promptly fell to the floor with Tatsuha falling on top on him. They rolled around in a giggling jumble.
Yuki sighed in annoyance and grabbed the two. "Whatever you do, do it in there!!!!" He tossed them in and closed the door.

Note: We know, we know...first with Yuki and Shuuichi, now Ryuuichi and Tatsuha. Sorry. But tell us if you want a fanfic on those two as well. We'll be sure to do it!! (Tricia and Rachel run for cover as a huge boulder lands close by after being launched from a massive slingshot)

"Noriko, aren't you gonna say, 'time's up'?" asked Shuuichi.
"I won't bother," said Noriko. "They won't come out until they're 'done'."

Close to a half hour later...

"That was sooooo much fun!!!!" declared Ryuuichi as he exited the room. Tatsuha looked dazed but in heaven.
Rachel hooted and cheered. Tricia cleared her throat. "Now, that leaves Suguru and Ken-chan."
"We can skip it, right?" asked Suguru.
"Don't worry," said Rachel. "Ken-chan seems okay, so I don't think he'll-"
"You haven't seen Remix Doujinshi volume 10, have you?" asked Tricia.
"You have."
"...Just go in!!" Rachel said coolly as she picked up the suddenly chibi-fied pair and tossed them into the other room. "Mataku. Who'd have he would be so damn schizoid over being in a room alone with another man for a few minutes?"
"What's being schizoid have to do with this?" Tricia asked rolling her eyes.
"You really haven't seen our copy of Remix volume 10 yet have you?"

Meanwhile, in the room:
You get the idea.

"Ooh, Tohma left his hat AND his coat behind!!" squealed Tricia. "Can we keep 'em?"
"I have dibs on the feather coat!!" said Rachel.
"Time's up!!" yelled Noriko.
The two guys came out, their expressions neutral.
"Can we go home NOW?!?!" asked Aizawa.
"And allow you to have 'happy time with Ma-kun'?" asked Rachel. Ma-kun choked on his drink.
"We promised," said Tricia.
"...I want to keep 'em!"
"We can't."
"...What about Ryu-chan-"
"WE CAN'T!!!!"
"Okay!! Bye, everyone!!" Rachel promptly tackled/glomped Ryuuichi.
Tricia sighed, and smoothed her hair back. " or never..." She promptly glomped Yuki.
"HEY!!!!!!" snapped Shuuichi.
"But!!" wailed Tricia. "We'll never see you guys again!!!"
"Glomp K-san!!! He's straight!!!"
"Bye, K-san!!!" said Rachel.
"Bye!" K said in English.
Tricia stopped glomping Yuki. "Hmmph."
After everyone was gone, the two authors looked around the office, which was in shambles.
"Tohma can pay for it!!!" they both declared.
"Let's go read some fanfics!!!" said Rachel.
"And write some!!!" said Tricia.
And so, everyone was happy. Except Aizawa, but a little blood-urine never hurt anyone.

YAY!!!! We're done!!! Okay, we've got that YukixShuuichi 'fic to write. And possibly that TatsuhaxRyuuichi 'fic. You decide! Thanks for reading!!! ^_^