As Naruto and his future girl, well at least he thinks that, were walking to his house he started to get nervous, "what if he wasnt up to her standers?"

Ino finally spoke "We close yet?" she answered "yea...right there" he pointed to his house "It's nice Naruto, very impressed" she said with honor as for him he finally had a smile on his face and his head was high.

"Go in" he said as he opened the door for her "Thanks, your such a gentlemen" he smiled at her "Thanks" she looked around at his nice room and unmade bed "Ha i guess you were in a rush this morning" she chuckled "Yea i was had to do something" he made up a lie. "What was that?" she questioned "Uhhh...i had to..." he couldn't think of anything, she chuckled knowing what he went to do and that was to see her "Whats so funny?" he asked in a funny mood "Nothing" she said in a way that left Naruto wondering what she was thinking.

"Ill be out quick, ok Ino" he said heading to his bathroom "Ok, ill wait here" she responded.

"Make yourself at home wont be shy" then closed the door behind him. He looked at himself in his mirror and washed it with water, then proceeded to take his clothes off...

He took of his orange shirt and exposed his nice body that he had worked for practicing on the field and a little with Sakura...in bed...

Next came his pants he slid them off slowly and rubbed his stomach, he was now left in boxers and it wasn't long before they came off and exposed his soft unharden dick. He stroked it once and moaned a little as he remembered when he use to make sweet sweet love to Sakura, he loved pleasing her and did everything to her that she wanted but it had to end, she had gotten bord of their sex, sure it was good, no it was better then good it was perfect but she felt that the connection between them had just became a sexual thing. But Naruto did not think that he liked her a lot he had been with her for seven months and was falling in love with her but ended up heartbroken.

The blond got in the shower and put the water on hot, as far as it could go and put a little of cold into it.

The water hit him hard and made him want to turn the hot off but he didn't want to, something in him was enjoying it, his nipples got hard and turned around to face the water hitting his chest and face, the water hit his dick and it began to get hard.

He massaged his head with his head and moved his fingers threw his hair, but in that very second she remembered Ino touching his hair, his dick got harder and began to hurt, he remembered her and her face and wanted to touch her and make love to her. He knew it wasn't right because they don't know each other that much but something about the blue eye beauty that attracted him to her. He grabbed his dick and stroked it again, and let out another moan.

The wet blond was now hard as a brick and wanted to bust a nut, he grabbed some soap he had to wash himself and squirted some on his right hand and wrapped it around his large cock and stroked it two more times and his head got red as he slowly began to pick up pace, he stroked it three times this time going faster and breathing hard with every stroke, his ankles were week and couldn't take it but it felt so good.

His hand slipped down his shaft quick and slippery, his light brown curls were wet and his balls were sweaty and hard, a sign that he was ready to cum, he stroked it and squeezed it harder and moaned a little louder...loud enough Ino heard it.

The blue eyed demon got up from the bed when she heard a moaning sound "what was that?" she asked herself "Naruto?". She walked to the front of the bathroom and knocked on it "Naruto? are you ok" she asked "Ye...yea im..o..ok" he said breathing hard "Ok then i thought I heard something" she said "Na ill be out soon ok?" he tried to sound ok and take the nervousness out of his voice "Ok then take your time" Ino walked back to his bed and layed their.

"Shit! now she must knwo what i was doing! I need to be more quit"he said to himself in his head and began to stroke his shaft which was still hard as brick's. To help him cum faster he remembered what he and Sakura did in bed, after all she was the one who he lost his virginity to, she used to do everything he asked her, he did the same, once they were in his room talking and he became aroused and got hard in front of her and she told him she wanted to do something and next thing you know she sucked everywhere around his groin area she liked doing that to him, he would cum in her mouth and she''ll get horny of the cum on her chin and lips.

That same day he made her cum three times and she had enjoyed it so much, Naruto stuck to fingers in her and had her moaning his name, she even gave him a wound on his back it was so good, he licked her clit and massaged his finger on it and that drove her crazy in a sexy way. But their first time was good, it only lasted about fourteen minutes but she liked it he started with her neck and he moved down and leading to them having sex. The first time she saw his dick she got tight and began to get wet she loved that about him, he was big down their unlike her other sex partners Sauske,Shikamaru, or Kiba, She liked them just for sex but Sasuke had the biggest out of them. But Sakura though that Naruto was the best. She did everything with it...it was lets say...her toy...

Naruto stroked himself a couple of times wondering when he was going to bust but he also had this feeling that he ain't want to because he liked this feeling, "Ino...Ino..Ino.." he started moaning hard and squeezed harder "Fuck me baby...do it...give it to me hard and don't stop"...soon after those words he had white, thick liquid runing down his legs and into the hole of his shower he felt good and just wanted to lay down.

His legs were still shaky and he stroked it a little bit more but he stopped, it hurted a little. He put his soft dick in the water coming down to clean it off, then turned the water off when he came out the shower he looked at himself in the mirror again and grabbed a towel and dried his balls of and his chest and hair, after he wrapped the towel around his waist and opened the door to find Ino sleeping on his bed, that made his dick hard again.

The sleeping beauty awoke and said "oh! sorry ill get out" she said and turned red. "Na its ok just close your eyes or turn around" she closed her eyes and looked at his body before she closed them with her hands. Naruto's towel dropped to the floor and was exposed once again to the cold air his hard dick was right their in the open with Ino sitting their in his bed, he just wanted to use it on her but knew he couldn't, she wasn't that type of girl.

Ino moved her finger slightly from her eye and her pussy got wet and tighten as she saw his ten inch dick in the open "Dam he's got it goin on"she said in her head "wouldn't mind hitting that". "Ok, you can open your eyes now" Naruto said. She did as she was told and pretended she didn't see what she just saw "Ready to go?" he asked her, she looked nervous "Ye...yea Naruto". She just had the picture of seeing him naked in her head as she was leaving the house with him "Hope nothing happen's in the woods"

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