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Shay- Bats


BTW! I just wanted to say that a few reviewers were correct in their guesses about Flash and his amazing socks.



I've got it. Batman thought, as he stepped from his room, face pale. I'm really screwed now. Flash was his Secret Santa. And he hadn't been inconspicuous with his own gift to the speedster. It wouldn't take a genius to figure out who had picked Flash. He gulped. Then again...Flash was hardly a genius....

"BATS!" He spun. Then he glared. The Flash was heading towards him, grinning like an idiot.

"Flash." He stated evenly.

"Look what my S.G.G gave me!" Flash bragged. He pulled his hands out from behind his back...and allowed Batman to behold what he held. Two once-drab socks. One painted red, the other painted black. One with a lightening sign on it, and a small grin drawn with a marker on a pinkish break from the red, and one with a bat symbol, and a grin drawn on it as well. Two small triangles of black were at the tip of the black sock, while two yellow lightening bolts were near the tip of the red. "Aren't they super fantabulous?" Flash asked, grinning. "I call them Flash-Puppet, and Bats-Puppet."

"Creative." Batman grunted. This isn't happening... "Why is the Bats-Puppet smiling?" He hissed the word, while he pointed to the black puppet. Flash rolled his eyes. Even though Batman couldn't see his eyes...he could tell. He was just that good.

"That isn't the Bats-Puppet, silly-willy. That's the Flash-Puppet." Batman raised a cool eyebrow behind his own cowl.

"Oh." He turned swiftly, but Flash was quickly in front of him on the other side.

"Now that you mention it..." Flash murmured, eying the two sock puppets intensely. "Bats-Puppet does look more like a Flash-Puppet." Batman held in a sigh.

"Get out of my way."

"No prob," He said easily, grinning smugly as he stepped from Batman's path. Batman stalked away from the scary man in red. "Oh, and Bats!" Batman winced. Here was the threat- something bad...he was gonna get fish eggs...rotten ones. He could already smell them... "Thanks." He turned, but the Speedster was gone.

"Is that it?" He muttered aloud. He shrugged, deciding he'd get the repercussions for his gift in two days. He shuddered.


Diana smiled as she saw Flash, and she tightened the strings near her shoulders. Flash's eyes found her, and he grinned.

"Nice cape, Princess."

"Thank you," She replied, smirking sweetly. He suddenly shoved socks in her face.

"Like them?" He asked eagerly. She nodded, gently pushing the socks out of her face. Now that her eyes were focused on them, she smiled sardonically.


"Yea. I got them from Bats."

"Really?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. He shrugged.

"I think. They were a little less...colorful when I opened the box."

"And by a little?"

"They were gray."

"And the emblems?"

"Colored Paper I happen to have for no reason in my room." He replied. "Well. There is a reason, now, of course. To make sock puppets when I get gray socks for Christmas." Diana smiled sympathetically at him, then said,

"Not all gifts can be as nice as mine, I suppose." That got Flash going. He grinned.

"Yea. Must have taken a real genius to think of that one!" Diana smiled, and kissed his cheek.

"And a sweetheart." She walked away as he melted.


Flash was still beaming from his meeting with Di when he saw Hawkgirl.

"Hey, Hawk-eye. How goes it? What'd Santa bring you?"

"A book." She replied, bored. "You?"


"Santa sucks." Flash gasped.

"Don't ever say such a thing! Besides, my Santas always grumpy."

"I see." She turned. "Socks?" He held up the puppets.

"I fixed them."

"So I see..." She paused, a mischievous smile growing. "And I assume they are from the Bat?"

"Your assumption would be correct," Flash replied, a smile already growing.

"And if I were to say that I had picked the aforementioned Bat to buy presents for..."

"Then I would say I have some wicked ideas!" Flash replied, grinning, seated in seconds in the chair in front of her.

"Lay them on me, Speedy."


"What'd you get?" John asked. Superman shrugged.

"Bust. You?"

"Hawkgirl doll."





J'onn entered the room after a nice, long meditation to find Hawkgirl and Flash...getting along? A quizzical expression found itself on his face.


"Shh!" Flash whispered. "We're artists working on a masterpiece!" J'onn left quickly. He continued on into the Monitor room. Superman and John were sitting, bored, staring at the monitors with listless expressions on their faces.

"Good afternoon, Gentleman," The ever-polite martian greeted. John turned.

"Hi, J'onn. Get anything good?" Superman turned, trying to look nonchalant.

"Yea, did you?" J'onn smiled.

"Yes- a delicious cake..." Well, okay, he'd tossed it into the air lock, then blasted it into space the minute he saw it. Though Superman was known for saving the day, and J'onn would trust his life in his capable hands on the battlefield, a birthday party for Batman and his own birthday party had taught the green man to avoid the Man of Steel's cooking. The simple compliment- lie, whatever- made Superman beam.

"Oh. That's nice." He snickered, then turned his face away, giggling like a little kid who thinks he knows something no one else knows. J'onn smiled. Earthlings- and this included beings that had been raised on Earth- really were too easy to fool.

"I think I will go finish the last of it," He announced, turning from the proud Superman, and the knowing Green Lantern, and continuing down the hall. He passed Batman, whose thoughts were so loud, they practically echoed down the halls...

It's okay...I just won't come when they give out the gifts...or ever again! After all...I'm a part-timer...I shouldn't have to do this...just in case...what can I get him so he won't retaliate? Um...he likes food....

J'onn smirked, deciding he didn't want to get too far into the Batman's mind. He continued, then saw Diana in the break room...flying with a cape.

"Whoosh!" She shouted, zipping around. Then she spotted J'onn, and crimson danced onto her cheeks. She landed gracefully. "Er-" She shrugged. "It's more fun with a cape."

"Agreed." J'onn replied. That was the reason he had added a cape to his costume, after all. She smiled at him, then continued to fly.

"I love Satan!" J'onn wondered whether he should correct her, then he shrugged.

"Me, too."


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