There's got to be somebody for me out there


I have always been the last one to do everything. The youngest wolf, the only one besides my sister without an imprint, alone. Jacob had Ella; Quil had Claire and would wait the time to have her completely. I just…wonder what it feels like, to have someone to love you and to love back. Someone to spend forever with, I mean, everyone has one! Sam has a wife. Jerod has someone and I'm sure Embry does too. Why do I have to be alone? You can't force an imprint, I know that. The guys are always consoling me about it but they wouldn't know. I watch them with their imprints and get this empty pit in my stomach. There has just got to be somebody like that. I haven't given up like I know I should. I have looked at all the girls in my school, even dated a few, there was never even a slight flutter of the heart.
What do you do?
How do you make someone love you?

Who do you ask to make this torment stop?
Why did they curse us like this?

I sigh and look out my window at the trees below. There is a girl standing there. I know her; I have seen glimpses of her before. She dances with her little her brother in the rain, giggling hysterically. I watched her; I have never really looked at her for a long period of time, brief glimpses and the such. While I watch her, blonde hair flowing freely, she looks up at my window and her shockingly green eyes meet mine.

Suddenly this impossibly warm feeling runs over me and she's suddenly all I want and all I need. She's the only thing that matters anymore. I want to run down, take her in my arms and kiss her and just keep her forever. I want to tell her that I love her and whisper her name over and over again.