Transformers: Robots In Disguise
Season 2

It had been four years since the Autobots defeated the Predacons and Decepticons and sent
them back to Cybertron. I've seen little of my mechanical friends since then. Sometimes, I
would see Prowl patrolling the streets or Sideburn chasing after a little red sportscar. But
as for actually conversing with them...

I've undergone a few changes myself. I joined a study abroad program. I'm currently living
with a family in New York. I've started high school there and made lots of friends. But
sometimes, I still wonder about the Transformers. What are they doing now that there are no
more evil robots to fight? Have they disbanded? Tai must be bored out of her artificial mind.
But I admit that the time I spent with the Autobots was the best times of my life,

"Koji! Hurry up or you'll be late for school!" Koji closed his journal and picked up his

"Coming, Ms. Connor!" Koji leaped down the stairs two at a time. Ms. Georgia Connor was a
35 year old woman who looked much younger than she actually was. Her husband died of a car
accident six years ago. She had a son, Jordan, who was currently in 6th grade. She always
wore the same outfit: peach-colored blouse, brown cowboy vest, blue jeans with a leather belt
and sneakers. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail, but she let it loose under
a wide-brim hat when she went out.

"Hey, Koji, I gotta work late tonight so you'll be on your own for dinner."

"Don't worry, I'll find something."

"Besides fast food."

"Aw." Koji grabbed his backpack and ran outside. Outside, a blue-haired girl stood at the
bottom of the driveway.

"About time, Koji, I was waiting here for five minutes."

"Hey, Karen. Sorry to keep you waiting." Karen was one of the first friends Koji made when he
first came to America. Koji kept the fact that he was the son of the famous Dr. Onishi, the one
who was kidnapped by the Predacons, a secret. As far as everybody was concerned, he was a
normal exchange student.

"Sheesh, you two couldn't have waited for five more seconds?" Another kid ran up to him.
This kid was big and strong, with short black hair and blue eyes.

"Hey, Wang," Koji greeted.

"It's Wayne, Kony," Wayne replied. Koji and Karen kept calling him Wang because he was of
Chinese origin. Karen laughed at the running joke between the two.

"Say, you two ready for that history exam?" Karen asked clearing the air a little.

"I'm never ready," Koji moaned.

"Oh come on, Koji, it's not that bad."

"Easy for you to say, you have no problem."

"Just stay calm and do your best," Karen said. "That's all everybody expects from you."

"Very profound coming from Miss 'All A'."

"Oh please, Koji, tell Mister Ego over..." Koji stopped short as sirens echoed throughout the
street. He stood frozen as a police car and a fire truck came around the bend, sirens

~Optimus Prime? Prowl? What are they doing here?~ Koji then mentally slapped himself. First
of all, the police car looked nothing like Prowl. And second, those two were back in Japan.
Instinctively, he reached for his communicator that was around his neck, but he realized that
since the Autobots didn't need him any more, there was no need for it.

"Koji? Koj? You okay?" Wayne shook Koji out of his trance.

"Uh... yeah, yeah, just fine."

"You sure?" Karen asked. "You look liked you seen a ghost."

~In a way, I did,~ Koji mused. "No, I'm fine. Let's go, we'll be late." Karen and Wayne
looked at each other and shrugged. They never seen Koji so startled before. He looked like he
was about to run after those emergency vehicles that passed by.

It came into orbit around the green-blue planet. It was huge, much bigger than the moon that
accompanied the planet.

"Master Unicron, we have approached the planet."

"Excellent. Prepare satellite weapons, knock out all orbiting communication devices around the

"Those satellites are the least of your worries. The ones you really have to worry about are
the Autobots."

"Be quiet, Scourge. When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you. Skywars, fire the weapons."

"Yes, Master Unicron."

On the outside of it, plasma weapons began shooting all satellites out of orbit.

Tai had a bad feeling. All those years serving as the Autobots' tatical commander had given her
a virtual sixth sense when dealing with trouble.

"This is weird," she said to the empty control chamber. "I'm getting no response from the global
satellites. I better check this out personally." Tai uploaded herself into the Cybertronian
Network and tried to access the mainframes of several satellites. At every mainframe she came
to, the result was the same: dead space.

Tai materialized back into the control chamber.

"Computer, pull up member select program," she instructed. "Scan for Autobots with flying
ability." Of course, only one member appeared with that ability. Ultra Magnus.

"Ultra Magnus, come in, this is an emergency."

The large blue truck was cruising the highway, blowing straight through a biker game when Tai's
call came through.

"Ultra Magnus, come in, this is an emergency."

"What is it, you overgrown microchip?"

"Something weird's going on in outer space. As the only Autobot with flying ability, I'd like
you to go check it out."

"Look, just because I'm related to Prime doesn't mean I'm part of his team."

"Optimus Prime doesn't know about it yet. I don't want to bother him with it in case it turns
out to be nothing bad."

"So in other words, you're going behind Prime's back. Heh-heh, well, ain't that ironic."

"Look, Optimus doesn't have to know about this. Consider it a favor for me."

"All right, all right. But if it turns out to be a cyber goose chase, I'll re-wire you into a

"Fine, fine."

"Ultra Magnus, TRANSFORM!" In front of the gawking biker gang, the cab fused with the trailor
and turned into a blue and white robot with wings on his back. "Ultra Jets, maximum power!"

Ultra Magnus shot into the air and kept propelling up until the blackness of space filled his
optics. He then jerked to a stop. Floating in front of him was a giant sphere-shaped object,
completely metallic.

"What in the name of Alpha Trion is that?"

"Master Unicron, something's approaching us."

"Let us see it." An image of Ultra Magnus appeared on a 3-D monitor.

"That's him, that's one of the Autobots."

"Excellent. Skywars, power up fusion cannon 49. Target and fire."

Ultra Magnus panicked as the large moon began shooting at him.

"Gataling Arsenal!" Ultra Magnus' weapons opened up at the source of the blast.

"Fusion cannon 49 damaged, using fusion cannon 28."

Fusion cannon 28 was to Ultra Magnus' underside so he didn't see it coming. It struck his jets.

"I hope you're happy, computer, I'm stuck here with a small planet shooting at me."

"Repeat that, Ultra Magnus, it sounded like you said a planet was shooting at you."

"That's exactly what I said."

Tai had no choice. If what Ultra Magnus said was true, they were all in big trouble.

"Autobots, this is a code red emergency. Report to headquarters on the double." Soon,
Optimus Prime came rolling into the control chamber. Still in motion, he transformed.

"Tai, what's going on?"

"Optimus, Ultra Magnus is in trouble."

"What's happened to him?"

"I sensed something wrong with the global satellites and since Ultra Magnus was the only
Autobot that could fly, I sent him to investigate. But now, he's stuck in space and nobody on
our team can rescue him.

"I was afraid this day would come. Tai, code Oracle." Tai's eyes immediately blanked out and
she stood straight as if in a trance. After a minute, Tai was back to normal.

"Optimus, what did you do to me?"

"I always feared a threat would come from space. So to keep our enemies from finding out, I
locked it away from you until it was needed."

"It? What's it?"

"A list of reserved Autobots. Cybertron's most elite warriors. The Hyper Force."

"Hyper Force? I thought they were just rumors."

"They are not rumors. They are called in when matters of far more importance arise. Tai,
activate the Hyper Force."

"Roger." Tai turned towards the view screen. "Hyper Force online, battle prtocol!" Six
vehicles were listed.

"Siren, emergency!"

An ambulance pulled into the garage of a New York City hospital. The driver got out and helped
unload the victim into the hospital. Just as the ambulance driver was about to close the back
doors, the ambulance took off.

"What the hell?" The driver asked astonished.

The ambulance cruised along the highway. Tai's voice can be heard on the radio. "Siren, this
is Autobot headquarters, code red emergency. Meet Optimus Prime at headquarters on the double."

"Siren here. I'm on my way," a female voice replied. The sirens on top blared as the ambulance
disappeared into a portal.

"Who's next?" Optimus Prime asked.

"Next is Heavy Duty," Tai reported.

At a U.S. Army training ground, a bunch of tanks were set up for target practice. The purpose
was to use rocket launchers to hit the tanks.

"All right, team one, take aim!" The two trainees aimed their rocket launcher at a tank on
the edge of the field. "Ready, aim..." Suddenly the tank started to move towards them.

"I thought the tanks were suppose to be empty," one trainee said to his commanding officer.
The tank was rapidly approaching them. The three military men back pedled away. At the last
second, the tank turned and left the base.

"Is this going to affect our training?" The same trainee asked.

Once in the Nevada desert, the tank spoke in a rough military voice. "Heavy Duty here. Give me
an update."

"Report to Autobot headquarters," Tai instructed. "The mission will be explained there."

"Affirmative. ETA 1045 hours."

"The next one on the list is Hot Rod," Tai said "What's he like, Optimus?"

"Sideburn, only worse" Optimus muttered. Tai cringed.

"WAHOO!" A red convertible swirved around the bend of a suburban neighborhood in Florida.
Trailing him was over half a dozen police cars.

"Ha-ha, no car has yet to pass m... YIIIII!" Hot Rod swirved to the right almost hitting a
child. He went off-road and flew down a hill, flipped over a couple of times, and landed on a
nude beach upside down.

"WOW! I want to do that again."

"Hot Rod, come in."

"Hot Rod can't come to the phone right now. Please leave your name and number at the sound of
the beep. Beep."

"Hot Rod, this is Autobot Headquarters. You are ordered to go there. This is an emergency."

"Hot Rod can't come to..."


"Well since you put it that way." Hot Rod flipped over and drove off.

"If we're going into space, we're going to need some transportation," Optimus commented. "Tai,
contact Shuttle."

The same military facility that gave birth to Scurge and the other Decepticons held another
secret. A spaceshuttle, long since abandoned for one reason or another, laid in a Shuttlebay.

"Shuttle, this is Autobot Headquarters, code red emergency."

"Yawn! This is Shuttle, who's calling?"

"This is Autobot Headquarters. There's an emergency that requires your assistance."

"Okay, I'm on my way." Shuttle's bay doors opened and a laser popped out. It cut the doors
to the hangar bay down and rolled out. It rolled to the runway then took off, much like a
jet plane than a space shuttle."

"Next on the list is Firestar," Tai announced.

In a used car lot in Europe, a trio of thugs were about to take part a P.T. Cruiser as part of
a Chop Shop operation.

"Hey man, you sure we should use this car? I mean looks a little..."

"Aw quit your whining. Nobody's going to mess with this piece of junk except us."

"Take a look inside here, man, it's like some sort of computer."

"Firestar, emergency!"

"Whoa, what was that?"

"Somebody probably left the radio on. Come on, help me with this bumper."

"Firestar, this is an emergency. Report to Autobot Headquarters immediately."

"Firestar here. Be with you in a minute."

"Crap, did that car just talk?"

"Sure did. Sorry, boyos, but I've got an appointment to keep." With those words, the cruiser
reved up its engine and screached out of the lot.

"I think I'm going to go straight," one of them decided.

"The last member is their team leader, Hyper Flight," Tai said.

"Good, have him join the others and take the Global Space Bridge here."

"Optimus, the Global Space Bridge is very cramped, how can Shuttle and Hyper Flight move around?"

"They wouldn't be here if that problem wasn't solved."

Siren drove through the Global Space Bridge, her alarms blaring even though there was no need.
Soon, Firestar joined her.

"Fancy meeting you here," Firestar greeted.

"Likewise. So what's new?"

"That A.I.'s voice saved me from becoming a million pieces."

"That would've been fun to watch."

"Oh you're a real riot."


"Great, it's General Disaster," Firestar grumbled.

"Watch your mouth, private." Heavy Duty got behind Firestar and hit his rear bumper with his
gun barrell.

"Hey, cut that out! Ouch, hey, I'm not even in the army!"

"Take it easy, you two. Hey, anybody seen Hot Rod?"

"HEADLIGHTS UP, COMING THROUGH!" Hot Rod soared over the others and landed in front of the

"Hey, watch it, you could've crushed my trunk," Siren complained.

"Back in line, soldier."

"Kiss my tail pipe," Hot Rod said blowing smoke in front of Heavy Duty. He began to pull
ahead but Shuttle suddenly appeared over him.

"Up to mischief as usual, Hot Rod?"

"He was boardering on insubordination," Heavy Duty reported.

"How about we discipline him after we see what Optimus Prime wants."

Soon, Hot Rod, Heavy Duty, Siren, Firestar and Shuttle arrived at headquarters.

"Hot Rod, transform!"

"Siren, transform!"

"Firestar, transform!"

"Heavy Duty, transform!"

"Shuttle, transform!" In seconds, the vehicles converted into their robot form.

Siren was a female robot. Her sirens were on her chest and there was a medical symbol on her

Hot Rod's hood became his feet. His windshield moved up to become his stomach. The trunk
became his chest Arms popped out from the back.

Heavy Duty was a metallic green robot. His tank treds were in fact both arms and legs. His
head came from the gun turret.

Firestar's hood had two pipes sticking out and a fire design on his back.

Shuttle's vehicle mode was hard to see. When he transformed, his wings retracted and the
cockpit area moved to his back. His front area was actually the bay doors.

"Hyper Force reporting for duty, Optimus Prime," Shuttle said saluting. "Shuttle, second-in-

"Siren, medical officer reporting, for duty."

"Firestar, combat specialist, reporting in."

"Heavy Duty, field tatical commander, reporting for duty, sir."

"Hot Rod, best all-around robot, reporting for duty, Optimus Prime."

"You will address him as sir, robot," Heavy Duty snapped.

"Oh come on, that's his name."

"Treat your leader with respect."

"That's all right, Heavy Duty, not all of us are military robots."

"Hey, where's Hyper Flight?" Firestar asked a second before a red and black Stealth Bomber
came into the room.

"Hyper Flight, transform!" Immediately the wings and tail fins folded behind his back as the
legs unfolded from the bottom, arms popped out from the cockpit area and folded down and a
masked head came up.

"Hyper Flight, Hyper Force Commander reporting for duty, Optimus Prime."

"Glad to see you could all make it," Optimus said. "Here's the deal, Ultra Magnus, another
Autobot, has been stranded in outer space. I need you to go rescue him."

"That should be no problem for an expert robot like us."

"Be careful. Ultra Magnus is a very powerful Autobot and if something was able to disabel him,

"Say no more, Optimus Prime. The Hyper Force will gladly assist in any way we can."

"Tai, open Bay 4. They can use that."

"Right. Launching Bay 4 open. The Cyber Space Bridge will take you right to there."

"Hyper Force, move out," Hyper Flight ordered.

"Yes, sir." The Hyper Force moved into the portal.

"Tai, contact the Build Team and Tow Line. Have them report to base on standby."

"Right. Build Team, protocol centari. Tow Line, report to headquarters on the double."

Ultra Magnus grunted as the fusion cannon fired another blast into him.

"At this rate, I don't know how much I can take."

"Ultra Magnus, this is Optimus Prime, do you read me?"

"Prime? It's about time that mess of microchips get you on the comm."

"Don't worry, Magnus, help is on the way."


"Magnus, can you tell me what's shooting at you?"

"Would you believe a small planet?"

"A planet?"

"Yeah. A small metallic planet that just entered Earth's orbit."

"This isn't good."

"Hey Prime, how about you quit stating the obvious and start giving me something useful."

"Tai, check on the status of the Hyper Force."

"Right." Tai turned on a monitor. Hot Rod and Siren were seen getting into Shuttle. "Hyper
Force, status."

"Ready for take off, Optimus," Shuttle responded.

"Take off!" Shuttle's engines flared as the black and white Autobot lifted into the air at
incredible speeds. Inside, Hyper Flight, Hot Rod, Siren, Heavy Duty, and Firestar strapped
themselves into booster seats in Shuttle's cargo hold.

Shuttle exited the Earth's atmosphere then changed direction. Soon (after about a second, the
planet was that big), it appeared on short range radar.

"There it is," Shuttle announced. The others peeked outside of Shuttle's small windows.

"Wow, that thing's huge," Hot Rod commented.

"Any sign of Ultra Magnus?" Siren asked.

"Yup. Ten degrees off port side."

"All right. Heavy Duty, Firestorm, lay down cover fire. Siren, Hot Rod, be ready to secure
Ultra Magnus when Shuttle brings him in," Hyper Flight instructed.

"But Hype, I wanted to take pot shots at that Cybertron wannabe."

"You will do as you're told, Hot Rod," Heavy Duty whipped.

"Fine, fine, fine."

Shuttle's bay doors opened and a manipulator claw unfolded.

"Chest Laser!" Heavy Duty opened fire.

"Star Blasters!" The pipes on Firestorm's chest erupted with projection fire.

"Master Unicron, another ship has came out of Earth's atmosphere."

"Fools. Skywars, go out there and stop them."

"Yes, Master. Skywars, assault form!"

A hatch on the side of the planet opened up and a strange jet-type vehicle came out. It was
more shaped like a triangle with two engines on its back rather than an actual jet.

"What's that?" Siren asked.

"Trouble," Hyper Flight replied. "I'm on it. Hyper Flight, transform!" Hyper Flight turned
into his jet form and began to exit the cargo bay.

"Wait for me," Hot Rod said as he tried to leap onto Hyper Flight's back. But he didn't count
for zero-g and he started floating away.

"Stupid kid," Heavy Duty grumbled.

"Hey, get me down, where's the traction!"

"Hyper Flight, who should I get, Ultra Magnus or Hot Rod?"

"Magnus. He's in the most danger." Shuttle's manipulator claw hooked itself around Ultra
Magnus' leg.

"Hey, hey, what about me?" Hot Rod yelled.

Hyper Flight tried to maneuver, but the jet was obviously much more competent when
it came to space combat.

"Lasers are too slow for this, I'm going to have to use something better. Hyper Flight,

Converting into human form, Hyper Flight's hands retracted into his arms and were replaced with
two cannon barrels.

"Hyper Cannons!" Two streams of indigo-blue energy emitted from them. They hit the bottom side
of the jet and sent it into a spin.

"So you managed a direct hit," the jet said. "Well enjoy it, it will be the last hit you'll
ever make. Skywars, combat mode!" The cockpit area produced two legs. The cylinder-like engine
units folded down to become arms. A mouthless head popped out from the back.

"Fury Rush!" Skywars blitzed Hyper Flight and forced him back. Hyper Flight flipped up and
kicked Skywars in the chin. Skywars twirled and hit the Autobot in the side of the head.

"Arm Blaster!" Hot Rod was trying to take the attention off of Hyper Flight by giving him a new
target: himself.

"Unilasers!" Skywars took out a hand weapon and fired at Hot Rod. The blast hit dead on and
he fell back.

"Hot Rod! Hyper Flight, transform!" The Hyper Force leader flew by and Hot Rod gripped his
fin. Hyper Flight banked and he and Hot Rod made their way back to Shuttle.

Skywars sighed and spoke into his communicator. "Skywars to Master Unicron, I have failed."

"No big loss," Unicron's voice came back. "Return to me."

"As you command, Unicron."

"Hyper Flight to Optimus Prime, we've retrieved Ultra Magnus, beginning return to Earth."

"Acknowledge. Good Job, Hyper Force. Optimus Prime out. Tai, compute their landing course."

"From the Earth's orbital rotation along with current wind patterns and weather conditions, they
will land in the United States of America, more specifically New York State."

"Send Tow Line and the Build Team there now."

"Arrgghh," Shuttle grunted. "This is the part of space travel I hate, the re-entry."

"Can you even out?" Siren asked as she tried to keep Ultra Magnus safe.

"I'm doing my best." The bottom part of Shuttle began glowing bright red. "Hot-hot-hot-WARM!"

"Hang on, Shuttle," Firestar said.

"No, we're falling too fast," Shuttle complained. "We need something to cushion our fall."

"How about delaying it," Hyper Flight said. "Hyper Flight, transform! Shuttle, open your bay

"Hold on to me, everybody!" The bay doors opened revealing a crystal blue sky. Hyper Flight
flew underneath Shuttle and began pushing up on his belly. Both Shuttle and Hyper Flight grunted
from the opposing forces. Finally, Shuttle began evening out.

"Yes, that's it, Hyper Flight!"

Down on the ground, Tow Line, Wedge, and Heavy Load scanned the skies for Shuttle. It was
Tow Line who first spotted them.

"Here they come," he announced. Grimlock and Hightower had blocked the road off enough so
that Shuttle could land safely. Nevertheless, Heavyload, Wedge, and Tow Line dove out of the
way. Luckily, Hyper Flight got out of the way.

Siren and the others quickly unloaded Ultra Magnus as Shuttle transformed.

"Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!" Shuttle leaped into the air and landed in a nearby lake. "Aaaahhhh."

"You okay?" Wedge asked.

"I'm okay now," Shuttle said getting up and drying himself.

Heavy Duty and Heavy Load held up Ultra Magnus. "Ultra Magnus, can you transform?"

"Yeah, I'm just low on energy. Ultra Magnus, transform."

"I can carry you," Tow Line volunteered. "Tow Line, transform!" Tow Line threw his cable around
Ultra Magnus' cab.

"I can handle the back. Heavy Load, transform." Wedge picked up the trailor and Heavy Load
moved under it.

"This is so embarrassing," Ultra Magnus groaned.

"Hey, just be lucky you survived," Wedge said.

"Siren, you lead the group. Shuttle and I will go on ahead."


"Hyper Flight, transform!"

"Shuttle, transform!" The two aerial Hyper Force members took off into the air.

"Let's go. Siren, transform!"

"Heavy Duty, transform!"

"Hot Rod, transform!"

"Firestar, transform!"

"Wedge, transform!" With Siren leading the way, the Autobots met up with Hightower and Grimlock
and began the trek back to base.

Kelly was having the time of her life. Moving to New York was the best decision she ever made.
She kept telling herself that she was thousands of miles away from all the chaos. No flying or
floating cars, no being harrassed by a blue sportscar that could talk, no crashing, nothing,
just peace and quiet.

"Oh great," Kelly muttered. She heard sirens and saw an ambulance coming up behind her.
"Emergency vehicles, well, better pull over." Kelly pulled into the breakdown lane and slowed

"Excuse me," Siren said as she went by her. Kelly's eyes bulged out when she saw that there was
nobody in the driver's seat. Her face paled and her eyes bulged out more when a tow truck and
a dump truck carrying an eighteen-wheeler, a convertible, a bulldozer, a P.T. Cruiser, a tank,
a crane, and a steamshovel, drove by, all offering their apologies for cutting through, all
with no drivers.

"Not again," she moaned as her head dropped onto the horn of her red Volkswagen. It was a good
thing Kelly wasn't looking upward otherwise she would've seen a space shuttle and a stealth
bomber fly by.

Over at Autobot Headquarters, Optimus was in meeting with everybody except for Wedge and Tai who
were repairing Ultra Magnus.

"And that's the story, Optimus," Hyper Flight finished.

"I was afraid that this would happen one day. It's time. Tai?" Immediately, the AI's
holographic form was besides him. "Contact everybody. The Autobot Brothers, Team Bullet Train,
Spychangers, even Skids. It's time everybody knew the truth."

"I don't think everybody would be able to fit in here," Grimlock commented.

"We'll use the Betaroom."

The Betaroom was much larger than the actual command center. So it was perfect for all the
Autobots. Optimus Prime, in his battle mode, was at the head standing at a podium (Autobot-size
of course.)

~Looks like everybody's here,~ Optimus thought. ~Everybody except Koji.~ Optimus mentally
admitted that he actually missed him. The kid was a big help during their battle with Megatron
and his minions. After his father was kidnapped, Optimus became a surrogate father to him. He
considered him an Autobot, despite being organic.

"Hey Prowl," Sideburn whispered to his older brother. "Who're the newbies?"

"I think there some sort of special forces."

"I don't know, they seem a little... wacky to me."

"Hey, watch your language, Sideburn."

"Oh come on, it's not like they're going to hear me."

"Uh... Sideburn, look behind you." Sideburn turned around and came face-to-face with Hot Rod.

"Hey, Little Bot Blue, you got a problem with me?"

"Not until you stuck your ugly chasis in my face."

"You wanna take this outside?"

"Whoa, easy, hombres," X-Brawn said coming between the two.

"Stand down, Hot Rod, that's an order." Heavy Duty also came between Sideburn and Hot Rod.

"No way, H.D.," Hot Rod said. "This bolt brain needs to be taught a lesson. And I'm just..."

Rail Spike picked up both of them by the shoulders. "Could you two settle your score
later? Optimus is about to begin."

"Fine," the two said.

"Autobots," Optimus Prime began. "An event has come to pass. An event that I have feared ever
since Alpha Trion gave me the Cyber-Matrix." The assembly began shifting on thier legs. There
is almost nothing that could scare Optimus Prime. This was bad.

"Unicron has come to Earth."

"Unicron?" Prowl asked. "Who's Unicron?"

"The ultimate enemy. No Cybertronian, Autobot or Predacon, has seen his face. But we do know
that his main weapon is a giant mechanical planet of unknown origin. Someone with enough power
to destroy the Earth and not even blink." A collective gasp filled the room.

"This will be our most toughest assignment ever. There is no room for error. We all will have
to work together to destroy this threat once and for all."

Optimus made a side glance at Ultra Magnus. "All of us."

"So what's the plan, Optimus?" Sideburn asked.

"Unfortunately, Sideburn, until I see what Unicron can do, I can't formulate any plan.

"I know that one of their weapons is fusion cannons," Ultra Magnus volunteered.
"They're very powerful."

"Thanks, Magnus, it's not much, but it's a start."

"What do we know about Unicron?" Crosswire voiced.

"All I know I learned from the Cyber-Matrix."

"How can the Matrix tell you that?" Magnus demanded. "It's a powerful energy."

"The Matrix is more than just power, Ultra Magnus, it's wisdom and knowledge. That's why the
holder of the Matrix needs to choose its successor carefully, so that robot would use the
wisdom and knowledge aspects as well as the power."

"So how about that info?" Hot Rod shouted. Shuttle hushed him.

"Unicron is an ancient enemy dating back to the early days of Cybertron. He saught the first
Cybertronians so he could rule the universe. But they turned on him, and sent him away. Eight
thousand years ago, on a colony called Vector Sigma, Unicron returned. He destroyed the planet
by having his metallic planet literally eat the whole thing."

Everybody began to shake, even the most sturdy of Autobots found themselves trembling before this

"Optimus Prime, emergency! Code Rectangle!" Tai called.

"No, not code rectangle!"

"What's a code rectangle?" Sideburn asked Prowl.

"The ultimate in high alerts. Something dangerous to the whole planet, possibly even the

"Tai, put it on the main view screen," Optimus ordered. Behind him, the wall pulled back to
reveal a giant monitor. An image of the planet came into frame.


Prowl: Unicron sends his forces to different places all over the world and the Autobots are
forced to divide their numbers. And Optimus Prime races to Koji's rescue when he comes under
attack from Skywars. The next episode of Transformers: Robots In Disguise: "Reunion/Optimus to
the Rescue" So get ready to roll out.