Transformers: Robots In Disguise

A Battle Between Life and Death

Part 5

To Light Our Darkest Hour
Ultra Magnus: Last time on Transformers: Robots In Disguise, Autobots were dropping left and
right from the fierce assault of the Oriocons. I'm ashamed to say that even Omega Prime couldn't
hold a candle to them. Then, out of blue, two incredible streaks of good luck hit us. One was
Dr. Onishi discovering that Koji was still alive, but hanging by a thread. The other was Wayne
bringing us the data crystal, the very reason this whole fiasco started in the first place.
Now, let's see how long our luck holds out.
The Autobots waited while Tai analyzed the Data Crystal that Wayne brought in. They finally
had the means to return Koji's memories, now all they had to do was keep it long enough to
do it.

Tai finally materialized. The analyzing took a lot of power, so much that she had to shut down
for a while. "They're all there, Optimus. All of Koji's memories are stored inside the Data

"That's great, Tai!" X-Brawn shouted. "So let's fire up that baby and bring our buddy back
from beyond!"

Tai lowered her head. "It's not that easy, X-Brawn."

"What do you mean?" Karen asked. She had been holding Miss Connor's hand tight ever since
Dr. Onishi brought news that Koji was still alive.

"The Data Crystal is basically a disk, a memory storage device. And like a disk, it needs to
be formatted to a computer to work. This Data Crystal is specifically tuned to Database's
spark energy. Meaning, only he can transfer the data inside back into Koji's brain."

"I knew it wouldn't be so easy," Ultra Magnus said.

"No problem," Prowl said. "All we have to do is find Database and bring him to HQ."

"What if that's what Unicron wants?" Wedge asked. "What if he wants us to bring one of his
henchmen into our headquarters so he can destroy it."

Optimus Prime placed his hand on his chin, then turned to Tai.

"Tai, monitor all channels. The moment Unicron's forces make an appearance, I want to be

"Then what, Optimus?" Heavy Load asked.

"Then, we go in and force Database to restore Koji's memories." The Autobots couldn't believe
what they were hearing, their leader basically told them to kidnapp Database.

"Optimus, our forces. We don't have Hyperion or Rail Racer and I doubt Landfill could stand up
to Terrorion."

"We have no choice, Ultra Magnus. Tai, who do we have available?"

"X-Brawn, Prowl, Skid-z, Railspike, Rapid Run, Firestar, Hot Shot, Mirage, and Ironhide along
with you and Ultra Magnus. Tow-Line and the Build Team are needed to continue repairs on the
damaged Autobots"

"The Build Team are the only gestalt we have, we're going to need them to battle Terrorion."

Moments later, the active Autobots were standing in front of Optimus.

"Autobots, this could be our most difficult mission yet. Our mission is to retrieve Database
alive. Only he can activate the Data Crystal and restore Koji's memories. The difficulty is
that Unicron's forces will stop at nothing, including destruction. We have all to lose by
this, and all to gain. We must make a stand once and for all. Prepare to roll out... perhaps,
for the last time."
"I was so close! So close! So close!" Database whined. He slameed the wall forgetting for a
moment that he was physically attacking his master. Fortunately, Unicron was forgiving this

The Oriocons came in. "What's got techno geek so upset?" Sideswipe asked.

"He had his Data Crystal then he lost it," Gateway said like it was the most insignificant piece
of information in the universe."

"Those Autobots have it, I just know they do!" Database continued to whine. "I will slaughter
every last one of them!"

"Starscream to Master Unicron, I have a sensor lock on the Autobots, I'm datalinking the
coordinates to you now."

"Database, you shall get your vengence," Unicron said. "All of you, go to Earth. Skywars,
prepare the Devastator armor. It is time to put an end to the Autobots once and for all."

The Devastator armor was loaded into the Oriocons' spaceship and everyone (sans Starscream, who
was already in space) climbed in.

"I can't wait until I get my hands on those Autobots," Database said walking up and down the
bridge. "I'll make them pay! I'll rip out every one of their sparks and play target practice
with them. And I'll melt their bodies down and turn it into energon, then I'll place them at
the center of this planet and blow the entire thing, then I'll take the rubble and..."

Buzz elbowed Database in the head and sent him crashing to the ground dazed. The Oriocon
actually received applause for the action.
Multiple portals opened at a field just outside of Mt. Fuji. The Autobots drove through and
transformed, all except Siren. She was still recovering from the injuries dealt to her by
the Oriocons. Optimus had her brought online and had her take Koji with them.

"Optimus, you shouldn't have brought both Koji and the Data Crystal here," Ultra Magnus scolded.
"They could take one and destroy the other with relative ease."

"I'm aware of that, Ultra Magnus, but we need to lure Database here somehow. Don't worry, as
soon as they arrive, I'll send them back to base."

"Optimus," Grimlock called. "They're here." The Oriocon spaceship landed.

"Now, Tai. Siren, go!"

A portal opened and Siren quickly went into it.

"No, stop it!" Database shouted running out of the spaceship. He fired his weapon at Siren but
only managed to singe her bumper.

"Autobots!" Starscream shouted as he stepped forward. "It's time we stop playing around and
finish this once and for all."

"This will only end when you and your master has been defeated," Optimus called back. "Let's
do this!"

"Transform and interface!" Starscream, Skywars, Gateway, and Doom Buggy inserted themselves into
their Devastator armor.

"Oriocons, transform and combine!" The Oriocons combined into Terrorion.

"Build Team combiner mode!" The Build Team combined into Landfill.

"Combine into Omega Prime!" Optimus and Ultra Magnus combined.

"Motorcross, superpower!"

"Database, superpower!"

"Attack!" The leaders of both sides called. The forces charged each other and began clashing.
Landfill was quickly being overpowered by Terrorion. Omega Prime, X-Brawn, Prowl, and Rapid Run
took on Unicron's Devastator-size henchmen. Skid-z and Firestar dealt with Motorcross and

Landfill clashed Terrorion with his shovel dagger. Landfill knew he couldn't use energy weapons
otherwise the blasts would just get reflected back at him, but even then, Terrorion still had
his huge sword. Landfill was forced to his back but he made a comeback by kneeing Terrorion
in the stomach. The two retreated to neutral corners before engaging in combat again. Landfill
then made a crucial mistake. He picked up a boulder and flung it at Terrorion. Terrorion sent
it hurdling back at Landfill with over three times the force. Landfill was forced to separate.

"Landfill!" Omega Prime tried desperately to help his friend but Devastator-Starscream snuck
up behind him and used his fusion cannon to knock Omega Prime down from the sky. Devastator-
Skywars crashed X-Brawn and Prowl together. Rapid Run was able to knock him to one knee before
succumbing to Devastator-Doom Buggy's foot.

Motorcross and Skid-z were matching speed for speed. It was a stalemate until Motorcross

"Spin-Out!" He cried. He became a whirling tornado and drew Skid-z in. Skid-z felt his arm
tearing out of its socket, likewise with his leg. Skid-z was thrown out at the same time
Motorcross threw his wheel blade which cut off Skid-z's other leg. The Autobot went down.

The battle between Firestar and Database wasn't even a match. Firestar was already weakened by
the Oriocons' attack on the Hyper Force's headquarters and Database was furious about being so
close to his Data Crystal and have it snatched out from under him. Database pummeled Firestar
with energy blast after energy blast. He then came down on the Hyper Force member causing a
five foot imprint in the ground.
The scene being played was horrifying to the humans. Karen actually buried her face in Mrs.
Connor's shirt when X-Brawn and Prowl collided with one another. You could practically hear the
sound of crushing metal on metal.

"This is horrible," she complained.

"I know," Dr. Onishi agreed solemnly. "But they have to stop Unicron, before more suffer the
same fate as Koji."

"Don't give up hope, Dr. Onishi," Tai encouraged.

"Tai... my experience with you all have taught me to never give up hope. However..." He turned
to Karen, Wayne, and Ms. Connor, who looked horrified. "Some of us don't have that experience."

"The Autobots have to win," Wayne said. "Otherwise... they won't be able to save Koji."

Karen risked staring at the screen. Omega Prime had some serious dents in his armor. X-Brawn's
left arm had its wiring exposed. Landfill looked half-dead (if he was alive that is). Even
Firestar was spouting oil or something that looked like oil.

"Tai, please call them back!" She pleaded. Tai looked at her in shock. "Believe me, I want
Koji back as much as anybody if not more so, but I don't want the Autobots to risk themselves in
a losing battle. I don't want to lose any more friends. Please, call them back."

"No!" That came from Omega Prime of all robots. His armor was burnt and practically peeling
off his body. "We must fight on. All we have to do is retrieve Database."

"But Terrorion and the giant henchmen aren't making things easy," Tai argued, "Omega, it's
better to retreat before you're all destroyed!"
{Perhaps Tai and Karen are right,} Omega Prime thought. {We are only hurting ourselves in doing
this. We should just give up, it's hopeless, it's...}

[You can do it, Optimus.] Omega Prime's head snapped up. It sounded like...


[Are you going to let a giant rust bucket beat you? Don't forget, you defeated Galvatron,
Scourge, and the Decepticons. You have the strength inside of you, I've seen it. And you can
overcome anything!]

Omega Prime mused. {Koji. He always had faith in me even from the beginning. He even was there
in our darkest hour, when Galvatron was on the verge on conquering the world. He never gave up
on us and I won't give up so easily. I won't. I won't! I WON'T!}

"I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!" Omega Prime began to glow an indigo blue color. Everybody stopped and
stared in awe and fear at the change taking place within Omega Prime's body. Suddenly there
was a flash of light and when it dissipated, a large white sword with a blue jewel appeared in
his hands.

"Matrix Blade, transform!"
"That's the sword he used to defeat Galvatron," Tai identified.

"It's beautiful," Karen said.

"And powerful," Dr. Onishi added.
"Terrorion," Omega Prime hissed. "You are an evil in the universe and I will crush that evil and
wipe it out! So that the balance shall be restored."

"This doesn't look good," Terrorion commented.

"You've got that right," said Omega Prime as the jewel on the sword begin to glow. Omega Prime
could only stare as a blue mist surrounded the Autobots and healed their injuries.

"What do we do now, Starscream?" Devastator-Gateway asked.

"We must attack!" Database answered for Starscream. "We must get my Data Crystal back!"

"You fool!" Terrorion insulted slapping him in the back of the head. "They don't even have it
any more. It took off in that white van, remember?"

"But... but we must retrieve it! If we capture one of them and..."

"I think things are about to get a whole lot worse," Devastator-Skywars said.

Omega Prime fired his thrusters and rushed towards Unicron's forces. He swung his sword at
Devastator-Doom Buggy and stabbed him. Doom Buggy ejected just as an explosion raked his
Devastator armor. He took care of Devastator-Starscream and Devastator-Gateway with a single
slice. He then went towards Terrorion.

Terrorion took out his own sword and the two clashed, electricity emitting from their weapons.
What followed was like a clash of gods. The sky practically lit up with their energy. Terrorion
realized that he couldn't beat Omega Prime with his sword alone.

"Terror blast." Energy swirled around Terrorion's hand and fired at Omega Prime. The jewel on
the Matrix Blade as well as Omega Prime's eyes glowed blue.

"It's time you get a taste of your own medicine," Omega Prime said as he held the sword out.
The blade absorbed the energy at the same time the jewel fired a shaft of blue energy. Terrorion
looked on in horror as the energy from his own attack was reflected back at him. The blast hit
him head on and he separated into the Oriocons. They all fell down.

Now, it was the Oriocons who looked half-dead. The only ones up were Devastator-Skywars,
Doom-Buggy, Motorcross, and Database, and Database was having a nervous breakdown.

"No. No! We must attack! We must get them!"

"Forget it, you moron," Devastator-Skywars said as he picked up his fallen comrades. Doom-Buggy
and Motorcross have each retrieved two of the Oriocons. "We can't beat that kind of power, we
must return to Master Unicron."


"Database, stop your sniveling and retreat," Unicron commanded. Database had no choice. He
picked up Sideswipe and they all got into the ship and took off.

Omega Prime raised the Matrix Blade at the retreating starship. "Unicron, hear me! The final
battle shall be approaching soon! And when that time comes, no force in the universe shall save
you from my warith!"

Unknown to any of them, Unicron did hear them and let out a low growl.
"We did it!" Landfill cried. "We beat them." Most of the others cheered, but Prowl looked

"We beat them, but... we didn't accomplish what we originally sent out to do, capture Database."
That got the others down. True they won the battle, their first victory in a while and it was
a big one, but now they won't be able to bring their friend back to life.

"Autobots, return to base," Omega Prime ordered. "I may have an idea."
"No, no, no, I was so close, so close to getting my Data Crystal back!" Database cried.

"Oh brother, is he still on that?" Breakdown asked. "Would someone just shut him up?"

"I'd loved to," Skywars said. "But trying to shut him up is like trying to stop a sun from
glowing with your bare hands."

"Database," Unicron addressed. "You have not only lied to me, but led our forces into a losing
battle and all for your stupid piece of metal hardware. Such stupidity will not go unpunished."

"No, Master Unicron, please, I don't... please don't make me... YYYYIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!"
Database convulsed and his eyes went dark. He fell to the floor.

"Master Unicron!" Starscream gasped. "Did you..."

"No, he still functions, I've just deactivated him. I have a better use for him than cannon
fodder. As for you, Oriocons, you have not accomplished the task at hand therefore, you will not
get paid. You are dismissed from my services."

"Like slag we are," Hauler said raising his fist.

"Yeah," Crash And Burn agreed. "We're not leaving until we get paid and we're not paid until we
destroy the Autobots."

"So therefore, we will stay until we destroy the Autobots," Breakdown concluded. Buzz nodded his

Starscream, Skywars, Gateway, Doom Buggy, and Motorcross stared at Master Unicron. What the
Oriocons just said sounded like mutiny. How will Master Unicron respond?

"Very well, you may stay," Unicron agreed. "But your payment will be lessened for every defeat
you endure."

"Don't worry, we will do it," Sideswipe assured him. "Even if we have to destroy them one at a
The Autobots stood in a circle around Koji's body. Siren had returned and was surprised and
pleased to see that Sideburn and Hot Rod were all better.

"Are you two all right?" She asked.

"Never been better," Hot Rod replied. "That Tai is one fantastic nurse."

"No duh," Sideburn said.

"Hey, watch how you talk to me, blue boy!"

"I'll talk to anyone how I want to, rust bucket!"

"Go jump in a vat of energon!"

"You first!"

"Make me."

Siren chuckled. It definitely sounded like those two were back to normal. She then noticed
Firestar standing in a corner. Since Hot Rod and Sideburn were still arguing about who should
wax their body with acid and not noticing her, she slipped over to him.

"Firestar, are you okay?" She asked genuinely concerned. Firestar only stared at his scars, the
ones he received from Buzz. "You know, you can probably have that replaced," she assured him.

"Perhaps," he replied and that was all.

"It's no use," Prowl told Optimus Prime. "We failed, we'll never be able to restore Koji's
memories and bring him back to life. Dr. Onishi, Miss Connor, Karen, Wayne, we're sorry."

"It's okay, Prowl," Karen said hugging his hand a little. "I know you tried your best."

"You're wrong, Prowl," Optimus Prime said. "We can restore Koji's memories." Everyone looked
at him with confused looks.

"But I thought only Database could activate the Data Crystal," Hot Shot commented. "And he's
not here."

"Actually, the original thought was that the Data Crystal needed to be formatted to a computer
to work," Tow-Line reminded them. "But we don't have a computer as powerful as Database."

"That's where you're wrong," Optimus Prime argued. "There is a computer here powerful enough to
activate the Data Crystal." The Autobots and humans looked at each other with bewilderment.
Wayne looked at Tai questionly, wondering if she was the computer Optimus was talking about. But
Tai shook her head, showing that she wasn't the one. Optimus only stared at his chest.

Ultra Magnus was the first to catch on. "No way, Optimus! You can't! It's suicide!"

"Worried about not getting it, Magnus?"

"Not only that, but even if it does work, and I'm not saying it will, the resulting emission of
energy could wipe your spark out for good!"

"It's a chance I'm willing to take for Koji." Some of the other Autobots began to catch on with
what Optimus wanted to do and began voicing their opinions.

"Hold on, Optimus!"

"Can't we talk about this?"

"I don't know if you should."

"Um... hello!" Wayne called. "Care to inform us less enlightened beings on the joke?"

"Optimus wants to use the Matrix," Ultra Magnus revealed. The Autobots, Tai, and Dr. Onishi

"The Matrix? What's that?" Ms. Connor asked.

"The Matrix of Leadership," Dr. Onishi said. "I wasn't aware that it was a computer, I thought
it was some sort of... well, for lack of better word, magic."

"In some ways, the Matrix is like a computer," Optimus explained. "It can perform functions,
access programs, and retrieve and transfer data. If we use the Matrix on the Data Crystal, it
should transfer Koji's memories back into his body."

"But there's a serious flaw to his plan," Ultra Magnus took over. "The Matrix of Leadership is
specifically tuned to the spark of the Autobot leader. If it's tampered in any way, there's a
possibility that it could erase the spark from the Autobot's body for good. Optimus, I refuse
to allow you to put yourself and the Matrix at such risk."

"It will work," Optimus said. "I knew it would work the moment the Matrix Blade formed in my
hands. You were with me, Magnus, you know I'm right." Magnus grumbled. Apparently, Optimus
was right. "There's just one problem, we'll need someone to hold the Data Crystal next to Koji.
Someone who isn't mechanical, in case Ultra Magnus' prediction turns out to be true."

For a moment, the four humans did nothing, then Karen stepped forward. "I'll do it, Optimus."
The Autobot leader looked at her with what looked like an unsure look. "Koji saved my life, and
I don't think there's anything I can do to repay that except this. Besides..." She stared at
Koji's body. "He's my best friend and I care about him." Optimus nodded his head. "All
right." Karen took the Data Crystal. It was tough, but she was able to lift it. The Data
Crystal was like a large broadsword to Karen.

Everybody watched as the panels on Optimus Prime's chest parted and swung open. A blue orb was
resting in a compartment in the center. The compartment revolved and a green orb with lines
running around and through it presented itself. It looked like an orb-shape circuit board.
Optimus gently took it out and held it in his hands. He looked at Ultra Magnus. "Magnus, join


"I can not activate the Matrix without you. While it is true that I carry it, our bond as
brothers gives us equal access to the Matrix. That is how the Autobot Brothers were able to
achieve their super charged form."

"How do you know I won't take it from you?" The two brothers stared at each other. From their
body language, Optimus was calling Magnus' bluff, if it was a bluff. Finally, Magnus joined
Optimus and placed his hands on the Matrix.

"Now concentrate," Optimus instructed. Magnus and Optimus closed their eyes. The Autobots and
humans did so too. "We call upon the Matrix," Optimus recited. "To restore to this boy what was
ruthlessly taken away from him, and light his darkest hour, as you have ours." The orb began to
glow incredibly. Energy began emitting from it. At the same time, the data crystal began
glowing green too. Karen strained to keep it leveled.

"It's... getting heavier," she staggered.

"Hold on, Karen," Ultra Magnus encouraged, an act which was out of character for him. Karen
called upon her own strength to keep the data crystal from falling.

"Now, Karen! Aim it at Koji! Quick!" Karen lifted the data crystal over her head. As it
came down, she pointed it at Koji.

"MATRIX RESTORATION!" Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus cried out at the same time.

Right when it was even with Koji's body, a beam of green energy with a mixture of 1s and 0s came
out of the Data Crystal and struck Koji. The strain was becoming overwhelming for Optimus,
Magnus, and Karen. Finally, there was a huge flash of light which blinded everybody.

When the light subsided, the Autobots, with the exception of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus,
were laying on the ground. They slowly got up. The humans were busy rubbing their eyes.

Ironically, Karen was the first to regain her sight. She looked at the Data Crystal. It had
shattered. She looked at Koji's body. The ekg machine was still projecting a flatline. The
Autobots staggered to their feet and followed Karen's glance.

"It... didn't work, the Matrix didn't work," Sideburn said suddenly feeling weak in the knees.

"Look!" Wayne cried out.

The ekg machine spiked. Then it spiked again, then it spiked two more times. Soon, it was
beeping like there was no tomorrow. The entire room erupted into one big cheer. There wasn't
a dry eye to be found, organic or mechanical.

Optimus and Magnus exchanged a look. They were just as relieved as the others. They were still
holding the Matrix. Optimus said, "Thank you, Ultra Magnus." He gradually released his hold
on the Matrix until Magnus was solely holding it.

Magnus turned the Matrix in his hand then looked up at his brother. "You know, for so long I
dreamed of getting my hands on the Matrix. Now..." He handed it back to Optimus Prime. "For
some reason, it doesn't feel as important any more."

Optimus Prime laughed. "Magnus, you are on your way to becoming a great Autobot leader."
It was two hours later before Koji began showing signs of revival. By then, most of the
Autobots have left, their injuries repaired, to their guard posts around the world. The only
ones left were Optimus Prime, Sideburn, and Ultra Magnus as well as Tai and the humans.
Sideburn, who had been sitting on the ground near Koji's bed, heard Koji moan.

"Hey, I think he's waking up," he called to the others. Immediately, Dr. Onishi was at Koji's

Slowly, Koji's eyes opened and he speaked in a hoarse voice. "Dad... what are you doing in New

"Son, you are at Autobot Headquarters. You were attacked by Database, remember?"

Koji moved himself into a sitting position. "Yeah, I remember. Where's Karen? Is she okay?"

"I'm right here, Koji," Karen said appearing on Koji's right. Her eyes were watering, but this
time they were tears of happiness. "I... I'm so glad... you... you're..." Karen couldn't hold
it in any more, she embraced him crying. "Thank God you're alive," she said quietly.

Koji was confused. "What? Karen, you act like I was gone forever."

"You almost were, Koji," Optimus Prime said as he came up with Ultra Magnus, Ms. Connor, and
Wayne. Ms. Connor also hugged Koji.

"Hey, Optimus, hey, Ultra Magnus."

"I hope you're well rested kid," Ultra Magnus commented. "You've been sleeping for about a

"A week!" Koji gasped. "Has something been going on since we encountered Database." Those
with mouths smiled.

"Tai, why don't you tell Koji what happened while we take the others home," Optimus suggested.


"Hey Ultra Magnus, can I sit in the driver's seat?" Wayne asked.

"Sorry, kid, nobody drives me but me."

"Aww, come on."

"Maybe when you're older," Ms. Connor said

"Geez, you're as bad as my Mom."

"Well I am a mother."

Tai laughed and turned back to Koji. But he was horizontal on the bed, his eyes closed. For a
moment, Tai was afraid that revival process was only temporary, then she heard some light snoring
coming from Koji's mouth and let out a sigh of relief. She took out a blanket and placed it on
his sleeping body. With a kiss on the forehead, she said, "Sleep well, Koji, you've earned it."
And then she disappeared.

In one way, Tai was right, Koji did deserve rest, he been through an intense battle, a battle
that he almost lost.

A battle between life and death.
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