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3/31/2017 - While I am rewriting some of my older stories, I decided to leave the first eight chapters of this one alone as I feel the first eight chapters represent the struggles I've dealt with as a dyslexic writer, but the later ones show how far I've come since then.


Jet was not happy that he was being dragged into the pit of despair, a dismal jail cell he felt that he didn't belong in at all. At least, he thought it was a jail cell, until they slammed him into what seemed like an interrogation chair. He had been yelling at the men that those two who he had pointed out really were Firebenders, but fact was, the men were ignoring him, which upset him greatly. Was the city under the control of the Fire Nation of something?

He felt the bands of earth strap across his wrists and his brow area even as he squirmed and the lamp went around and around, the man trying to implement thoughts into his head… that there was no war. He tried to keep his eyes away from the spinning light as his head was starting to pound, but his eyes were drawn to the light.

And that's when it hit him… not the suggestion, but something worse… something that threw the suggestion trying to be implemented right out of the window. Blast those stupid Firebenders, it weren't for them he wouldn't have been feeling like a rock had just hit him on the side of the temple. The pain was immense.

Jet was then shocked to find his body trying to strain against the rock restraints, completely against his wanting to move them. Something was defiantly wrong and he found his mind slipping and his body contorting worse and worse. He heard the man in front of him continue to chant the whole, there was no war speech.

It was then that someone stepped between him and the light. "Stop! We won't be able to brainwash the boy! He's… one of those…"

"One of those that ends up with those seizures… he looks completely healthy," the other man said.

"Well, not anymore… obviously there was something wrong with him that we didn't notice… as with those few that it wasn't evident in… it's going to show now and no one is going to want to listen to someone who is possibly mad," the man said.

"No," the teenager though suddenly realizing that his body was involuntarily trying to bite his tongue off and forget one memory at a time, not to mention make his head burn on fire. He suddenly felt a rock piece slammed into his mouth to keep him from biting down.

"A pity too… he would have been so useful…" the man in front of him muttered. "But now he's useless to all of society."

"No," was all the boy could think… the last thing he ever wanted to be was useless. His body had just stopped contorting and the gag was removed. He muttered out some words. "I… am… rine. Get… te Rirebenders…"

"Well… looks like we'll need to complete the whole breaking of his mind… so far it's just his speech that has gone somewhat," the man said, not bothering to put the rock back into Jet's mouth. He stepped away and the light started going around and around again causing Jet's body to contort again and for him to cry out, only to find he really couldn't. His whole mind was shattering and he didn't think he'd be able to get it back.


Because the shop was shattered as it was, Iroh and Zuko were sent home early… or more of Mushi and Le were sent home early. Iroh had one of those looks on his face he got when he was disappointed in his nephew, so Zuko's eyes snapped over to the old man. "What did I do this time?"

"Nothing nephew… I just thought that you got along well with that other young man… I thought that after you fought a bit that perhaps you two could have settled your differences and have become friends…" the old man sighed.

"Look Uncle… you know that wouldn't have happened… he hates Firebenders,"

"But the four of you stole that food for everyone," the old man muttered.

"Didn't you tell me not to go stealing?" Zuko snapped.

"It depends completely on the moral grounds nephew… that is what true honor is about,"

"I know… I know… but what is all these morally ethic things you are always talking about. I don't understand how one can tell what is morally correct,"

"Yes… your father raised you well," Iroh muttered.

"Uncle…" Zuko started.

"No… listen to me Zuko… your father has no honor, except false honor," Iroh commented. "Thus he has left you with a very crippled idea of what honor is…"

"I was going to ask you to explain how one knows whether something is honorable to do or not?" Zuko muttered.

"Honor is not about the achievements one does or the major accomplishments. It isn't about winning at all,"

"Not about winning?" Zuko commented.

"No… not about winning," Iroh said. "It is about doing what is stuck in your heart, banging to get out… doing what your heart feels is right, not what your head tells you to do."

The three stepped inside the apartment and Zuko went to his bed and lay down. Iroh went to his and was soon snoring. Zuko didn't want to think about the nights events, but he then caught a glimpse of something blue and white and bit his lip. He heard his uncle turn over in his sleep. "I wonder where they took that poor boy…"

This caused Zuko to bite his lip harder and grab the mask. As he left, clothed as the Blue Spirit, he didn't see his Uncle open one eye while continuing to snore as loudly as possible.

Author's note – Yes… I just majorly tortured Jet… and yes... his Uncle tricked him into going.