miika_saki: LAST CHAPTER! W00T! I just found out that this two-shot is as long as the prequel. I just couldn't find a way to split this up and decided to cut in between the varying POVs. We concentrated alot on Sasuke's thoughts the last time so I want to try writing in Hinata's head just once. There's a lot of dark undertones, fluffiness, and a bit of cursing that shouldnt really offend but still. I squeezed in an epilogue because the ending pissed me off. Well, actually the epilogue pissed me off because it was part of the ending so I decided to split them up. It's not quite how I wanted it to turn out but I'm still a bit proud of it.

Title: It's a Grown Up Thing
Rating: T
Words: 5,494
Pairings: SasuHina; slight NaruSaku; one-sided NejiHina and KibaHina
Warnings: FLUFFINESS. Dark undertones, dabs of cursing.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto. If I did though, Kakashi would SO be the main character. (loves him to pieces)

Summary of the prequel:

Sasuke goes through a number of situations in his first year of Academy to make Hinata his fangirl. Eventually, the two start to like each other until Sasuke decides he wants to keep Hinata. Forever. Solution? Get married of course, and, unexpectedly, Hiashi lets them sign the marriage contract, binding them to wed when they turn eighteen together unless Sasuke becomes an ex-ninja or dies. Of course, there's a catch, to make the Uchiha unaware of Sasuke's decision, Hiashi forbids the two from having any contact until the fateful day of Hinata's eighteenth birthday comes. And so, the tale continues...

Summary of the last chapter:

9 years later, Uchiha Sasuke has returned from him defection battered and bruised. Hinata is assigned as his nurse and the two bear each other's presence for three months. It was only a matter of time before Sasuke, after many other self-discoveries, realizes he loves Hinata. Hinata, on the other hand, is a bit shaky on her feelings and his.


Hinata, on the other hand, was replaying all their instances together in the past three months to see if she had revealed that oh-so-important secret. That she remembered too, that she wanted him to stay in that room with her and that she might just possibly have uncovered feelings that lied dormant within her. He was still the same as she remembered: aloof, arrogant, powerful, cold and possessive. Gods, he was possessive, and that had been the main reason Hinata had tried to tear all ties from him. He viewed her as an object, he viewed her as something pretty behind the window at a toyshop that he could grab and buy from her father whenever he wanted. She didn't believe his feelings to be of love; maybe a twisted wanting for a replacement of the family that was so cold with him. He wanted something warm and soothing beside him to make himself feel better. Sasuke was selfish and possessive and he wanted his toy back. The nurse could not let the happen, their relationship was supposed to be strictly patient-healer and end it in another month after all preliminary chakra healing was done and the patient had to deal with traditional methods.

Hinata could not love Sasuke, because he did not love her and she wanted to cry. She loved Naruto and he didn't love her back but she still kept chasing, relentlessly until the fateful day after all of them turned twenty, the blonde whipped a small pretty ring from his back and offered it to Sakura. She could remember every detail; him smiling brightly at her as he waved the ring box all around, saying, "You can have it, Sakura-chan, but only on one condition, you have to marry me." And Sakura had burst into tears and pummeled him into the ground then healed him and cried all over again. Then, Hinata swallowed, she said yes. Neji had hugged her after, and whispered soothing words and Hinata almost believed that she loved him more than Naruto. So she almost let him sleep with her, immobile in her utmost grief. Yet it was Neji who had denied himself. Because it was wrong to sleep with someone that did not care for you.

Of course this only implied within the village. On missions, if you had to use sex as countermeasure or seduction tactic, than it was perfectly acceptable. Especially with kunoichi who had to frequently use their brash beauty as a way to extort imformation. They were trained in manipulating love and using seduction once they achieved the Chuunin level and in Jounin, it was usually perfected. There were not many females in the rank of ANBU, but the ones that were had transformed manipulation, be it sexually or other wise, into an art.

Even Hinata was no virgin. She had long sacrificed that word when she was sixteen and was sent on an infiltration mission. Dressed as a geisha, she slept with the drug dealer and she seduced him with her quaint charm until his eyes only shined with love whenever he looked at her. After that, it had been easy to extort information. The affair ended after Kiba barged in and caught the man in his dirty, drug-dealing act. Shino had easily (with a faint, malicious smile on his face) killed the man and mutiliated his face so much that no one could recognize him after that. Yet Hinata had yet to sleep with someone she knew, someone from the village, someone who she loved. And she loved Sasuke, she realized vaguely, no matter how hard she tried to cover her feelings up by being infatuated with Naruto or Neji or Kiba or Shino or anyone. Love was blind, they said, and Hinata finally found out what that meant.

She was blind. She could see no one but Sasuke, she could want no one but Sasuke. Nothing would ever change that fact, ever since that year with him, young and beautiful, in the Academy. Being blind was not as amazing a realization than the fact that she loved Sasuke and he might, just possibly, love her back. For Sasuke, though, love would be hard, after seeing everything as an object, loving a person would be undeniably difficult. Hinata looked at her hands, they were still and dry, calm as they ever could be.

I love Sasuke. And I'm okay with that.

Hinata touched her face with her dry, cool hands and gasped. She was crying.


As usual, she entered his room as quietly as she always did. The door shut gently and she slipped into the chair by his bed. There were no new things on his bedside table, the fruit long gone by the ravenous Uchiha. The books lay there, untouched, merely collecting dust in the white room. The cardiograph on the other side of his bed beeped monotonously, fading in with the background noise. His heartbeat was calm as he leaned against the wall, the pillow cushioning his bare skin from the cold, white wall. A book was held between his hands as his eyes roamed the page, engrossed in his reading. She tried to peek at the title put to no avail was she able to find out what the man was reading. Sasuke glanced up, a bored expression on his face

"Hinata." She didn't respond to his acknowledgement but merely placed her clipboard down in her lap with her hands overlapping on it. The cardiograph beeped just the same, she noted, even when the Uchiha laid his book down on his lap, folding the corner of the page he was on. The title stood out on the black cover with red block letters: Bloodline Limits. The nurse lowered her gaze from the title, ashamed.

"Sasuke," she murmured.

The Uchiha straightened and held out his still injured arm for her. Deft, warm hands held the arm and he winced when they pressed against the still healing fractures. The nurse nodded to herself slightly, quickly going through calculations in her head. Finally, the familiar warming sensation of chakra passed underneath his skin down to the marrow of his bone. Sasuke relaxed himself, satisfied with no longer having to deal with the pain. Opportunity for conversation finally seemed to rise between them and the man took advantage of it.

"What am I labeled as?" he asked, his lips barely moving. Hinata glanced down at his arm before looking up to lock eyes. She opened her mouth then quickly shut it. The answer was quite obvious that she was slightly shocked for him to ask such a question. Did he not hear the whispers behind his door, the proud looks his teammates and senseis and the Hokage gave him when they dropped by to note his progress? The overwhelming positive energy that surrounded him when they took him out of his ward to get a breath of fresh air was, in fact, not noticed at all? Hinata pulled her hand away from his arm, done with daily healing session and moved towards his chest. She hid her smiled of incredulity from the man when he bore through her with his imposing gaze.

"A hero," Hinata finally replied, smiling slightly. Sasuke raised his eyebrows in surprise. That seemed unexpected. He would not think a ninja who ran away from his village, who dishonoured the Hokage would come back and be given the title of a 'hero', of all things. Curiosity bubbled in him and, before he could stop himself, Sasuke pried for more information.

"For killing?" he asked, disbelief lacing his words. Hinata sighed yet maintained her serene smile and closed her eyes. The man's eyes, now no longer entranced by the other's, trailed down the round face and rested on the plump, red lips that were slightly chapped and utterly kissable. It was not fair, he thought, to be distracted by her when she was going to explain one of the most important details of what happened.

"Yes," she started, "eliminating Orochimaru and Itachi and weakening the Akatsuki is considered heroic considering you survived." Her lips moved steadily, shaping the words oh-so-perfectly. He took in the information slowly, letting the gravity of it sink in before realization clouded his eyes and disabled his brain from talking. Being around Hinata seemed to loosen his jaw quite a bit for the next words that escaped his lips almost destroyed this delicate relationship they had built over the last few weeks.

"The contract is still on."

Hinata almost choked. To think that Sasuke would still even consider that document much less intending to act on it seemed to scream 'I love you', or so Hinata hoped. But she had been crushed so many times, over and over again, and the possibility of Sasuke loving her back was too low, too shallow. The Uchiha regarded her a toy that he would use then throw away and find a new one. She wanted to tell him, to say that she loved him but could not marry him. Considering her age, 21, and her occupation, Jounin and healer, it was a miracle to still be alive at the moment. Too old, they were too old to marry. Sure, Sakura and Naruto had done it, but they knew. They knew they loved each other and it was not a matter of 'will he marry me?' but something like 'whenwill he marry me?'. To have that confidence with each other was something that she and Sasuke could never make, not when there was only love from one side and possessiveness on the other. She shook her head fiercely.

"Sasuke," she said pleadingly, "Sasuke." The Uchiha caught her face between his rough, scarred hands and stilled her.

"I love you," he said, and his voice was so strong and determined and confident that tears sprung from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks at an alarming pace.

"Sasuke, you don't!" she cried, her voice breaking, shattering (like her heart, much like her heart), "You don't love me. You don't knowhow to love!" Sasuke blinked in surprise. But he did, damnit, he loved her like she wouldn't believe. He wanted her heart, her soul, her body. He wanted to embrace her, he wanted to make love to her, he wanted to smell her hair every morning and embrace her whenever he wanted. He wanted to do everything, and he wanted everything and he could accept everything. Was this not love? How could Hinata even utter such words was beyond him. No... no... no...

"No. No, no, no," he murmured, pressing his forehead against hers, "I love you. I want you. I need you. I accept you. I'll do anything for you." Hinata shook her head weakly.

"In a matter of almost three months, Sasuke?" she asked, her wide eyes imploring and fierce, "you have come to love me in just three months, Sasuke?" Her voice shook and trembled like an autumn leaf, ready to fall and waiting for that gust of wind to lead her away. This was him, this was Sasuke. Greedy, possessive, grabby, touchy and wanting. Hinata couldn't believe herself. How could she love someone who could so easily swing their heart from one woman to another?

"Do you not have another, Sasuke?" she pressed on, "Don't you have something you love?" She watched Sasuke shake his head roughly, pressing his heated forehead against hers again, their noses bumping into each other and lips a hair's breadth from each other.

"Someone. I love someone, Hinata. You." Why? Why was his voice so damned confident, cried ther nurse in her head. Why did he look so determined to have her? Even toys had their limit. This line that had been crossed a long, long time ago by her heart. She could still feel his breath against her neck and his kunai against her throat. That was the moment she realized, yes Sasuke still wanted her. And if the opportunity presented itself, she would give all of her to him. So why now? Why was she denying this pseudo happiness now? Hadn't she held herself together for this moment? Rejecting her father's propositions day after day, politely declining Neji's loving gestures and outwardly ignoring Kiba's pursuits. So cruel, she thought, she was so cruel. It made her sick. She was such a disgusting creature, using her courtiers to get over her grief. Hinata curled her fingers around Sasuke's hands that held her cheeks. The cardiograph's beeping was quite fast, a vague part of her mind noted.

"I love you as well, Sasuke," she murmured, dragging his hands off her face, "So I'll give myself to you. I will be here, even when you get tired of me. I will be waiting. I shall bear your children, clean your home, cook you food... I will love you, Sasuke, forever." There she said it. Her mouth felt sullied; dirty. How could she say those sick words when her heart wished for the opposite. Her heart wanted love back but sometimes that didn't happen.

Sometimes, fairy tales didn't come true.

"No, Hinata..." he sighed, his breath making her bangs flutter, "This is not what I want..." Hinata jerked her head up suddenly, a incredulous look painted across her tear-stained face.

"Then whatdo you want, Sasuke!" she cried, a note of hysteria lacing her voice, "I have given everything to you. My everything is yours! I can give you nothing else!" Her nails dug painfully into the flesh of his hands that she held on so tightly to. This Sasuke, could she truly love him? What did he want? Her money, property, power? She had nothing but this job and a little apartment three blocks down the road. White eyes watched his face so imploringly, almost staring until Sasuke snapped.

"No, Hinata!" he snarled, "I-I... I want to prove to you that I love you! That I will never leave you. Goddamnit, Hinata! I've loved you since 15 years ago! For fifteen years, I have loved you."

A silence settled over the room, blanketing them in different ways. Sasuke felt like suffocating under the pressure, feeling the air leave his lungs and never coming back. There, he had finally said it, what he knew. Deep inside, he had known it. That he was in love with this little, quaint ninja-girl with white eyes and dark hair and soft smile. Love was a difficult thing to describe, in Sasuke's opinion, but he would prove it to her. Love was true. Love existed. There was such thing as this torturous, heart-wrenching feeling inside him when he saw her pained expressions. That an undeniable joy seemed to always sweep over him when she shot him a smile. And he remembered her. Did that not count? Back then, she had been refused to be with him.

("N-Neji-niisan... s-said that I-I couldn't t-talk w-with you a-anymore, U-U-Uchiha-san!")

Back then, he had cried with her.

He would cry now.

Hinata gasped when he saw a little trickle of a tear run down his pale cheek. She wiped away hurriedly with her fingers, her eyes looking around frantically for the problem. A fragment of memory sifted and slid into her mind's eye before disappearing underneath the sand of memories.

("Hyuuga, p-please stop crying.")

In desperation, she gripped his face with her own warm hands, dropping his own. Turning his face every which way, she couldn't see the problem. The fact that she couldn't tell what was making her love cry made her want to cry even more. It hurt. Her heart hurt. One of her hand found it's way to her chest and gripped the fabric of the nurse's outfit as if that could still the aching. Did Sasuke always make her hurt like this? More tears erupted from her white eyes when she realized that yes. It hadached; hurt; pained her this bad. No, even worse, because she knew whole-heartedly that she loved him even if she had no words for that feeling that blossomed in her core when he was around. Exhaustion and shame pulled her body until she slumped against his chest, her head cushioned between his neck and shoulder. It still hurt.

"Hyuuga, please stop crying."

Hinata let out a heart-broken giggle because that was how the memory went. And because he remembered. He remembered the innocent love they shared. This was the tie that had binded them for so long. Memories and hidden love. No contract could ever break this. It was but fate's pity that it wasn't broken. Hinata was thankful. She felt arms wrap around her body. They were very strong and very warm.

Sometimes, fairy tales don't come true.

Other times, they do.


Hinata awoke groggily against something warm and breathing and had no shirt on. It was obviously male from the flat chest pressed against her back and the strong forearm around her waist. Her heart started to beat erratically until she remembered what had happened last night. Sasuke had told her that he loved her. And, eventually, she started to believe him. This was something they couldn't deny, no matter how far or how long it was. They would have to learn. Learn, maybe, from Naruto and Sakura of love and everything that came with it. Could marriage come with it? That was but a another vague question hovering in the back of her mind when Sasuke pressed his lips against the nape of her neck, sending pleasant shivers down her spine.

"Sasuke," she mumbled, a bit alarmed from the close contact. Sasuke's breath ghosted over her neck when he easily turned her body on it's other side so they were facing each other. His eyes were as attentive and piercing as they had been last night, even clouded from tears.


Hinata sucked in her breath, feeling a blush covering the apple of her cheeks to the bridge of her nose.

"Can I leave the bed now?"

Sasuke barked out a rough laugh, catching her ducking head with his fingers. He brought it back up and turned it to the side. Her new line of vision consisted now of the ceiling and a afew dark strands of hair that tickled the corner of her eyes. This time there was no Hiashi, no Sakura to bear witness to when his nose nuzzled her cheek in a puppy-dog way, eliciting a small smile on her lips. He wasn't done yet though, she knew, her eyes closed, her heart beating fast and her toes curled in anticipation. Only a few seconds later, his lips brushed her skin before pressing against it. His lips were thin, soft and slightly chapped but she didn't mind, especially when he started mouthing words she knew by heart.

"Marry me."

Even now, fifteen years later, she couldn't do it.

Hinata could never escape Sasuke.



Confronting Hiashi was still as intimidating as ever to Sasuke, almost the same as when he was only six-years old with no idea of how the world worked. Of course, 15 years later, Hiashi had retired and tended to the current Head of House by providing them with advice and opinions. He had gray and white streaked in his long hair with more wrinkles around his eyes and mouth. When it came to arranged marriages, it was the Head of House that let decisions be passed and discussed to the child's parents so it wasn't unusual for Sasuke and Hinata to approach Hiashi.

The Hyuuga had also changed rather dramatically during the Uchiha's absence. Hanabi had not been cursed with the seal due to Neji's decision to abolish the curse seals. Though this was a chivalrous decision to make, the ones with curse seals could never have it off. It was harsh, but the law had to be made before anything else happened. Neji had left his bandages to show off his seal and his triumph to become Head of House, another thing no Branch member had been capable of. Though, it was rather interesting that if by chance, Neji passed away, it would be Hanabi who would be next in line. Hinata was considered too old (only one year younger than the man) to be handed the title. This did not mean Hinata had nothing to do with Hyuuga anymore. Quite the opposite: she did have a rather influential part in decision making due to Neji's feelings and the Branch members obvious favoritism over her than her sister. It also helped that her father was the former Head.

Partly due to the rule of 'child's parents making the decision' and the other to Hinata's rather charming way with the Branch guards, Sasuke and Hinata had gotten an impromptu audience with the former Head of Hyuuga. The man, at the moment, was seated beside the window, a sake cup in his hand as he watched his daughter and her ex-ex-fiancé kneel humbly before him. They straightened and waited for Hiashi to permit then to speak. The old man placed his cup down beside him and tucked his hands in his long kimono sleeves.

"You wish to invoke the contract, yes?" he asked simply, white eyes boring into Sasuke's. The Uchiha nodded curtly. Hiashi cocked his head; the Uchiha now was much different from the one fifteen years ago. The little Sasuke had fidgeted and sweated and shook and grasped Hinata's sleeve for support. He wasn't as focused, as intense, as big as the one right now. The current Sasuke had an aura of authority and a slight charismatic charm about him from his perfect face to his well formed frame. The Uchiha right now was ready to marry his daughter. Hiashi's lip twitched; but that didn't mean who would hand her over without a fight.

"You do know you were classified as an ex-ninja after leaving Konoha," he said, a challenging look in his eyes. Sasuke nodded swiftly, his eyes flashing.

"Then what makes you think that the contract is still valid?" The Uchiha stiffened and restrained his snarl.

"I am currently held in the regard of a hero, Hiashi-sama," he replied, his voice strong and deep as it echoed throughout the room. Hiashi tilted his head forward; so the punk had the audacity to use his name. He looked at his daughter who's eyes watched her husband-to-be's so intently that she failed to note her father's gazing. So the punk had made his daughterr fall in love with him. How problematic.

"True, yet was there a clause that said we can revive the contract even after being nullified?" he asked, his tone curt with a 'dare you' laced into his tone. It was almost suicidal, egging on the Uchiha, the strongest shinobi to grace Fire Country, but Hiashi blamed his stubbornness on old age. He was quite aged, and, he thought with a smug look, with wine, he got better every year. His attention swiftly returned to the boy-- man sitting before him.

"Not that I am aware of," answered Sasuke, gritting his teeth. Hinata, silent and watching throughout the whole ordeal, spoke up.

"You are being unfair, father," she said firmly, though her eyes did not meet Hiashi's. The former Head gazed at his daughter, affection obvious in his eyes yet still she dared not raise her head.

"You wish to marry him?" he asked quietly, ignoring Sasuke for the moment. Hinata sucked in a deep breath and raised her face quickly, locking eyes with the man she had feared and respected for all her life. With a determined look, she held the stare, digging deep into his eyes. What she saw made her start. She could see the same look on the old man's face that she similarily saw on Shino's face. This platonic affection that always made her flustered, flattered and embarrassed. She could see fatherly love in his eyes, love she had almost never seen because she was too scared to raise her head, to meet his gaze, to stand up for herself. Tears welled up in her eyes and Hinata gasped as one of them rolled down her cheeks.

"Y-Yes, I do want to marry him," she said, wiping each new tear that rolled down her cheeks, "I want to fulfill the contract." Sasuke watched her, alarmed at her crying before wrapping an arm around her and pulling her against his side. Hiashi watched the exchange, the development between two people. He had told his wife about the contract when she lay on her death bed. The arrangement to marry off her first daughter. The Lady of the House had been angry, of course, but had relented after Hiashi had assured time after time that this boy cared for Hinata deeply. However, he couldn't say the feelings were being reciprocated by his daughter. Only 15 years later could he say with certainty that yes, they were in love with each other. He scoffed:

"You are only 3 years late," He got up and left. Still in the room, Sasuke rubbed Hinata's back until her crying subsided. She laughed quietly, pulling away. Crying so often was actually a new thing for her as an adult. Sure, when she was young and still a genin, tears would always stream down her face in her frustration but after passing the Chuunin exams, she built walls around her, covered them up with names like self-esteem and confidence. Then Sasuke came back and tore them all down, confessed his love and shattered all the lies she had constructed. Every time she cried, every time she gasped, every time she laughed, something would be lifted from her shoulders, drift away into nothingness and Hinata would feel better and lighter... Was this happiness? Being okay by being yourself, being satisfied with yourself, discovering new things and overcoming them with yourself? Even if Naruto had liked her back, even if they were in love with each other instead of him and Sakura, Hinata knew, deep inside, she would still be weak and stumbling for her own way, ever hidden by Naruto's grand shadow.

Sasuke's shadow was twisted and confused and would never hide Hinata, she knew. Sasuke himself was struggling to get out of his own shadow and she knew she would help him find that escape, that happiness. There were many things they hid from each other, secrets no one but they themselves knew, experiences never to be relived and inner demons that they would have to fight. Yet this all paled in comparison to the fact that Hinata loved Sasuke and that was that. That she could accept Sasuke for everything he was, whatever inner conflict he would need to resolve, anything. A realization hit Hinata suddenly and she jerked around to face Sasuke. The Uchiha blinked in alarm and watched his love's peering face. Was there something on his face? Bringing a hand up, he touched his cheek then the other one. Hinata collapsed in a fit of giggles.

"Th-There's nothing on your face, Sasuke," she giggled, "I just realized something." Sasuke watched the woman in amusement.

"Oh? That I'm perfect in every way?" he gloated jokingly, a faint smile on his lips.

Hinata peered at his face and smiled a beautiful smile, where her eyes crinkled at the sides and her eyes twinkled and Sasuke felt like pile of Uchiha goo. It was a nostalgic feeling from back when they were kids.

"Yes, you are perfect."

Suddenly, there was a clack and the sliding door opened and closed, letting Hiashi back in.

The old man seated himself in front of the pair as they fixed themselves back into kneeling positions. He placed the old, worn out scroll in front of them and unrolled it. The familiar brown smudges lay there, proof of agreement. Hiashi read the scroll silently until, after a few minutes, he looked up and gave a slight smile (mostly directed towards his daughter).

"The contract is still valid. You shall be married as soon as you wish to be."



Because no endings ever finish with 'happily ever after'.


The marriage was a small ceremony in the Hyuuga compound with select people including Teams 7 and 8 and the various senseis. The Hokage stopped for a few minutes, admiring Hinata from under her veil. It was a traditional wedding where the wife and husband shared sake cups and asked for the blessings of the gods. There were not many people who weren't surprised at the development of Sasuke and Hinata's relationship into a full-blown marriage. They respectfully gave their congratulations and gifts then left as quietly as they had come (except for Rock Lee who was yelling about the beauty of a Hyuuga-Uchiha union formed through the strong bonds of love). Eventually, Tenten coerced him (with a few utensils as no one brought weapons to weddings for that would be offensive to the bride and groom) to leave. Neji had bowed low to Hinata and pressed his lips against her cheek in his form of acceptance of the marriage. Of course, Sasuke had taken that the wrong way and punched the Head of Hyuuga. Naruto had to knock out his best friend while Tenten used a few more utensils and Gai-sensei to get Neji off the Uchiha.

Okay, so the wedding wasn't exactly a quiet one but Hinata was happy while Sasuke sported a bruise against his cheek almost identical to the one Neji had for the rest of the week. After, the woman moved her husband and in her-- no, theirapartment building a few blocks from the hospital and continued working as a nurse. A year later, she became pregnant and bore a daughter. Soon, they were moving into the Uchiha compound to make room for their child. Their daughter never opened her eyes after birth and was declared legally blind, much to the grief of Hinata and Sasuke. Two years later, Hinata bore twins, both boys and they were also declared blind.

They worked endlessly to teach them ninja arts despite their blindness and were surprised to note that they were adept learners, relying on sound and smell to fight. They possessed grace and almost Gothic-like beauty that was the result of Hyuuga and Uchiha genetics and entered the Academy at normal ages. They graduated also at the qualified age of twelve. It was then that something amazing happened.

Sasuke had refused to let Hinata have any more children and concentrated on raising them while his wife worked tirelessly at the hospital. He was qualified for ANBU and left his children in the care of Neji, who never married, while he went on short assassination missions. It was one day, after killing a human slave smuggler, that Sasuke got an urgent message to go to the Hyuuga compound. There, he met with Hinata who was crying in happiness as she embraced their daughter. The girl turned her head and watched him with her shadowed gray eyes, pupil-less and piercing.

And so, at twelve years old, their daughter had opened her eyes. It was only a matter of time, after she made Chuunin, that a new bloodline limit was discovered. The ability to predict actions-- no, read minds of living things. Both boys awakened the same way as well, obtaining their bloodline limits during the Exams. Hinata and Sasuke, through all this, loved and cared for them as much they needed to, adjusting their children to the sight of the world.

It was only a matter of time when news reached the world.

In the hidden village of Konoha, three hauntingly beautiful children who could kill with their eyes closed had risen.

From a new clan:



End Part 2.


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