"What about all the things we talked about before you left? I can't change the past, Bones. I can't change how I hurt you."

They had been in bed for a while together. Booth had wrapped his large frame around her small one, caressing her quietly, softly. Brennan comfortably laid against him while he touched her, reveling in the feel of his breath on her face and his fingers dancing across her skin.

"It would be irrational of me to think that we could change the past. I told you Booth. I will not stand for you being with someone else and it is too painful for me to be without you. Ultimately, I think that we have a deep bond unlike I've ever experienced. Most of all though, Booth, we are best friends and have been for years. It would be a pity to give up on everything we've been through together. That is where we were mistaken. I was mistaken. I thought the past would ruin our future. I accused you of living in the past, but I was doing the same thing."

Booth was moved. He had no eloquent words, but while squeezing her tightly he whispered, "You are my best friend, Bones. Always have been. You always will be. We will work through this. I don't want anything more than us being together as long as possible. I think we both deserve that, Bones. We deserve this connection. We've been alone for so long and I know that if we stayed apart, we would never be happy. With us Bones, it's simple: We have to make this work. I can't have anyone else in my bed and in my heart but you. You take up all the space in my world."

"And that's why I think that we should just . . . .get over ourselves and move on together."

"Get over ourselves? Aw, Bones you are learning slang!"

She slaps him playfully on his arm. "Seeley Booth, you realize that your charming looks are the only things saving you from being beaten right now. And the fact that you've literally fucked all the energy out of me tonight."

His eyes darken at her crass words and his penis stirs.

"No, Booth. I'm starving. Tell your amazing cock to just relax while you feed me."

"Bones, you have no idea how much I can use those words against you right now."

Realization of his implication hits her, "Booth, I would love to suck you right now, but I need actual nourishment. Be a good boyfriend and get me some good Thai food." With that she abruptly leaves him dumbfounded on the bed, a sly smile on her face, as she walks to the kitchen.

Did she just call me her boyfriend? Booth jumps out of bed and nearly crashes into her as she reaches for the phone. He grabs her tightly around the shoulders and shakes her lightly.

"Did you just call me your boyfriend?"

"What? You think I would travel across half the world for just a booty call?"

"Bones, you know that dream that made you come back to me? Did any part of you want to be the girl in the veil?" Booth stood firm and held her gaze.

"What? You think I would travel across half the world for just a booty call?"

And then he got down on one knee.

The end.