As this is my first piece that I have actually written up bear with me on this it wont be perfect but I will try for this because this story is very dear to my heart and I like the heart and chemistry of its characters.

"Kei-kun, it's time to get up…" "But Mizuho, it's Saturday c'mon can't we just sleep in a little for once? Please?" But seeing that this was one of those arguments that a man can't win Kei slowly and reluctantly rolled out of their futon. "Why are you so keen on getting me up…am I forgetting something?" Mizuho sat thinking that this was a good time to talk about Kei's future, as he would be graduating in just a couple weeks. "No I just thought it would talk about you going to collage we haven't really given it much thought and it was really bugging me last night." Kei sensing that she was worried tried his best to comfort her. "Don't worry Mizu, well work it out when the time comes, until then lets enjoy what we have. After all its almost graduation just two weeks to go! C'mon lets go out today I don't feel like sitting in front a TV all day so get your butt out of bed and get dressed, m'kay?" She nodded, smiled softly and that was the end of it.

Were to go, were to go? Kei couldn't make up his mind on a theme park or the beach and then the question came. "What should I dress for?" "Uh… Get your swimsuit on underneath; we are going to the beach!" Kei proud of this thought absentmindedly walked into the bedroom. Seeing Mizuho naked in front of him was a great shock.

"S-s-sorry Mizu I forgot that you were changing. I'll wait till your done." "Wait, Kei, Even though just last night we… you still get embarrassed seeing me naked, is there something wrong?" "No it's just that last night it was dark and well, you are really beautiful and well I'm lucky to have you." "Oh Kei, thank you really. Still quit being embarrassed about it because your gonna see a lot more of me." Kei feeling that he was in the middle of a moment forgot that she still hadn't changed; once again he saw his wife in the nude. "Man it's going to take a while to get used to that." He whispered to himself.