Okay this is a one shot Sasu/Naru fanfic. Which means this is a boy/boy fic. If ya don't like, don't read. Anywhos on with the fic.

SUMMERY: Sasuke returns to Konoha but his head makes him pick duty over his heart, and reject the one person he loves in the world... Naruto.




Sasuke and Naruto had had their final fight, both of them carried back to Konoha on stretchers, with Sakura in between them, making sure they were in stable conditions. That was the day that Naruto kept his promise of a lifetime, by making sure Sasuke came back to Konoha.

That was how Sasuke returned to the place of his birth and how the story started.


"Sasuke Uchiha, you have been charged with the betrayal and abandonment of your village, the wilful intent to destroy certain Konoha Shinobi and aiding S class criminals. How do you plead?" Tsunade's voice boomed in the large hall. Sasuke stood in front of a table of judges, composed of Tsunade and the village elders. "Guilty." Sasuke stated pointedly. Tsunade's face showed no trace of emotion. "I know you killed Orochimaru and Itachi Uchiha, as well as Deidara of the Rock village. These things work in your favour. However, those Shinobi that you tried to kill may not see it that way." Tsunade said stoically.

"I'm one person Sasuke tried to kill plenty of times Hokage-Sama." Sasuke saw Naruto step forward as he spoke. Sasuke felt surprise swell in him, as Naruto spoke calmly and clearly, with respect to the female Hokage. "And what punishment do you think is suitable Naruto Uzumaki." Tsunade replied. Sasuke looked at the two blondes, who seemed to have locked gazes in a world of their own. "I believe that Sasuke was far under the influence of the thing called a curse seal, and that this should be taken into consideration. He's my best friend, I would ask that he receive a light punishment." Naruto replied.

Sasuke was even more shocked at that. Naruto spoke so eloquently, it was so unlike the Naruto he knew, he had to look twice to see the same dobe he had known since childhood. He found the real Naruto in the same deep blue eyes that had glared at him time and time again in their youth, staring at the council with pure determination. Sasuke saw his replacement step forward also. "At the time I faced Sasuke Uchiha, and he tried to kill me, I had been given orders to kill him. That should be taken into account also." Sai said blankly. Sasuke wondered why this man was trying to protect him. Then he saw a friendly smile aimed at Naruto, and he had his answer. Sasuke knew from experience that Naruto's friendship could provoke a loyalty untested by anything else.

"What of the third Shinobi, Yamato?" Hiashi Hyuuga asked. "He's on a mission, but asked that I give this to you in his stead." Sasuke heard Kakashi reply. Kakashi handed over a scroll to Hiashi, who seemed to scan the contents briefly, before passing it to Tsunade. Tsunade nodded and smiled. The council whispered to each other in discussion, as the hall full of Shinobi remained silent, waiting for the fate of one man.

Finally, Tsunade turned to Sasuke. "Do you swear loyalty to this village?" She asked formally. Sasuke nodded. "Then, as a testament to any good you have done, and the good testament of your fellow Shinobi here, I sentence you to six months in the maximum security prison. After which, you will be able to resume your place as a Shinobi of this village." Tsunade stated.

Sasuke nodded his understanding and was led away by two Shinobi, in chains. He glanced to the side to see Naruto looking at him. The same goofy smile plastered on his face that ad always been there in their childhood, and Sasuke couldn't help but smile back, even if his smile was small.


When Sasuke was released from the maximum security prison, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Sai waited for him outside. Sai had an arm draped around Sakura's shoulders and Sasuke felt a little pang of over-protectiveness wash over him. After all, Sakura was his friend, and he didn't want anything bad to happen to her. But then Sasuke realised that if Naruto was an influence on Sai, then Sakura would always be treated well, and he relaxed.

Kakashi ruffled his hair and Sakura hugged him. Sai held out his hand in a gesture of goodwill and Sasuke shook it. Sasuke looked at Naruto, who was grinning widely, and held his fist out. Naruto's grin got wider, if that were even possible, and he knocked Sasuke's fist with his own. A gesture that had followed them through childhood also. Sasuke could still remember their mission to the Waterfall Village as clear as yesterday.

That was the day Sasuke rejoined his team for the first time in nearly six years.


Sasuke's eighteenth birthday came along, and of course, Sakura decided that Sasuke was having a birthday party, because as she kept saying, your eighteenth birthday only comes once. Sasuke allowed her to do this, because she was like a little sister to him now, and he couldn't really deny her the opportunity to show off her party organising skills.

The party was big and rowdy. People weren't messy or violent, which Sasuke thanked god for. But everyone was very merry, after drinking and eating way too much. Of course people started doing crazy things. Sasuke vaguely remembered Kiba streaking through the village, Kakashi making out with Anko, Neji running off to do research with Jiraiya, Hinata beating the crap out of Kiba for streaking through the village, and various other mad things, that scarred his mind for life. He was sorely tempted to find out if mindsoap had been invented yet.

The next morning Sasuke woke up with a hangover and stumbled downstairs with the mother of all headaches. He was desperately hoping he had some aspirin, when he saw a tanned hand offering him the beautiful white drugs and a glass of water. Sasuke had gobbled the pills down greedily and drank the glass of water without pause. Then he looked up at his saviour, only to see Naruto standing there.

"I thought you might need those." Naruto said cheerfully. Sasuke gave Naruto a small smile. He looked around to see that the house was clean. At least much cleaner than it had been last night. "Did Sakura clean up or something?" Sasuke asked. "Nope. She's suffering from a hangover like you. I cleared up. I figured you might need some help so I came round early. I didn't want to wake ya up so I just jumped in through the open window in the kitchen, and fixed up as good as I could." Naruto replied. Sasuke grinned at Naruto. "Thanks Naruto." Sasuke said gratefully, watching as Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly and smiled.

That was when Sasuke realised how much he really appreciated his blonde, best friend.


Sasuke and Naruto attended Sakura's birthday party about three months later. Childishly, the group decided they were going to play truth or dare. Of course Shinobi needed a thrill that didn't involve near death once in a while. Sasuke was dared to stay in the closet with Naruto for ten minutes, so Sasuke being the Uchiha that he was, grabbed Naruto's wrist and dragged him into the closet.

Naruto protested loudly on the way in of course. Once they were inside however, he shut up and leaned against the wall. Sasuke heard the group start chattering away outside. "Why do you have to accept every dare Teme?" Naruto questioned. "Shut up Dobe." Sasuke replied. He could feel the glare of the blonde on him, even in the darkness of the closet. "Do you like anyone Sasuke?" Naruto asked timidly, after a few minutes of silence. "Sure. I like Kakashi, you, Sakura. I think I can just about stand Sai now." Sasuke replied, a smirk graced his lips. "I didn't mean it like that Sasuke." Naruto replied, even more timid than before.

Sasuke frowned to himself. He thought about it for a minute. "Why do you ask Dobe? Got a girl you like?" Sasuke asked. "Not a girl." Naruto replied. Sasuke blinked in surprise. "You're into guys?" Sasuke asked. "Does that bother you?" Naruto asked. Sasuke could hear the hint of sadness in his voice. "No dobe. It doesn't bother me. Your sex life is your own." Sasuke replied. Of course they were called out of the closet then, so Sasuke couldn't ask any more questions.

That was the day Sasuke learned that Naruto was gay. Also the day he learned that he was actually curious about Naruto's love life.


A year later, Naruto and Sasuke were trying to avoid enemy ninja, on an Anbu mission. To say it was pouring with rain was an understatement. Sasuke and Naruto were totally drenched, and too far from the village to make it back before nightfall. Especially with the enemy ninja on their trail. The pair spotted a cave and dived for it quickly. There were no tracks to follow through the rain so they knew they were safe. At least for now.

"We need to get these wet clothes off so they can dry." Naruto said smartly. Sasuke nodded, and they undressed to their underwear in silence. Neither of them were embarrassed. They had had to share a tent on missions plenty of times, even as children, so boxers certainly didn't cause embarrassment for either man. Naruto pulled a summoning scroll out of one of pockets of his pants. "What are you doing?" Sasuke asked. "Summoning a couple of blankets. We can't light a fire in here. The smoke will travel outside and we'll be spotted by the enemy ninja tracking us." Naruto replied. Sasuke smirked. "You got smarter in the time I wasn't home." Sasuke stated. "I'm not stupid. Besides, I had to learn how to adapt when I was training with Ero-Sennin." Naruto stated. A grin on his face as he produced two blankets. He threw one at Sasuke and wrapped one around himself. They sat and managed to warm up, if only slightly, and when morning came, and the storm finally broke, the pair got dressed in their clothing, which had dried, and got ready to leave.

Sasuke saw Naruto bend over to put the blankets away and Sasuke moved forward to stand behind him. Just like that, when Naruto stood up, he tripped over Sasuke's foot and landed in his arms, their lips met. Both males were embarrassed. They left and got back to the village. Their mission was a complete success.

That was the day that Sasuke had his second accidental kiss with Naruto. It was also the day he realised that he liked the feel of the blonde's lips on his own.


For the next month they avoided each other. Sasuke doing solo missions, and Naruto doing solo missions. By the end of the month, Sakura had had enough of the two avoiding each other. She told Naruto that Tsunade wanted a word with him at four, told Sasuke the same thing. Once the pair were in the room Sakura had picked out, she locked the door behind them. Sasuke glared and Naruto yelled, but of course Sakura wouldn't let them out. "You two have got to talk to each other. I'm sick of you two avoiding each other. I'm getting married to Sai in two months, and I want both of you to be there and to get along, so sort out whatever problems you have." Sakura stated furiously. Sasuke heard her footfalls go off down the corridor. Trapped with Naruto in a locked room was not comfortable at this moment, as much as he wanted it to be.

After ten minutes, Naruto could no longer hold his silence. "Why have you been avoiding me Sasuke? Is it because of that accidental kiss thing? I mean I didn't mean it. It was an accident." Naruto sputtered out. Sasuke sighed. He grabbed hold of the blonde and kissed him for all he was worth. The only sound of protest that came from Naruto was a shocked squeak before he kissed Sasuke back. When they pulled apart, Naruto stared at Sasuke and for once he was completely speechless. "You may not have meant to but I certainly did." Sasuke replied. Naruto grinned and Sasuke pulled him in for another kiss.

That was the day that Sasuke and Naruto decided that they really liked each other. Especially the kisses!


Two months later, Sakura married Sai and the whole group of the old rookies were there. Even Team Gai, and Team Sand had showed up. Sasuke learned that Gaara and Sakura had become friends, so his surprise abated. Naruto had acted as Sai's best man, and Sasuke had been happy enough to sit in the front row and watch the ceremony.

That night, Sasuke and Naruto drank a lot. When they got to Sasuke's house, they were giggling and stumbling over everything. Sasuke even tripped on air. He also thought that Naruto, with his cheeks a red hue, had never looked sexier. That night the pair had ended up in bed, and Sasuke had made Naruto moan and groan. In the good way of course, and he admired the tan body below his in the glow of a lamplight. When Naruto told Sasuke he loved him, Sasuke had replied with "I love you too Dobe."

That was the night when Sasuke first had sex with Naruto. It was also the night that Sasuke realised that Naruto was the one person in the world he loved the most.


Sai, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto were on a team mission. It wasn't a big mission, so the group were relatively laid back about it. As usual, Sai was annoying Naruto to no end. Sasuke and Sakura just listened to the conversation.

"Sai shut up. I am not stupid. Nor am I dickless. How could I be male if I were dickless?" Naruto asked. Sai smiled widely. "Well I bet your penis is tiny." Sai answered back. "It's definitely not." Sasuke quipped, before he could think about what he was saying. Sakura's eyes widened and so did Sai's, even if it was only ever so slightly. "So you two had sex. Congratulations, Sasuke. You and Naruto are no longer Asexual." Sai said happily. The rest of the group blinked in confusion.

That was the day Sakura and Sai not only found out about Sasuke's relationship with Naruto, but also about the sexual aspect, which seemed to have pleased Sai immensely, though not one of the group knew why this was.


A year later, Sakura informed Sasuke and Naruto that she was expecting a child. The two were shocked. After all, wouldn't Sai have broadcast his sexual relationship with Sakura all over Konoha by now? This got Sasuke thinking about the restoration of his clan.

That was the day Sasuke realised that Naruto could NOT do everything. That was also the day Sasuke realised he didn't care.


Nine months later, Sakura gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing, baby boy. A child she named Wataru. Sasuke looked at the beautiful child, and sadly wished for his own child, that he could teach to use Sharingan.

That was the day he realised that maybe he did care if Naruto couldn't help him produce an heir.


One year later, after Wataru's first birthday, and after Sasuke and Naruto lay in bed together, Sasuke turned to Naruto, he had meant to say this for awhile, but could never work up the courage. He knew it had to be now or never.

"Naruto, I'm marrying Ino." Sasuke said softly. Naruto stared at him. "What?" Naruto asked in confusion. "It's not that I love her. I love you, and you know that. It's just... you... you can't carry a child." Sasuke said. Naruto bit his lip. "You knew that when we got into a relationship in the first place. I'm a man of course I can't carry a child." Naruto said quietly. Sasuke bit his lip. "I'm the last Uchiha Naruto. The last one. If I don't reproduce then my line dies with me. I need to have a child, so that the Sharingan may continue." Sasuke said. He wanted Naruto to understand. He desperately wished Naruto could understand.

"This doesn't have to be the end of our relationship Naruto." Sasuke said softly. Naruto glared at that. He got out of the bed, his tan body glowed in the dim light of Sasuke's lamp, as he pulled on clothing. "Naruto?" Sasuke questioned. "If you get married it is the end Sasuke. I'm not going to help you cheat on a wife you picked for yourself. I'm not so cruel to Ino. Or to myself." Naruto hissed. Naruto had finished dressing at this point. He left, and Sasuke couldn't help but feel heartbroken.

That was the day Sasuke broke Naruto's heart, and his own, and played traitor to his true feelings.


About a month later, Sasuke rushed a marriage to Ino, to stop his pain from loosing Naruto. Naruto was not there when Sasuke and Ino said their vows. He had gone on a long term mission to Suna. Sasuke didn't know when Naruto would come back. As he stared at Ino and recited his vows perfectly, he imagined Naruto's face instead of Ino and when he slept with her, he imagined Naruto's face instead of his wife's.

That was the day Sasuke married Ino, and learned the importance of a wild imagination, and controlled mind.


The years passed by and Sasuke got the heirs he wanted so desperately. Ino was practically a machine, used only to bring Uchiha babies into the world. Sasuke now had four, dark-haired sons and a blonde daughter. Ino was pregnant again, people were saying it most likely was a boy and Sasuke wondered how long he could get a mission for to keep away from his wife.

Sasuke felt his heart tear apart every time he heard Naruto's name mentioned. It didn't matter how little his name was mentioned at home, his name was everywhere in Konoha. The blonde was being shown the ways of a kage by Gaara, this mission, was taking him a while, and Sasuke had not seen Naruto since the night he left Sasuke's bedroom, in anger. Sakura often gave Sasuke news when he asked for it. Even though it felt like a knife was being dragged through his heart when he heard about Naruto, he would rather that pain then the pain of nothingness.

Sasuke learned that his imagination couldn't work constantly, twenty-four hours a day. He also learned that he would never be whole. After all, his heart was still with a blonde Jinchuriki in Suna.


Ino went into labour early. It was long and painful, and Ino couldn't stop bleeding. She died later that night, after the birth of a blonde haired son. Sasuke felt terrible. He'd never really treated Ino as a worthwhile person, but she had been good to him, and she had deserved better than he had been. He held his blonde son in his arms. The blue of the boys eyes were so clear and deep, Sasuke thought that this child could have been Naruto as a baby, without the whisker marks. He named the child Inoshi and made arrangements for Ino's funeral.

That was when Sasuke realised that it wasn't worth wasting time in your life, when it could be cut short so quickly. Even outside of the Shinobi world.


Just before the funeral, Naruto came back to Konoha. Sasuke was never so glad to see Naruto in all his years. He noticed a child with Naruto. A blonde haired, blue-eyed child, who couldn't have been more than seven years old. Sasuke heard Naruto call him Hisoka. Sakura informed him that Hisoka was Naruto's own son. That the mother had died in childbirth, as Ino had.

That was the day Sasuke learned how to feel grief and jealousy all in one breath and heartbeat.


After the funeral, Naruto came to visit Naruto with Hisoka. Sasuke introduced his children, Fugaku, Shisui, Mamoru, Shinji, Mikoto, and of course, little Inoshi.

Sasuke saw Hisoka, playing with his own sons and little Mikoto. He then walked into the nursery, to see Naruto cooing over Inoshi. He smiled at the sight. Inoshi looked so like Naruto, with Ino's hair and eyes, Sasuke could almost imagine Inoshi to be Naruto's son. This made Sasuke's heart leap with a joy he didn't know he could still possess let alone feel.

That was the day when Sasuke realised that he could still hope, and that maybe just maybe, there was a chance for him to have the family he always wanted. A family that included Naruto.


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