AN: Thanksgiving isn't a big thing here, it's in October and it's more of a day free of work than an actual holyday (like labor day), so I'm sorry if I don't have the perfect description of it. The only way I have to know how it is, it's by GG and South Park (I don't really believe anything they say in this stupid show, so...)

AN2: Beware there're Saw V spoilers in this chapter (even though there's really nothing to spoil in this movie!)

Chapter 6: The tale of Thanksgiving pre-weekend

Wednesday, the 26th November 2008

Lorelai hadn't known what to do with her hands all afternoon. She was impatiently waiting for her daughter and her boyfriend to come home for Thanksgiving weekend and had been pacing furiously over her house all day long – except for the meeting with the doctor when she learned that she was happily going to give birth in seven and half months. She made the bed, then remade the bed, then re-remade the bed like it was the first time and finally took off all the sheets to buy new ones. After a long hour of running to buy new sheets and bed making, she was ordered by Luke to sit still and relax. It was just then that she began to kill time on the Internet.

"Luke, you won't believe it," Lorelai shouted to the kitchen where her husband was making dinner and some food for tomorrow's party. "You know what's was the most popular girl name for 2007?"

"No, actually, I don't," Luke answered absently as he focused on the cooking. "But I sure will know it soon."

"Here's one sure thing, if we're having a girl, we're going to choose the most original name in the world like Autumn or India."

"What are you talking about? I'm not going to name my daughter Autumn!"

"Not the point here! Did you know that most popular name for 2007 was Emily? Emily! I don't want to name my new daughter Emily. She's going to grow up too fast, hate me, join the DAR and fire every maid she will ever hire before they'll even begin to work. I don't want that for my child."

"So, we won't name her Emily!" he called as he continued to cook for a while before he heard his wife shouting again.

"Oh my God, your name is soooo far in the list, like forty-sixth," she said after she found Luke's name. "You know, just forty names after the name Christopher."

"There is no way in hell that I'm going to name my kid Christopher, you hear that?" Luke said as he walked angrily in the living room. "What are you looking at?"

"You're seriously asking me this question?" she asked. "I'm in the New Parents Guide web site, there's the list of the most popular baby name for the last four years."

"Found anything interesting?" he asked as he looked at the computer.

"Oh, some names sound good," she continued. "I like Ava."

"Like Ava Gardner?"

"Yeah, she could do a Luke and Lorelai thing and have a boy pining for her during a decade."

"I did not pine for you for a decade," he began as she sent him a look. "Okay, maybe I did."

"But there are really nice names in there," she said smiling at one boy name in the list.

"Yes, there is," he agreed unknowingly looking at the same name.

"Anyway, we still have 34 weeks to wait before it becomes something urgent!" she said as she closed her laptop. "Is dinner ready?"

"Tonight's or tomorrow's?"

"Tonight's. Jess and Rory should be here soon and I'm sure they'll be hungry."

"Pizza is in the oven, fries are frying, soda is cooling, coffee is coffe-ing," he said as he went back to the kitchen.

"You lived with me for too long," she laughed and cleaned the living room a little bit. "You think they'll like the bed?"

"The bed is fine, I already told you that"

"But it's THE old bed."

"I know."

"The bed of my first marriage."

"I know."

"I don't know if they're going to be comfortable sleeping in it."

"I AM still uncomfortable having it in the house, but it was that or stick their old beds together to make a bigger one."

"Yeah, maybe."

"Beside the sheets are new. So it's just an old mattress."

"Are you sure you're okay with it?"

"Yes, I am."

"If it's okay with you, it is with me," she said.

She smiled and made her way to the kitchen to kiss her husband. "Thanks for being you," she smiled.

"You're very welcomed," he continued and kissed her again and downed a little to talk to Lorelai's stomach. "And no thanks to you: you're making your mother crazy."

"Hey, don't blame him, I was crazy before. The pregnancy just put it in the spotlight."

"Him again?" he asked, amused. "If it's a girl, I'm so going to laugh."

"You want to bet?"

"No way on earth I'm going to bet on the sex of our baby," he said as he returned to his cooking.

"You're just afraid to lose", she said before hearing a knock at the front door. "Oh my God, it's THEM, it's THEM!" she yelled as she excitedly made her way to the door. "HONEY!"

"MOM!!!" the girl ran and hugged her mother for the first time since she got married. "I missed you! I missed you so much. You can't tell how much I missed you!"

"I missed you too, kid. I missed you too!" she repeated as she hugged to tighter. "We have so much to tell you. Things at the inn, not so good, but you already know that. And the diner is great, but you already know that. And you're grandfather is teaching full time now, but you already know that. And Lulu is pregnant, but you already know that. And is there anything you don't know already?"

"Yeah, how are you doing? You've been quite mysterious in the past week, you kept talking about this weekend and..." Rory said before being cut off by her mother who warmly welcomed her soon-to-be-future-son-in-law – at least she hoped.

"Jess, how are you?" she said as she awkwardly hugged Jess.

"Not bad," he laughed.

"Need some help with the bags?" Lorelai asked.

"IF I SEE YOU TOUCH ONE OF THOSE BAGS, you are couch-grounded for the rest of the evening," Luke said from the kitchen.

"Wow, married Luke is bossy!" said a surprised Rory.

"You should see him when it's time to do laundry," the mother continued.

"Hi Rory!" Luke said once he saw his step-daughter.

"Luke! I'm so happy to see you!" Rory said as she hugged him.

"I'm happy to see you too, Rory."

"Mom's not too rough on you, isn't she?" she asked, half joking, half worried.

"She is, but I'm tough," he laughed.


"Hi Luke!"

"Jess, it's nice to see you!" Luke shook his nephew's hand and gave him a manly hug. "So, pizza is going to be ready in five. I'll help you with your bags. Where're you bags?"

"In the car," Jess pointed.

"Go get the bags, guys, we, girls, are going to have a big conversation."

"Nothing dirty or personal, please?" Luke asked.

"Promised," Rory said.

"Hey," Lorelai protested.

"Look, I don't want to hear about you personal life with Luke, I won't be able to eat his food ever again."

"If you say so," said the older woman as she pulled her daughter into her room. "Here, you have a new big bed, new sheets, bookshelves are still there. And if you have any... you know... needs... Luke soundproofed the room, so it's safe. Hum... welcome home, hon."

"Oh, mom?" Rory said with apprehension.

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"We have to leave by Friday."

"What? No!" Lorelai said sadly. "I was looking forward the weekend. I had it all planed out. We were going to watch The Father of the Bride and go shopping."

"I know but I got this assignment for work in Canada, my plane for Ottawa is leaving at noon on Friday."

"Ottawa, huh? Cold. Dull."

"Yeah, they have some kind of political crisis and the paper wants me to cover it. Jess will come also, looking over the translation of his latest book."

"Oh! If Canada calls..." Lorelai began.

"You have to answer it," Rory finished. "I'm sorry mom, but there's a bright side."

"Really? Because good news with you in the last two years don't always sound good to mommy."

"Since they shortened my weekend off, they are going to give me three free weeks for Christmas."

"THAT IS GREAT HUN!!! You, me, April, Luke, the b... d... dog, Paul Anka, all family together, it's going to be sooo great. By the way, since we don't have a lot of space here to fit you all in that tiny room of yours, Luke and I thought we could lend you the apartment above the diner. You could have some kind of privacy in there for the holydays so April will have a bed to sleep on. What do you think?"

"Oh! That's great, thanks," she said less than enthusiastically.

"Luke, that's the most delicious pizza I've even eaten," Rory said as she took her third piece.

"Yeah, it's good," added Jess.

"Seriously, Hon, you've outdone yourself tonight," Lorelai said as she tried again to bite her delicious meal.

"You're sure you're okay, Mom? You've barely eaten anything tonight."

"It's okay, I ate all afternoon and I was full before you arrived."

"In my 24 years of living, I've never once seen you full before a meal, even before the fourth meal of the great Thanksgiving marathon of 2002."

"It's okay, hon. Luke's keeping me fed all week long."

"It's true you've gained some weight," Jess said

"Hey! Be nice to her," Luke slapped Jess behind the head.

"Gee, Mr. Sensitive!"

"I mean it, Jess."

"But it's true, Luke," added Rory. "Mom has gained a little weight."

"HEY! Be nice to mommy!" Lorelai mocked. "Really?"

"Yeah, but, it looks good on you. You look radiant," Rory said.

"Yeah, healthy," continued Jess.

"Oh! Wow! Hum... Thanks, must be the love," she smiled and winked at Luke. "So," she continued, trying to change subject, "Canada? Huh?"

"Yeah, the government has some kind of political crisis, it involves Conservators and a coalition, I don't know a lot about it yet, I just got the assignment this afternoon."

"It's okay, really, Hon," Lorelai reassured her daughter. "If you want to look for it tonight, we have wireless in the house."

"How?" Jess asked, knowing that neither one of them had any knowledge of technology.

"Kirk," Lorelai said with a smile.

"Kirk?" asked Rory, disbelieving.

"Kirk's Routers and Wireless building Inc."

"Wow, really clever," Rory said. "How did Kirk learn how to do this?"

"He didn't!" Luke said roughly.

"It didn't work most of the time,"

"And when it didn't work, you wouldn't stop complaining about Kirk, which was a plus, it got me a Kirk-bashing pal for a while," Luke said sarcastically.

"You didn't like it more that I did!" Lorelai protested. "But, we liked the idea of being able to talk to April now and then, and it was easier with Skype so we dropped Kirk's company and made a deal with something steadier. So now, we are officially wireless."

"Great, I can't believe you know Skype!" Jess said, curious.

"April showed us," Luke said. "She actually bought me a webcam for my birthday so we can see each other now and then."

"That's cool, I should by one so we'll be able to talk as well," said Rory as Luke and Lorelai shared a meaning look.

"Hum... Rory, Jess... we have some kind of news to share with you," Lorelai said placing her fork down on the plate.

"Oh! It seems serious," worried Rory. "Is it Grandpa? Is he sick or something? His heart, how's his heart?"

"No, his heart is fine, Hon," Lorelai said comfortingly. "It's good news actually.

"REALLY good news," added Luke in his not so subtle way.

"Oh! I'm hooked," Rory smiled.

"Okay, hum, last week, I was kind of was in a funky mood..."

"You were in a kind of a funky mood?" Luke cut her off. "You were unbearable; you were yelling and crying half of the time and the other half you were pouting."

"Hey, I had a good reason to be irritated."

"You were irritated by Sookie making mashed carrots for her son."

"It smelled like mashed carrots all over the inn, just ask Michel."

"So you were in a funky mood?" Jess was losing temper.

"Yeah, we were like, 'Why am I so cranky?'" Lorelai continued her story.

"I can think of few things," Jess added deserving him another slap behind the head.

"Hey, I told you to be nice," Luke warned.

"... and I figured it was because of the caffeine withdrawal," she ignored Jess.

"Caffeine withdrawal? Why were you in a caffeine withdrawal?"

"It's a part of the story," Lorelai continued. "So, for a week I couldn't drink coffee, I couldn't smell, I couldn't even see it. So we put two and two together. Jess, Rory..." Lorelai began just before being cut by Luke.

"Lorelai and I... we're... we're going to have a baby."

The couple looked at their family waiting for an answer. Rory was in shock, her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. Lorelai smiled, trying to provoke some kind of reaction to her daughter.

"You okay, Hon?"

"Hum... yeah! Wow! Wait, weren't you two kind of unfertile or something?"

"It was the possibility, but it seems like the doctor was wrong," she smiled.

"But you sure? You're really pregnant?"

"I am. I went to the doctor today and she said: 'Congratulations, it's an insert chosen sex here!'"

"Wow! That's GREAT! Congratulations!" Rory smiled before taking a bite of pizza letting a perplexed Lorelai to her own celebration.

Thursday, the 27th November 2008

The day had passed too quickly for Lorelai and Rory. Jess had been hanging with Luke most of the time, letting the girls have a little time together. Rory went to see the rest of the town who were ecstatic about seeing Stars Hollow's favorite girl.

At the end of the afternoon, when they came back home, they found Luke ranting about microphones and cameras in the living room up onto a chair.

"Luke, hon, what are you doing? Should I call the nice men in the white coats or are you going to be okay?"

"It's okay, I'm trying something to talk to April tonight," Luke answered.

"Oh! That's a great idea, we could put the cam on the foyer so she would see everyone," Lorelai continued as Rory and Jess shared a confused look. "We're going to tell everybody else tonight," she explained.

"The foyer! I hadn't thought of that, good idea."

"We could also plug the TV and the computer together so everyone can see her!"

"Better yet!"

"Let me just..." Lorelai tried as she approached a chair of the plasma television.

"DON'T! You're going to electrocute yourself. Just sit down and look!"

"Wow, married Luke is really protective," Rory said as she sat down on the couch with her mother.

"Nope, that's Luke in his daddy mode," Lorelai said casually.


"He's been like that for almost a week now, he won't even let me walk Paul Anka! He put winter tires on the Jeep – beside, do you know how much Jeep winter tires cost? – he called the inn and made everyone of my staff promise that I don't pass more than 10 minute standing up, he doesn't even want me to go shopping, but I didn't listen to him on this one."

"Gladly," the daughter said coldly.

It was not long before the guesses to the party began to arrive. At first it was just Liz and T.J., but soon Lane and the twins, Emily and Richard and Sookie's family came as well as some others townies. Of course, soon there was an argue between Jess and Lane to know if Rockband was a good thing for the rock industry, Sookie had tried twice to do over Luke's feast and Rory was taken in a weird and embarrassing conversion between her grandmother and T.J as Patty was announcing to everyone in the room that a figure skating coach would come during Christmas time to give some lessons which was really interesting Lorelai.

When the food was served, Luke took a time to connect with his daughter so she could share this moment with them. Not long after this, Lorelai got up for the toast to her guest.

"Okay, since Luke is not good at public speaking, I'm going to do the toast. Thanks to all of you for being here today, it means a lot to us. If we invited you here tonight is because you all mean a lot to us and we really appreciate your presence in our lives. So as we share this delicious meal made by my delicious husband..."

"Ew, gross, Mom!" Rory cut her off.

"Yeah, Lorelai, you should be more civilized with your guests," continued Emily.

"Okay, not delicious, but handsome husband..."

"I toast to that," said Miss Patty raising her glass.

"Oh, it's not over, yet," Lorelai was beginning to grow impatient and cut off all adjectives from her speech. " as we share this meal, we want to share some news..." she held her breath. "Luke and I... we're going to have a baby!"

At this very moment, every face around the table illuminated, smiles grew and so cries were heard. The only face that didn't look happy was Rory's.

"Oh my God, Lorelai, that's wonderful," said Emily as she got up.


"Yes, I'm going to be grandmother again!" she continued as she approached her daughter. "Come here."

Emily took her daughter in a huge hug, which took Lorelai by surprised. It was not long after the hug break that Emily took Luke in her arms as well. Soon, people began to cheer. Someone said: "PARTY!" and the party began.

"Congratulation son," Richard shook Luke's. "It's due in?"

"Middle of July, actually."

"Oh God! You better buy some kind of helmet because if my daughter is as hormonal as her mother, in the heat of July, you're going to need it!"

"Thanks Richard."

"I'm so happy for you, dad," April said over the computer making Luke approach it to talk more privately to his daughter.

As the party was going on, Lorelai soon saw Rory's chair empty. She threw a look at Jess who mouthed "her room". Worried, she quickly made her way to her daughter's room, knocked, and got in when a "come in" was heard.

"Hey, you're missing quite a party over there," she said looking at her daughter's sad face.

"Mhm," acknowledged the younger woman sitting at the edge of the bed with a shaking voice.

"Hey! What's wrong Hon?" she asked as she sat as well onto the bed.

"I don't know what's getting into me," said Rory in verge of tears. "I just... I don't know!"

"You know you still can say anything to me? I'm still your mother! I'm still your friend! Tell me what's going on."

"I don't know. I guess... it's not just you and me anymore, is it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at me! I'm a horrible person!" Rory got up and began ranting. "You tell me this wonderful news! You are pregnant; you wanted to get pregnant even before you married Luke. And now you are, and I can't even be happy, because I won't have my mommy just to myself anymore. Talk about selfish! I'm 24, not two; I'm not supposed to be jealous of my unborn sibling!"

"Is that it? You're... jealous."

"Yes... no... I don't know," Rory said confused. "You have it, your whole package. You have a husband who loves you more than life itself and I think you love him as much; you have your inn even though things are not great anymore, they're going to be better soon; and now you're pregnant which I know you're ecstatic about. I just feel like I don't belong here, anymore."

"Of course, you do, Hon! I'm so sorry I made you feel this way! Is that the Christmas at Luke's old apartment thing? We just had trouble finding a way to fit everybody in for a long time. We thought you and Jess would be happy to have some space of your own. But if you don't want it, we'll figure out something else."

"It's okay, I'll have to talk to Jess about it before."

"And about the baby, I thought you were okay when I told you that we were trying this summer."

"I was... I am still okay with it. But now... now that it's on the way... I don't know... Yes I'm happy for you, you're happy, so is Luke, so am I. It just... it's not just you and me anymore..."

"Hon, it hasn't been just you and me since you left for college," Lorelai tried.

"I know, but I've been so busy then that maybe I didn't see it and it's just hitting me now: our life together is over," Rory said sadly sitting down on the bed.

"It's not over, hon, it's different! We now have Luke who is cooking every kind of junk food ever known to men for movies marathon, soon we'll have someone new to educate and mock those movies with, we have Jess who... I still don't know how Jess is going to fit in there, but he could play some kind of figurant role in our new life."

"Jess has kind of sarcastic mocking talent of his own," Rory smiled.

"You see and we could secretly give coffee to baby here while Luke is not looking," Lorelai smiled as well.

"It could be kind of fun," Rory said. "I'm sorry, mom."

"Oh Hon, it's okay. You have the right to be upset about thing even though they are stupid things."

"I know... I was just so looking forward this weekend that I kind of expected that it would be like before. But then I got this call and your announcement and it got all clear, it's never going to be the same ever again! Our Gilmore-girls-only-club doesn't live anymore. No more Saturday Night Movie marathon, no more walk in the first snow of the season, no more dancing in the living room, no more BWR nights..."

"Now, you're making me sad. You know Luke and I, we sometimes still have a movie night? And, we sometimes go to BWR, sometimes we go to Hartford to see new movies: we saw Saw V last month."

"No way!"

"Yeah! It's worth the torture just to see Luke's face when his lookalike got squashed between two walls."


"Yuck indeed!" Lorelai said. "What I'm trying to say here is when you're here, you're here, and nothing else is important. We're going to have to share our space, but we will never change unless we change us. No matter what's growing up in there, we were just the two of us for so long that I couldn't have this special bond with anybody else. Luke knows that, Jess knows that, they saw it then and they still see it now! I just want you to know that we're always will be us, the Gilmore girls, unless you get married and change your name, but still us."

"I know mom, I'm sorry," Rory said as she hugged her mom.

"So we're okay, now?"

"Yes we are."

"Okay," the daughter said before an awkward silence filled the room. "So... you really want to give coffee to the baby?"

"Oh! I don't know. He probably won't like it since I can barely stand the smell of it right now."

"Right, if you can't have coffee you can be sure it's Luke's."

"That's what I'm saying every times my tendencies to throw up show up."

"Yuck, babies are mean," Rory stated.

"No, they're not mean; this one is just his father's."

"How does he take it?" Rory said talking about Luke.

"You saw him! He's excited, ecstatic even! Of course, he won't let me do anything and there's a chance that I will try to strangle him before the pregnancy is over, but he's just so adorable. He talks to him and holds my hair when I throw up in the morning..."

"How romantic!" Rory continued. "Wait, you said him? It's a him? Can you... already know?"

"Hon, he's six weeks, not six months. He doesn't even have arms or a beating heart yet, but I have a feeling!"

"Oh! A feeling!"


"So we're okay?" questioned Rory.

"Of course we are, Hon," reassured Lorelai. "So, how about we going back out there, see if this party still going on?"

"I'm in!"

They got out of the room to find Luke in the kitchen who was putting new rolls in a basket. Without thinking, Rory approached him and took him in a hug. "I think I didn't congratulate you."

"Maybe," Luke said, surprised by her action. "Thank you, I'm happy about it," he smiled.

"I know, I kind of saw it!" Rory laughed breaking the hug before leaving to the living room, letting Luke throw a confused look at her.

"She loves you," Lorelai smiled.

"Well, I love her too, it's great that she's here, you missed her!"

"Yes, I did," she said as back hugged him. "How did April take the news?"

"She was really happy, she said that she always wanted to have a brother or a sister or both, but since her mom hasn't dated anyone since... well me, she had given up that hope long time ago."

"That's great."

"What was wrong with Rory? She looked upset earlier."

"Oh it was nothing," she said not wanting to upset Luke. "She's leaving tomorrow, she was sad, but now she's okay now."

"So I've seen," Luke said, before changing subject. "I told April about the skating lessons; she said she wanted to try those."

"Cool, so we could all go together."


"Together, April, Rory, maybe you and Jess... me."

"You?" he turned to her, looking at you angrily.

"Yes, why not?"

"Why not... let's see why you shouldn't put potentially dangerous boots with blades at your feet, slide on something you don't have grip on and by the way risk our baby life?"



"It's not dangerous; I just have to tell the coach about the pregnancy and if she thinks it's dangerous, she's going to stop me. I don't want to give up on things I really want to do because it may be dangerous. I will blow my brains out if I have to just sit around during seven other months."

"Okay, look: I have to go back in the living room to our guests, but this conversation is not over... just don't hang yourself while I am there, please?"

"We'll see," she flakily sighed.

It was late when the last guest left and everybody just wanted to go to bed. About two hours later, Rory woke up. Not able to sleep anymore, she got up and went to the kitchen to do some research for work. Hearing sounds coming from the kitchen, Jess got up as well and followed his girlfriend.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked with a sleepy voice.

"Some research," Rory said without looking up. "Did you know that the word gosse in French has a whole different meaning if you are in France or in Canada?"

"Huh? Why are you looking at this?"

"Because, I'm going to be working at Le Droit, which is a French paper and if I want to do some social contact, I'm going to have to speech French with people who work there. So I have to find the difference between France French and Canada French."


"Here: one morning I see Daniel from arts and I want to ask him how his children are. So I come to him and ask him: Eh Daniel, comment vont vos gosses? Then I just asked him how his testicles were."


"In France, the word gosse means children, in Canada, it's testicle!"

"Wow, you learn something everyday... or every night!" he said returning to Rory's room when he heard noises from upstairs. "Is that what I think it is?"

"I hope not!" Rory said a little bit disgusted just before she heard some cries. "Oh my God, it is!"

Both of them got up and ran into Rory's soundproofed room. Ten minutes later, lying in bed, they were still wide awake... and more disgusted.

"I thought your mom said that they soundproofed the room."

"Maybe, it just one-sided soundproofed."

"Maybe, but it's really annoying... Could you tell me why they waited at two in the morning to have sex?"

"You ask me? If there's one thing in the world I don't want to know is why mother is having sex at two in the morning."

"I hope Luke is quick, I need to pee!"

"You know what? We should put some music on," she ignored her boyfriend, got up and turned on her radio.

"That's it, I can't wait anymore," Jess said about ten minutes later. He got up, left the bedroom, tried to ignore what was happening upstairs and went to the bathroom. As he was heading back to Rory's bedroom, he found himself happy to not hear any shouting. Instead, it was some kind of pillow talk.

"If it's the hormones doing, I don't ever want this pregnancy thing to end," Lorelai said.

"Fine by me," answered Luke.

"Wait six months, you'll change your mind," he whispered under his breath.

"So you'll let me skate?"Lorelai asked making Luke sigh


"Great, thanks Hon!"

"Yeah yeah! I just said maybe."

Before he went back to bed, he turned off the radio and turned toward Rory.

"Your mother is going to be skating with you and April during Christmas time."


In the morning, Luke, happy smile in his face, was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. His "arguement" from last night was one of the several good aspects of being married to Lorelai Gilmore. As he was stirring his special chocolate chips pancake mix – the one meal he was sure Lorelai wouldn't be throwing up – Jess got out of the room and stared at him with a deadly look.


"Your wife is loud," just said Jess before heading to the bathroom.

As perplexity was taking over his mind, he saw Rory get out of her room, gasp, say something like: "Oh my god, I'll never be able to eat his food again," and run back in. He sighed. That was one of the several bad aspects of being married to Lorelai Gilmore!